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Bugger- I must have loaded up a old save in the Highwind then...  oh well, thanks for that!

As for Bahamut Zero, I did get it from the Huge Materia and now have 2, I just didn't realise that getting two was possible in the Vanilla game :)


Ah you see it's on special this month; 2 for 1.

So I did what you said and turned off all the mods except for NT, and managed to get past the beginning dialogue. I decided to start doing some tests turning off/on all the different mods one at a time (including all the ones involving animations & models) to see what could be causing the issue, but I couldn't find out whats the cause besides me thinking that NT freezes up if their is too many mods loaded in when entering Dark Cave. The mods that seem to work along with NT at that part are the Remako HD mods I have.

Unfortunately now I ran into another issue even before I reached the save point. As I am climbing down to the mako reactor, I get stuck in a walking animation going along the pipes as soon as I enter the next screen. This happened to me before during the Midgar raid with the ladder to Shinra HQ, but I managed to get past that one somehow. And keep in mind I basically have all the mods turned off now so I have no idea :/

I think if you mash the confirm button while entering or exiting a ladder, there's a chance to get stuck on the thing due to a flaw in the scripts handling them (same with the glass elevator entrances in SHinra HQ, when exiting/entering mashing confirm can get you stuck). It's a problem with the base game, it's definitely fixable but there are a LOT of ladders:

Hi Sega,

Just wanted to say i downloaded the New Threat about 2 weeks ago and I'm absolutely loving it, but i've hit a bit of a snag in end game- I don't seem to be able to change Party Leaders on the Highwind. Is this something that has been patched out and is no longer needed for Cid/Tifa's quests? Or have i messed something up.

Also, on an entirely separate note, when looking for the Sector 5 key, I dug up a second Bahamut ZERO. I presume that's not something you had wanted, so just letting you know that it's there!

Thanks for all the great work- really looking forward to FFVIII when it comes out too!

If you head down to the bottom of the crater (where party reunites) there's a scene and then a notification that everything has been unlocked. Head back up to the surface (you can use the new NPC down there to warp back faster) and in the Operations Room of the Highwind, talk to the NPC on the right to swap.

In Bone Village, a lot of missables can be dug up (albeit at a very low chance in the vanilla game; NT boosts the chances up I think to 100%) if they weren't acquired normally. So if you didn't get all four Huge Materia then you can still get Bahamut ZERO by digging it up. Same used to be true of W-Item but that was moved out of the Midgar Raid and is no longer missable. Phoenix can be dug up there as well if Fort Condor was seized.

Hello Sega Chief, so I ran into a glitch at the very beginning of the Dark Cave where as soon as I have the first conversation with Barret the game seems to lock up with Cloud and Barret just staring at each other with their standing idle animations still going. I turned off the field model mods I have to see if they were the cause, but the same thing seems to happen. Any suggestions on what I can do?

P.S. This is my first time playing through FF7 and I really like all the things you've done in the mod. A couple critiques here and there I have (like the abundance of status effect enemies at the beginning or maxing out all the SP levels only half way through the game), but for the most part I think its great.

The freeze seems related to other mods (cause unknown); try running NT by itself until you reach the save point, then turn your other mods back on. I suspect it might be the 'animated idles' but unsure.

So, I've reached the end of part 2, crushing what was left of Shinra, and the madman Hojo.
At Midgar I kept trying to steal from every enemy, but had zero success. 2 characters mugging every encounter and always "Couldn't steal anything.." My characters are high level too, Cloud being over 90.

Should I have acquired the Sneak Glove before Midgar?

The stealing thing is an oversight with the level adjustment I added, in order to steal from late-game enemies you'll need a sneak glove. This can be still be acquired by digging up the keycard from bone village and then visiting the weapon shop seller who sold you batteries on Disc 1.

I've been looking for a long time, so I'm sorry if this has already been answered, but have the rewards changed for the Speed Square in Gold Saucer? I absolutely hate/suck at the rollercoaster thing and was wondering if there was something more substantial that I might be missing besides the Umbrella/Flayer (or whatever they're called if the names changed), or if any of the previously useless 3-5k point items were useful.

Also wanted to say that this mod is amaze-balls.

The lower tier items are just gimmick items, they have a use in-battle but usually something useless like 'change all your party member row' or something.

There's a glitch (or perhaps some oversight) where shooting the propellors on the yellow zeppelin (after balloon phase, when pink rocket enemies appear) can generate massive amounts of points if it's even brushed slightly with the laser.

The PC version of the coaster is very twitchy compared to the PSX version, I think DLPB had a fix for it though.

Ah okay. So Arrange is a lot harder? I'll have to do another run after the first part of the remake comes out. Still wondering who that extra ? ? ? character is. My guess would be Sephiroth. You're deffo getting a small donation for this mod.

The extra entry for SP was a mistake on my part; sorry to get your hopes up on that front. When some of the new modding frameworks come out, I'm going to put together something on that front though (nothing that affects story though, battles/visual only).

Cheers for the donation, bud  ;D

Yes! I was using June 14th, I updated and it worked. Thanks!

The last bosses were a little underwhelming still, I always hated the 1 v 1 being just a one hit kill. Was there mean't to be a New Game + or is that still in progress?

Edit: I just watched 4-8's 1.4 run and parts of the last bosses were completely different (like the splitting into 3 groups). Was that taken out or is my game still bugged?

I shelved the NG+ thing in the end.

