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So is there a more comprehensive list of details on "New Threat Vanilla"?  I've not played FF7 in 10+ years, and I was never a master of it, so I'm not looking so much for additional combat challenge as I am the improved translation and restored content.  Is that all NTV is, or does it include the other mechanical changes (such as to AI, materia, and character stats, and Mr. Smile), and only omits the new enemies?

So in NT Vanilla, you get a dialogue revamp, some optional cutscene skips (Jessies Midgar explanation on the train, Nibelheum flashback, etc.), and some extra restored scenes that were defunct in the game files. Anything related to new battles however, like the Disc 3 stuff, has been deactivated though so it's a skeleton of the mod in terms of content. You may see some references to NT systems like the rank up system, or character innate explanations when they join, but none of them are active (SP system might be though, but it's optional).

so i removed previous NT version and installed the newest one you did Sega. To make sucjh process in 7th heaven i uninstalled your revious mod and installed importing the new one you did . I had a small save at begin of game (prior guard scorpion) so far cloud still have 3 spell mmaterias and scripted POST guard scorpion fight happened (the one with jessie) so mod still work good or is better restart fresh game to avoid previous edition of the mod issues?

You should be fine because you started with NT files, there were only bugfixes prior. Same goes for any future updates, you can carry on with your save files. If Cloud has all 3 Materia then the initial state should be correct.

This may be a stupid question but how do I change my party leader?  Just got to disk 3 and Tifa needs to be party leader to trigger her side quest but I don't see how to do that. 

First off, head to the bottom of North Crater to unlock all the stuff; Cloud will get a call from the Highwind confirming it. Then head back up and you can change party leader from the NPC on the right in the Operations Room.

sp wjhile i was playing the 15&5 version of the mod game crashed with the small window saying "sorry the game encontered an error due to a mod bla blab la" might be a NT issue or anotehr one? and to update safely via th heavn is enough delete old one and import new one and i can keep my previous save game going?

It's a bit too vague to say, although I have been seeing users posting about getting persistent crashes when using a lot of high-load texture mods. Something about the memory getting overloaded. If you've stuff like 4k field textures on then I'd suggest downgrading some of them if possible.

Awesome! I've been using 7th heaven to do all my mods, would the auto-updater handle this or do I have to manually replace the IRO?

Deactivate the old one, then import the new one.

i must uninstall and reinstall this new one?

Not necessarily, only if you run into issues with the Da Chao Fire Cave fight on Disc 3.

So, I ran into an issue trying to use the latest IRO.

First when I tried, it installed a SECOND version of New Threat instead of overriding the original. Neither one said the publish date was the 16th. I got rid of both and tried again, but it kept giving me an access error about half way through. I restarted my computer, and it seems to have installed fine now, but I'm not sure if that was a 7H issue, a NT IRO issue, or a me issue! Figured I'd report it just in case!

[EDIT] I don't know if this has anything to do with my little screw-up, but now when I get to a save point, the NT menu is using playstation controls instead of the usual [ok] [cancel] [switch] etc. Is there any way I can revert this?

Might be because the newer IROs now have a unique ID whereas the old one had no ID, meaning multiple copies could be installed. The Catalog version of the NT IRO may still be able to be activated along with the IRO from here however (when it's updated, this will no longer be the case).

Sometimes closing and then re-opening 7h can help if it starts to throw errors with showing files, etc.

The newest NT IRO swapped from using the old PC control prompts to a Controller Icon set instead. This was to make it compatible with mods that add Controller Icons (for PSX and XBOX) and because a lot of users favour controller. I personally use Keyboard, but I find it a bit easier to use the controller prompts when dealing with the shoulder buttons as I always forget which is Camera and which is Target.

If you're using an XBOX controller and find the prompts confusing, or you use X as confirm instead of O, then I recommend using the controller options in the ESUI Enhanced Stock UI mod; they can change the type of icons used and swap the confirm/cancel buttons around for both.

17th May 2020 - Changes an animation with a boss to prevent a texture glitch (also removes some awkward camera angles).



Yup still crashed without any spell textures on. I have my texture memory set to 2048 and Texture Cache is on, if that affects anything.

I ran the fight, and saw that the menu texture glitch occurred for Quake 3 (single target) on the 2nd cast. Game kept running but I had no other mods on. I'll just change the animation for stability (and make some other tweaks to camera, etc.)

