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That's pretty much the only thing I see that's off, and has been fixed as much as possible. The 2012's have a clear image that's not as pixelated and looks better on larger screens but it's smooth where the restored originals look a little sharper. When I corrected for that sharpness the pixels that they do have start becoming clearer. In the end it's basically a trade off, more detail or sharper image.

Ok so I checked it out and I have to say, I have to disagree with just about everything. 15 fps may have worked for you but for me it skips noticeably. 25 seems to work the best and looks fine in the game. If it's "choppy" it's nearly unnoticeable. 1280x896 looks practically the same as 1280x960. I'm redoing them anyway encase it makes a difference for gamers using computer monitors but for me there's no difference. I'm also reducing the black edges on the ending videos. They're the main reason I wanted to do this in the first place, and if it distorts the image it's not enough for the naked eye to notice. For those interested in an upgraded 2012 release with better audio the new uploads will be ready later tonight or tomorrow morning.

Well if you pick anything apart there's always something wrong with it. I can do a test video at 15 fps for comparison. I set the resolution to 1280x960 because it's worked before and looked fine. Again my pc is connected to a tv instead of a monitor so maybe that changes things, but the videos fit and play fine and don't show any signs of stretching or anything. Unless you're looking for absolute perfection I think the color and contrast levels look good. I even compared them to his and another while doing each video. Either way that's a subjective call, I started this project so I had videos I personally liked. I shared them encase anyone else does too, and no one else had edited the 2012's yet.

You named off quite a bit but to square it all up: try 15 fps at 1280x896. That's really not much to come back all the way from useless. I kept the pre-encoded videos I edited just encase. It took around 15 to 20 seconds to encode each video so if a new batch are needed I'll get those up by tomorrow and just call this a beta release. Look for v1.01.

Thanks I'm glad to hear it. If you want to checkout a few to get an idea of how they look try pt2. It has more of the real videos instead of stuff like the junon elevators. I think that's the pack that has the Golden Saucer videos with all the fireworks and stuff and they came out really well. They all look good at the default bootleg resolution but I play and tested these at 1920x1080 on my tv and unchecked "preserve aspect ratio" and they look awesome full screen on a screen that big.

Graphical Modding / Re: FF7 Cloud
« on: 2013-05-21 13:50:56 »
You can, just somethings cant be changed after they're added. You can change character models and background textures and stuff, it's mostly just the menu overhaul stuff that requires a new install. You should keep an iso of your original installation just encase. I had to run bootleg quite a few times to find settings that really worked for me, and I've had to default to the iso twice. Once to fix an issue with the sound and another to remove an overhaul option I'd tried. If you want a classic FF7 look use the PRP models. For HD I prefer the APZ, Whiteraven, and Kela51 models. Try them all and see what you like. They all look better in the game than in bootleg so don't judge purely on first impressions.

The Project was completed and posted late last night. Forgot to actually do an update. Info and links on first post.

Graphical Modding / Re: FF7 Cloud
« on: 2013-05-20 15:08:21 »
The model loads fine in Kimera, except the world model. For some reason his crotch is missing so his legs aren't attached to his body Rayman style.

Graphical Modding / Re: FF7 Cloud
« on: 2013-05-20 15:00:46 »
I'm not familiar with the Cloud model but I've had issues with the other Grimmy models. Yuffie is apparently broken, she crashes the game the second she's on screen. Tifa will load as the PRP model for some reason, I got her to work by downloading the model directly from the post. Don't know why that made a difference but worth a try with Cloud. Try downloading it from here and rerunning bootleg.

Graphical Modding / Re: Tifa model ff7
« on: 2013-05-19 07:43:26 »
Are you using Aali lgp tool or Highwind? Highwind is good for extracting lgp files but it always crashes when you recompile them. When you use Aali make sure you run it as Administrator.

Ok this update is a little late but the samples of the first half are done. A few things to note though. These are not ready for the game and will not work. I'm coding videos after all of them are done encase I need to go back to make changes. They are also currently bigger than the games resolution. I was able to convert them without causing any real distortion to the image, and they look fine after they're encoded. I already tested this on the canon video I posted before. Their format will probably only play using VLC or Quicktime. So check them out and let me know what you think while I finish the other half of videos.

Edit: Sorry guys. I actually stayed up and was editing for several hours and finished the second half of the videos. I had to pull the link for the samples to make room for the completed project. The codec is the easiest and fastest part, so look for a final download link either tomorrow (sunday) or monday.

