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also I can't see in the item spreadsheet any entry for the Zolum. was wondering if I could morph it? >:)

noticed another couple small things. choco bill talks to you about leveling up the chocobo lure materia in the main house but that's not a thing anymore. also when aeris is missing from the party before bone village she will still show up in towns like junon lol

also was wondering what point in the game / level you should be at before attempting Junon leagues? Also wondering at what point it'd be important to grind the gold saucer for stuff like touph ring

Leagues are like Disc 1 for the first, Disc 2/3 for the second and third.

If it hasn't already been mentioned, it doesn't look like Garudas ever use Aqualung willingly. I spent about an hour hanging out in battle trying to convince them to use it, but it just didn't happen. In the end I had to use Manipulate.

Cid's "Dragon" limit doesn't seem to restore HP/MP when used against specific enemies. Those lizard dudes around Wutai, specifically- I haven't gone out of my way to test it against other enemies.

There's an apparently known issue with Cid's "Hyper Jump" limit. When you use it against an enemy that's immune to instant-KO, the game crashes. Is this fixable via modding?

I see the double-Reflect soft-lock is still alive and well. Is that also fixable through mods somehow?

I'm about to dig up the Lunar Harp in my game, and the command materia I've collected include 1 Enemy Skill, 2 Steal, 1 Manipulate, 1 Throw, 1 Morph, and 1 Sense. I got a Command Counter materia FOREVER ago, and it's just been collecting dust because none of these are particularly useful with it. Did I miss a command at some point that would have been useful with Command Counter, or is it just normal to get Command Counter long before you ever get a useful command to pair it with? I'm assuming that Enemy Skill and Throw just plain don't work with it since they open menus, and nothing else is consistently useful throughout a battle- you'd generally use Steal and Sense at the start of a battle, and Morph isn't really "counter" material; you actively seek out or create opportunities to use it for farming purposes.

On a balance note, am I missing something, or does Red XIII just get the brunt end of the stick when it comes to weapons for a BIG chunk of disc one? Before Wutai, the strongest weapon I had for him was the Howl Comb with 31 Atk, but only 3 single slots, and the best weapon for slots was the Silver Barrette with two pair and a single, but only 27 Atk. Meanwhile, the other characters are generally getting access to much stronger or more useful weapons with bigger bonuses, like Barret's W-Machine Gun and Enemy Launcher, or Tifa's Powersoul and Motor Drive.

Also, I never got the "Fort Condor Battle Available!" reminder after getting the buggy. Dunno if this is a known issue or an isolated incident.

I think that's it for now. Will come back to this later.

P.S. I notice there is a new IRO for New Threat. I'm using 7th Heaven; how do I patch this in? Do I just swap out the IRO file and Launch Game, or do I have to do something different? Will doing so mess with my current save and force me to start the game over?

Hyper Jump breaks on the Steam version about half the time (although for some it's all the time); on the latest versions of the driver this has been fixed but isn't available for the steam version unless you convert it into a 1998 install (same process as preparing game for 7th heaven, except you just run the game through the ff7.exe instead of the 7th heaven mod loader). The reason Dragon and Hyper Jump were swapped was so Steam users could learn both limits without having to try and get through the Hyper Jump problem.

Command Counter isn't too great at first; I usually pair it with Steal or something. It was a bit more useful when Deathblow was in Gongaga.

The reflect glitch, assuming it's the one where you cast Reflect on all party members and all enemies then use a spell that targets all, has no current fix but maybe DLPB has.

That notification pops up while reading the letter from Dio prior to being placed in the buggy on the world map.

Just deactivate the old IRO, import the new one through the Library tab, and then activate it. Save file carries over.

I tried my best with the formatting. Hopefully this helps out with the materia changes. Sega Chief, if you would like, I already updated the Materia changelog you had in one of the versions I downloaded, I'd be happy to shoot it over to you if you want to add it into your pastebin for the community.

Oh yeah, the documentation that I forgot to update again. That'd be useful.

