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ok woah... which version is this for? is it available for the spanish translation of the game? would this break the achivements? how do I install this?

ok cutting short on the questions here hehehe. This Really looks sick!

This -will- be available in Spanish by next week. Until then, here is a little present to the community.
A (quite large) package of color options available for SeeDReborn 4.0a (soon to be included with SeeDReborn 4.1)

Unpack these folders anywhere, but make sure that once you pick a color from the list of folders that you copy the 'ic' folder inside to 'steamapps/common/FINAL FANTASY VIII/textures/'
Simply merge the files and write over the 2 or 3 textures it prompts for!

SeeDReborn Gradients (for English 4.0a and 4.1)

Ok I was looking into this out of curiosity and those last screenshots of the colored menu just made me make a hole in my desktop HOLLY DAMN THAT LOOKS AMAZING! I which it was possible to have a slider so we could do more customization without having to edit it with external programs like photoshop

just Woah!

Oh you think that looks good do you? ;)
What about this?

Working on the language versions of v4.0
Sneak Peek:
GERMAN and ITALIAN -- [FRIENDS IN ITALY!!! Do you want anything else translated on this page???]

SPANISH and FRENCH -- Can it be real?

I'll be done with the pack before the end of the day Wednesday. :)  All languages.

Here's some alternates... what do you think?  I like the Italian version quite a bit now.

Fixed!  Check the link in the main post :)

Bought LP mod few days ago. got it all set up. Music works, but sounds effects dont. ex. sounds when drawing or attacking enemies, chirps when changing menu selection... but music works fine.

I've deleted the install, re verified cache, then put the mod files back in. still an issue. The only thing I didn't do was test if the effects were working prior to mod install.

Hm. This seems like an issue with the audio.  Have you installed Roses and Wine?  Have you gone into your game menu and made sure sounds are turned up?  Lunatic Pandora doesn't modify anything regarding sound files.

The new release of SeeDReborn v4.0a has your title screen as an option to install. Just wanted to let you know :)

I'm really looking forward to your next release.  Probably going to be using it on all of my mods. :D

Your files are not placed properly.  hash2map and collisions need to be in the MAIN tonberry folder, NOT in /hashmap -- that folder is only for specifically named hashmaps. the hash2map and collisions files are needed for main tonberry functionality and they belong in the parent FINAL FANTASY/tonberry folder.

ALSO - make sure you have ProjectAngelwing_hm.csv AND your spanish CSV for the file. it's not like the other mods where you only use the specific language hashmap.

Sorry about the download link everyone - I've fixed it and everything should work now.

I really like the new FFX inspired font.
The only major downside to the new version is that the junction icons are more ambiguous than the original text version. It is hard to decipher which is which stat, without having memorized the order beforehand.

Thanks! On that note:
Heart = Hp
Bicep = Strength
Shield = Vitality
Hand/sparkles = magic
Wing = spirit
Running = speed
Squiggly arrow = evade
Explosion = hit
Clover = luck

I personally enjoy having the additional options for the title screens and backgrounds. You don't really see them often but they're a nice treat when you do.

Just a heads up though, the current directory structure for the alternative tutorial backgrounds are all missing a subfolder, so the swap won't work for those who are directly merging the folders.

Thanks! That's a major bug I need to fix! Let me know if you find anything else!

Really awesome work! I'm gearing up to try a new FF8 playthrough for the first time in a decade or so, and I'm looking forward to trying out the full Lunatic Pandora mod suite. Is this 4.0 included in that set yet, or, if not, is it simple enough to install this one overtop the older SeeD Reborn mod it includes?

Also -- and I hope no offense is taken!! none intended -- I love all the high visual quality the many FF8 mods offer, but I admit to preferring the font a touch closer to the original style from the earlier version. I found earlier posts about just copying over certain folders from the 3.2 version to replace the fonts without replacing other stuff: is that still a viable option?

Thanks so much!

You can easily install this 'on-top' of Lunatic Pandora!  Just install LP first, and then follow the directions in this mod folder to copy over the files and merge/copy/replace! This should just be a matter of moving /textures and /tonberry into the parent FINAL FANTASY VIII/ folder.

No offense taken!  Different people like different fonts. I'm not a huge fan of the 3.5 font, even though it upscales really well, and the 3.2 is a clean copy of the PC version, but there are also two other fonts available from Yagami Light which are inspired by the PSX version of the game, which I highly recommend if you aren't a huge fan of these three options.   Just search for PSX font for ff8 on these forumes and you'll find them.  You can just copy the 'sy' folder into the FINAL FANTASY VIII/textures/ folder and copy/replace with whatever font you want! Enjoy

Tried installing, but for some reason the game won't launch as long as d3d9.dll and d3d9Callback.dll are in the root folder. If I remove these two files, the game DOES launch. Most of the mods I installed still seem to work, except for AngelWing, Battlefield and Horizon . (Other installed: Apocalypse, LunarCry, Hellfire, Tripod, RebirthFlame(upscaled)). I also installed Rose and Wine, but it doesn't seem to be what causes the problem with Tonberry as it STILL won't launch even without RaW.

