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Hi, I wanted to keep an update as I continued on in the game. I got to Junon and started up the boss fight with Bottomswell, and instead of the regular boss fight it took me to the Shinra building against 3 Sawbacks. The game continued normally past that.

Yeah, what's happening is that the flevel has a series of arrange mode flag checks to change some of the boss fights out for an alternate. But because the scene.bin is a default one, it's loading an encounter that isn't a boss. This'll also happen for Materia Keeper and Demons Gate, maybe some others.

Thanks to S.K. for the donation.

Hey SC! Sorry to be a bother, but I have NT set to auto-update from your catalog, but it doesn't seem to have downloaded the last couple of updates (such as the clock room fix). I'm unable to tell if it's an issue with the catalog, 7H, or something on my end. Any ideas would be appreciated!

It was because I wasn't changing the date on it, I'll be doing that from now on.

I believe it's the one from your catalog, it's the one the front page of this thread that got updated after Barachiel's post. I played through the regular version of the mod on normal difficulty before starting this one, and while the combat is  the same as original FF7, it does have New Threat scripts on the save points.

OK, I'll go back in and check. The variable that handles it didn't seem to be getting toggled anywhere so I'll need to find out what's happening.

As a hardcore FF7 fan, let me start by saying that I love this. I pretty much know the location of every single item (steal/morph included) by heart, but after FF7 Remake I wanted to replay the original. New threat gives me a new way to look at the game, and I thank you. And yes, I realise that thanks doesn't buy dinner, so you'll have some donations coming to back it up.

Some minor bugs to report:
- Game softlocks after looking at the TV in the Shinra bldg shop on the 2nd floor
- Game softlocks after finishing a chocobo battle when the chocobo escapes

Spoiler: show
I was a bit dismayed that you took away the weapon steal from Eligor, but I'll learn to live with it  :-P

It's been re-added for 2.0, Hell House will have something as well.

I'll check these softlocks, seem to be new.

Hi Sega! One suggest ,for the  optional end bosses, what do you think about put  some custom music in that battles
Spoiler: show
Like Zack, or Shinryu and Omega,  in the same way that Ozma
. Now that you start to put specific things in .IRO version  ...why stop now ?? xD

Could do, I guess. I'd target the battle themes they currently use though for the swap to avoid the 'comical.ogg' issue.

Sega - for the 7H IRO subscription link - it shows a 2013 release date once it installs. Therefore, I can't tell if it knows when there's an update available.

When I set it up, I thought release date was when the mod was originally made. I'll change it to the current date so that it reports an update is available from now on.

Hi, just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work. I was playing through the vanilla version of the mod, and when doing the elevator fight in Shinra Headquarters, the arena was where you would fight Proud Clod and instead of Hundred Gunner, the fight went straight to Heli Gunner instead.
Following that, the game played normally up until the end of the motorcycle minigame and crashes upon trying to start the boss fight.

It sounds like the vanilla version is running on Arrange Mode for some reason. Are you using the IRO from the Qhimm Gameplay catalog or my catalog? Or is it the installer?

Hey, is MP Absorb anywhere in New Threat 1.5, and if so, where? The documentation lists it as still existing, without a location, though that could be outdated. I haven't seen it yet and I'm at the Submarine minigame, and a friend of mine who's in the end-game hasn't seen it either. Thanks.

It's in the cat house of Wutai, the building that's next to Yuffie's House. At the back is a stair-well you can climb by hitting confirm once the Wutai sidequest is done. If it isn't done, then a cat sits in front of it to obstruct it.

So I'm at the temple of the ancients, and the buttons/commands aren't showing up for the clock room! I don't know if its this mod or the EUSI (or whatever it's called), but could ya take a look?

Think I've got it, just tested it so will up the patch.

First of all thanks so much for what you're doing here. Just blasted through the original game (after being tantalized by the remake) and soon after discovered these forums and what looks like a ridiculous amount of work put in by this community. I've been playing your mod over Reunion and have been loving all the changes.