//NT Update

Non-7H Installer!60dg3AQK!mhEs1OJavXiYQAe_DlXwJfLbadElC72S2ciHsWt0eds

7th Heaven IRO!z8VkzKwR!txlQtNWWAa0BfIP14NpeNnof9MBgGIJP1YukG9xAvtg

There's patch notes in either download, in a .txt labelled september 2019. Will post in a spoiler as well.

Spoiler: show
FF7 NT V1.5 - September 2019 Patch

One of the iterations of SOLDIER 2nd enemy had a bad Attack ID lookup that was escaping the tool check due to the way attacks were being set through a variable rather than explicitly. This has finally been sorted out.

General attack/defence reduction for random encounters in the North Crater. The three bosses on the routes were also adjusted. Drain attacks were removed mostly.

Goldberry group reduced to 3; it's the end of an era.

Balancing performed on certain Arrange mode bosses, particularly Satans Gate.

Gun enemy has had camera adjustment.

Status ignoring attacks have been modified and mostly removed.

Adjustments to Lost Number bosses

-) Summons were buffed; higher base power and the stat-equip effect was changed.
   Summons now either boost Strength/Vit/HP, Magic/Spr/MP, or Vit/Spr/HP/MP
   at the cost of the other stats.
-) Enemy Skills
   Magic Hammer: Renamed to Vital Hammer to better represent its Drain HP effect
   Dragon Force: No longer reduces defence, just gives Haste/Berserk/Auto-Crit
   Antipode: Single-target, to fix a persistent camera issue

-) Initial Stats
   Tweak to starting stats of each character
-) Items
   Elixir set to magic formula to prevent Cover bug
-) Weapons
   Stat buffs on certain weapons increased/altered
-) Armour
   Tweaks made to Dragon Armlet, Warrior Bangle, Fourth Bracelet, and other end-game
   armour pieces.
-) Materia
   Stat bonuses/penalties tweaked

Fixed that Aeris in the desk problem in dark cave.

Elmyra no longer appears inside the Reactor in Kalm

Dialogue box resizing for shinra HQ staircase

Floor 59, issue where Cloud could become stuck after getting the key due to a save point
script clash was fixed by moving the script fromk cloud #12 to Cid #4

Forgotten City; returning to the altar after the fight there resulted in softlock.
Main script wasn't jumping to end but instead triggering script intended for Aeris
scenes earlier in game.

Cave of the Gi Disc 3; coming here without Red XIII would result in game moment getting
set low, and a softlock would quickly ensue.

No longer possible to leave via north exit in last screen of dark cave, which would
result in softlock on world map

Issue in Junon Leagues where the Zack cutscene would play under certain conditions
Issue where selecting cancel would result in softlock

PHS option removed from Weapon Raid Save Points as swapping out Barret, etc. would
cause scripts to crash.


Fort Condor NPC at Cosmo Canyon seems fine with gil check; older version perhaps?

The dialogue:
“I saw her!
   I really did!”
“This woman just disappeared!
   Right there around the old church.”
“I waited around a long time,
   but she never came out again!”
“I tell you{, }it's one of them
   …haunted churches!”
This is playing at the intended spot. It's referring to Aeris going into the Church,
but then exiting from the roof during the escape from the Turks, but is also a
reference to the 'ghost Aeris' easter egg that appears on Disc 2/3. If I keep getting
bug reports about it though then I'll just change it for peace and quiet.

//NT Vanilla Combat

The issue here is that an import performed on one of the fields went wrong, and left it corrupted. I reimported the field and it should be working now.
Non-7H Installer!H9EUVQoQ!RJZ7r9UuZLJ0MWPAwRX9O69_VlfZCNxhJ7fm6A_yoqE

7th Heaven IRO!D8VyRI5J!V04dGgNccHQJNljWsXrgdkOGrPSklyEW8jhsSCZca9A

Wanted to ask some more things, too. Just cleared mt. nibel and was wondering
Spoiler: show
Armor Soul is supposed to use Trine ? It strictly used physical attacks. Silenced it and removed silence but didn't see anything.

Also, where do I find
Spoiler: show
Deathblow Materia
, and is it possible to get
Spoiler: show
White Wind without Manipulation
early game?

