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I am only taking a wild guess here, but the washy look may be due to your 36in TV. Try increasing the Internal Resolution inside Bootloader Configure and let me know if that makes a difference.

I have tried that without any change, but that was when I wasn't using any facepalmer textures. I'll try that again with the new texture files. Is there a suggested internal resolution for HD tvs? Otherwise I'll just go up in steps till I've doubled the default.

I tried all three solutions and they seem to produce similar enough results, so just using the Facepalmer texture through bootleg did the trick. It's not perfect as Covarr mentioned, but it doesn't have that pixelated look anymore. It's still a little washy looking but before I could barley read the sign on the basketball game at the Golden Saucer, let alone any other sign. Is there a thread for the Team Avalanche new background project? I found this one;nowap but it seems abandoned.

I'm glad you have experience with it. It makes explaining the obvious feel less bad on my part :)

You can always manually install them as well. Just extract the 5 files I mentioned into /mods/Bootleg/field.

Be aware that when you extract, it has a single folder called field. Inside that folder are hundreds of other .rar files, so it's best to extract the field folder somewhere temporary first, then extract all its .rar files into /mods/Bootleg/field. Lastly, extract all the Fixes into mods/Bootleg/field.

Ok cool, I'll try that after rerunning bootleg with facepalmer textures. Yeah my first bootleg experience includes me accidentally extracting one file to the desktop, had 2000 .rar files in it, oops. Causes windows explorer to crash btw. I'll try your idea and post my results.   

I don't think this is an "issue" with Bootleg, but rather a user error when installing. It happens all the time  :P

Oh I definitely don't disagree. I work in IT and do custom pc and server builds, so I'm very used to user error. I wouldn't be surprised if I've missed something.   

I'm confused what you mean by this.

All my videos use FacePalmer field textures. Run BFE.exe again with FacePalmer as your Field Textures option. I don't know if you downloaded my torrent pack or if you did individual downloads, but if you did individual downloads, use + FixedLightingTexturesPART1.rar + FixedLightingTexturesPART2.rar + FixedMissingFiles.rar + FixedSpecialCases.rar. So long as those 5 files are present and green, you don't need to download Omzy' because they are the same thing.

I downloaded everything straight from the torrent so everything's green and those files should be there. After the installation I actually loaded your preset file first, but the backgrounds always looked the same. I'm out right now so I'm pulling all this from memory so I don't remember every setting. I think I tried the facepalmer texture but I'll check again, may have been that one combined with a few others. I'll try that again before the Omzy's field pack and let you know if that worked or if I had to try Omzy.

I combed through all the files and stuff while picking out my bootleg settings to see what everything does and became pretty familiar with all of them, I don't think the field pack is included. That's a great solution for now. Doesn't necessarily have to be perfect, but for example the path on MT. Nibl can be hard to make out right now. The Team Avalanche project sounds awesome and like it'll really bring the game into this generation, but this should definitely work fine in the mean time. I'll post the results later for anyone else who may have this issue. Thanks a lot for your help.

I have a question about bootleg and FF7 that no one else seems to have reported having. I ran bootleg just fine using EQ2Alyza's Tifa bootleg directions with the 2012 rerelease and it worked great. The only issue I'm having is the backgrounds are really unclear, not the crisp graphics I'm used to. Originally I played the psx version, so I don't know if it's just a difference between the two, but the buildings and everything look very washy and you can see a lot of their pixels. I don't have a copy of the APP log at this moment but my settings are pretty simple: bootleg textures and avalanche overhaul, and on the game launcher I set the resolution to 1920x1080 and unchecked preserve aspect ratio (didn't help with it on), complex shader and put the setting to DXL (shader option, whatever it was called) to 420. If it makes any difference I'm using a EVGA 660ti card plugged into a 36in HD tv using hdmi. Is it the mere fact I'm trying to play an old game on such a large screen with much higher resolutions, or am I missing a setting? Otherwise it's amazing and you guys have done incredible work.

On further inspection it seems the game running without bootleg mods looks the same background wise. Does anyone have any ideas? I miss the awesome visuals the reactors and all the little towns have. I can post a screen shot later if anyone would like to see what I'm talking about.

edit: picture of the issue. Not the best but you can see how cloud looks fine, but everything around him is pixelated and washy.

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