I've only had a couple of issues, and it seems related to the EXE. Hi-potions only restore 500 from the menu (but not regular potions??) and the Limit breaks seem to be vanilla. Maybe I'm being silly here but do I need to run your patcher as well as dropping the files into Reunion's custom folder? Or are the EXE changes not going to be available to me on Reunion (if I'm not mistaken Reunion patches the EXE as well?).

Still new to all this, so my apologies if I'm missing something obvious here. (:

No, it'll just be some lines missing from the hext file. I think I noticed that hi-potion was missing from the 2.0 Reunion hext a while back, I guess it must be missing from the 1.5 Reunion hext as well. I'll check it over and add stuff if it's missing.

Edit: R06 updated and the Installer/IRO updated with adjustment for the Temple of the Ancients text boxes in clock room.

So, in short, basically NT's R06 version models (field and battle) are not important and can be replaced/deleted without fear of wrecking anything, correct?

I ask that because, for example, say if there's some new models added that could be important for the story or for battles that will just ruin the scene if the default ones are used. But basically, what i am trying to do, is to have none of models NT has, because my field and battles models are already moded, which i want to use effectively with NT.

Sorry if the question seems a bit obvious, just want to make sure everything works :D

Edit: Basically, what i did is take all the models from NT in Direct folder, and merge them with (Model_overhaul) base models of Reunion without replacing them so it would have also the files that were only present in NT, and afterwards deleting them from Direct folder, so NT would be accessing them from Reunion files, not it's own. I'll see if it works this way so i can have Kaldarasha's models working with NT this way, hopefully.

NT adds new enemy models past the default ones (SN and onwards to XC or so). Some new field models were added but far fewer. Anything that was default can be replaced. The approach you've used should be fine.

Ok great, thanks for the clarification. Judging from earlier posts I'll probably wait until 2.0 comes out to give this a try, but I'm excited for it!

Cool, it won't be long.

Can you please remove any script that removes materia and equipment from temporary member lost? Last time I lost half my materias in the Dark Cave due to capacity cap, this time I lost most my materia in Northern Crater after the split. It's really frustrating to lose hours of progress and grinding like this. I believe in the beginning there was a part that materias and accessories are forced to be taken off too, but I wasn't at the cap so I didn't lose anything. Still kind of annoy to go back and reslot everything when the member is only missing for like 10 mins.

I'll do that tonight.



I checked into the field script. The code for the swinging bar is the same as default, but I noticed something unusual with the way it's been set up.

Code: [Select]
Label 1
If key [CAMERA|L2] or [TARGET|R2] or [PAGE UP|L1] or [PAGE DOWN|R1] or [MENU|TRIANGLE] or [OK|CIRCLE] or [CANCEL|CROSS] or [SWITCH|SQUARE] or [ASSIST|SELECT] or [???] or [???] or [START] or [UP] or [RIGHT] or [DOWN] or [LEFT] pressed once (else go to label 4)
If key [OK|CIRCLE] or [???] pressed once (else go to label 2)
Var[5][29] = 0 (8-bit)
Go to label 3
Label 2
Var[5][29] = 1 (8-bit)
Label 3
Go to label 5
Label 4
Go to label 1

Before the listener for the OK/Circle button, it has another listener that's checking for all the buttons; if any of them except for OK/Confirm are detected then it cancels the script and you're unable to jump onto the swinging bar. It's a bit like allowing the player to move away from the jump zone in order to cancel it, but they've included every single button instead of just the directional buttons.

So when I press, say, L2 or Start before jumping then I'm no longer able to jump and have to re-trigger the jump event again. If this is happening to you when all you're pressing is Confirm (not moving the character at all, just pressing Confirm to close the text window then Confirm again to jump with no other inputs), then it means that your controller may be continually registering input on one of the buttons. Could be something you wouldn't otherwise notice, like a shoulder button.

It's probably worth trying a keyboard for that part just to advance, as controllers tend to be finicky with this game.