1.4 had tougher enemies; the bizarro boss was a 3-party fight locked no matter the mode I think. Now it's 1-party on normal, 3 on arrange? Not sure.

Hey Sega Chief! Just finished my first run, best mod I've ever played.

However... the moment I kill Sephiroth I get sent to Mr. Smile and end up inside the Nibelheim reactor. I looked around and had no idea what was going on. I did the ending again and this time it was stuck on the Mr. Smile screen.

I'm confused plz help.

The ending was bugged; if finishing the game without using rank ups it was supposed to send you to an alternate screen but a script revision a few months ago broke it. It should have been patched recently as of the latest files, are you using the current ones?

Sega I have the hext to make shield (and lucky girl, peerless), appear in status menu during battle.

Will pass them on to you later.

I think I am going to add those as an option on the enhanced stock UI.

That'd be a start; problem I have with the status menu though is that it typically doesn't appear unless certain spells/items are in the targeting stage.

So far I've changed the following (patches are not up yet):

-) Crater enemies had a general nerf; -30 strength, magic, defence, MDEF in most cases.

-) Goldberry fight reduced to 3x Goldberries instead of 6x.

-) Lot of drain HP attacks removed from end-game bosses; Tyrant, Abyss, some others.

-) All status ignoring attacks were disabled (some may have been missed).

-) The following enemies were adjusted: Satan's Gate, Powersoul Keeper, and Lambda Calcule forms. Attacks were altered, stats adjusted down, and made slower.

-) Gun's formation camera angle was changed

-) Materia bonus/penalties adjusted; more extreme effects were toned down

-) Summons were buffed

-) Armours were adjusted; Warrior Bangle + Fourth Bracelet buffed, slight buffs to other armours like Crystal Bangle

This is just a maintenance patch to adjust some things before going forward. Field script fixes, particularly that dark cave wrong warp problem, are on the way.

Hmm, i just started FF7 and cast Shield on a normal char, a char with ribbon and a char with Resist. Only the normal char got Shield. I mean - doesn't Shield get balanced by all the other dangerous status effects? If you want to get rid of them permanently (Resist/Ribbon), you also prevent every buff. And restore doesn't work anymore on you. I am not convinced that it should be nerfed.

Although i didn't use it once i my playthrough, apart from Aeris' lvl3 limit sometimes, because i tried to do as much as possible before entering the crater.

Shield is strong, but has some drawbacks:
1) It has a fairly short lifespan and costs a fair amount of MP; reapplying it can become costly, and Haste makes it run off faster.
2) Has no visual cue, so it's difficult to tell when it has worn off (this is something that should probably be changed as all statuses should have some sort of cue to check on)
3) Doesn't affect non-elemental attacks
4) Resist/Ribbon blocks it

Not really struggle, i only really started using Shield on Disc 3 when even normal mobs were too much. Up until then the game was very clear on what you could and could not fight, great examples are Lost Number and the optional boss on Nibelheim mountains that you get Hp<->Mp. It's impossible to fight them the first time, but they are optional. After that i would die once or twice in most boss fights but mostly due to poor management or overuse of haste, not counting Satan Gate. Demon Gate used to be the hardest fight in FF7 by far and apparently it was scaled the same way but without the cheese, so it ended up being a rng fight, i might've reset the game 20x for each successful attempt because he would instantly kill 1 or 2 with basics before i could act.

My team is all physical with Yuffie and Tifa, everyone with 4x cut and add effect+contain/hades/time, so i can hit the enemies with most possible effects. Magic for me is not that useful late game when 1 basic can deal so much damage and not spend finite mp. Talking about Yuffie again, it seems her Doom of the Living has a damage cap? i can hit for 8k with Conformer but her limit only hits for 850 per hit.

Btw, need help about Dark Cave,
Spoiler: show
i got Cait Sith and Yuffie, but Aeris is stuck inside Corneo's table and i don't know if it's a bug or she will join later.

That's a logic flaw I introduced to that field, best to ignore it until it's fixed. She joins in the Church.

Yeh, she being stuck is a graphic bug, won't have influence on your playthrough. She joined me at the roof of the church but depending on your CD1 decision that might not be the case for you.


Some of FF7 mechanics might be obtuse for too many people - you compiled a cool tutorial in the beginner's hall. Maybe add some infos about the possibility of getting attacked with Resist or "this mod stretches FF7's possibilities to the fullest" or something?
I just watched Caleb's run (he finished it) and in the last fight he used
Spoiler: show
Synthesis Cells
on Tifa. Nobody figured out why she didn't get killed by Death Sentence afterwards or why Wall wasn't possible anymore - they attributed it to some cryptic background mechanics (like lvl?? Old or getting zombiefied).

Btw, his feedback: "This mod is fecking Champion Status"  :-D

I think those cells apply resist or something, which would prevent the toggle of statuses. I didn't think Resist blocked death/death-sentence though.

That's a ringing endorsement  ;D ; I'm glad he likes it.

You are an amazing human being. I appreciate it!
No problems with the encounters now. It seems like either the character's base stats or weapon stats are still modified, Cloud and Barret's attacks are taking out every enemy in the first reactor with one hit. I'll try using Black Chocobo to change everyone's stats to what they are in vanilla

Ah damn, so it's a vanilla scene.bin but with a modified kernel? I'll sort that when I get back this evening.


That's both the vanilla IRO and installer patched up with default scene + kernel.