Loving this mod so far, super great changes to everything. But I'm having a little reoccurring problem. Not sure if this has to do with the particular mods I have set up, but multiple times now, my game has crashed, usually randomly, during the ending of the Quake3 animation.

Usually it just happens every once and a while, but during the ???? Ninja fight in Wutai. When it gives itself the barriers using the Quake3 animation, always the second time during the battle, the game crashes.

Not sure what's going on or if I just need to turn off spell texture mods or something like that. Any thoughts?


Quake3 has had an issue with its transparency effects in that they'll load from the menu textures after more than one use, and I think it's something to do with the driver as other attacks with transparency effects also start to behave strangely when used multiple times in a fight (I think this is also related to the Hyper Jump crash on Steam).

Sounds very likely this is the underlying cause; perhaps spell texture mods on top is exacerbating the problem and leading to the crash. Usually the game is 'OK' with the Quake3 thing and the other visual bugs from attacks like Oil Shot and Atomic Ray. Try the fight without the spell texture mod on, and let me know if it still crashes; I can change the animation to something else.

It's "Bonez"

And we've set up a compatibility check so next release of the New Threat iro should automatically change the spell names mod to the correct option so this won't happen anymore.


That's that update uploaded; link is on the first post of this thread.

Hey sega appearently with mod list i posted above your mod seems not working properly... to reinstall it i just remove from 7th heaven and re download it or i must removce FFVII entirely from pc?

EDIT: Bonerz bla bla mod that rename spells cause d NT mod to NOT WORK for me so i removed it, reinstalled your mod and now seems working fine i started fresh game and cloud have fire-bolt-ice lpus the first 3 mobs are TRAINEE whatever so MAYBE that mod (spell renamer) causes some sort of conflict :/

Bonez' mod should have an option for New threat compatibility; if you click on the Bonez iro and then the cog on the right, it'll let you set options for it. Set it to New Threat and then move that IRO above NT in the mod load order.

Edit: Thanks to Karenjr95 for the donation, I appreciate it.

The funny thing is I did just that with today's released IRO with my edited kernel2. I started a new game and it [Cloud's innate] works as intended! I just have no idea why whenever it hits the endgame, it doesn't work anymore.

Right, in that case it's because his AI checks if he's hit the ceiling for his strength or magic; if so, the innate doesn't trigger (to prevent an overflow). I'm moving away from (most) stat-based innates for reasons like this in 2.0.

Oh no I'm not using Bonez' mod.. I'm using my customized kernel2.bin edited from touphscript. I wonder if that alone could affect it. And I've already turned off everything except New Threat and it [Cloud's Limit Boost] still doesn't work.

A kernel2 won't affect the main kernel, so it might be that the 7h game isn't patching the kernel for some reason. Two ways to check that; 1) Does Cloud start the game with Fire, Ice, and Bolt Materia equipped (or do Potions heal 300HP in-battle). 2) If you activate the Hardcore mod from the Qhimm Gameplay Catalog, does Cloud start the game at Lv.1?

I'll download this IRO to make sure it's the same one I tested earlier today.
Edit: It seems fine.

Yep speaking from this day's iro.. Still doesn't work, still no Limit Boost on Cloud.. I am patching a sort of a personal custom kernel2.bin for spell names.. Could that affect it?

I'll see what I can discover after I play it some more.


I tested today's NT IRO (16th May) with Bonez' Spell Rename mod (using NT option) with Bonez' mod above NT in the load order and they appear to work together. I'm getting the NT kernel (including innates) with Bonez' adjusted spell names. Are you guys setting Bonez' mod to the NT setting, and putting it above NT in load order? Any other mods in use?

Haha those are pretty nice and funny, but no need to custom patch me, at least for now. If you can add those to the NT installer and some NPC to toggle them in-game that would be nice, but please don't waste any time on that, I'm quite ready for 2.0!

I can't add them to the installer version as the vanilla game has no hotswap capability for files, only 7h currently has that.

I just beat the hack (great job too, Sephiroth kicked my ass) and I have a few questions.

Spoiler: show
Is it normal for the game to just close after the credits?
Does Sephiroth power up if you use Knights of the Round on Jenova? I know he gains more HP in vanilla, was wondering if it affects him here

Jenova and Sephiroth were much tougher than I was expecting, since I steamrolled the previous bosses. Didn't expect them to have that much HP and got surprised by Sephiroth's party wipe on my first try. Made sure not to get the endgame equips since I wanted to try it without being uber powerful. Loved the hack, will replay on Arrange when I get the time

On the PC version, the game client closes once the credits roll. It's a shame to lose the star field from the PSX version, but it appears to have been cut.