Edit: Noticed you said keyboard doesn't work. I'll adjust this script in NT so that it avoids the issue in the future, but you'll likely run into this problem when playing vanilla until the underlying controls issue is resolved.

Edit2: Deactivate/Uninstall your current NT IRO and import this one to 7h:

At the swinging bar, it'll keep you in place until the Confirm button is pressed with no inputs able to cancel it. I also added an additional handler; if you press Square/Switch then Cloud will jump to the other side and skip the bar.

Can custom models be used straight from reunion? Say if i delete all the models from the mod folder just to use the ones that were installed in my default reunion folder before (i'd especially want them to use for 60 fps battles), will there be no issues?

also, is there any incompatibilities or bugs involved with reunion? I have installed mods with models, fields and world map textures, as well as battle textures too, will those be conflicting with New Threat?

I have a general idea which folders to delete, but then, if doesn't cause any issues, which folders i'd have to delete in order to have field and battle models looking the same as they did in Reunion, without New Threat installed?

There should be a R06 version for this mod on the front of this thread. You can drop in your battle models, etc. and overwrite without issue as far as I know.

Heya, another Reunion related question. When using the Reunion version, are the vanilla parts of the story script yours or DLPBs? I imagine probably yours but I wanted to check and make sure.

The Reunion version of NT is all NT text, the Beacause part isn't compatible with NT.

Yeah we all took the basic NT option through Qhimm "gameplay Catalog" mod. I desactivated this one to activate only the new one provided by your links.

and i can confirm already Yuffie's dodge is working quite well now.

As for the cave dialog (yes it was these particular lines) too bad i can't confirm because i erased on my save and can't test it anymore. May be some of my friends still have a save around that part i will ask them.

Thanks for all this. Cheers !

No worries.

Updates are up:

*) Yuffie's Innate may now function correctly in more cases
*) Some text boxes in Midgar Raid and North Crater adjusted for ESUI compatibility
*) Wizard Staff adjusted to give MP equal to 33% of the target's MaxMP
*) Wizer Staff buffed with linked slots and Magic-based damage formula
*) SOLDIER: 2nd AI adjusted to prevent a softlock on attack ID references
*) Shield removed from Barrier Materia when combined with Added Effect (sorry Uprisen)
*) Fixed sound issue with Proud Clod's entrance (Fade Music instruction was muting SFX)
*) Attack animation for a end-game boss was changed (M.A.D Breath)

Yeah but you still need to move the files from Output to the game folders. Just means you don't need to refresh the input files after each print.

All right so:

1) Wizard Staff should be more difficult to hit 999MP recovery with it across the party (300 or so)
2) Barrier + Added Effect; I don't have a problem with Wall/Reflect (as Reflect can be seen as a double-edged effect) but Shield shouldn't be on there as it essentially makes you invulnerable.
3) Check the music thing
4) Black screen on pod check wasn't consistent but will check anyway
5) Some text boxes to adjust for ESUI in Midgar Raid

Yuffie's innate has been a weird one; some say it doesn't work, others say it does. In terms of mods, the character AI can't be conflicted without wiping out all the other kernel changes and the evasion value is assigned directly by the AI. So there'll be something under the hood that's affecting it. I'm getting rid of that innate for 2.0 and going with something else.

Edit: Actually scratch that, it was adding 255 onto the current value so what I reckon is happening is that it wraps up and ends up either low or high depending on what the base stat was.

Edit2: I tested out the ESUI field dialog style (both options, ESUI and Stock) and got dialogue for both in the Shinra Mansion basement. Is this the scene you mean?



Actually thinking about it, might be that some of you are using the Catalog IRO which is behind on the current IRO held on this thread (it's had numerous bugfixes since then) one of which was an adjustment to the box spacing for this scene. I'll go check the Midgar Raid ones now as those boxes weren't adjusted.

For the most up to date IRO, try this one from a catalog I set up. I'll be adding this catalog link to the front page of this thread soon in place of the IRO link if people are able to access it without issue:


Go into 7h and then Settings>General Settings. Add that under Catalog Subscriptions and Save. You may need to restart 7h/refresh the Browse mod tab to get the 4 new IROs to appear (NT, Vanilla NT, True Necrosis, and Lv1).