Is arranged mode beat-able now and as stable as normal mode? I know about a month or two ago it had a bug where some fights couldn't finish or something similar. Finished my normal run and looking forward to arranged.

Think Bizarro had an issue but it was resolved as far as I can remember.

Arrange mode is beatable, i just finished it.

Some general feedback plus Dark Cave / ending fights:

1.) It would be helpful if Vincent's limit descriptions contain the stat bonuses/decreases.
A) Can add that, if space allows.

2.) Some Ultimate Weapons have a special effect (Vincent/Cid) - does that mean that their damage calculation is unchanged?
A) I think Death Penalty doesn't have a special modifier but it does ignore defence which can be very potent. Cid's weapon drains damage as HP which, again, while not a special damage formula is a very powerful effect to have 1:1 HP drain.

Thanks!!! for Tifa's Premium Heart calculation change.

3.) Warrior Bangle could need a Buff. I cannot find a reason for wearing it when i could go instead for Dragon Armlets (more stats, better effect). Gigas Armlet looks underwhelming as well (in comparison to Dragon Armlet). Maybe add an interesting status immunity? Or stats; the Aegis Armlet is just as rare but godlike in comparison.
A) Yeah you're right, I didn't notice that had crept in; I'll buff warrior + fourth bracelet a bit.

4.) Yuffie with Konformer got confused in a fight but when she attacked the party no damage numbers at all appeared. She was able to hit herself and healed the confusion though. I guess that's because of the damage calculation; it was just irritating.
A) That's something from original game, the formula checks enemy target level but returns 0 if used on player characters resulting in 1 damage (and no damage number showing).

5.) The 2nd (iirc) screen of Crater - Expanse shows a treasure chest when descending further (where the Dragon Zombies and Pollensaltas can be fought). If i enter the next screen (the one with the ruined bottle-shaped houses) though, it isn't there, there is a save point instead.
A) That was a mistake, I replaced the chest with a save point forgetting that in previous screen the devs tried to have consistency by making the chest visible (though not yet accessible) on that field as well. It can actually be reached by using a bug where you open the menu before crossing the field boundary but as this chest now shares a var trigger with a boss on that route, I don't recommend it as it'll make the boss disappear and render an item for Red XIII's ultimate weapon unobtainable.

Dark Cave:

1.) Using the save point down in the first reactor opened an empty text-window on the upper left. Disappeared when chancing screens.
A) That's due to the countdown window I think.

2.) I already mentioned that glitch - this time i did not use Aeris in the Dark Cave so my party entered Corneo's Villa and saw half of Aeris' body inside his desk but that whole scene almost looked like Don Corneo had Aeris on his lap. Kinda fitting.  :D
A) Yeah there's two models, so the game has logic to display one but not the other; I ran afoul of that so Aeris' model was getting shown even if she isn't there.

3.) In the Don Corneo Villa after the fight with Scotch the camera stays frozen when i get back to the room overview. Re-entering the room fixes this.
A) That'll be to do with the script, will need to add a line to unlock it.

4.) I...was irritated by the appearance of the Gunners in the Sewers. That fight felt random. But i don't have a better idea myself.
A) It used to be Armour Keeper down there from arrange mode, but I swapped it out. I was struggling with scripting dark cave by that point.

5.) After fighting Hojo in his elevator-thingy you can see his model again when you leave that specific elevator-section of the screen.
A) Ah damn, oversight

Really liked the quote by Mirage when it dies. I am german but i like that english version way more.

6.) One exit in the Dark Cave is a trap - the upper one brings you to the Ancient Forest location. (probably nothing new, others mentioned this as well)
A) That's a fairly serious bug; that route is supposed to be inaccessible but for some reason it's usable. I'll be patching that out later tonight or tomorrow, depending on how long these fixes take.

Ending fights:

1.) I played with Aeris and the last party allowed only 2 members. I guess there is no way to change that..? I found it interesting that the excess character model disappeared after the preparations - when Sephiroth threw everyone around one more time. I did not need to change parties during the Bizarro Sephiroth fight once - was that intended? Guess i brought enough damage - Yuffie is just awesome.
A) I tried, but I don't think the game allows for it memory-wise. There might be a way if some work was done, but I'm not actually sure how to go about it. If it's something in the battle AI then can prob do but I reckon it's something in assembly.

2.) Steamrolled Kefer Sephiroth, did not even see the Super Nova. Used Yuffie + Tifa who both did 4x 9999 damage per round. (Yuffie with 8 x Goddamned Punk and Tifa with 8x Pugilist; both wore Champion Belts and Ult. Weapons)
A) Oof; he uses Supernova on the 2nd cast I think? Or it might be HP-based, he swaps in different abilities when Supernova is due based on something or other. Sounds like he got stomped though.

3.) Sephiroth + Jenova though...Jesus, that was hard. Managed it with Ziedrich+Ribbon, W-Magic, W-Item. Their %-based damage was tricky. Ziedrich basically doubled my health pool against Sephiroth and i used both HP-MP-absorption linked to Planet Materia and Master Magic. Solofights are just bleh in FF7.
A) I've redone that fight a bit, it was originally a 2-man fight with Cloud and Tifa which made the confu/berserk more manageable. I've removed a lot of the statuses like that from it and tuned the %s a bit.