It uses Trine at a fixed HP point I think, but that was likely missed due to Silence being on. I think you can get it from the Thundercracker/blue owl enemies on the first screen of Mt. Nibel though.

Deathblow was swapped with Added cut, so you'll find it in great glacier. White Wind was learnable early on but you need Reflect; the boss that used to drop a Mirror for that purpose no longer drops that item though so it probably needs Barrier to be leveled up once now which is a bit of a grind.

Not sure if anyone has suggested this before, but was thinking it would be interesting to see the summon materia revamped a bit by having each materia grant some sort of unique stat buff(&debuff?). right now I basically felt no incentive to use them at first glance outside of grinding mobs which I've yet to really do.

Was also going to ask if there are any important new materia combinations or interactions

There are some left-over materia stat-equip brackets so some extras could be added.

I'm not so fond of summon either.

I was stuck with the keeper in Mt Nibel. That "thing" hit like a truck!
Spoiler: show
Nice idea, removing the powersoul. It was a lame equip. It's removed only in arrange mode, or it was removed in 1.5 from the game?

Powersoul is obtained on normal mode by beating Powersoul Keeper, on Arrange its dropped by Satans Gate. On both modes, one can be grabbed from Shinra HQ on Disc 2 from the item store chests.

Thanks! But I'm still curious - why is it called "Arrange" mode and not just hard mode?

Because if you call something hard mode a lot more people would start with that over the other mode.

I know it's gonna be a while for 2.0 but are you gonna upload the balance changes you posted earlier at least? Been waiting to continue my FF7 game. If its gonna be a while even for those, guess I'll jaut continue with 1.5 then. But thanks for making this mod in general though broski. I'll probably just weather the wait hoenstly 😅

Yeah I had a maintenance/respec patch in the works, but it got sidetracked. I'll try and get that done before the end of the week.

Thanks for your quick answer Sega Chief.

I am not using any other mods, only new treat 1.5. vanilla combat.

Today I downloaded a save editor named Black Chocobo to try and bypass that event, it kind of worked, but then I go back to that area and tried to play the arena mini game and the game frezze the moment Cloud enters the arena (screen goes black, music continues playing but next screen never loads), so I guess maybe is a problem especific to that room or screen.

I also experience a weird glich in the mytril mine, when I started the battle with the Turks, instad of Elena and Rude, the game loaded three weird monster with 9999 HP, gliched name, and that were completly inmovile, after killing them the game continued as normal.

It would be nice if you could do a little clean up of the vanilla combat version, so people that dont desire a harder game could still enjoy the other great content that your mod as created.

Thanks again and have a great day  :)

The turks fight is something I missed when removing the new fights, that should be fairly easy to sort out (what loaded instead was one of the debug fights in default game; they're usually pyramids but models were probably different).

I'll need to check in on the battle square field. Maybe a default one was imported in to get the battle IDs default but something went wrong with it.

I'm trying now the Arrange mode. I've get to the Mythril mine so far.

It's harsh but fun. You have to min-max materia if you wanna outshine bosses! Since I was coming from another NT gameplay, I know how to fight now. Shinra building was hell the first time.

Are you still wanting this old save file fixed?

nvm I'm dumb

Hi! Just registered so I could ask this.

First of all I love the mod so far, BUT I am playing on 1.5 in Original mode and, after doing some cursory searches and seeing no obvious results in doing so, I figured I would just ask:

- What are the actual differences between Original difficulty and Arrange ?
- Why is it called "Arrange"mode?
- Does Arrange mode feature more content? What are the Ai tweaks? Just higher hp and damage while still balanced, etc?

For context...
I am about to start heading for the Gold Saucer in Original, and would just like to know what I'd be getting into if I restarted my game in Arrange mode, as I am probably only going to play through the mod once. Having started a new game, I am seeing that the difficulty is ramped up and the battles require almost a dark souls level of strategic timing to get through even the scorpion boss. This is fine, and more fun, but I just want to know if I'd be getting extra content and cooler stuff in 1.5 Arrange Mode, or if it's only purely for experiencing more intense battles.