Edit 3: I think I've isolated the cause of the ESUI box thing, going to confirm with Chrys first. But I've got the Midgar Raid text fields working with it now, and I can resize the boxes back to fit.

The thing that kills me about elements in this game, especially NT, is, let's say I'm planning on fighting a big heavy boss, so I put Earth elements in my weapons. But on the way, I get into a random battle. That random battle will almost always have flying enemies who I then CAN'T HIT because they all ignore Earth attacks. Or if I put lightning in my weapons, I end up against things that ignore or absorb that!

I really think that common, run of the mill enemies shouldn't be able to ignore or absorb elemental damage (unless it really really makes sense), just reduce it (25% or 50% for stronger things). Though maybe there are some things the game just can't handle. Like, I understand why flying enemies wouldn't be affected by Quake, but that doesn't mean they should be able to ignore Earth-powered bullets... but maybe the game can't differentiate between damage coming from a spell or an attack.

The cheesiest thing I can recall is during the Shinra building escape. First boss you fight is weak to bolt and earth... not that it matters because you're already fighting him by the time you realize that. But whatever, let's say you anticipate this and have bolt and earth ready. The next fight, which happens immediately as a second phase, not allowing you to switch things up, are two fliers (so earth won't hit them), one of whom absorbs lightning! On one hand, I can respect keeping people on their toes and throwing them curveballs, and you can't just let people abuse the same materia combinations over and over, because that would be boring. On the other hand, I feel like this mod actively tries to low-key punish you for using elemental damage. It's a tough balancing act! I think SC generally does a good job with this, but it'd be nice if I could just set up an elemental combo and not worry that something in the area is gonna no-sell me. One of the most satisfying places in the game for this is the Gi cave. Set up Holy element in your weapons and you're good to go!

Good point, I'll do a sweep of random enemies and set elemental null/absorbs to half damage instead to make it less punishing if a bad element was set to the weapon. I can't really do this for flyers vs. Earth though, it'd be a bit odd for them to be hit by it. I've extensively reworked the way elements are utilised throughout the game so hopefully this also helps improve it.

I beat the cameo boss and it seemed weird

Spoiler: show
Ozma didn't have his FF9 music like the youtube videos showed, instead he had some goofy music. Also none of it's attacks had animations or names, and I know they're supposed to.

The only mods I had on were Nino's character model replacers, 60fps, and Borderless Windows. Any idea what could've caused this?

I'm actually a bit confused by this; I checked the battle ID a few times and it is definitely the correct Ozma that's set up. But for some reason, people are getting the prototype one that's very buggy. What I think I'll do is just port over the Ozma data to overwrite the 'prototype' one.

As for the music, this is because the track uses the comical.ogg track. So if the track isn't replaced (as in, a music pack is used or the vgmstream folder isn't being used) then you get the unused track instead. I might just go for a regular boss theme or similar instead.

Hello Sega chief and fellas,

After finishing remake on ps4, bunch of friends (+3) and me were really attracted by your NT mod applied on steam FF7 through Seventh Heaven software. We don't have the same pc but
we did choose around the same config together (all qhimm mods activated, these one only, pref SYW and kalarasha textures).

We all had these same issues so far, but im not 100% sure it's your mod. Posting that here because it could be somehow dialog related :

Glitchy Dialogues during Sephiroth/cloud flashback in Shinra mansion cellar just when you open the door. (tested it 3 times on my comp, 2 other friend reached it and has it aswell).
The dialog box are invisible when sephiroth read his book to cloud, when you press action, then the next dialog box pop/disapear in a fraction, then it's blocked again (invisible dialog box) until you press action again. Result is you can't read anything and can't do something to act on it.

Also, at that time when you save a game (with save everywhere tweak in qhimm mods), the chara picture is Cid with a weird code next to it.

Before flashback and until then no issue at all.