4.) I did not use a single source but i used Black Chocobo instead to simulate the rank increases so i didn't actually deserve the majestic, extraordinary and truly magnificent ending scene you created.  :-[
A) That scene was triggering by accident until fairly recently, which is a bit mortifying to think about.

Sounds like everything went well though, on the whole. Thanks for giving me this feedback,

I fixed the vanilla installer for the time-being:!KxckgKbZ!A-ZHgweCIzuKQQ4bazEpr_4N34fc3esvWbSQ_6ckkUY

I'll need to try and get this done tomorrow, same with fixing the vanilla battles installer.


I meant this menu option - exchange allows you to even swap whole armor/weapon-setups.

@Quick suggestions for Sega Chief:

1.) More slots for missing score? Hard to balance though - If i give him Osmose (170k AP) + Heal (130k AP) + 2x 100k AP he already does ~4k per shot.

2.) Better rewards for the sidequest-locations

Quick question:

I did the Junon league with Barret - the setup was Drill Arm with ~230 ATK. He did consistently 2k damage, but against some enemies, like 'Cait Sith' or Blackjack, the damage was - consistently - 5,3k. Why is that? I mean, def ignore should mean a fixed amount of damage...?

There's an AI check for level that enemies perform; this should be in the kernel and done once but due to space constraints I had no choice but to port it onto every enemy which makes it a maintenance nightmare. The enemies for Junon Leagues and Dark Cave don't seem to have it though and I reckon this is because both those were planned to be cut but were kept at last minute.

So that 5.3k vs 2k is a demonstration of how much Level plays an influence in the damage dealt by a character. Unchecked it really ramps up for physicals, though spells get a buff from Level too. I'm actually in the process right now of disabling it however as it's a sloppy fix to the issue (Level is used for steal/morph/accuracy so manually altering it causes issues with those + it makes levels past a certain point quite empty).

It'll be replaced with a better solution in the final update, but for now I'm going to apply this as a quick band-aid fix for balancing and to resolve the other issues it caused.

I found the download here. If you could update the installer I would very much appreciate that. I've never been able to get 7H to work  ???

I'll have that fixed up and posted to the front page of this thread tonight. Sorry for the delay.

After my annual playthrough of vanilla FF7, I've been playing this as a NewGame+ using Black Chocobo to reset my save to the game start. I'm vastly overlevelled, but I was more curious about the added content than anything else, and it has not disappointed at all.

A couple of things I wanted to highlight;

Spoiler: show
The fight with the dragon in the Temple of the Ancients was wonderful. Seeing its HP, realising how thoroughly outclassed I was even at a second playthrough level, and having the scorpion appear again to back me up was absolutely nuts.

There is some really strange game behaviour during the Junon Raid sequence. PHS is active at the savepoint where you find Yuffie, and I could change out my entire team, including Barret. If I did this before talking to Yuffie, the game hangs when I try to talk to her. If I load a save at this point, Barret will uncontrollably run to the northern edge of that field screen, and won't respond to my inputs at all until he reaches the field limit. Also, maybe one time in every 5, a random encounter on the airport screen will result in the game hanging too. I'm not sure why, but this is the only area in the game where I've had any issues.

I like the little Gamefaqs shoutout if you get the rocket code on the first try, because I absolutely was looking at Gamefaqs when I did it.

All in all, I've had a lot of fun with this so far. Some of the new stuff has made me laugh myself silly. Once I've finished the game I'll be sure to do a proper playthrough from a new save, because even at my second playthrough levels, some bits have been really challenging, and I feel like I've not really been fair to this mod playing it the way I have.

Excellent work!

That Save Point having PHS is really dangerous because the next few scenes rely upon the party being Barret, Cait Sith, and Yuffie. Having an altered party interferes with it and causes it to softlock. The issue will be getting removed in a moderate patch tonight.

Glad you enjoyed the stuff in there, I've got one last major update in the works that'll add a bunch of new stuff.

I have a similar problem with lost number. Except He heals ridiculously. He started healing himslef for 2,000 before every attack after he transformed. Poison seems to do no damage and I am able to survive fighting him but after a while I jsut can't do enough damage to him because he heals for over 2,000. Also paralysis doesn't seem to work on him either.

I'm addressing Lost Number in the patch tonight, the Arrange fight in particular is way overtuned. Some of the changes to him include:
1) Speed decreased on the forms
2) Amount of HP healed with certain abilities altered to 1/32 instead of 4/32 or the time-based formula that the physical form had (a terrible idea in retrospect).

Ok, now i really need help. How do i beat "Satan Gate"? Cheese denied aside, he starts the fight either with Avalanche, dealing half hp to everyone, or instakilling 2 with basic attacks, about 3.5k per basic and Cloud has 2.5k. I can't change teammates to get Earth back from Yuffie and the only option left is to farm about 15 levels to get enough hp to survive 1 basic attack before i can use barrier.

Can't delete the message so i'll edit. Managed to beat the Gate with EXTREME luck. After hitting slow successfully he used Satan Rush every other turn, giving me enough time to heal/barrier everyone. Vincent's Gigas killed it after Satan rush critted my party killing Aeris and leaving everyone critical. Aaaaaand power outage before i could save and now i have to fight it again. Seriously, why is he critting for 7.5k before even reaching Disc 2?

I checked out Satan's Gate, and his physicals are hitting too hard. I'll be toning that one down as well. I'm doing a sweep through enemies and the like to try and quickfix issues as the big update is still a fair bit of time away before it'll be ready.

