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Could you tell me what do I have to edit, exactly? Is it the kernel.bin file located in FFVII's directory in the "kernel" folder? If yes, what do I edit? I also wanna make buffs to always apply, like Mighty Guard.

Alright. Some obesrvations after having dipped about 80 hours into this, and I've played lots and lots of turn-based/ATB style RPGs in all my years of gaming. It's a great mod and I like it, but this mod's fundamental, lethal flaw is curative moves having a chance to miss. It adds absolutely zero to the challenge because it's completely luck-based and I don't understand the decision behind such a puzzling (to say the least) design choice, quite honestly.

I can MAYBE understand the massive Mystile nerf that comes with it, but it actually makes the whole thing much less strategic, simply because the more RNG elements you have, the less strategic the game becomes. Is there any way to remove this and revert back to the normal accuracy for curative moves? I really have no other problems with the mod except for that.

7th Heaven / Re: What does the Media - Movie mod do?
« on: 2017-02-04 13:29:39 »
What? No, that's not how this works. 7H is a memory injector. Have you ever played Skyrim mods, or any other game mods, from the Nexus using the NMM? It's the same concept. The files inside of the .iro are pulled out and temporarily injected into memory during gameplay. This leaves the game folder completely unmodified no matter which mods you download or options you change.

The Pack/Unpack tool is for modders who are creating and transferring their mods to the .iro format for compatibility with 7H.

The reason your movies don't work is because you didn't set the correct path during either A) The Game Converter when it asks you to set your movie path OR B) Workshop -> Settings -> Movie Path is not pointing to the movie path that was set during the Game Converter. Movies have a registry edit, so you MUST set these paths correctly or else the game can't communicate with your computer on how to use them.

Really? Well, my path was the /movies path and the cutscenes weren't working until I did this. That's strange. Should I change anything? I mean, I haven't had any problems when I did this.

7th Heaven / Re: What does the Media - Movie mod do?
« on: 2017-02-03 19:05:58 »
I had the same problem until I realized that you have to actually export the scenes and put them in the /movies folder in your game's directory for them to work. Open 7th Heaven and go to Workshop --> Pack/Unpack .iro archives

From there, you can select the movie mod and unpack it. A bunch of video files will get unpacked, so you can copy and paste them in the movies folder. Just be sure to backup the original ones, in case something bad happens. I personally deactivated the mod itself afterwards. Not sure if that's a requirement, though.

7th Heaven / Re: Battle crash
« on: 2017-01-31 17:55:01 »
Sorry for the necromancy but the same thing happens to me during certain scenes when using Hardcore + Beacause.

2 examples include the first area of Mt. Nibel when you come back as adult Cloud with your party (I don't have a log right now but it's easy to reproduce) and at the Icicle Lodge Area in the world map. Here's the end of the log of that one:

[00005630] [BATTLE] Entering FRAME_INITIALIZE
[00005630] [BATTLE] Scene# 199
[00005630] [BATTLE] Exitting FRAME_INITIALIZE
[00005630] ERROR: unhandled exception

Maybe this was fixed in the latest version of The Reunion? If yes, could that version be incorporated in the catalog instead of R03e? (I believe the latest version is R05c). Alyza, sorry for not creating a new topic for this, but I thought that gathering the buggy battle scenes that cause the game to crash would be better so that you (or someone like you) can investigate the issue. My solutions for this so far are to simply either turn random battles off via the Tweaks and Cheats mod, or temporarily disable Beacause and use only Hardcore till I'm out of said area. It hasn't happened in any other areas other than those 2.

EDIT: Another crash occurred apparently from a battle while using the 2 mods together. This one was in the forests of Mideel. Here's the log:

[00053935] [BATTLE] Entering FRAME_INITIALIZE
[00053935] [BATTLE] Scene# 225
[00053935] [BATTLE] Exitting FRAME_INITIALIZE
[00053937] ERROR: unhandled exception

And yet one more battle crash report with the 2 mods. This one happened in the room with the Movers/Magic Pots in the Northern Crater at the end of the game:
[00008128] [BATTLE] Entering FRAME_INITIALIZE
[00008128] [BATTLE] Scene# 884
[00008128] [BATTLE] Exitting FRAME_INITIALIZE
[00008128] ERROR: unhandled exception

Thank you once more for the quick replies. I'll give it a try a few days later and will report back by editing this post. Actually, I'm surprised that people haven't asked this question before. It's pretty useful not having to download 20+gb worth of data every time you wanna make a new installation/move everything to another PC.

Hello, people. I've got 2 quck questions:

1) Do I have to unpack Field Textures (from Omzy, etc.) using the Workshop --> Pack/Unpack .iro archives feature in order for them to work? I am not sure if the mod is working properly. If yes (and I've done it), do I need to change anything in the Settings, at the "Aali Modpath" section? Or maybe do I need to have them in the default directory as images, or just the folder extracted is fine as it is?

2) If I want to move FFVII and everything to a different PC, can I simply copy all the mod files, then download FFVII itself via Steam and then paste the mods in? Or do I have to redownload everything from scratch?