We had this aswell : Me and 1 other friend only, game broken (we both had to alt F4) at the other flashback scene where cloud and sephiroth look into the pods in nibel mountain reactor, dialog stopped at the end of flashback, infinite black screen making impossible to get back to the group in inn (present time), precisely.

That's the only bugs we encountered so far. (with some bug on sephiroth body + masamune during fights, but that's nothing to do with NT i think)

Congratz for the intensity of the work you did, it's wonderful. I really love it.
Since i am a mod creator since a decade (texturer mainly), i might take a shot around FF7 or FF8 soon !
Cheers and keep it up !

The dialogue boxes seem to be to do with NT and ESUI mod; we're working on a fix.

The Save/PHS Anywhere hack is a dangerous one to use, because this game has a lot of procedural scripts that can break if you reload 'fresh' into them when it doesn't expect a field to be initialised as a save location. Sephiroth and Young Cloud I think cause problems with the Save File Preview window which is why the game can't be saved during the flashback normally until the midway point (when it temporarily shifts back to the Kalm Inn and puts the regular Cloud back into the party for the save before carrying on with Young Cloud).

The black screen may be a new thing though, I'll check into it.

Basically put this on each of my characters. And have one character be super tanky and immune to all status effects. It essentially makes you invincible. I was thinking to combine it with magic counter and osmose but i just use aeris to keep my party full mana.

Maybe, but I've got Magic Counter sitting at a max trigger-rate of 50% and Renew has a fairly high MP cost. If you've set up to make it work with Aeris as an MP-machine then I'd say that's not too bad. But perhaps Full Cure could be used as the Pearl/Holy-element end-game damage dealing spell, and Toad can go back to being Toad.

man now I feel dumb for never trying added effect with barrier on aeris with mega all, or just using renew with magic counter. I just used sneak attack + wall and magic counter osmose.
Will have to step up my game when 2.0 hits, gonna do an arrange mode run as soon as it's out

Barrier being combinable with Added Effect was a lapse in judgement on my part, as it's a very strong combo, particularly adding Shield to it when it doesn't even have that spell on it. It won't be on the 2.0 build but I'm leaving it on the 1.5 build.

haha dont feel bad... i have a nack for finding broken strategies and stuff. ff7 is one of my favorite games but the original was really lacking when it came to combat.

i think this game needs a few monsters that have very specific strategies and basically cant be beaten otherwise, like a monster with an ice attack which one hits your whole party and also a wind attack which does the same.

so you basically need to have those resistances or you wipe. also more things with timers... if you dont beat it within a certain time limit of like 10 mins or something it wipes you.

I was thinking of expanding the Extra Battle part a bit and periodically adding battles to it which are there for a challenge rather than as a way of gating things like W-Magic, etc. But I may add a bonus scene or item to each one added so people who do beat them get something more out of it.

I updated the IRO, but not in the usual way. I've set up a new catalog that'll handle the NT IRO and a few others.

Add this to your Catalog Subscriptions list under Settings > General Settings in the 7h Launcher then click Save.


Refresh the list in Browse Mods/Restart 7h after adding it and four new IROs should appear. You will likely need to deactivate/uninstall the previous NT IRO if you have it.

The new NT IRO has:
1) Fix for a softlock if scratching the white chocobo in mideel behind its neck with a party leader other than Cloud
2) Added World Map models for consistency with field models (Cloud, Tifa, Cid) and for battle models (Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, and Ultimate Weapon).

sorry again Chief

Last run i did not see the materia in the sewers but mod seems working (i see no yellow ball and restore materia at game begin is colored blue instead of green =(

The Restore Materia at the start was left its default cyan colour, I didn't swap in the Green materia model for it so that's fine. Steal can be bought from shops later on, but are you sure you didn't just run past it? Maybe one of those model mods made it difficult to see or something.

Holy crap, so that's what that means in the materia description!  I was wondering!  What is "Added Effect" materia specifically used for?  Does it add Poison to a weapon? 

