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fern me it must be frustrating having to justify yourself over and over about the mod you've put countless hours into for free. Keep up the good work mate, I can't wait to get my hands on R06!

Not played enough of Reunion to know if this is relevant or not but Kotaku just put up this article:

Thought i'd mention it just in case but I imagine you guys are already way ahead of the curve on this?

     - Closest equivalent in English that we could come up with would be "birth mother/mum/mom" or "biological mother/mum/mom" for Ifalna
     - General understanding that this may break up conversation in a weird way, but it's how a number of my friends refer to their adoptive parents

I was literally about to make a post suggesting 'birth mother' but you beat me to it.

+1 for Birthmother and Mum/Mom

Hi DLPB, I've updated my Steam mod to now point to Beacause instead. I think your mod supersedes mine.

That said, I know there's going to be people asking me if XBox 360 icons can be added to your mod (people have already asked me before). The XBox controller layout is pretty much defacto for PC gaming, so I understand why people would want it. Is this something you might consider adding? I can assist with the icons if need be.

So glad this is happening, yet another change that makes Reunion the update FF7 deserves. You guys rule.


Much better to just add a control pad short cut and be done with it (which will also allow for the same keyboard equivalent).  I'd prefer to just not have it at all.

This is a moot debate now because I have added the controller option.  There is no longer any need for it to be an option on the menu.

I should also note that this is only at all relevant when using The Reunion option. When you are not, the menu isn't even touched.

Thanks DLPB!

Psh, who has a keyboard around when playing a PC game these days anyway  :P

Thunder peel, if your streaming on Steam you should be able to custom map a button to get past the launcher now that Steam has made all controller types completely reconfigurable.

The removal of the quit option I do find a bit strange, while I get that you trying to make it as close to the PSX release as possible, ultimately it is still running on a PC, while there are workarounds, none of them are as graceful as having a quit option.

You're a hero DB, can't wait for R05.

nah i've decided against it.  The Reunion is primarily a project for my own tastes.  I mean I will stretch things a little, but not going back to the old way of catering to 100 people.  That's what new Reunion hopes to avoid.

On that note (and I don't mean to re-open a can of worms), what did you decide to do about Climhazard? Saw a few people weighing in but didn't see if you came to a conclusion on it.

(Come on Rising Hazard!! lol)

Pretty sure DLPB mentioned in this (or another thread) that you can replace the file containing the ps icons with xbox ones but that was up to the user to do so. I intend to do this when I get round to FF7 again so I too would appreciate a few instructions on how to do this :)

This has probably been answered, but with regards to the menu enhancement:

I notice it mentions that you've put PS button icons back in (which is amazing) but have you also made it so that the button layout is the same as the PS version? From what I recall the default button layout for the pc version was a bit strange.


"Rising Sword" "Rising Blade" "Ascension" - or some other phrase or word.  It would not be "Crime Hazard".

But - there is a possibility that this move was meant to convey "Climbing" as in "Rising".  If that were the case, Rising/Climbing Hazard would be viable.  But that's just pure guesswork.

I think you're bang on with it being intended to convey climbing. Before I read your post I was thinking of "rising hazard" so I don't think it's overstepping the mark to rename it to "Rising Hazard".

I'd certainly prefer it, Climhazard just seems like a poorly translated/interpreted mistake.

Whatever you decide to do keep up the great work, Reunion is (for me at least) the only "essential" mod for FFVII since it is so true to the original material.

I've just learned of the existence of Steam Link. I'm totally getting one soon to play FFVII on my TV with a controller. It's the best.

Might have trouble with that, currently on my Shield TV which uses Nvidia game stream it fails to recognise the Shield controller. Fortunately my wireless 360 controller is still in range of my PC so I can play it using that.

Hey DLPB (or anyone else with decent modding knowledge) would you be able to take a look in this thread I made? Got a few questions you might have some insight on:

Cheers! Cant wait for the next version of reunion :)

Please tell me this can be used on the Steam version, they look brilliant!

Hi guys,

I tried streaming FFVII to my Nvidia Shield TV last night and was super frustrated by the games poor controller integration.

Does anyone know if there is are mods or files I can edit to do the following (on the Steam version):

Remove or auto skip the game launcher (can emulate a mouse and KB on Shield TV so this is more an annoyance than something preventing me from playing).

Disable start up videos

Remove or auto skip keyboard controls screen (again can emulate a mouse and KB on Shield TV so this is more an annoyance than something preventing me from playing).

Force the game to use joypad input. This might seem an odd one but for some reason when I get into game when streaming it doesnt seem to recognise the pad.

Implement Xbox buttons (i'm aware Reunion has or is going to have support for PS buttons which can be replaces but cant see anything to say if thats been implemented or is still WIP)

Thanks in advance for any comments :)

Ah that's a shame, thanks for replying though, I might convert it but I'm a sucker for achievements lol! I might just settle for the old one since converting seems to be a bit of a pain anyway.

Next on my hit-list was going to be replacing the backgrounds with Omzy's field pack but even that looks like you need to convert it to the old version. Why is the Steam version so unfriendly to all these great mods?


Saw the article on Eurogamer and decided to give reunion a try and it seems like a really great job you, Luka and everyone else have done so thanks for all your hard work :)

Only thing I was disappointed with was the lack of menu mod for the Steam version, will this ever be compatible with Steam? Reunion is much more user friendly for Steam/newer users than Bootleg and the menu mod looks so nice, or is it simply not possible?

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