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I've been trying to figure out how to mirror the main bass line in that song with the distortion guitar, like in the PSX game; and still only use 16 channels.  The core MIDI file I imported to make the song might have also transferred some XG-type SysEx messages.

By the way, Samuel, is there a list anywhere of the bank/patch numbers for your DLS instruments (like "0,0,29:Overdrive Guitar; 0,1,29: Overdrive Variation")?  It would help me be able to edit the songs for use with your DLS without it wanting to crash due to not having enough RAM for DirectMusic Producer.

Ok people, its FINALLY BEEN POSTED!!!!!!!  It's now on the" TARGET=_blank>Final Fantasy SoundFont Project (FFSF)  site, under the Downloads section.
Now that's its posted, I ask that people who try it out post their feedback in this thread for now, unless their feedback is better suited for the Feedback forum. (I dunno which one it should be).

Anyway, of the two versions, I think the one for the original DLS is a little easier on the ears (Samuel, I think we need to do some tweaking on the strings section in the battle theme....).  However, try both versions out if you can, since I think this mod still needs a little more work to be as good as the other things in their download section.

The fixes for the music set that works with the original DLS is now a separate download, since appearantly SBLive! users won't need the fixes.  Software DLS synths will need the fixes, I believe.

Things are in the works for it to be posted at the FFSF site :).  Anyway, since we now have two versions out (original and DLSv.1.35), which one are you interested in?

Hey, Seraph, is there a reason that you don't want to try it?  I just recieved the new 1.35DLS compatible version that I had Samuel create (By the way, Samuel, thanks for updating the compatibility.  You saved me the money and time I would have had to put for getting a new comp or something just so I could load the DLS in DirectMusic Producer!).

Anyway, since SquareSoft is taking their sweet time in coming out with a comp version of FF9, that was a major motivator in making the mod.  I don't have a PSX, and my comp's too slow to process the sound code in FF9 on an emulator at a bearable speed, so I decided to take things into my own hands.

The notation in this rendering is practically dead on, except that since its using FF8's instruments and not FF9's there's bound to be minor differences.  As for Stereo Balance, I have no clue if its correct, since I have been deaf in one ear since as long as I can remember; but I am not tone deaf.  Both songs sound excellent.  Go ahead and try them.

Well, Seraph, like I said in the beginning, I did the FF9 thing merely for fun.  As for the other FF8 fixes, I did those in my spare time, and I just threw them together.

I agree that its a matter of opinion.  That's why I was asking if people were interested in this thing before I decide to go to the trouble of posting it on a web site.  I know that some people wouldn't want the FF9 songs, so I included instructions that would allow them to merely install the fixes, without the FF9 songs.  I should have stated earlier, that to be precise, this thing is half a patch, and half a mod.

That fact that the FF9 part is a mod should make you consider this in the same catagory as Counter-Strike is for Half-Life.

Oh yeah, by the way, no offense taken.  It's just that I like hearing Overdrivedistortion guitars in the battle themes.  I also thought that the FF9 theme fit the game a little better than what FF8's battle theme was without Samuel's DLS.  I mean, it's like "SeeDs are here, butt-kicking will now commence!"  :D

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Yeah. I can send you it, Samuel.  Frankly, I'm glad you're interested in it.  There are some instruments missing when I use your DLS to play the battle theme.  I can't find the correct instruments because the 1.35 DLS is to big for DirectMusic Producer to store in my RAM, since I only have 48megs and it keeps wanting to load both the original DLS plus yours.  Both being loaded equals to about 56megs of System RAM it is requesting.  I don't have that, so it crashes.  Since right now I'm unable to study the structure of your DLS in enough detail to  make efficent corrections, you have my permission to edit it to bring the compatibility up to version 1.35 However, since I made the mod, I would appreciate it of you sent the corrections to me before any posting is done.

The way I fixed the rest of the FF8 songs are in that now the Microsoft Synth now uses more appropriate drum sets for the songs, instead of using the standard set for almost every song.  Also, the distortion guitar's volume in the boss theme has been increased somewhat, to where it's audible for once!    :)

The other details will be included in the E-mail.

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I've run into a problem, TiadaghtonDude.  Either your email server or mine is full.  At least that's what the error I got sounds like.  I'll try a few things first, but this is just to let you know it might be delayed.

Ok. I think its working now.  Hope it gets there!

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Ok.  In this case, since I can just click on the e-mail icon to get an address, do you mind if I send a copy of it now??  A bit of a warning though: The Overdrive guitar is more appearant in how it'll sound then the way it sounds in the real game.  But it's still cool  :).  

I've taken out the XG files, though, because they keep playing with too much reverb on my system.

  In its current form, which also includes fixes for the original song set that came with the game, is roughly 372 kb.  One thing I forgot to mention is that the I've got the battle theme part set on FF9's timing; meaning that you'll first hear and see FF8's WHOOSH battle effect stuff, and then the theme starts to play.  It's pretty nice how the synchronizing turned out!   :D

 Like i said earlier, this is to be used with the Original DLS file.  The fixes will be most noticable when using the microsoft synthesizer, because it fixes the drum set assignments, and SBLive! cards appearently pick the correct drums thru some sort of SysEx messaging without the fixes.

 If you're expecting it to be in an addon pack form (the type that version 2.0 of the FFSF project's midi config program can auto- install), it's not, because I haven't got around to downloading the addon pack creation program yet.  Besides, since (in my opinion, and probably anyone else who try's them out as well) these fixes make the music sound like what SquareSoft-E.A. should have released with the game if they ABSOLUTELY had to package the original DLS with the game; then these (with the exception of the FF9 songs, obviously,)should be a permanent overwritting of the musice set without the need for an alternate set.

 Hopefully, you'll see a mod version compatible with version 1.35 of Samuel's DLS on the FFSF page soon, depending on stuff like how much time school and homework will take.  Until then, the only way to get it is via emailing me.

 Oh, yeah, I forgot.  It's in winzip form currently.

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Hi.  I'm new here, so I don't know if anyone's done something like this before.

Anyway, about a month ago I got this crazy idea to replace the regular battle theme and world map theme from FF8 with the ones from FF9.  After a few days of instrument tweaking, comparing it to what the real theme from FF9 PSX sounds, and going back and tweaking some more, I got it right.

Or so I thought.  After discovering the existence of Samuel's DLS (by the way, excellent job on version 1.35, Samuel!), I tested my mod on his DLS.  The Overdrive Guitar in the battle theme is not there, like it's supposed to be; so currently this mod is designed for the Original DLS that came with the game.  It still sounds pretty good, and hopefully within the next few days I will attempt to create a version that works with Samuel's DLS.

I mainly created this mod for fun, and unfortunately, I don't exactly have anywhere to post it yet.  Right now I simply want to know if anyone is interested in trying this out.

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