The end bosses in NT don't gain stat boosts when using KOTR, but they are a bit further ahead of the curve than normal.

hey chief thanks for clarify so i imported your IRO into 7th heaven and these are the mods that i am gonna use, as far as your kowledge goes will tey conflict with your mod?
thanks in advance

If using Bonez, then make sure the NT option is selected. But if you still get wrong encounters then disable it. The others there should be fine.

Oh, I see. And looks like they are 7th Heaven only. I don't use that, but I'm curious to see what options there are.

These are them here:

If you want to use any then let me know and I'll generate a battle.lgp with them in there for use with NT.

thanks for p`rompt reply

so at the end this is what i am gonna use:

all mods i downloaded from
except NT mod that i downloaded from this topic
I imported all of them inside the 7th 2.0 as far as you know they gonna cause any conflict?

thanks in advance!

EDIT: I joticed mod seems working NT one but barret get no message when he is attacked concerning attack or def boost as per his passive (i recall in previous version mods was alerting you via battle message) is now "occult" this stack without warnign you or mods is not working as intended? (cloud got fire bolt and ice and potions give 300 hp as per mod specification)

Everything there should be fine.

As for Barret's innate, it should only proc on physical attacks which may be why. if Cloud had fire/ice/bolt and potions are healing for 300HP in-battle then the kernel is likely fine as it's all one single file with the character AI in there. If you have battle message speed turned up to max then that may also be a factor.

Hello Sega Chief,

You've done one hell of a job. Very impressive. Just a few things:

1. First screen of the Forgotten City has a typographical error on its label on the menu (bottom-right bar that tells the name of a location in the menu)

2. Wizard Staff is a smidge OP.. 999 MP per hit + Slash-All is IMO too good; it overshadows the Princess Guard. Although that may just be because I have a pure mage Aeris.

3.Similar to Asherdoom's post, I am having trouble in proccing Limit Boost on Cloud, during the endgame. Popping Limits and still no pop-up. I am not sure if its just because it's hit its max stats or if something's wrong.

I'll sort that typo.

I think Wizard Staff just uses a regular magic formula where it should maybe be using something else seeing as it deals with MP, I'll have a think about it.

I checked the kernel and it appears to have an issue with the AI. I'll patch it just now.


Patches are up, kernel was a bit off. Shouldn't affect current playthroughs though.



Don't know yet.

thanks chief for reply I mostly download mods taht remake interface (the battle one) Those that upscale backgrouinds and your NT mod. in case when you will update the mod into 7th heven caalogue i send ya a screenshot and you can help me out if i did some mistake =) (p.s. i see u updated your mod how long ould it be to implement it onto the 7th gameplay change mod pack? Or is better installing it alone apart separated from the rest? )

Better to install the separate IRO from here rather than the catalog one, it's more up to date.

I managed to start the game somehow and option appeared (lol) But first fight after drop from train pit me against ubermob that oneshots me.... I replaced the old NT mod with the newest one you got for th heaven

Your kernel likely isn't patched or has been overridden by another mod, this breaks the scene lookup table for encounters. If you have anything that changes kernel text or the ESUI Controller Addon then those need to be disabled. NT also won't work with other gameplay-type mods.

Fast way to check it to avoid sitting through opening FMV; load a pre-existing save file in Reactor 1 (doesn't matter if it was made with vanilla or another mod). EXP gauges may look a bit off but ignore that. Check the following:
-) Flevel: Save Point gives extended options
-) Kernel: Potions heal 300HP in-battle
-) .EXE Potions heal 300HP outside of battle.

When those 3 checks are fine, it means you've got 7h installed properly or the load order of mods is no longer conflicting/overwriting NT's files. Start a New Game from there to get the intended initial state for the party.

Oh HECK YEAH! I would absolutely play New Threat in an artificial difficulty setting like that as it would deter me from just blindly filling up on all my strongest materia and always using the equipment with the most slots.

If there was a risk/reward to having more spells and lower stats overall, it would go a long way towards making the player intentionally choose to have 1 summon or 3 and to use only a particular kind of materia. As an example, I was using Cait Sith as a mule for the stuff like barrier, time, and destroy which gave big debuffs to strength and magic.