Catalogs / Re: Catalog v2.3x Report / Mod Requests
« on: 2017-01-28 16:37:03 »
Hello! I'd like to make 2 small (I hope) mod requests, if I may:

1) Can someone include Tifa's "Bloodshot New" model so that it appears in the Nibelheim flashback, just with that cowboy hat she's wearing? Also, her model reverts back to the default one when she's holding Sephiroth's katana and tries to murder him in the flashback. So I guess, the Hi-res one could be used.

2) Sephiroth's field model changes to the default one in that flashback, when he takes his Masamune out to hit the Mako monster tanks (inside the reactor), and it also changes to the default one when he's reading the Shin-Ra notes in the Shin-Ra mansion basement. Is it possible to have his Hi-Res model (either Weeemus or PRP) while his katana/book are out?

Sorry if this has been asked before and thanks in advance!

No, you don't need to do anything involving a new Catalog link. When you open 7H after an update, it checks the current Catalog for updates and reports it to you in the right-side pane. You can also click Workshop -> Check subscriptions now if 7H is already opened to check if any updates have been made (updates are not reported live, so that's why you have to manually check). In the Library and Catalog tabs, the Installed button will turn into an Update button. Click that Update button to download the latest version.

Thanks for the report. After your next response, I'm going to split your first question above and our conversation into a New Topic for the 7th Heaven forum. Please post there with anymore questions about 7H related topics :)

Alright, I'll test it when I get back home in 4 days since I do not have access to my PC at the moment. You can split up these posts if you like, just tell me in which subforum I can find them in! Thanks for the quick replies as always. :)

Oh that's great! I assume I don't need to start a new game in order to play with the Hardcore + Reunion option, right?

Also, do I need to copy/paste this new catalog in the Settings in 7H? If yes, what exactly do I need to paste?

Oh, I see. I saw that turning on Beacause forced the Hardcore difficulty mod to get turned off and vice versa. I wanted to play the Hardcore mod with the script from Beacause. Oh, well. Thanks for the quick reply anyway!

Hello. Just a quick question. Is the latest version of this mod in the list of easily-installed mods that one can download from 7th Heaven's mod catalogue? I think I saw that 7th Heaven installs v3 of this mod.

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] cmh175 Release Thread
« on: 2017-01-15 20:59:57 »
Hello! Great mods but I have a small request, if possible. Could you make a beard-less Cid model for world/field/battle? He looks awesome with the beard but it's a little odd when a cutscene plays and you suddenly see him without a beard. If not, that's fine. :)

Alright, it seems to be working now! If anything goes wrong, I'll edit this post. Thanks a lot!

Yes, that's exactly the game's directory.

Here are my profile details:

If you mean the ff7_opengl.cfg located in my game's directory, then yes, as seen here: This is what my "Settings" look like in 7th Heaven:

I also downloaded the file from step 1 and overwrote the patch.
The problem still persists. Am I doing something wrong?

I thought it was a different problem, because these people have been reporting their field models reverting back to the original ones. My problem is that they partially work. "Direct" is at my "extra folders" section in the Settings. Is there anything else I can do?

I have tried using the "Search" function for something similar but haven't found anything, so I decided to create a new thread.

I have encountered a strange problem (I think it was after the latest update but I am not 100% sure). While the battle models for my main characters work flawlessly, I seem to be having missing parts on the field models. There are certain parts missing from my field model characters when I am using Barret's cmh175 and whitERaven (among others), as well as Tifa's Bloodshot-New, whiteRAven field models. Same thing with Red XIII's cmh175.

Here is an example of what I mean:

As you can see, Barret's gun arm is half-missing, his eyes are looking strange, and his right boot is also missing. This doesn't happen in-battle. Only in the field. Tifa's face is all messed-up (I can provide screenshots if needed). My graphics card is an ATI Radeon 270X and I am using the Steam version of the game. Not sure if any of those matter. It's strange because other field models seem to be working well, such as the Kaldarasha models, but I'd like to try the aforementioned models. If you need any additional info, I'll provide it. Thanks in advance!

P.S. Are Cloud's arms supposed to look white in the whitERaven model or is this also a glitch? They look way better and different in-battle (using whitERaven, of course).

Same pb, can't work field models/non payer when my new threat mod is active since the update, yesterday all worked perfectly, trying method that you said but no result :( i regret to updated field models and non player models mod, any suggesrions?

"Also be sure that Workshop -> Settings -> Extra Folders has 'direct' typed into it." Have you tried this as well? That was the problem for me.

There are quite a few updates you need to do. Also fix your load order to that of STEP 5 in the written tutorial. Post your new Profile Details after you do those two things and we'll continue from there.

Ι tried it again and it worked. I am really not sure how to reproduce the crash. If it ever happens again, I'll post the log here.

I have the exact same issue but I am not using Reunion. Are you sure it was this mod?

I have the exact same problem and the solution suggested does not work. I'm running the Steam version of the game. The models (both field and battle) were working flawlessly before the update. Any ideas?

EDIT: Just saw in another thread that "Also be sure that Workshop -> Settings -> Extra Folders has direct typed into it." It solved the problem for me. Hope it helps other users as well. Cheers!

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