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I've found another oddity - Vanilla field models aren't in sync with the background when the screen pans for any reason. I'm at resolution 1280x960 in windowed mode.

So far things are looking pretty swell, save for two issues:

1. The 3D models are horribly aliased for some reason. GPU settings don't seem to affect it.

2. The battle victory music kept playing indefinitely following a fight in the train graveyard. Not sure if the location is relevant yet, though, as it's the only time it's happened.

Many thanks for all your hard work, DLPB! Looking forward to seeing how the new modding scheme works, as I wouldn't mind tinkering with it. Also, how on earth did you also think of the Dreamstone theme song for the completion of R06? It came to my mind as well. O_o

Will Remako be usable with R06? Lord knows I don't want to use 7th Heaven.

Let's hope we get a release before 2020. We'll need the distraction, if you take my meaning. ;P

I can't quite remember if it was mentioned in this thread or elsewhere, but will R06 include a fix for the swapped light/shadows on character models?

...... I was just thinking about this mod and BOOM update. I'll keep an ear open for any issues, but into disc 2 now and nothing major.

Yeah but mine does that too.  It does both but randomly. Question is, does it ever do what I showed in the pic in  the original PC?
I can't say I've ever seen it do that before, vanilla PC or current releases of Reunion.

Hard to say. Here's vanilla for comparison.

Ooh love the more accurate sub. Will that make it to R06?

Can anyone confirm that Music 15 (Sato.wav) and Music 97 (Heart.wav) are not used?

The identical Heart SFX is used, but I don't see the music ever set.  Same with Sato.wav.

65 Wind.wav is used numerous times in the game.
88 Sensui.wav is used in the Submarine game
Heart is used sparingly. If it's used as a sound effect when Cloud's flashback shows Zack going after Sephiroth in the Jenova room and when Cloud looks into the headless Jenova tank in the Shinra building, then it's probably a safe bet that it isn't used.

As for Sato.wav, well I've never heard it at any point in the game in any version of the game. Unless anyone else knows, I'm very confident that it goes unused.

Okey dokey, I'll keep my ear to the wall. ;D

I swear there're other sounds missing too, some of which may have been missing on the PS1 version too, such as some ladders not having the "grab" sound used. Hopefully I'll find some more stuff soon.

Well I'm currently going through the entirety of the game and combing over as much I can. There was something else, I'm sure, though it escapes me right now. I'm sure I'll remember again in time.

It might just me, though I've not gotten any sound effects other than balloons, collision and the wind in the snowboard minigame. The most noticeable missing sounds are the jump and landing sounds.

Sheesh, here's hoping these things aren't too difficult to fix.

OH MY GOD. Forget the Omnislash, what the hell happened to the snowboarding section? Barely any sound at all.

There are quite a few problems, yes. Though the Omnislash problem was easily fixed and arguably the most egregious, since it's the final attack in the game, so long as you don't let Sephiroth hit your first.  :P

Lol yes indeed. While this problem never bothered me too much (FFVIII's Quetzalcoatl using Phoenix's sounds on PC was far worse of an issue, as far as I'm concerned) it's something that I wanted to fix now that I'm live streaming the entire game. The missing sounds kind of ruin the punch of what is meant to be the climax of the game, and being kind of OCD when it comes to streaming, I did want it to be as close to the PS1 as possible.

It's always a plus to finally mess around with Cosmo for the first time as well. It's been around for ages now.  ;D

Oh yeah, and a video of my temporary fix. I guess it's one of the few videos of the PC version with proper Omnislash sounds, if not the only.

I've already fixed this issue with a total overall of all SFX and the sound engine - which will be released soon. The problem is not the effects, but the hard coding that leads to the effect not being played.  See the database.

Battle tab, entry 51.
Ah, well never mind then. Still, I feel good about actually fixing it myself with my fairly limited knowledge on this sort of thing. Incidentally, I basically added the missing sounds via Audacity. They sync up pretty well with the onscreen visual effects too. But obviously your fix will be better overall.

The best way to share these things is to either release it as a patch or installer that can be applied to an existing audio.dat or to release the sound effect alone and instructions on how to add it to audio.dat. As a general rule, we don't allow full data files to be shared because in addition to your modded data, they include a significant amount of copyrighted data from the original game as released.

It might be a bit overzealous, but given Square Enix's history of shutting down mods and the fact they haven't taken action against this site, it seems to be the right decision.
That's why I felt it prudent to ask first. Sadly, I lack the knowledge to make a patcher. Instead, I'll link the two wave files I compiled to make this instead so others can add both themselves, as you suggested:

They're both named after their respective numbers in the audio.dat file, so replacing them is simple in Cosmo. Thanks again guys.  8)

Audio Modding / Final Fantasy VII - Omnislash sound fix
« on: 2017-06-22 16:56:00 »
Hello all!
Since I've not seen this addressed anywhere, I decided to go into Cosmo, rip the broken Omnislash sounds on the PC version and fix them up so they sound as they should in the PS1 version. Now the start-up has the "shine" sound effect and the finishing blow is delivered  after that weird charge up sound effect.

Before I link the download, however, I was hoping to get word from a mod if it's permitted to link to the uploaded audio.dat file that I edited. If it's not allowed to do this, then please delete this post. Thank you. :)

I've noticed that R05c makes the battle menu translucent by default. Is there any way to restore it to its usual opaque?

Hmm it would appear the new menu crashes the game when Cait Sith's slots are used. Haven't tried with Tifa's limit break, though I can confirm it only crashes when the new menus are in use. I'm using no other mods other than Anxious Heart.

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