That really sucks about getting a power outage.

Iirc, you can exchange materia between chars in the materia menu even when they are unavailable through PHS.

I don't know a cheesy way to beat it, i was genuinely surprised myself when my Barret with 4 [Cover]-materias still got hit for +2k per rock.


All of the lost numbers are vulnerable to the stop status. And especially in Arrange, you can steal excellent weapons from them. Don't miss it.
And i am not sure but shouldn't Cloud's Braver help against the high def/MR of them?. In the Ancient Forest there is a crab with both 255 MR and DEF. I did ~ 4 damage per hit until i braver'd it enough for ~600 per hit.

@Sega Chief:

The Junon League enemy Boristh starts the fight with the line "Boris: "I am Borith!"". /Edit: I am stupid. Probably intended.

And in the fight against Gun the camera angle is too low - the fence obstructs ~30% of the left screen.

I'll fix the formation camera angle for Gun.

I tried everything but i can't seem to find this exhange materia through menu, you sure it wasn't because you were in PHS available area?

And I'm aware of the slow/stop, but from what i've seen it's impossible to have stop as spell or 2 added effect for a long time, the fight simply becomes too RNG. And Cloud's Climhazzard(?) reduces enemy armor too. Will have to check lost number again after i'm at least rank 5/8.

Also, i stole Powersoul from Satan Gate, what does that do?

Powersoul is a weapon for Tifa that is potentially one of the strongest weapons if set up properly. The damage it deals is multiplied by x2 if Tifa is in near-death/yellow HP, and by a further x4 if she has the Death Sentence status ailment. What a lot of players will do is either cast Death Sentence on her at the start, or give her a Curse Ring; and due to her innate the death sentence won't KO her when it hits 0 (assuming she wasn't KO'd earlier in the fight).


But yeah, just a quick announcement; there'll be a patch tonight to fix some bosses that are overtuned. Generally it's defences and the like getting toned down, some attack adjustments, a few AI fixes.

Couple extra:
1) Status-defence ignoring attacks are being removed (some may slip the net, but the ones used by Goldberry, Mirage, and some others have had this flag removed).

2) Summons are getting buffed

3) The level-adjustment formula used in AI is getting a heavy adjustment; this'll result in an increase of physical attack damage and, to a lesser extent, magical damage. This might throw the balancing off a bit but it'll help physicals not feel so wimpy without a big set-up behind them.

4) Materia stat bonus/penalty adjustment; people were saying that they were too severe and it was putting them off. I'm also going to swap around some so that if the .EXE changes aren't applied, the effects will match vanilla ones.

5) Couple of flevel fixes; the PHS on that Junon Raid save point for instance.

If there's any issues you've mentioned prior, or want to bring up before this patch goes up, then let me know; I go through older posts and notes to get issues together but may have missed something.

I want to run the vanilla combat version (using the .exe installer not 7H IRO), every time I enter battle the enemy encounters are wrong. First battle against Shinra soldiers is against three enemies from the train graveyard. I've used the normal NT before with no problems and uninstalled FF7 since to clear any modified files but the encounters are still janky. Any ideas?

There's an .exe installer for the vanilla combat version? I thought it was just the IRO, where did you find that? It'll need to be updated with the same fix the IRO got.

Ok, i got gud and i'm still at 1st visit of Nibelheim, but i have to ask... What is up with "lost number"? Not only when he splits up he drains poison, his attacks become much stronger, not to mention the lowering your level every now and then. First part is easy to cheese but i can't figure out the way to beat the second part of the fight. Will try other things later but me dealing 40 while taking 4000 made me think i shouldn't be there yet.

Tbh this mod is reminding me of the Ocarina of Time remaster for Game Cube, it changed item locations and keys and a lot of small things, it's refreshing.

If it's on arrange mode, then that fight is probably one of the hardest ones. Best thing is to leave it for now.

Having a sojourn into the next game would be pretty fun; nice one, man.

The walkmesh between games looks to be, if not the same, then at least very similar (at least going by how Makou and Deling output their respective field files). Do you think they can be recreated on the FF7 field using the FF8 field as a reference? I've not done any walkmesh editing (and I've heard it's fiddly) but the two games share an engine to an extent so hopefully they're similar enough with how they handle walkmesh + camera ranges to make it a close 1:1 transfer.

what i notice is when i am using masamune with any character, like cloud for example, when he hit the target, the sound is like normal hit, i assumed if critical damage the sound is louder. it is like it dont do any critical damage at all. i did try on berserk status, the damage is increase however still not max 9999 damage even with max character stat, like from 5k to 7k, just wondering is it the same as others who try to use the masamune?

I thought the sound used the Masamune SFX across all characters cause it's tied to the weapon.

Hey Sega!

Thanks for making that recommendation. I completely forgot about making him party leader. I'd been waiting for him to become party leader for EVER (I like having two mages in my party for magical flexibility and cloud isn't that great at it) and because with the right set up, he's a great tank.

This isn't the first version I've played. I recalled I played either 1.3 or 1.4 and can tell you, I definitely feel like Summons are very weak. There's a big penalty (large reduction in HP/MP) to equip them with a small reward (slight boost in magic) for a one time use that's often outclassed by 3rd tier spells or even some enemy skills. If you have two higher tier summons, like Hades and Bahamut zero, you're suffering a massive 30% HP reduction and there's not much power behind them by comparison to the compatible materia that you get at the time (Planet and Contain). One character that has both of those equipped are able to cover a lot more weaknesses. Having a summon that can cause a status effect is nice, but it's niche and can only partially help you against certain enemies. You may be able to use added effect to imbue your attacks with it, but now you're taking your tank/melee fighter and hamstringing him/her for the sake of a status effect.