Troubleshooting / Re: Gamepad not working
« on: 2013-05-17 14:24:37 »
The best gamepad option I'd suggest is the Logitech F710 with Pinnacle game profiler. The controller is wireless and feels like a combination of the 360 and PS3 in one. It's definitely the best, and inexpensive. The software is crap though so don't even bother with it. Pinnacle will detect the Dinput setting. For the Xinput (mode most current games use) use the 360's firmware: It wont work any differently than you'd expect, except now the controller actually works. Pinnacle is free to try, and requires only a one time $12 or so charge. You can try the other free alternative, but from my experience even after configuring things properly at best the character turns around in circles and the controllers are reversed. 

Ok cool, well I'm glad to say ending2 is now one of the completed videos. I had planned on doing it last since it's over eight minutes long, but the new format made it less time consuming. Originally it would take over an hour to import for editing, but with .mov it was about ten minutes. After I finish the first 50 videos I'll upload them for peer review while I work on the remaining videos. Probably later today or tomorrow.

Just a quick update. I've gone back and have now completed about 30 videos. The color's been corrected and increased the contrast. They now look comparable to the released FMV projects, but have crisp and clear images with a lot more detail. I converted the videos to a format that's a lot easier to use and edit so the process is speeding up.

Yeah I've been doing some more comparing between the two versions and do see a big difference in contrast. I tested some new settings on the Biglight video and have an idea of what needs to be changed. I was about half done with the editing before encoding the videos, so I'll have to go back to make changes. Will no longer be done by the beginning of the week since I need to darken these more, and cant put in the same amount of time during weekdays. I did manage to fix the washed out look they had, so otherwise they should be good. 

Damn you're right, I didn't even notice that. Luckily most of the videos actually aren't that dark so it's hardly noticeable. I'll adjust the Canon and Opening videos and double check the others. A higher contrast level maybe a good idea, but after working with these videos I think the others are a little too dark. A strong contrast between light and dark gives the image a better sense of depth, but too much just drowns out detail. They may also be darker to help mask the imperfections in the image, since the original videos were at a much lower resolution. I'll make some alterations, but mine wont be as dark.

Good idea. The link below is the canon.avi video. It includes my version and DLPBs, which I've been using for comparison. You can either watch them using a video player, or rename the files to eidoslogo.avi and sqlogo.avi to see them back to back when starting the game (make backups of the originals first to restore your movies file)

Soon for an update already but the project's moving pretty quickly. Doesn't require too much work to resize the videos resolution. Restoring the color hasn't been too difficult, most of them weren't too effected. The original audio has been horrible though, even on videos like the Golden Saucer monorail. The psx audio has been working great though and through enhancements sounds even better than before. After working on them last night and this afternoon there's about 30 completed videos that are ready. At the current pace I could finish this a lot quicker than expected depending on unforeseen complications, such as the ending2 video requiring two hours for optimization (meaning it'll be left for last lol). If things continue like this I'm hoping to be done and have these uploaded by Tuesday.

All future updates moved to this thread. ~Covarr

This fmv mod now supports the 7thheaven mod manager. The fmv pack contains all 102 regular videos I did, and has the various ending videos you can configure. You can now easily and quickly swap from the original resolution ending videos to the full screen versions, and use either option for ending3, or use the HD ending3 video I made. Advantages to this pack other than being able to swap videos is you no longer need to keep a back up of the mod. Instead of copying all 105 videos into your game file and keeping a backup encase you need to re-install the game or rerun bootleg, you just drop this .iro into your 7thheaven mod library. I even erased all the videos in my games movies file since I don't need them now. The links below are for the .iro file, I divided it up into smaller downloads so it's faster. Should only be about a ten minute download depending on your connection speed. Just unzip .001 and pull out the .iro. The original download links for the avi videos are still available below.

If there are any custom videos you want to use just add an extra folder to your 7thheaven library, and inside add a "movies" file. Just place any particular video you'd rather use inside. When you activate the file in 7thheaven put it at the top of the list of mods, that way every extra mod you're adding has top priority.


The cmh175 Remastered FMV project uses the videos Square Enix enhanced themselves for the 2012 release, and the audio from the psx videos. The original videos have a higher resolution than the 1997 videos, resulting in much more detail. Download the files below and add them to your movie folder. You should make a copy of your new movie folder though as rerunning Bootleg will wipe these videos out unless you set your fmv option to no change. The Ending videos have been converted to full screen to remove the black edges. Ending3 was done as well but it's always been the lowest quality video. I recommend the HD Ending3 video I made, I'll include the link below. I also made links available for remastered ending videos that are original size for those who want them.

Remasterd FMVs

Original Size Ending videos

HD Ending3 video


I was looking around at the available movie options and who's done what so far. From what I can tell it looks like the best option is DLPBs FMV restoration project. Which turned out pretty great but as a direct quote it was like polishing a turd. I just finished my first Bootleg play through, and was impressed by a lot of what's been done, but somethings need fixing. Particularly videos where the whole bottom half of the screen is black. The ending video with meteor was really distracting, and it's about eight minutes long.