I am not seeing these things elaborated on or really mentioned much at all in the original post or in any of the changelogs/documentation in the download folder. Am I missing something?

The enemies hit a bit harder on arrange due to a level boost, and will make use of a new attack in some cases. Bosses can be different as well. You don't miss out on anything playing original vs arrange though. I would just stick with original for a one-time run.

Hi everyone.

I have been playing the 1.5 vanilla combat version of this mod, I just got to the gold saucer for the first time, and my game frezze after Cloud find the  bodies of some dead shinra soldiers and is chased into the arena by that Dio guy, is there any way to fix this so I can continue playing?

Thanks in advance.

Please excuse me for any mistakes, english is no my first language.

I can't think of a change that could have caused a crash there when converting normal NT into a vanilla combat version, but will need to check it out. Are any other mods on? Try running through that particular section with just NT activated. I'll do some tests on it tomorrow.

Oh, okay! Thanks!
How can I send my save? Dropbox link?

Yeah anything's fine.

Grats on getting it up and running again!
Ooohhh that sounds interesting. Any plans on adding any of that stuff in at a later date? Maybe make a separate mod for them?

Yeah I want to make use of 7h functionality a bit more to add some extra stuff.

Hi guys,
I'm new of this forum (discovered only few days ago). I've landed here to try some graphic mode, but instead I found this gourgeous mod!

I'm really appreciating everything so far. I'm still in disc 1 though, just after Gongaga.
I've started to play NT with the 7thHeaven modder, and I've realized only now that, on the 7thHeaven modder, the NT mod was patched to the 1.4 version. I've found that there was the 1.5 version, so I've downloaded the IRO version first and I noticed that the materia stats changed a bit, so I assumed the NT was updated correctly since something changed.

Since I reached Gongaga before the patch, I have Deathblow now, so I think I've lost Added Cut forever, or maybe I've to revert to 1.4 to get it in the Great Glacier?
Beside of that, I'm got stuck with Mr Smile, after the patch to 1.5. I've Cloud and Tifa on 200+ SP and he doesn't let me rank up anymore.

I've tried to download the emergency.exe file and used them, it didn't resolve the problem. Then, I've tried to patch the game with the standalone patch, same issue. What can I do?
I've noticed that if I try to force the NT 1.4 version with the 7thHeaven modder, mr Smile let me rank up. Still, the stats are completely fucked up (tifa lvl 39 with something like 170 vit and magic materia like fire matera with +10 luck).

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide, and sorry for my poor english  :(

Jumping from 1.4 to 1.5 produces issues in the savemap which won't be easily fixable without running your save through some scripts. I can do this if you send me your save file to make corrections.

Hey Saga, is v2 coming or not?

Yeah but it's going to take a while. I've decided to focus on FF8 for the time being.

Firstly, the mod is fantastic and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

I'm wrapping up the game and working through the side quests and I can't seem to find the Heaven's Cloud for Cloud's ultimate weapon. The doc included with the file says you can get one from an Iron Man, but I've only ever seen them at the point of no return in the crater. Have they been added somewhere else?

Iron Man (or Iron Giant) can be found on the left-down path on the last screen of that route as a random encounter.

I finally got round to putting my old PC back together (was missing RAM and the PSU needed hooked up to the hard-drive in a weird cage set-up that the mini-tower uses; ended up having to balance it on hooks in the case as the screws were missing; very botched job).

Anyway, the old PC had a tonne of assets that were made as side projects + NT add-ons that were never finished. Stuff like character battle model replacers, two full character-replacer mods, changing outfits for characters on the field in certain locations (winter gear for Glacier for instance), stuff like that. There was supposed to be a Cid mod in there somewhere but that appears to be gone.

Patreon is super easy to use so thanks for the option! You just earned yourself your very first Patron.  :-D

I'm really excited to see what you can do with FFVIII...Do you think the remaster coming out soon is likely the same file set up of the original Steam version? Could we just plug and play existing mods there?

Anyway, looking forward to finishing your VII and starting your VIII whenever you get around to finishing it up...Is there a IX on the horizon sometime? Hehe.