Then, I would boost luck with Amulet and do cover and counter attack, added effect and status like sleep or confu magic. The result was a tanky stuffed animal who wrecked computer AI, but did no damage.

If you want to use default materia bonus/penalties, then unpack the NT IRO using the 7h launcher, go into its four hext files and delete this chunk from each:

Code: [Select]
8FEEC8 = 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
8FEED8 = 00 00 FD FF 00 00 FD FF 00 00 00 00 00 00 03 00
8FEEE8 = 00 00 FB FF 00 00 FB FF 00 00 00 00 00 00 05 00
8FEEF8 = 00 00 03 00 00 00 03 00 00 00 00 00 03 00 00 00
8FEF08 = 00 00 00 00 FB FF 00 00 05 00 05 00 00 00 FB FF
8FEF18 = 00 00 0F 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 F6 FF
8FEF28 = 00 00 00 00 FB FF 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 03 00
8FEF38 = 00 00 F6 FF 00 00 F6 FF 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
8FEF48 = FB FF 00 00 FB FF 00 00 0A 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
8FEF58 = 00 00 00 00 05 00 F1 FF 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
8FEF68 = 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 0A 00 00 00 FB FF 00 00
8FEF78 = 00 00 0A 00 00 00 F6 FF 0A 00 F6 FF 00 00 00 00
8FEF88 = 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 0A 00 00 00 00 00
8FEF98 = 00 00 FB FF 00 00 FB FF 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
8FEFA8 = 19 00 19 00 19 00 19 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
8FEFB8 = F6 FF F6 FF F6 FF F6 FF 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
8FEFC8 = F6 FF 00 00 F6 FF 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
8FEFD8 = 0A 00 0A 00 00 00 00 00 F6 FF 14 00 05 00 FB FF
8FEFE8 = 00 00 00 00 0A 00 0A 00 0F 00 F1 FF FB FF 05 00
8FEFF8 = 00 00 0F 00 00 00 0F 00 F1 FF EC FF 05 00 05 00

That'll leave the materia bonus penalties unchanged.

Sega thanks for reply one question: I recently started a new fresh game via 7th ehaven with your mod enabled but on main page screen i got no chance to choose which NT version i recall arrange or standard one. Is it normal?

That's not normal, it means the flevel isn't patched. Might be that another mod has overridden it.

I will try again hope to be heard;:

Please remove cloud passive is quite ridiculous stacking 3 limits in 90% of the fights his passive is worthless and even on bosses is not fully realiable (you cannot bruteforce em like vanilla and limits are not always wise choices for boss fights at beginning)
I propose rework cloud into something like this:

\\Initial Stats//   
HP (Lv.6-99:   314-6521
MP (Lv.6-99   54-602
Strength:   43
Vitality:   28
Magic:   27
Spirit:   32
Dexterity:   16
Luck:   14

PASSIVE (insert cool name here)

Cloud boosts his magical damage and defense for each magic and summon materia equipped by 2%. Cloud boosts his physical attack and defense for each command /indipendent materia by 2% up to maximum of 10%

in this way you get a more reliable but not OP MC that can be specced in a "magic warrior" or pure physical archetype without overshadowing the rest of the party

The Battle AI can't check for which Materia are equipped so this innate suggestion can't be implemented into base game.

15th May Files are up; this one is more for adding an ID to the IRO but added that Extra Battle menu fix as well:



*) Extra Battle Menu, Cancel Option not selectable

*) IRO now has an ID to help with compat flags (for modders)

ok so if I wish to play standart NT mod (the classic nt you made from scrap) i use NT one right? Vanilla no! :D

Yeah that's right.

hey sega chief

how come you had to remove the dark cave sidequest for on your 2.0 NT modd

I don't want it in there.

That is HILARIOUS. Any chance you will release this as a different mod in the future called the 'materia is for suckers' mod? For my part, I REALLY enjoyed min/maxing based on these punitive penalties. To be honest, it almost felt that it made the builds MORE viable. You want a summoner? Fine, you can ONLY use magic and will be a glass cannon with no HP as a result.

Want to be a brawler? Equip Leviathan, but don't get hit by magic because you won't survive.

Thanks for the quick replies, I'll carry on my play-through with the proper balancing. 