I'm going to use the videos from the rerelease as source material. They have better video quality than the pc or psx versions. I agree that during their restoration the audio took a hit and is total crap now so I'm going to remove it and use the audio from the psx. I plan on enhancing the audio and really bringing out the bass so they have more punch. The color was effected too so I'm going to restore it as much as possible. I haven't seen all of them to compare but I think I can fix these to make them better than what's currently available. I've done some testing already and it looks promising. I was planning this for myself and would release it for those who are interested but with the sheer size of this project I thought I'd see what input others have while it's in progress.

FF7 Other Mod Releases / Re: The Reunion
« on: 2013-05-09 16:53:11 »
PM from DLPB about Canon names and spelling.


There is no interpretation needed from Japanese to English in the case of names, since they are generally in English already converted to kana. The names were incorrectly named because it is often impossible to get the correct spelling back once it has become kana.  The Official Establishment File makes it clear that Leno, Yrena are correct.  The writers showed the correct spelling in English in that documentation (which was obviously not given to Michael Baskett, the English localiser).  The next release will fix the options so you can maintain the incorrect names (the options are broken at the moment).  This has been asked numerous times.  I will be making a full FAQ when this is finished, to stop these repeated questions being asked.

Leno is from latin meaning pimp/seducer, and is deliberately there to contrast with "Rude" the English word.

Leno and Yrena are correct.  They have been verified through the main official source.

FF7 Other Mod Releases / Re: The Reunion
« on: 2013-05-09 14:56:40 »
I actually do have a small issue that maybe worth noting. The retranslation looks good, but I have the canon items and names, and american spelling options checked. The only one that seems to work though is the canon items. The only time names are really noticeable are with the Turks, with Reno called Leno, Elena called Yvelna (or something close) and I forget Tsengs new name. It's not a big deal but Elenas name just looks like a typo, and for some reason I immediately think of Jay Leno when I see Renos name, which is totally weird. I understand if these maybe closer translations from the Japanese versions, but Japanese doesn't translate directly to English very well and requires some interpretation. And with other FF7 installments to the series using the canon names it's just better to stay consistent. The American spelling doesn't seem to work either as I've seen "colour" and "mum". Is this something that's addressed in the next release?

Graphical Modding / Re: New HD ending FMV
« on: 2013-05-07 01:11:10 »
The new updated video is ready and can be found on the first post. I fixed the audio transition so it flows a lot more smoothly, and managed to maintain more of the videos quality while converting it. I also filled the silence at the end with the kids laughing so it's not just the logo sitting there for three seconds. It's already been tested to work so it's good to go. If anyone with older graphics cards has trouble getting it to work just let me know and I'll release a video with the games original resolution.

Graphical Modding / Re: New HD ending FMV
« on: 2013-05-06 17:49:14 »
Ok cool. That's what I was thinking since the clip's exactly the same as the original, just using the HD scene from AC.

I've actually had a slow day at work and had my macbook pro with me, so I fixed the issues with the original clip. The timing and sound is now perfect. The audio transitions seamlessly, and doesn't seem to change in volume. I even filled the last few seconds of silence with the kids laughing. It's finalizing now and still needs to be converted for the game, so I'll post the updated version later after I test it.

Graphical Modding / Re: FF7 Bootleg HDR Shaders ATI 5870
« on: 2013-05-06 14:23:15 »
That's odd sorry man. Well a fresh installation always seems to be a good fix. My music stopped working inexplicably at one point and a fresh install was the only thing that fixed it. By the way make sure you're following the install directions here and installing to C:\games\FF7, with bootleg and your mods in games\FF7Mods. Bootleg configurator may not be pointed to the shading files needed. I also made an iso of the install file before running bootleg so recovery is a lot easier.

Graphical Modding / Re: New HD ending FMV
« on: 2013-05-06 13:45:01 »
Thanks. Yeah the audio on the soundtrack was a lot higher than the music from the video clip. The video was at 110% volume while the song was at 20% lol. I set it so they overlap before the scene ends to help with the transition, when it fades to white, but the music starts to diminuendo (play lower) so that's why it has that odd moment. It was seamless when I lowered the song to 12% of its original volume but it lost it's power and bass. It's the last ten seconds or so of the song and brings the game to a conclusion so I decided it was better to have it end on a strong note. When I play it though with the fight with Sepheroth and everything I actually don't notice anything.

Graphical Modding / Re: FF7 Bootleg HDR Shaders ATI 5870
« on: 2013-05-06 04:05:54 »
Radeon graphics cards use the Complex Shader settings. Hit the complex shader button, hit the system tab and under the shader option set it to the bottom shader option, 420. It looks pretty good.

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