Okay, I'm making notes for the future.  This mod really needs a comprehensive guide.  I tried using the Documentation spreadsheet, but many of its location entries are blank (I found out you get Full MEtal Staff by Morphing Hell House from a youtube video). 

There's a 2.0 version coming?!  ... Maybe I should just wait for it to drop?  Or will it be something that 1.5 can be upgraded mid-run without issue? 

Added Effect combines the status ailment of the Materia to either the weapon (inflicts, about 12% chance or so) or the armour (protects completely).

The documentation I used to have for the mod fell more and more out of date over time. The current one is like a placeholder of sorts.

2.0 is in the works, but it won't be compatible with save files from 1.5 as I've reworked the unused variables that NT uses in the mod to add additional drops, rescript scenes, etc. A 2.0 save file will be compatible with a vanilla game, but not with the 1.5 build unfortunately. As for timeframe for release, I'm not sure. Several weeks is my best guess.

I just beat the Diamond Match. Whew, that was a mean trick you pulled there lol. Definitely the toughest fight I had yet, and since I did it before the Level 4 limit quests, I hope the other bosses still give some challenge to me

Are the end game Disc 3 optional bosses any different on Arrange? Or should I just wait for 2.0? Looking forward to playing 2.0!

I think the Diamond Match is one of the highest specced fights in the game, but I guess difficulty is relative. Some of the fights prove more problematic for players than others depending on how they usually approach things.  None of the optional bosses on Disc 3 change on 1.5's arrange mode, I'm afraid.

I'll have 2.0 out soon. A few weeks left, I think.

then something is wrong sega
in the sewers i found no steal materia =(

I ran the latest IRO to check and it is there:

I checked the var handling it to ensure there's no rogue assignment earlier in the flevel that turns this byte on.

So I ploughed through the first several hours of my first NT playthrough.  Got to Junon.  Up till that point, everything had been copacetic.  Fights took some thought.  Bosses were tougher, but not unreasonably so.  I was still feeling a bit overwhelmed, but I was managing.

Then came the boss fight to save Priscilla.  I was level 21, decently geared (as much as I could be, I'd barely seen any weapon or armor upgrades; nearly all the armor was offering stat boosts in exchange for non-existent protection, basically turning them into another set of accessories, just with materia sockets).  I'd kitted out character with materia befitting their party roles. 

So first go, it's with Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith.  I give up after 15 minutes of barely holding on while it hits me for 3-500 HP per hit, which nearly one-shots the ladies.  Barret had my Barrier materia so I had no defenses.  Melee couldn't hit it, and the only attack spells we had were Fire, and 2 Ice, which weren't doing tons of damage. 

So, I restart, switch Tifa out for Barret and juggle some spell materia to give everyone something to use.  I try the fight again, and it quickly settles into a pattern:  Cloud hits it with Bolt, Aerith with Ice, and Barret keeps everyone Shielded and Hasted.  Aerith heals as needed, and LBs get fired off regularly.  Now the fight isn't anywhere near as tense as the Barrier materia cuts the damage down, and Cloud is also a secondary healer, so between him and Aerith, everyone stays up.

Rinse and repeat for nearly 20 minutes. 

Um, what am I doing wrong?  Or is every boss fight going to be like this now?  Many of the random encounters have hit the point where physical attacks are basically the worst thing I can use, and its all spell-casting, all the time now.  Is that normal, too?  If there' some blindingly obvious things I'm missing, I'm eager to learn what to do.  Right now, as it stands, this mod has gone from entertainingly challenging, to a tedious slog once I cleared the Mythril Mines. 

For physicals, you want to be using Elemental to 2x the damage they deal; a lot of the Materia had elements added (Holy to Restore/Revive, for instance) to take better advantage of that. Back row should be avoided if the character doesn't have a ranged weapon (and Barret has a case for front row even if using a gun as his innate changes to a strength boost).

In the Bottomswell fight, assuming it was the normal mode one, it's the ideal time to try out the first Summon Choco/Mog as the boss is weak to wind. It can either be used early to skip ahead from the initial phases (tail attacks, etc.) or later on when Waterpolo bubbles are getting sent out as it'll hit both the boss and the bubble.