Having the models upgraded is a massive improvement, but I'm stumped as to why it just won't work fully =/

EDIT: Okay, I'm officially a massive derp and none of the Tonberry mod works! The 'default' graphics on Steam are just better than I expected. =p (To my defence, the last I played FF8 was on PS2, so... a while ago.

d3d9.dll and d3d9Callback.dll ARE the Tonberry: Enhanced mod.  If you're on Windows 10, make sure you download the directx9c runtime installer from here:
After you download it and unpack it, make sure you run DXSETUP.exe
If this doesn't solve your problem, download the microsoft vc++ redist sp1 package for 2010 and the other ones for 2013 (for 2013, download both the x86 and x64 like stated in the posts above).

Yo!  This guy.  I would love to have another artist on-board!  The mods are not that difficult to work on, and almost all of them are texture-based.  In the near future, with openff8, we'll be able to import new models, but until then, the texture world is our oyster.  Let me know what you want to do to help and where your specialties lie!
Also, you can find me on the qhimm discord and chat me up there if you'd like.

Just went on for a quick test and it looks even better in-game. :P

One small thing that I noticed was that the icons on page 3 of the Icon Explanation section under Tutorials isn't updated to the newer ones to match the mod. All the other pages are fine.

I'll do a more extensive play session this weekend and see if anything else pops up.

Thanks for the info!  Yeah, that's a part of the game that's created from a different paged image source.  I totally forgot about those certain bits, and need to re-create them.  I should do that for v4.1 -- i'm going to release cutouts and alternate avatars, and do some edits for the weapons in the weapons monthly.  It will probably only take me a week - and by then we'll have all of the bugs worked out.  I'm also going to do a raffle on twitch for people to put their dogs in pet pals lol - but that will be for v4.2 most likely.

OpenVIII has a debug screen for the icon textures. Might be useful to check for bleed over. I did add support for reading the modded icons and fonts from the textures folder. Seems to work well. It uses the upscaled coordinates from the .sp1 file.
Wow, that's awesome!  Is there any chance you would be able to help me map out coordinates for which animations happen when?  Right now, the mod has about 20%-40% redundant information due to me not knowing exactly what the game is pulling from what palette at which point.  Animations are a key example, but aren't often used in this particular mod -- just alternate palette swaps. I've atlased and consolidated much of the textures into several 'masters' but am unsure of which ones I -have- to use, due to not knowing every text variable in the game.  Also, the Tonberry mod was written to explicitly read from these folders a certain way, and am unsure if it's the same way the game draws the text itself.  I will have to check it out, but I'm a bit intimidated as I'm not a coder at all.

Has anyone out there tested any of the 'alternate textures' I've provided? They are pretty much just title screens for the available difficulty mods out there, as well as a color palette change to the background of the in-menu tutorials.  If people find them easy to use, i'll add more to the next release!

Ok check the OP!! --Let's see if we can find some bugs!!!

SeeDReborn v4.0a RELEASED!

Mcindus - that looks super nice :)

Thanks! I finally finished it and am going to release the English version of 4.1 today!

Added some nice touches since these screen shots, edited some saturation levels, and fixed some glitches -- so we'll see how it goes!

Hard Mode and Add-on's Launcher
Difficulty Mod and other Add-on's for FF8 on STEAM
Now All Languages Supported!
Mod Updated with easier process!

These mods use HextLaunch from DLPB's Tools
And they will until he finishes his new version of ddraw.dll for FF8 :)

I compiled some old mods for those of you using the STEAM version of FF8

Hard.dll: Makes the game generally more difficult:
-   Decreases the player's melee damage by a factor of 1.5
-   Increases the level of enemies by a factor of 1.1
-   Increases the melee damage of enemies by a factor of 1.1
    (this does not effect magic damage)
-   Max damage increased to 65k instead of 9999; affects your group and opponents too.
-   Max hp cap increased to 32k from 9999
-   You won't lose magic from your inventory when you cast it in battle.
    (Negates Double and Triple effects. I don't use this one.)
-   Removes the Square Enix splash logo on Startup

DOWNLOADS: Only pick one!
Hard Launcher (English)
Hard Launcher (Spanish)
Hard Launcher (French)
Hard Launcher (German)
Hard Launcher (Italian)



1.   Move "HL_Files" and "FF8_Hard_Launcher" into your parent FF8 directory.
     (steamapps/common/FINAL FANTASY VIII)
2.   Launch the game from the new "Hard" Launcher
3.   The command window will let you know if .dll injection was done correctly
     (there is also a HextLaunch.txt log file)

*If you're using RaW, you can move the RaW.dll into /HL_Files/DLL_in as well to resolve possible issues
**If you use any Tonberry mods, do not move any of the Tonberry .dll's into this location - it will render Tonberry useless.