If Hext files can be swapped based on IRO options then could have a few in there. I've refactored the bonus/penalty sets so that if a default set is used it'll still make sense to an extent for Magic Materia.

whioch opion i must use if i reinstalled FFVII from zero with 7th heaven mod? What is difference between new threat and new threat (vanilla combat)?= :O

New Threat is the mod with all the features, etc. Vanilla Combat is NT's field script changes but with vanilla enemies/player-character balancing and the new encounters (mostly) removed.

Okay, looking into this I only have the before after for Fire Materia, but that is well enough:

On the December 19 2020 Installer version; Fire Materia gave the following Equip Effect:
Magic +5
Magic Def -15
Deterity +10
MaxHP -5%
MaxMP -5%

In the March 3rd 2020 release AND May 9th 2020 release (IRO versions), Fire materia has the following Equip Effect:

Vitality -3
Intellect -3
 Max MP +3%

I ALSO rewatched all the let's play's that I could find on Youtube and none of them had the Equip Effect from December 19th 2020 version, it looked more like the 2020 Equip Effect.

Thinking about rebalancing, the VIT and INT MAX effects make more sense, but I can't quite figure out how my version of the game was so much more different that others. Seriously, I just did the installer and game converter install method. Weirdness!

Here is the screenshot of the 2019 Equip Effect as well.

All right so what's happened is:

The first set of values you have are actually default Materia Bonus/Penalties for mid-level Materia. When I originally re-did Bonus/Penalties, I started from Bonus/Penalty Set 01 which is used by mid-level Magic Materia in the base game, and assigned that to low-tier Magic (which is assigned Bonus/Penalty Set 0B by default). This turned out to be a mistake as it meant that regular Magic materia would then have much heavier penalties if the .exe wasn't patched for whatever reason.

The second set you have there is the intended values, with a patched .exe.

That stinks about removing Dark Cave! I hope you have something else planned in its place!

Hopefully the Game Type B playthrough will be a good replacement, it has a lot of custom event scripting in it.

I have a bit of love/hate relationship with the Dark Cave sidequest
Gonna spoiler in case someone reads this and hasn't experienced the sidequest
Spoiler: show
Really really liked the ominous and strange dialogue, however the eye blob boss and hallucination boss were a bit of a nightmare to fight (took me a long time to realize the gimmick behind eye blob, and hallucination's fantasia really f*cked me up)

since you're planning on removing it, I gotta ask, is the corpse in the dark cave where you get Mystile the "I are sick" guy from the slums and is the entire dark cave part some nightmarish feverdream of him? Or did I miss something in the dark cave sidequest itself?

Yeah it's that guy.

Thanks to K. G. for the donation, that's much appreciated.

Two more questions for the mods on this channel.
  • Have summons recently been buffed? I recall that leviathan used to only buff strength and every other stat took a hit. Now it bumps several stats.
  • What's the link to donate to sega chief and the other contributors?

It might be that the hext was altered, changing what Summons give. Can you tell me what Levi is buffing? Just in case it's a default set of values (in which case the .exe isn't getting patched, which isn't a serious problem but would need looking into).

Donations can be done through here:


Back again with another item drop question.
Has the HypnoCrowns been removed from the hecteyes enemies? I've been trying for a couple of hours trying to steal but not a single one. Even with luck stats low and high. I can steal the other items and it morphs into the Megalixir as per the spreadsheet.
I'll keep trying to get both HypnoCrowns even if the odds are astronomically low.

If they have been removed, are there any other items thats likely to have been removed from other enemies? You did mention that the morphs got removed from the Pagoda bosses due to difficulty.

Many thanks.

Seems to have been removed; Hypnocrown can be acquired from  a treasure box at the back of Forgotten City (when moving up to Icicle area at start of Disc 2, in the climbing area). It's hard to keep track of all the tweaks over time, so some inconsistencies with the doc pop up.


I'm an idiot, I didn't see Karenjr's post asking this question. to be honest I didn't think anyone else would have gotten the same problem at the same time. (I can't seem to edit my original post)
But anyhow. I did get the HypnoCrown from Cait Sith. But im guessing I wasn't supposed to?

Although you answered Karenjr's post with a location of another crown, does this mean they're no longer stealable?

I think I altered Vincent and Cait Sith's starting equipment in the .EXE for that, so it is intended. I don't know off the top of my head if Hypnocrowns can be acquired from enemies anymore. There's no search function in the enemy tools for items, etc so if it is in there somewhere I'll need to check each one individually to find it.

