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Thank you! :)  This update was a pain, but it makes the game feel shiny and new in my opinion.
I'm glad you and sunz like it so much! Thanks guys! It means a lot!

You're welcome man, you deserve some props. All text glitches seem to have been fixed AND we got a new grey text background (or whatever its called). It looks awesome, shiny and like you said gives the game a new and shiny feeling. Once more, THANK YOU. Very good work.

OMG...dude, this is the most incredible update ever...Thank you so much, this is PERFECT. Now all we need is an EDEN update that fixes glitches and the magochocobo character models and i'm in heaven, lol. Thank you so much for all your hard work, you rock bro, cheers.

Main post updated with hashmap_v1.3. This version should be compatible with Mcindus' next SeeD release, which will be awesome, btw!

Woohooooo, super excited here and thanks Omzy for the update. Cheers.

Totally awesome mod but still quite many old textures around, once you really pay attention. The Timber Pub area is a great example of how there's a mish mash of upscaled and old textures going on. In Timber when you stand in the area right in front of the Pub:

Barrels = old texture
Blinking left light near the stairs = old texture / Right light = new texture
Right above the barrels = old texture
Left and right to the Pub signboard= old texture
At the upper right corner and around the middle right = few old textures
Left banister (stairs) = old texture

Inside the pub = several old textures

Once you really pay attention there are still quite many glitches and old textures. Nevertheless this is such an awesome mod and such an advancement, absolutely awesome, i just hope there is enough love for FF8 so it will eventually be fixed in future releases. Together, let's get closer and closer to perfection. FF8 is one of my all time fav FF's, lol. Anyhow, good job guys. Keep it up and dont loose motivation. You rock, this mod is truly epic.

PS: I'd be interested in learning about this whole modding business. Are there any tutorials or threads on the basics? On how to extract files, upscale them in photoshop and reinsert them? I'd like to start doing that myself. I'm a fast learner, so if anyone could point me in the right direction or explain some basics, it would be greatly appreciated and i could start being of help :D Are there any threads on this?


soon I upload the models with my textures in low  resolution that work in the game but loss details.

It would still look way better than the original model textures. Im all for it. Cant wait for the release. Good job guys. Keep it up and dont let us wait too long, lol. I'm so excited. You should really go ahead and put out an alpha release or something :P (Same size looks good enough, the difference is huge and a WIP release would really make a lot of people happy, me included, lol)

one tiny line underneath the y, tiny dot above the e, underneath x and v, two lil dots right underneath the w and tiny line underneath the exclamation mark, that's all im noticing at this point. But it doesnt even bother me that much, was just saying. Love the mods, cheers.

OK, i'll see what i can do to help, but i might not be the fastest tester but i'll get on it and see if i can make a list ;) Give me a week or so though, lol.

This mod seems to cause minor glitches or artifacts or whatever you call it in the text itself in form of small black lines or dots, which can even be seen in your own screenshots if you enlarge them but other than that, awesome mod. Good work and cant wait for the beta release. I'm very grateful for all your hard work guys. Keep up the good work, let's get closer and closer to perfection. Cheers.

Edit: Oh btw the Pet Pals won't work properly for me. Shows no image, only text. Hope this will be fixed in future releases. Once again, keep up the good work, you rock.

I'm gonna wait for the beta release before i start another complete run through FF8 from start to finish :D Hope it will be soon, but take your time to get it right.

Releases / Re: [REL] Tripod - FF8 Triple Triad HQ
« on: 2014-07-09 13:44:38 »
Check the image files that aren't showing up in Photoshop and if the layers show Background (locked) then right click it and click 'Layer from background" so that it just says Layer 0. Save the file and try again. If they are already 'Layer 0' then it may be a Tonberry issue which I will look into.

I'm not even sure if i understand what you're telling me here to do (i dont even have photoshop) and something very weird just happened. Without having to restart the game or anything the new background and numbers popped up but only once. After i won i went for another card game match, and back to old background and old numbers. I was so excited to see it work just once, but what could the problem be? What could cause it to work one time and not the other? I didnt even exit the game or anything, really weird.

PS: If it helps, i'm using Windows 32bit and couldnt even get any mods to work prior to Tonberry 1.4.

Edit: It worked again, that's weird, seems to be working now, let's see how long it will stay that way.

However, this error occured a few times:

Seems to be a mix of both, how the heck could that happen? Well anyway, maybe by pointing out this error, the modders will gain more insight and knowledge and hopefully can fix or avoid similar bugs in the future. You guys doing great and im really happy that the mods are finally working for me and very grateful despite the few bugs here and there. Rock on guys ;)

Releases / Re: [REL] Tripod - FF8 Triple Triad HQ
« on: 2014-07-09 12:18:42 »
Finally got the mods to work but having the same problem as "Kisirong2501". Same old background and old numbers for me, the rest works...A restart didnt resolve this problem for me either. Hope a solution will be found soon.

11's working for me too. No unknown exception error anymore. I can finally enjoy all the mods. So i assume it had something to do with a fix for Windows 32bit users or something. I had the exact same problem as "Just2Good" had. Anyhow, thanks guys, everything perfect now. Keep up the good work. You guys are making FF8 more than enjoyable.

Having problems with Tonberry.

I installed tonberry in my folder, but when I hit play I get "An unknown exception has occured" as soon as I hit the play button.

I have no custom textures in the folder so this is a completely new install. Downloaded the v1.2 Hash and extracted it to the correct folder, but the game still gives me the same error. I tried putting in custom textures to see if that would work but no dice.

Tried removing all Tonberry files from the Steam FF8 folder and the game launches fine, so it must be something with Tonberry? I also have RaW installed but that works perfectly fine without Tonberry.

Same here "an unknown exception has occured" as soon as i put Tonberry in the FF8 folder.

What error? If it's some kind of MCblahblah.DLL error, it's the VC++

Make sure you have the latest versions of Tonberry - also, make you sure you exit steam completely before you mod.  You need to download your latest graphics drivers for your video card so you have DirectX9.  Also, since you had a problem with VC++, I would uninstall/reinstall it.

"An unknown exception has occured" the error message...yes do have the latest Tonberry, latest hashmaps, and im unable to update my graphics drivers because of no support for the Mobility Radeon HD 3470 - 256 mb. But i do have Directx9. Did uninstall and reinstall VC++ And im not a noob at modding, applying patches etc either. Could it really be that my Graphics Card is too weak for the upscaled Textures? It's not just this mod, but as soon as i installed Tonberry, nothing works anymore. But thanks for your help anyway, really appreciate it.

Trying to get this to work on my old Vaio Laptop but i get an error. Is my old Mobility Radeon HD 3470 - 256mb Graphics Card too weak maybe? Also, when i installed Microsoft VC++ Redistributable it was repaired. I'm doing everything correctly i think. Must be either my graphics card or a problem with the Redistributable...what else could it be? Any suggestions? Not even the Tripod Mod will work on its own, but i can play the unmodded steam version without any problems, hmm....weird.

I assume since the d3d9.dll gets replaced, this won't work in combination with "sweetfx" and its FXAA filtering which requires you to overwrite the original d3d9.dll file with the one that comes with sweetfx to take effect in the first place? Sorry for my noob question, was just wondering.

Releases / Re: [REL] Tripod - FF8 Triple Triad HQ
« on: 2014-06-20 23:14:40 »
That's totally awesome, you make my dreams come true. I so can't wait for this. Been waiting for good FF8 mods for ages and finally they come into fruition, woohooo. Lol. Keep up the good work. Gonna wait for version 1.1 before i try this out.

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