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Okay... So I've ran into one texture problem with the gunblade and one question concerning high poly Squall. The first is simply this...
Not sure how to fix that.

And the other is that Squall's textures are in opposite spots (head being top corner, body being bottom corner) for another area under Garden. And I'm wondering what needs to be done to get those to work. The scene for it is extremely short. But I'm trying to get everything that I can done for Squall.

It did the trick. Oddly enough... I thought I did that the last time...but knowing me I probably didn't change the texture names.  :P

Edit: Also, here are some more high poly Zell codes...


Also, I'm not sure why having all the high poly characters with the new textures in the same room make the game slow down a bit. But I've noticed that on my end.

Edit #2: Here are more codes for Squall's high poly body. With these, his body won't revert back when he saves Rinoa at the sorceress parade or when he's in the area where he hands Irvine the rifle. Also one before Irvine delivers the shot.


Edit #3: I found codes needed for Squall when he is put up on the torture device in the prison. Apparently, the model with Squall's gunblade is used for it. It glitched at first until I found both codes. I assume one code is for blinking, which it seems to override and everything still works.


You're welcome. And thank you. Ah... Okay. So, I'll be posting here from now on. Works for me! Also, I've tried the updated list and my Squall's pants revert back to old for some reason too. But when I use the list I've been working on myself (with the included codes for the other characters from your updated list), everything appears fine.

Here is my list if you need a look. Perhaps something is different?

Question. In the original Zell picture, was Yagami able to get his outfit to work? I did manage to find a code to show Zell's entire model off. Head still works fine with the codes in place already.

Code: zebody_13,4250197849

I'm all for teamwork.  :) Okay, I will continue to do that. I look forward to using your Quistis. But quick question... Should I put the codes here or on Shunsq's page or both?

Update: Regarding that glitch at the SeeD ball, I was able to fix it. I removed one of your codes and replaced it with two others.

Code removed:


Codes added:


With these, I was able to keep Squall's head in the rooms where he changes and at the ball/after it with Quistis. And as you can see, Zell's head is glitch free. :D

The only problem I can think of is that since there are no new textures for the uniform, I can't truly test out everything to make sure it's 100% good to go. But I will do that when they are ready. Since I'm not using Deling, this is mostly just trial and error while I learn.

Here are some more hash codes for you. They keep Squall's new textures at end game or else he reverts back for one scene.


Edit: Hash codes for Deep Research Center for one room oddly enough-


Also some low poly codes for Squall in Ultimecia's Castle.


Ah, okay. Glad to be of assistance. Okay. I will do that.

Edit: Also, I did manage to find another set of hash codes needed for high poly Squall in the Deep Research Center. Why he needs to be high poly in this room, I have no idea.



Edit #2: Also, here are some low poly Squall codes for Ultimecia's Castle. Without all of them in place Squall gets kind of glitchy or the new textures don't show up in some areas. I've been everywhere else in the castle and with these, I don't see any other problems with Squall. But I'm also fairly new at this so don't hold me to it.



And I'll post them on Shunsq's page, too.

Okay, well I tried seeing if I could add the new textures myself. It appears I can get the new textures for the pants/outfit to show up, but... Everything else is...gone. I can keep the original body with the new outfit textures, though.

Edit: Nevermind. Looks like I managed to find the right codes and fixed it. Seems to work fine, now.

I used these codes if needed:


I've tried this out. Works great. I decided to try it at end game. After beating Ultimecia for the final time, Squall's textures revert back to his original in the following scenes. Then after the scene with Matron, it uses the new textures again.

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