Sorry another question.

I've updated to the latest version of NT as well as the updated ESUI mods. I can't seem to get the controller icons to appear if I'm using the FF7 Remake ESUI but I can with the standard version ESUI. Not sure if its the ESUI or NT.
Anyhow, if it is the ESUI issue, would it possible to add an option to revert back to text or should I use an older version of NT?

I think the Remake ESUI is still pending an update but I'm not sure. If you have an older version of NT that uses text then feel free to use that one, as the changes were mostly bugfixes and the like; I have the May 9th IRO here:

Left this one until last because of its length:
I've completed the mod! For the most part. I think... so here I'd like to both gush and squawk about some aspects of it.

Things I especially liked:
Spoiler: show

- The Dark Cave quest. Did you binge some David Lynch movies before writing this one? It was disorienting in such a good way. I loved the premise with all the confused, trippy NPCs and the bosses which were tough but never unfair, and the finale feels really unique.

- The non-linear progression in weapons and armors, and the sheer level of customization possible through the combination of materia, equips, and Mr. Smile's stat paths. (Though, I did make some mistakes on a few characters, and ended up with a nearly useless Yuffie and an Aeris that got one-shotted constantly in end game. Cid was MVP with his ultimate weapon for its self-heals.)

- All the little details throughout the game that helped the world feel more alive, like various appearances from party members with (usually) in-character dialogue.

- Cid's sidequest was an absolute laugh riot, while still being in the spirit of the game. 
"I used it to augment a giant killer dragon." 
"OK." (fight woosh) 

- Cait Sith's sidequest was a little brief, but complete gold for similar reasons. That boss is just such a ridiculous idea yet totally perfect. One of the hardest of the bunch too, but in a fun way.

- The many appearances of the XATM scorpion. In particular, the moments where it tries to tail attack with a broken tail, and where it jumps into the dragon fight in the Temple. I was getting absolutely stomped by the dragon until it arrived just in the nick of time which was awesome, plus along with the unique mechanics where I started trying to keep it healed, it was a really fun roller coaster. And finally, the last meeting in Barret's sidequest which was surprising in its own way.

- Yuffie joining early, complete with fun gang battle and no "hand me the players' guide" dialogue prompts. Awesome! And overall, her character somehow became more obnoxious and more enjoyable at the same time, which is a tough rope to walk, so serious props for it.

- Reviving Aeris, while a bit silly in the moment with Cloud freaking out, was a lot of fun. As somebody who tried doing it with cheats back in the day, I know you put a lot of effort into making sure she didn't crash the game in every other story scene - and even the extra dialogue in a lot of them. The scene discussing Holy with Bugenhagen was really nice in particular, because of the way it felt like the story had a ripple effect from her being alive.

- That Sephiroth fight, in your first visit to the North. Perfect example of "I couldn't have possibly imagined this would be here, but the moment is SO much better now that it is."

- The Planet materia! So useful. If anything, Contain was a little underwhelming to get afterwards.

- The diorama is closed.

- Junon Tournament has lots of fun bonus appearances and is fun to play through.

- The final fights with Sephiroth were rough but fair, rather than being complete pushovers like in the original.

- All the little nods to other games, like attacks, enemies, and items being renamed or brought in line with other FF games.

- The rebalanced equivalents to Ruby and Emerald, which still took advantage of their unique features but without the BS moves.

Things I didn't like:

Spoiler: show
- No "ultimate secret" or grand finale to the mod, at least not one that I found. It's not a completely necessary thing, as the mod was already amazing without it, but it felt like it was dropping hints every so often that something big and weird was coming. Ultima Weapon talks (!) and drops cryptic hints about Jenova or something. The Dark Cave incident isn't followed up on. Mr. Smile is dripping with ominous "deal with the devil" implications, but once everyone is maxed out, he just tells you to come back later.  And that weird corrupted save point thing...

- The Battle Square Special Battles. Almost everything requires some form of exploit or planned hyper-efficient abuse of mechanics, similar to the original Emerald/Ruby fights, which is fine for those who are excited for that, but they feel much more required than those because several big items are gated behind them, like materia and weapon materials. I got the other 3, but never did manage to beat Nemesis.

- Gilgamesh is awesome and that fight is great, but he takes forever to take down if you're trying to farm BP.