I agree, in the original, summons we're completely broken and made the game so incredibly easy that you could get away with clearing trash mobs with chocobo wind until nibelheim, but by then you got other summons anyways, but I feel the only summon worth the energy or time are KOTR and the niche status effect I mentioned above for select fights.

Buff incoming for those then.

good morning Sega!

I finished everything ! what a great experience!!!
I have just 1 recommendation: remove Stardust and Gospel Spark or remove W-Item bug.
before W item every fight was a masterpiece.

a part from that, I'd hug you if I could, what a great 60h of pure magic <3

Cheers bud, glad you enjoyed it; as far as W-Item goes, there is an assembly fix for it that I think DLPB came up with but I held off on asking to use it because I felt it'd be a bit of a bummer for folk expecting to use the glitch finally getting the W-Item materia only to discover that it's been patched out. So as far as that glitch goes, I leave it up to the player to use it or not. Stardust is getting adjusted from the next overhaul though at the very least, Gospel Spark may or may not be getting cut; not sure yet.

hi, i am almost 70hrs with this mod, i have 2 questions, the first one i accidentally on arrange mod after i talked to a npc at mt corel before riding the gondola to gold saucer, not knowing arrange mod is harder, any way i can get back to original mod? currently i at disc 3 before realizing this, secondly, i have cloud equipped with masamune, however i cant get maximum damage with it, at best it around 7k plus damage, mostly avg at 3-4k damage. is it normal? what is the highest damage i should expect when using masamune? ultima weapon however deal max 9999. my strength stat is 230, attack is 255 and attack % is also 255.


For physicals it depends on the defence of the target, Masamune uses a regular damage formula as opposed to ultimate weapons. To get it hitting harder, you could try elemental in the weapon or a status like berserk; other than that, there's no other ways to boost it further.

And done.

Thank you, Sega Chief. I wasn't even planning on replaying FF7 this year considering how busy I was, but right from the start, this total overhaul had me hooked, enthralled, and downright obsessed in ways I haven't felt about this game in literal years.

I think when Arrange Mode is finished and New Game+ gets added, I'll just have to do it one last time. <3

Thanks bud; I've got big stuff in the works for the last update so watch this space.

Hi, I tried searching around a bit for an answer to this, but if I'm using 7th Heaven, where in the load order should New Thread be? Right now I'm only wanting to use Animations, Music and Sound, and New Threat. The thread for 7th Heaven has a suggested load order with general descriptions, but New Threat meets multiple of them and could go in any number of places, so I'm not really sure what to do. Thanks if anyone can help, and sorry if there was some obvious place with the answer to this that I missed.

This is the mod load order based on type of mod:

Miscellaneous - Dynamic Cloud Weapons
Miscellaneous - Jessie Mod
Miscellaneous - Team Avalanche Fields
Battle Models - Weapons
Field Models - Objects
Battle Models - Characters
Battle Models - Enemies
Battle Textures
Field Models - Main Characters
Field Models - Non-Player Characters
Field Textures - Omzy/satsuki/yarLson
Gameplay - Difficulty and Story
Gameplay - Tweaks and Cheats
Media - Movies
Media - Music and Sound
Menu - Avatars and Backdrops
Minigames - Chocobo Race
Minigames - Coaster
Minigames - Fort Condor
Minigames - Motorbike Chase
Minigames - Wonder Square
Spell Textures
The Reunion - Beacause and Menu Overhaul
World Models - Characters
World Models - Enemies
World Models - Vehicles
World Textures

NT comes under gameplay - difficulty and story.

Less a problem, more a curiosity. In Mr. Smile's rank up, there's a "??????????" character. Was that a place holder or is there an actual secret character in this mod that I'm unaware of?


Final message after beating the game has a couple of typos. Small, but can help to cap off a great experience. Basically, not an immediate issue to look into :)

It was a placeholder that I didn't remove; it was unfortunately copied across a tonne of save points, making it difficult to remove easily.

Hail, glorious Sega Chief.

I'm having the same issue as this fine gentleman who seems to have gone unanswered. The Alpha Zolom doesn't seem to want to cast Alpha on me, only Beta.
Am I missing something super obvious?

It was changed back to Beta, Alpha is no longer in the mod (replaced with chronocure I think, used by crater enemies; death dealer I think?).

Apologies if I missed an earlier question about Alpha.


for my experience (20 + regular run on ps1 + 40h into this 1.5 NT mod) you must go full defensive. I run barret back with cover and counter-attack, added status + stop, and all + barrier. it's basically a support char. cloud front with all+haste and physical attacks. aerith back with full magic equip as glass cannon. imo it's the only viable comp since every pack / bosses is extremely strong. I think cloud is the weakest but cannot be changed before reaching crater bottom.   levelling / grinding will not do the trick, the power increase is minimal. you have to plan for every boss or area the correct accessories and resistances. it's extremely well balanced if you have 20+ years experience, it could be too difficult otherwise. 
note for saga chief: imo magic is too strong compared to physical attacks. at crater and with 255 atk (lvl 99) the physical attacks hits for really a low amount, while spells hits for large chunks. is the dmg level low to not abuse the 4x cut? btw still amazed by your job.