This boss can also be poisoned; if you have a handle on things defensively, then you can cast Haste on the boss to accelerate the poison damage (whereas Slow decreases it as the ticks proc less frequently).

I think in your set-up that Aeris would have been a better shoe-in for the Bolt Materia as her Magic stat will typically be higher at this point (depends on the rank-up options that were picked, if one was available when it was unlocked). It'd be a good idea to pick up a 2nd Bolt Materia somewhere as there are a lot of mechanical bosses in this game and having it for Elemental/casting is always handy.

Ah, no, that's fine! And yeah, Chekov wouldn't be possible to morph since she's immune to physical damage.

Though, while we're on the subject, maybe do a difficulty pass on Godo or the other Pagoda people? He was legit the easiest of the 5 fights. The others all had a gimmick where you had to think in order to win (Checkov I beat only by constantly having reflect up, Shake I had to item-chump and then wait until I got a lucky last shot in, etc), but Godo went down with a few castings of Trine and some basic attacks (though I did have to debarrier him a couple times).

Either that, or maybe make the preceding fights a touch easier? Maybe allow Shake(s) to be debuffed in some way so the player can reduce his evasion, at least temporarily (maybe make Shakes B through G more able to be hit, and as they die, Shake himself becomes more vulnerable? Like each "afterimage" give him +25% evasion, so as they die, his evasion goes down? And he can re-summon them if they all die! Or is reducing his evasion on the fly like that not possible?). Also, give Chekov SOME kind of elemental weakness that'll show up on Sense. She's way too tanky for a mage! Perhaps instead of blanket physical immunity she has Wall, Regen and Reflect up, you know, things that can be countered and dispelled, and can even use peerless for a small number of turns when she's in trouble (assuming it can be dispelled and the duration on it can be edited on your end).

Just some ideas, not criticism. The mod is great and I hope to play 2.0 when it's released =)

I finished the 2.0 versions of these fight recently; I could have a go at scripting Godo to use his 3 forms in sequence with different properties to each, and beating them advances the fight or something to keep it with the theme of the rest of the Pagoda.

Sega Chief can correct me if I'm wrong, but the way I understand it is that the game still thinks it's saving a vanilla save file, because it technically is. The new and changed items and spells and Materia and stuff in NT still map to usable values in vanilla, even if those values are technically impossible to have. The exclusive data like Ranks and SP amounts and stuff NT uses is still saved somewhere in the save file, in a spot that's either unused in vanilla saves, or used elsewhere for another purpose that NT ignores.

Basically, they're the same structure and the same file, but Vanilla reads the data one way, and NT another. Making the appropriate changes in something like Black Chocobo will still spit out a valid file.

Yeah that's right; it's all variables and IDs which stay the same between versions. When I scripted NT I mostly left the vanilla variables alone so there's not much interference between the two.

is there anyone else that have the problem use big guard,barrier,mbarrier? because working, there is no animation of it when enemy attack(don't decrease enemy attack or magic either)

Not sure what the cause there is; some Accessories and Armour have an effect that prevents the application of Barrier/MBarrier (Amulet accessory, for instance, prevents all barrier-type magic. Ribbon also blocks it). Might be that.

question fellas is like 6 months idid not play this mod... anyone managed to find steal materia? I am in midgar after sector7 blow up and i recall in orignial game you find steal in teh sewers after don corneo's mansion,.

It's in the same place as it always is, the sewers:

Hey, so I managed to morph Shake, but I didn't get any Sprint Shoes. Was that removed?

I removed all the Morphs from the Pagoda fights because they're much more difficult than normal to Morph (and Chekhov I think can't be morphed). Sorry about that.

That worked!  I got the same pop-ups as gameplay 3.0 but the random battles were actually right!  Thank you!