- Red's sidequest has a cool fight, but it felt like it was missing something. I think this would be a good opportunity to "hear the cries of the Planet" and get some trippy messages while you're in the cave, along with maybe some replaced random battles with Northern Crater-level stuff. The return to the cave could feel like part of the quest that way, instead of just a necessary backtracking to get to where the boss is.

- Cloud's sidequest was a good way to incorporate the Zack material, but the fight seemed a little bit tacked on and didn't really fit with the story. The Crisis Core references in his attacks were appreciated, though - and thanks for the save point, I never would've beaten him otherwise!

- There's a certain section of mid-late game where enemies feel completely reliant on status effects. It falls off by the very end, but it gets a little obnoxious for a while because there are no Ribbons or other ways to really defend against it or know what effects are coming except for dedicating a large chunk of a party member's materia space to Hades-AddedEffect + Esuna-All.

- I forgot to get Alexander and a couple enemy skills, so I tried to revisit the Great Glacier and the game kept locking up upon entering.

- Aeris's sidequest had a very cool fight but didn't really take advantage of the mysterious vibes of the Forgotten City. This might just be a personal preference thing, my fault for psyching myself up for some weird secrets down there, or doing something nutty with the White Materia.

- I made the mistake of trying to build Vincent as a mage, so his limits were pretty bad and he became a bit of a liability as a party member. Cait Sith felt like he was missing something too, but his stats were fine.

- But overall, don't worry too much about these things because they feel minor compared to how stellar the mod is as a whole.

Thanks for the positive feedback, but as ever I'm going to focus on the negatives:

Spoiler: show

-) There was going to be a specific place, time, and thing to do in order to discover a secret boss. The time condition was changed to just be the same Disc 3 unlock as the rest of the sidequests, but the rest of it is intact; play the main theme melody on the piano in Shinra Mansion (trickier due to the broken key) and then go to the Nibel Reactor to find a secret boss. Unfortunately, that boss seems to be loading an unused & broken version of it at the moment but the ID seems correct so not sure what's going on there.

Extra Battle
-) I think I recreated the FF8 and FFX super-bosses (Omega Weapon and Nemesis) as faithfully as I could, but the problem there is that they're not very sophisticated superbosses, particularly the FFX one. I'm axing them from the 2.0 build and not gating things behind superbosses next time, any superbosses added to 2.0 will just be there for the battle enthusiasts.

Special Battle
-) I guess it would get a bit tiring after the first time, I'll set it up so that after the first time it uses a different 8th battle.

Lv.4 Limit Sidequests
-) I was very pensive about adding additional story elements, so a lot of these are very 'go to X, fight Y, get Z'. Tifa's one I guess could be seen as an exception but I was thinking of Sabin's 'sidequest' in FF6 where he just kind of bumps into Duncan, they spar a bit, and then you leave with Sabin's final blitz. Cloud's one was originally a lot worse; the entire flashback itself had been removed, you got a bit of fourth-wall dialogue between the two, and then there was a fight. I reinstated the flashback at some point and then stuck the fight into a certain point.

I guess the only way to improve them is to bite the bullet and just write something up for some of them, but I'm very cautious about adding stuff that comes across as fan-fiction (also why Aeris' involvement in the story post-Disc 1 is kept to an absolute minimum and I only added what was necessary). The Dark Cave thing got abandoned halfway through its implementation (story-wise) because of that as well, and it's been removed altogether from the 2.0 build.

Status Ailments
-) Another user mentioned that recently, and it gets brought up now and then. I made several quick revisions over the last few months to bring the number down (especially status-def ignoring ones); and for 2.0, I'm keeping this in mind when speccing encounters.

Great Glacier
-) I'll check into that; which Party Leader were you using?

-) I would have though a Magic-built Vincent would have good damage from his Limit commands, but I guess they're around 50-60 base, whereas an end-game spell would be closer to 70-100. The thing with magic in this game is that it starts out dealing heavier damage with low bases (8 compared to, say, 16 from a physical will deal more damage easier) but as Level rises, Magic starts to need bases of 100+ to keep up whereas Physicals can keep using 16-40 to deal heavy damage. Vincent's Limits have always been a bit of dilemma.

Always good to get point-by-point feedback like this, so thanks for taking the time to write it up.

Thanks to A.G. for the donation, although it was for the randomiser which is a bit busted right now.

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