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I really hate to make an example of myself but I'm having some serious difficulties trying to work out how to load files into this tool

I have both the steam and physical copy of the game. I have tried loading the .bin files from the steam version (p0data12 for example) all of which produce the unhandled exception error message. With the PSX version, I am even more lost. There is a "raw cd image" file on the disk. How the hell is that loaded in?

I'm sorry to be a pain

I'm sorry to sound like a noob but I'm getting this error message

Configuration file not found for this binary file.
The program will perform a scan in order to open it

I want to extract and view. perhaps modify the field scenes.

The links are dead. This is the same problem with Zidane_2's tool. I hate to complain but seeing great tools being unable to be used is a great shame

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