I think the file structure will be the same, but the flevel might need for script changes to be ported into it manually cause the models are stored in each field file rather than in a separate archive like FF7 PC.

9 is on the distant horizon, character-specific ability sets and all that gear is too good an opportunity to pass up.

Added a patreon page link to the front of the thread for people like cc12138030 who want to donate but not through Paypal. I can use the post feature it has to put update information in there from now on so it doesn't get buried like it does in this thread. Will post that information here as well though.

Wow, I'm like 100% certain I picked that up. Even 10 years going by wasn't enough to keep me from looking for it haha. I must have glitched it out or something. Oh well, small price to pay in the end. That reminds me, I did have a odd moment where I was messing with materia swaps and caused 1 materia to converge the information of 2 and leave 1 blank then I reloaded to be safe. That was probably a game bug or something.

Very interesting if that text wasn't you haha. Yes, I did check a PSX video on YouTube to reference the "original" dialogue.

That sounds like a very interesting glitch; reminds me of the materia fusion system on crisis core.

Oh, I did add the text you posted; I was just talking in general.

Hi, just stopping by mainly to say I appreciate the work! I'm 1/3 done and it has been challenging in a fun way. This mod has motivated me to come back and play my favorite game 10 years since I last touched it. The game actually did a poor job of utilizing the complex system it had and vanilla is quite easy if you study. I've seen a couple popular streamers play, Calebhart42 and now Maximilian_DOOD.

Does 7th Heaven only support v1.4? Everyone I see is playing that. The "Gameplay - Difficulty & Story" section on 7th heaven is doing v1.4, I found v1.5 only digging for more info. As a guy who makes stuff, I just hate seeing new work go to waste so I'm mentioning it here.

Some feedback:
- Unfortunately there are some brutal FF7 launching issues as I'm sure you're aware, where I even have to untick/retick run as admin & apply on the .exes to fix sometimes (very strange).  [Edit: Actually sometimes its 7th Heaven .exe itself I have to untick/retick/apply run as admin to, maybe its the manager or other mods doing this)

- Did I miss steal materia? I found an Excel file outlining steal/morphs that stretches back to Midgar, but I got it post-Midgar. I think I bought at Kalm IIRC. I'm a little apprehensive of missing things and its hard to come by information such as where all the enemy skills are to be expected. I realize you didn't write down a comprehensive changelog and I realize how difficult that is to stick to.

- I bugged out the Scorpion fight where it guards the elevator inside the Shinra building. I got cute and morphed it. It triggered the entire fight again, I thought it was intended! Then it said "What's this?" and Keycard item pickup. I then went to save and it said "What's this?" and pulled up the menu and I got a softlock.

- It would be helpful if the character special abilities are re-iterated somewhere, maybe the place with the 3 dudes flexin with all the other info (maybe it was, I should check when I can)

- It would be nice if you could squeeze a version # somewhere visible like the save point screen or something. I realize there are some subtle queues to figure this out and maybe you don't want to forget about changing the number on a release. :)

- I've noticed you've buffered out some of the annoying things in the storyline that are tedius or annoying (like forgetting the 1st enemy skill materia)

- The Yuffie bit was a riot

- I have managed to notice some of your funny text additions to the game. I had to double-check that this wasn't canon, good one:

That's all I can think of for now.

7h can support 1.5, but the current catalog hasn't been updated yet (as far as I l know). Either import the IRO found on the front pages of this thread using 7h. The one on this thread should be considered most up to date.

7h as a user experience isn't very friendly as the install process can hit a lot of snags and other glitches can occur which requires a reinstall (windows update or possibly graphics driver updates can require 7h to be stripped out and reinstalled; I've also got an issue currently where any file called 'ff7.exe' on my PC will be blocked from running, so I have to rename them to 'ff7 - alias.exe' or similar now.

Steal is in its original location in the sewers, by the hatch leading from the Aps area to the second area. Perhaps mods make it less distinctive on the ground?

I wouldn't have though Morph could cause the battle to bug out like that, in fact it might be the case that the script itself can be bugged under certain circumstances. It's probably that save point causing it all, maybe a shared variable trigger or script clash.