Physicals revolve around quantity; you have 4x-cut, 5x counter hits (plus Command Counter if you go full out), added cut, and Limits. Though it sounds like certain limits aren't outputting intended damage.


I'm checking if I missed something. I'm working on getting Cid's ultimate limit break and I triggered the scene where I'm told the weapon system is missing a targeting system and to maybe check Wall Mart out. I've gone back to there but I can't seem to locate anything. The "item" shop just shoots at me without response, and none of the NPCs have anything important to say. I tried to go back to the guy fixing up the tiny bronco but I can't even talk to him.

Also on small occasions, big brawl will do absolutely nothing and not trigger a single hit. Is that normal?

Is Cid the party leader? It can be swapped in the Highwind's operation room. I think it's been scripted to check if Cid is the controlled character.

Big Brawl is bugged on PC as far as I know, or at least it is for the steam version (latest versions of the aali driver may have fixed it, like it fixed the Hyper Jump crash). I think the damage does go through though, just doesn't display visually (enemies killed by this won't vanish either, but will for all intents and purposes be 'dead').

So, I just finished Cave of Gi and I have some question regarding summon materia.

Is early summon supposed to be this weak? It only deal a small amount of damage and it's limited to once per battle. I don't see any benefit equipping summon materia over magic tbh.

I checked that recently and noticed that a lot of the base powers for these were reduced significantly from what they were a while ago. People often mention they're underpowered now so probably went too far with a nerf or something. I'll run some tests and reinstate the base powers of them if they're too wimpy.

Hey, thanks for that! Yeah, I found the way to change party leaders pretty quickly, just so I could get Tifa's and Cid's level 4. Took me a bit to figure out Cid's but once I realized the feature of changing party leaders, made it a little simpler.

Now it's time to go out and search for a lot of items to get some weapons :T Guess I'm technically only looking for 3, that being for the ones that I'm using.

You've breathed fresh life into this game or me and I thank you for that. I only downloaded the mod last Thursday, and it was because I saw Max d00d playing it. Wouldn't have known this existed otherwise! I honestly bought this from steam for this mod alone. So again, thank you.

No worries, let me know if there's any problems.

Sorry for barging in but i feel like i should give my feedback on my 1:30h experience so far. I heard about this mod from someone in another game and decided to try it. Seeing as vanilla FFs are all extremely easy i decided to go for Arranged. Ohh boy, common enemies attack twice before my char can queue an input and bosses attack 3 times. I'm stuck at the sewer monster after Cornello because Aeris stays unconscious, forcing me to 2x1 a boss whose normal attack deals 500 to Tifa, she has 450hp, and 340 to Cloud with defense items.

Now, it could be my fault since i read that the mod has some sort of customized stat upgrade, but i have no idea how to use or even how to reach it, everyone has the same stats since the start.

Seriously, i just died to the rapist trio on Cornello mansion because they attacked 6 times before my queued attack was used.

Edit: Managed to kill the sewer monster out of pure luck, Aeris dodged a back attack wave, which normally instantly kills her, in time to use her barrier on both again. Also i was using maximum battle speed, which was what was causing the insane enemy attack queue even with wait atb.

The reason I called it arrange mode was to try and divert people away from jumping into a hard mode for the first run. I would recommend starting it up on normal mode.

The stat-up system isn't accessed until shortly after you've left Midgar, in the Mythril Mines.

I just feel underpowered, everything in disc two just got stronger when I more or less stayed the same. Basically by end disc one most of my character we're 8/8, so they couldn't get stronger in disc 2. Went from hitting for about 6k in disc one to only hitting for maybe 2k-3k. Grinding didn't help because I basically don't get stronger for being higher level. The bosses basically hit for all my health, my characters health is around 6500 health. So in every fight I'm basically on back burner spending more time spamming life or cure. There was the hole issues with being silenced even through I was wearing a item that stop silence and being silence still after death. The boss battle that broke me was for Yuffi. Every idea I had just didn't work, they would cast ability that remove you from the game. Thought hey, I'll silence them and then kill them. Nope they can still uses their ability while silence, thought if they could remove me maybe I can remove them. Nope doesn't affect them.

Even rocking sadness isn't enough, mobs or bosses would still basically hit for all of my health. Other issue is everything is moved, I would love a ribbon but they're moved. Tried to get something I think would help or increase my defense and it's gone. Items on mobs you could steal would be replaced by a less item. Like fighting Reno and Rude in The Sunken Gelnika are different and aren't as good. Put the finishing touches, I spawned in my Ultimate weapons and gave me max stats in the game. I was still only hitting for 2-4k... What really pushed me over the edge an made me just go play FF15 is cloud... Cloud with max stats and ultimate weapon hit a boss for 6 damage with a limit...

The fight for Yuffie's Lv.4 Limit:
Spoiler: show

The two enemies accompanying the boss will counter with a whirlsand-type attack when killed. Instead of killing them, they should be incapacitated using statuses. The following work against both:
Sleep, Confu, Silence, Slow, Stop, Berserk

Slow, Stop, and Sleep are great when used together because Stop freezes the runtime of other statuses meaning you have a buffer after Stop wears off to reapply the status as the enemies will still be incapacitated.