If you choose, you may remove the Magic.dll and Publish.dll Add-On's with no glitches

Original thread for 2000 PC version:
Go HERE to use these Add-ons with Aali's Driver.

Thanks to JeMaCheHi for trying so hard to get the mod to work and helping me figure out where I went wrong!

Thanks to DLPB for his Hext Tools!  Go HERE to support him!

Going to be doing a huge test/overhaul with this mod -- for version 1.3!  Version 1.2 is simply 1.1 with the 1.2 hashmap fix, but as it seems to be confusing, and certain cards vanish during certain disks, I feel I need to do some bug-testing and come out with a 'better' version of this mod for all languages.

Here are some screenshots of a nearly completed SeeDReborn 4.0!
New icons, new font, better colors - a modern Final Fantasy interface for FF8!

Let me know what you think!

You can use Noesis to pose the NPCs, take a snapshot, and then drop them into the upscaled field image that exists without the NPC's in them.  OR you can dump them from Noesis into max or something, pose them, and then do the same. for other npcs, etc. you can always modify textures to get the different npcs in the parade shots due to the models being identical to other 'baseline' npc models in the game.

Thanks for the mod! I think I screwed something up and now I don't know how to fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Does anyone know how to help with this? I'm trying to get PS4 button prompts and it looks like I'm getting keyboard prompts (X,C,S,V) instead.

Thanks again!
PS I have the lunatic pandora pack and it works great. I just need the button prompts and I'll be good to go.

If you're using a mapper program, you will need to use the HID folder for your layout.  If you're using a default input control setup, just use the files in the /main folder.  You may need to use HID, from what I see.

I'm having some difficulty getting the Xbox 360 wireless controller buttons to show up in game, can you help?

I'm using the English Steam version of the game.

I have steam installed to my D:\ Drive, NOT my C:\ (OS) Drive, if this matters?

I payed for the Lunatic Pandora mods through the website.

I installed a clean/fresh version of FFVIII through Stream to D:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VIII

I installed Lunatic Pandora mod to the following location: D:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VIII

I can successfully launch the game in Administrator using FF8_Ultra_Launcher and I don't receive any errors so I assume its all good?

The Xbox 360 wireless controller works in game, however the button icons are mapped/displaying B1, B2 etc

I'm a little confused, I have downloaded FF8_ControllerButtons_v2.0 and copied over both:


And I'm still unable to see the button icons, I have screenshots of my folders attached.

Any help is appreciated.

move the sysfld00_17 and sysfld01_17 files UP one level... so pull them out of the xbox folder and move them into the folder with the same name, one level up the file hierarchy.  you will need to copy over the ones that are in the /sysfld00 and /sysfld01 folders with those.

Sorry I didn't catch this!  Removing all .dll files from /FINAL FANTASY VIII/HL_Files/DLL_in/  will ensure that the Lunatic Pandora mod does not have any conflicts with the Ragnarok Mod.  I use the UV Injector, Shunsq's buttons, and this mod flawlessly together.

If using Lunatic Pandora Mod Pack v1.0:
1. Delete the HL_Files/ folder.
2. Download THIS FILE to replace the UV Injector that comes with Lunatic Pandora
3. Place that file into RaW/GLOBAL/Hext along with the ragnarok mod and any other Hext files you have.
4. Run the game from the normal launcher.

Lunatic Pandora does not modify the game .exe and will never interfere with other mods as long as you don't use the HL_Files folder.
None of those mods will technically conflict, but you will not get the intended ragnarok experience.

I opened up the original textures I had already resized, put the new improved layer on top, used magic wand on original layer, selected the new layer and deleted it, any black pixels remaining was removed manually with eraser in photoshop. If you dont already have that to go on, you could dupe the new layer twice, move the black slider to the right in the blending options on the bottom layer, erase any remaining black pixels, then go to the layer on top and just delete the transparent areas using marquee or eraser tool, so the top layer covers any deleted pixels on the actual texture.

EDIT: Fixed transparency issues for Ifrits earrings

Nice manual work on the alpha layers!  The transparency issue you're talking about is actually inherent to all UVs in the game - they are 1/2 pixel off in the original DX9 conversion (solved with a manual shader 'fix' that I don't know how to implement), so they end up being 2 pixels offset in each UV direction when upscaled to 1024.  I used exactly your method when making my textures for the alpha layers for many instances, but I also separated the alpha layer manually and upscale it on its own.  This might be a good 'general use' method so as to not have to do so much manual work.

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