I'll add innate information to the beginner's hall somewhere, or place an NPC on the highwind that can act as an 'all-in-one' for the beginner's hall.

I should have kept a tertiary (patch) number on the versions; we're probably at 1.5.100 or something by now.

As far as the dialogue goes, I've seen people on streams and in youtube comments swearing blind that some default dialogue wasn't there before or that something I've added was in the base game. I think the PC version base dialogue being different from the PSX version base dialogue in certain ways doesn't help.

I'm entering the dark cave for the first time in the sleeping forest, and I keep getting a soft-lock. As soon as Cloud and Barret wake up and finish their dialogue (I assume), they just stand there looking at each other and I can't do anything. Don't know if it is a different mod causing this, or if I need to re-install or something, just wanted to see if this is a known issue with a fix or not. Thanks.

It's a mod conflict, you'll need to deactivate your other mods temporarily, play up to the first save point in the reactor, and then reactivate your other mods. The exact cause is still unknown.

I know I would be on board. Plus I think it would be easier to see updates and post suggestions and whatnot. Especially considering this thread is like a million pages long and 42 years old.

I guess it could be used for that. I'll set it up during the week and then link it back.

Hello again! I have another question. I am completing the run and I am finishing the Limit 4 sidequests right now. And I have a question... I saw a new Limit Break was added for Cait Sith and he has a sidequest for Limit Break 4. Has him new limit breaks 4? I opened Black Chocobo to check it but it isn't prepared for it so...

Again I didn't find anything in search tab about it, sorry :/

Thanks for your time.
Thanks, but my English is very basic. Many times I can't find things in English because my vocabulary is insufficient. And many times Google Translate don't help so neither ^^

Cait Sith only has one new Limit Break on his Lv.1 Limits that is unlocked after Dice. He has no Lv.4 Limit, but still has a sidequest like the other characters except he gets an item that is used to make his ultimate weapon instead. Sorry for the confusion.

Can I get an answer about the parade rewards?

For regular parade, it's grenade, ethers, or a Hero Drink II (for 50+%) but the hero drink II is of no use to you until much later in the game by which point you can find more of them.

For the send-off, the first two prizes are nothing and a potion. 120+ points gets you a Rune Armlet though. And possibly a migraine.

..thank you for the reply and yes, after i read your reply, i searched my key item and didn't find it, was because i thought i need 7777 needles to craft Premium Heart, and after i check the list from Gerolt i found out that it should be Micro Engine instead, and then i found out again i already used 7777 needles for Conformer, yes that was my fail of the month ;D ;D ;D ;D

maybe my eyes play trick on me when i read the ingredients list  ;D ;D ;D ;D

Ah I see, no worries then. If a key item goes missing that tends to be more awkward to fix than a regular item so glad to hear it didn't vanish.

Great information Sega Chief, thanks a lot! My Hex editing skills extend as far as SNES and some stuff on RPG Maker. Nothing to the level of what you've achieved in these few years working on NT!

I'll practice what you mentioned and see if I can get it going on my own when your next update hits.


Thanks, but a lot of the hex edits made is stuff discovered by other people so credit to them for reverse-engineering a lot of this stuff.

Is there any way to donate that isn't through PayPal? I'd love to support what you do since it's basically a new game for me, but I would prefer not to use PayPal.

Patreon was suggested by a couple of people, but setting it up it looked to be more of a thing for original content creators than for modders. Not sure if I can actually use it or not but I'll look at it again.

Oh! I thought something like that. Thanks! I guess my English wasn't enough good to know how to find it in the thread :3

Your English is fine, this forum is fairly old and stuff gets buried easily.

Don't worry about it, I'm in no rush! I'm very curious how you go about editing the file to produce this result.

I did have a secondary question about Vincent...I doubt it's possible, but figured I'd ask and see:

-) When you limit on Vincent, is there a possibility to actually control his actions at all? Would that require entirely recoding his AI?

-) If controlling him isn't an option, would it be possible to maybe revert him to his normal form after let's say 3-5 rounds of combat?

-) If none of these options work, could his LB forms deal at least 1 form of medium to high non elemental damage to give some incentive to losing control of him in battle?