Berserk is a more permanent alternative that forces them to use only their physical attack instead of their other abilities like Curse, etc. but their base physical lowers defence stats by 5% on the target each time so be careful if going this route.

Confu can turn them on the boss for you, but they may hit themselves and remove Confu (I think this can be prevented with the use of Resist so that they remain Confused) or accidentally kill the other and prompt Whirlsand.

Izanami has an ability called Blessing which buffs the main boss' stats by 15% so this one should be incapacitated first if you need to choose. Silence should block this.

You can open the battle strong with Alexander to reliably inflict Stop on both the flying cohorts (it also can't kill them as they have 10,000HP and damage cap is still 9999 in this mod) but you'll need to be careful about using multi-target damage after that. Follow that Stop up with Slow and Sleep to keep them down for a long time.

As for the boss itself, Paralysis works so Cross Slash or some Dazers can help if you need a breather. Holy element is the way to go damage-wise, as Poison doesn't work against undead enemies. Elements to defend against are Holy, Fire, and Water (2 attack use Water). Shout is also used; this can be blocked using Elemental + any Bahamut summon in your armour. You likely won't be able to block them all, so pick which attacks are causing the most trouble and block those:
Uzume Fall: Holy (multi-hit, inflicts Darkness), base 8 x10 hits
Leviathan: Water (same as summon, inflicts Silence, ignores MDef)
Kagura: Shout, Confu/Silence, hits all, base 40
Sunyata of Fire: Fire, Inflicts Slow, swaps target Row, base 55
Sunyata of Water: Water, Removes Sadness/Fury, base 72

One thing to watch for is buffs that the boss will use. Sunyata of Wind gives Haste and Auto-Crits, so have Dispel handy to remove that ASAP. Sunyata of Earth is a Wall + Reflect, so Debarrier can take care of that. For status defence, Confu is likely the priority but if you block the elemental damage of an attack then you don't need to worry about the statuses attached to that attack.

The Limit breaks dealing 6 damage sound like something's wrong though. Another user mentioned that as well.

When I do tests, outgoing damage tends to range from 1500-2000 for physical attacks (per physical, not total from a 4x-cut for instance) with spells reaching up past 5000 to 9999 depending on the enemy. If you guys can send me your save files so I can have a look, it'll help me figure out what's going wrong.

But I think what I'll do tonight is, I'll do a quick sweep and drop out some of the things that have been causing consistent issues like attacks that ignore status defence, speeding up the yellow cave fight, maybe upping the damage player party deals, etc. Not sure when my final update is going to be ready, so better I do some maintenance now instead of waiting it out any longer.

So I'm on 'Disc' 3, and made it to the bottom of crater. Got the call that there'd be another NPC to talk to about weapons and other NT material. Problem is....

There isn't.

The only NPC that's there is telling me about the level 4 limit breaks. I have nothing for anything else. I'm assuming it's meant to tell me about the ultimate weapons, since I've yet to see those, but there's no one else there, and no new info in that particular NPC. Color me confused.

That's the only NPC, not sure why it said it would talk about the weapons. For those, go to the NPC in the blue house near Gongaga on the world map. He's the one who makes them. Also check in at the operations room, there's a new NPC on the right of that room who allows for party leader swaps to Tifa or Cid.

Man I was having a blast in disc 1! I felt strong but not to strong, felt like a good balance. Hit disc 2 and this power creep is insane! My character are almost 99 and they're just getting strawberries on. I'm always on the back burner, I think myself "hey I'll go get this item or this ability it will help". I get there and that item or ability is gone! It's been replaced with something that won't help, like I'm contently being cucked to stay underpowered. Which really sucks because the only way I see getting stronger at this point is to cheat and that's a let down. Thought this mod wasn't a hard mode? I was thinking of playing the other difficulty after this play through, but after seeing what disc 2 is like I think I'll just be done after this. Yup, this mod broke me. First time cheating in a FF. feelsbadman.

Just to check, how many sources are your characters getting when using the rank up function? Is it 1-3 or 5-15?


First time poster here. I came accross this mod thanks to Maximilian's playthrough. It seems super rad, and I want to extend my congratulations to everyone who worked on it. A lot of thought went into it, and it shows.

I have a question. Is the mod still actively worked on substantially, or is what's available pretty much it? I'm asking because I don't mind waiting a bit for a potentially upcoming new version (though I think I would like to play it before Remake comes out).


The mod is complete in the sense that everything is in there, the only incomplete thing is the speak to party in towns feature as that only extends to Junon and Kalm at the moment.

What happens is, I tend to do patches for bugs now and then with balance tweaks or occasionally implement something that was suggested based on notes that I collect. Then after a while, I do a full sweep of the files and upgrade the version number if there were significant changes made.

The next planned upgrade is the last one, there's fundamental balancing issues in the mod that I'm going to sort out but that requires a full revamp of the game's enemies. It'll be more drastic than the previous upgrades, but also still a fair ways off so it's probably best to just go with what's currently there.

Give my regards to Max; I've not had the chance to speak to him directly (seems like a busy guy), but I hope he's still enjoying the mod and not hit any serious snags with bugs or balancing.

Follow up on the Vincent cave, the other item was an oversoul shard; 9 of which are used to make a Masamune at that blue house near Gongaga on the world map. There were other things it needed as well; a yoshiyuki and a ribbon I think. The masamune can be equipped by any character, takes on the appearance of their base weapon, and has a 100% crit rate.

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