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Team Avalanche / Re: JuseteĀ“s field scenes
« on: 2017-10-27 15:18:38 »
Wow, these are truly stunning.

FF7Voice / Re: Looking for Beta-Teaters for VA mod Echo-S
« on: 2017-10-27 15:12:56 »
Is this something we can just enable partway through a game?

I think Chrono Trigger has the better battle system. That's about it in terms of what I think can be spoken of in terms of "better" and "worse".
Also, the load-times in Chrono Trigger are better =P but that's to be expected.

I prefer the story, the world, the art-style, the music (although certain tracks in Chrono Trigger stand out to me as being above the general tracks of Cross, Cross has more music I like on average), and the overall feel of Chrono Cross.

Yep, this is pretty much exactly where I am.

I couldn't get into either of them.  I think I got spoiled by FF.  The story and gameplay just did not grip me at all. I love the music, though.

Man, gameplay I can see being an issue, because it's different, but story?  Both of them are better than any FF game I've played (I haven't played 1, 2, 3, or 5).

Completely Unrelated / Re: Norway - The Land of the Insane
« on: 2016-04-20 21:05:43 »
He's winning because of YOU!  :P

Completely Unrelated / Re: Norway - The Land of the Insane
« on: 2016-04-20 17:12:39 »
I guess the question you have to ask is is one person gaming the system worth the trade-off of potentially thousands of others being cheated by an unfair one?

Good point.  But CC is just so good, I can't imagine someone not powering through it.   8-)

Team Avalanche / Re: Monster Remodels!
« on: 2016-04-20 16:40:47 »
Just wanted to say that these are awesome!  Are you doing texturing too or are you leaving that part to others?

WIP / Re: [In Development] FF8 Voiceover Project
« on: 2016-04-20 16:30:23 »

Also interested to know this.  I'm interested in auditioning for Mayor Dobo, but it may be a couple days before I could submit anything (I don't have any decent recording equipment at home).

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that makes sense!

This was happening for me when I was using The Reunion mod (removing it fixed the issue).  If I launched from 7th heaven, it would freeze, but if I launched from the "mo" exe, none of my other mods showed up.

7th Heaven / Re: Errors downloading mods
« on: 2016-04-20 12:47:12 »
Thanks for the reply!  I know you had this same issue before 2.0 was released...  You don't know what was causing it?  I do wonder if it has to do with the file sizes, as these are the biggest ones.

7th Heaven / Re: Errors downloading mods
« on: 2016-04-20 05:44:12 »
Sorry for the multiple replies to myself, but I just scoured through a few older topics and it looks like multiple people had this issue as well and nothing was ever posted that resolved it.  It was suggested that the Catalogue 2.0 would fix it, but (I'm assuming that's what it's taking from now) that doesn't seem to be the case.

Is there a different way to access the .iro files so I can manually put them in there?  Without the Music & Sound mod, the game only has sound effects and it's killing me.  xD

7th Heaven / Re: Errors downloading mods
« on: 2016-04-20 03:15:42 »
So I'm assuming, since nobody has responded, that nobody else is having this issue.  Interestingly, the mods that it won't download, I don't see in the "big list of mods" either.

The mods that don't download are the following:

Battle Textures
Field Textures (parts 1 and 2)
Media - Movies
Music and Sound
Spell Textures
World Textures

Just checking in to see if you've finished it!  It's been..... a while, so I assume you have!

7th Heaven / Errors downloading mods
« on: 2016-04-18 03:57:57 »
I looked around and couldn't find anything about this, so I thought I'd just see if anyone can help me solve this.

I get errors when downloading some of the mods (probably around 40% of them).  it gives me the following error: Error Downloading (mod): System.ComponentModel.AsyncCompletedEventArgs.

Any ideas?

"Currently playing Chrono Cross for the first time on my PSP. No spoilers please haha, but I like it it has a nice pacing"

Ahhh!  I wish I could play it for the first time again!  The end is SO GOOD!

Cross does have multiple endings (4 if I'm not mistaken).  And there are a TON of things in Chrono Cross that relate to Trigger, most of them are not part of the plot that you're required to experience.

From what I understand, it's a pretty uncommon opinion, but I just thought Cross was so much better than Trigger.  Not talking about graphics, because that wouldn't be fair, but the story, characters, music, etc... I just found them all to be much more engaging.  In fact, Chrono Cross is my favorite game of all time.

I'm interested to hear why people think Chrono Trigger is better, especially for reasons other than nostalgia.  :P

Just wanted to say that I somewhat accidentally stumbled upon this a couple days ago and the work you all are doing on these is absolutely fantastic!  It has definitely sparked me to give VIII another playthrough!

General Discussion / Re: Fan Remade Balamb Garden
« on: 2014-11-12 19:30:06 »

Can he completely redesign all of the backgrounds for the Steam release too?  :P

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