The reason I ask is mainly because of all the characters in VII, he's the wildcard (outside of Cait Sith's slots haha) that can get you killed in certain fights if you LB at the wrong time due to not being able to revive someone, provide AoE healing, ect. Or worse yet, you LB in a form like Galian beast that deals fire damage, but the boss absorbs fire damage, thus hamstringing your fight.

I like that he's a beefy caster, and you can essentially never LB and only cast spells/use command materia, but that makes his LB's kinda pointless in most fights.


Editing is setting up a hext file (a notepad) that gets patched onto an exe directly either using hexttools or at runtime temporarily via 7th heaven. You specify the address and then the bytes to change. Bit rudimentary but it gets the job done.

It's not so much the AI, as it is the battle menu not really being designed to support it. Closest would be the manipulate battle menu but that pulls data from an enemy. An interface like that which would block off the normal battle menu would probably be the cleanest way. I tried form reversion by killing/reviving but it didn't take unfortunately.

Awesome thank you sir! I did post something a bit earlier about Vincent, but it's pending approval from a moderator so you may not have seen it just yet. It's some idea's around Vincent to make him a bit more reliable due to his special LB compared to others in the party.

Also, would you have some time later to discuss some of the aspects of how to modify the EXE. That way when you do a new release, I can modify the EXE myself for the Tifa reels.

Appreciate the help and I'm looking forward to play your final, final version!  ;D

Download DLPB's hexttools here:
Then in the hextedit folder, place the NT ff7.exe and ff7_en.exe (first is for 1998/7h, second is for steam; use whichever you need). In the HE_In folder, place a notepad with this:

Replace the ff7.exe at the top with ff7_en.exe if you're looking to patch the steam version.

Drag the .exe onto the hextedit .BAT file and it should patch it.

Good timing karsh, here's those EXEs for adjusted tifa reels (no miss):!G9shTSSb!mfUa6XHjBPOd12Exsd8C65GuFMl-bXKuKSzAjmKrvx0

Kaktuar didn't drop 7777 needles for me, only cactuar gun....where can i get it?

It should have been a key item, check your key item list. If it isn't there then something's went wrong.

Yeah it's possible to do, there was an .EXE that had it enabled but unsure if it's still in the files (or if it's up to date). I'll throw one together when I get back from work and send it over. Will also post the hex for it if anyone else reading this wants to apply to an .exe for other project/set-up.

I completely forgot about this, will need to do this tonight.

Quick question,

Cid just learned his 3.1 limit break without learning 2.2.

Upon closer inspection I noticed he's actually missing his 2.1 LB Hyper Jump. So he's got: Boost jump, Dynamite, Dragon and now Dragon Dive.

Did you switch up Cid's limit breaks Hyper jump and Dragon? Or what's going on`?

Looked around the web a bit, and this seems to be semi common, but usually missing the x.2 limits, instead of x.1

Anybody else can confirm what order Cid's level 2 limit breaks are?

Jeeez I didn't sign up for this!

You can learn the 2.1 and 3.1 without first learning the 1-2 or 2-2 respectively. The Lv.4 Limit needs all of them to be learned however before the item can be used to teach it.

Cid's Hyper Jump and Dragon limits were swapped due to a graphics driver issue with the Steam version; Hyper Jump can crash on that version so I felt it would be a good idea to make that the 2-2 instead of the 2-1. The issue is fixed on latest 1998/7th H versions which use the new graphics driver.

Thanks. Using a fresh ff7_en.exe fixes the Materia attributes for me. The turks battle in the mythril cave seems to be from the flevel. Elena's script would restore HP and start that battle. I deleted those lines from the flevel and everything seems to be working as intended.

I missed that one, thanks for letting me know.

I'm having an issue where I go into the Dark Cave for the first time and the game doesn't load all of the dialogue for Barret and Cloud. They talk for a few boxes and then cloud turns and doesn't say anything. Anyone have this issue before? I watched someones play through so I know there is supposed to be more said before they go forward.

This issue seems to affect users with other certain mods on (unknown which one). Try running NT by itself until you reach the first save point in that reactor, then reactivate your other mods.