Now I'm torn over whether to go with Vanilla or Regular New Threat.  Maybe if I'd been playing the game regularly for the last 20 years I'd be craving a complete overhaul, but I think I last played FF7 in 2005 or 2007.  But I have enjoyed my 2 hours with it so far.  *wrestles with indecision*

Could start with NT and then if it doesn't pan out, swap it out for the vanilla version. The save file between them should be fine.

how many more weeks until the 2.0 of The NT mod is released

No idea.

Interesting.  I'd like to try it, but I can't seem to make it work.  I tried using the NTV IRO from the first page, and ... nothing happens.  No errors, no nothing, but nothing seems changed either.  So I tried using the Gameplay 3.0 mod from the Qhimm catalog, and selecting NTV option under its difficulty tab.  THAT actually seems to work at first glance, as I get starting pop-ups and explanations of Cloud's abilities, but the first combat encounter isn't with Trooper Trainees but creatures and on a Midgar exterior field.  So clearly, that's borked.

On a whim, I tried running the default New Threat IRO, and played about an hour into it.  THAT seems to work just fine, though.  *headscratch*  I'm tempted to just go with the regular mod, but reading the Documentation spreadsheet is more than a tad overwhelming.  I hate to say it, but is there a walkthrough for this mod on Neoseeker or Gamefaqs?  *laughs* (no, there isn't, I looked). 

I tested an IRO and seems to be OK, I've uploaded it and will replace the link:

This one should specifically state NT Vanilla Combat version when selecting new game.

Interesting.  I'd like to try it, but I can't seem to make it work.  I tried using the NTV IRO from the first page, and ... nothing happens.  No errors, no nothing, but nothing seems changed either.  So I tried using the Gameplay 3.0 mod from the Qhimm catalog, and selecting NTV option under its difficulty tab.  THAT actually seems to work at first glance, as I get starting pop-ups and explanations of Cloud's abilities, but the first combat encounter isn't with Trooper Trainees but creatures and on a Midgar exterior field.  So clearly, that's borked.

On a whim, I tried running the default New Threat IRO, and played about an hour into it.  THAT seems to work just fine, though.  *headscratch*  I'm tempted to just go with the regular mod, but reading the Documentation spreadsheet is more than a tad overwhelming.  I hate to say it, but is there a walkthrough for this mod on Neoseeker or Gamefaqs?  *laughs* (no, there isn't, I looked). 

Sounds like it's broken, probably the scene lookup table in the kernel not being right. As for my IRO, maybe I've got the folder reference wrong. I'll check it just now.

So is there a more comprehensive list of details on "New Threat Vanilla"?  I've not played FF7 in 10+ years, and I was never a master of it, so I'm not looking so much for additional combat challenge as I am the improved translation and restored content.  Is that all NTV is, or does it include the other mechanical changes (such as to AI, materia, and character stats, and Mr. Smile), and only omits the new enemies?

So in NT Vanilla, you get a dialogue revamp, some optional cutscene skips (Jessies Midgar explanation on the train, Nibelheum flashback, etc.), and some extra restored scenes that were defunct in the game files. Anything related to new battles however, like the Disc 3 stuff, has been deactivated though so it's a skeleton of the mod in terms of content. You may see some references to NT systems like the rank up system, or character innate explanations when they join, but none of them are active (SP system might be though, but it's optional).

so i removed previous NT version and installed the newest one you did Sega. To make sucjh process in 7th heaven i uninstalled your revious mod and installed importing the new one you did . I had a small save at begin of game (prior guard scorpion) so far cloud still have 3 spell mmaterias and scripted POST guard scorpion fight happened (the one with jessie) so mod still work good or is better restart fresh game to avoid previous edition of the mod issues?

You should be fine because you started with NT files, there were only bugfixes prior. Same goes for any future updates, you can carry on with your save files. If Cloud has all 3 Materia then the initial state should be correct.

This may be a stupid question but how do I change my party leader?  Just got to disk 3 and Tifa needs to be party leader to trigger her side quest but I don't see how to do that. 

First off, head to the bottom of North Crater to unlock all the stuff; Cloud will get a call from the Highwind confirming it. Then head back up and you can change party leader from the NPC on the right in the Operations Room.

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