I have a suggestion for the next update. I think the Comet materia should have the Gravity element. Not the spells themselves, they should remain non-elemental, but it makes sense to me for the materia to be the Gravity element (i.e. Gravity pulling comets from the skies to hit people). Plus it would give another end-game Gravity element material to pair with elemental besides Time. Don't know if this is easy to implement or if it would be broken with something else I'm not thinking of.

Will do.

I've been playing through with the vanilla patch and noticed that numbers seemed off, Materia is still giving the modded stat buffs/debuffs. There's also a battle with Rude and Elena at Mythril Mine that puts me against 3 monsters. I can run from it so that's not a huge deal but there might be other unintended fights still in this version. Sorry to keep bugging you with the vanilla version but let me know if these bugs are fixable

It might be interference from an older installation, but will check.

Edit= Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii can't read today. Nevermind, I think I have it sorted.

I can't seem to get this mod to work at all. It seems to change things partially, but combat changes don't take effect (Barret doesn't get a stacking defense buff, Guard Scorpion is no different but looks different). I was watching Maximillian Dood play this using an IRO version from June, but I can't seem to find that version, just the version from August. Any help would be appreciated, the mod looked awesome when he was playing it.

It's probably the 7H install that's wonky. Kernel is usually unpatched in instances like that (which would explain why the innates aren't popping up) and I guess scene.bin in this case has also not been patched. Model files are separate and sound like they're getting done properly.

Unfortunately, with 7th heaven the only real fix is scorched earth approach. An uninstall/file delete and then full reinstallation. Alternatively, you could try the stand-alone installer for FF7 NT and patch the ff7 files with it and then try running 7h on the top of it for model mods but it might get unstable if you patch anything else on top of it like, say, menu overhaul.

Hey Sega Chief, me and my boys are loving your mod thus far. All 3 of us are playing it using a program called Parsec which allows multiple users to connect to a single PC and with enough troubleshooting, you can have everyone be player 1. That way we just rotate each character in combat and rotate map duties when people get bored...Or force certain savants in our group to always do the mini games.

We've been enjoying the mod quite a bit, we play once or twice a week. There was one question we had and wanted to know if you could help us out in figuring out how to enable it.

Our core party has been Cloud Aerith/Yuffie & Tifa. What we wanted to know is if it's possible to mod Tifa's LB to no longer have Miss and only have Hit/Yeah. We've had quite a few instances of getting demolished because of patient Tifa LB play to not get misses and it's uh...Unfortunate to say the least.

If there isn't a way to do it, no biggie, just figured I'd ask.

Again, appreciate your efforts on this mod, it really does give this super easy game a much needed facelift.

Yeah it's possible to do, there was an .EXE that had it enabled but unsure if it's still in the files (or if it's up to date). I'll throw one together when I get back from work and send it over. Will also post the hex for it if anyone else reading this wants to apply to an .exe for other project/set-up.

Yeah unfortunately I am still running into the problem even if I don't press any buttons or switch to keyboard, it just keeps making me run along a part of the pipe. Also one thing to note that I am not sure is a glitch or related to Dark Cave's story is that their is a timer countdown that's stuck at 00:00 as soon as I enter the No.1 Reactor? area. Now I have used the black chocobo editor to get me past a few glitches before, like the PHS save anywhere ones. Of course it doesn't show this location in the editor due to it being a mod, but is there a way to use that to spawn me at the save point right below where I am getting stuck somehow? Maybe like editing the mod files or editor files?

Oh I was actually watching a twitch streamer run into that exact same problem. One of his viewers told him it was the 60 FPS battles with the animations mod.

The location is identical to the Reactor 1 screens, so send yourself there in the black chocobo editor. The pipe being a consistent problem with 60fps (assuming that's fields and not the battles? Wasn't aware there was a 60fps field animation mod) isn't something I've heard mentioned before but will keep it in mind. If it's battles 60fps then that shouldn't be affecting the field module as far as I know but if it also patches field animations then maybe it's that.

That's something to do with the Frog status and one of the other mods, I forget which one.

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