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For the record that crash has absolutely nothing to do with integrated graphics, intel or otherwise. Its a bug in 0.7.11b that was mostly fixed in 0.8b, it won't crash anymore but you can run into graphics corruption issues. Let me just re-state again; it does not matter what graphics card you have, the only thing that matters is the size and number of textures you have loaded since you started the game.

Troubleshooting / Re: FFVIII Wmsetus-Wmset.obj
« on: 2014-04-05 17:44:00 »
FF8 .obj files are usually divided into a number of sections, you should read the first 4 bytes to figure out how many there are. Then each 4 byte value after that is an offset into the file where you will find the start of that section. If you were to extract all the data in between those offsets you will get a bunch of different files, wmset.obj has 48 different sections. Some of those sections contain more data in the same format, section 38 for example holds a bunch of .tim textures for the worldmap itself. Good luck digging through it all! ::)

Graphical Mods / Re: FF8 Triple Triad HD Project
« on: 2014-03-16 03:58:46 »
FF8PC emulates the playstation GPU for most parts of the game. Thats bad news for several reasons but just to name a few it means the game has limited memory available for textures, doesn't use relative UV coordinates and does not readily accept textures in any other size or format than it was designed to. I don't think you'll have much luck, unfortunately.

Is it possible to trigger this overflow by any other (easier) means than the death penalty glitch? I figure if you spend that much time grinding you can have your instakill attack :P

And of course, even if you were to fix that particular check you could still overflow it to 0 and do no damage whatsoever instead.

The old game has movies in TrueMotion2.0 format.
Aalis driver should be able to play this, but I have not tested.
If it does not work, you can install the K-Lite pack 10.3, this works for me.

Can we please stop telling people to install some codec pack? It has never made any difference whatsoever to the drivers ability to play anything and it never will.

Hello everyone!

I have a problem running FF8 with the custom driver (the most updated one of course, 0.8.1b). FF7 works fine with mods, no problems. However, FF8 seems to fail no matter what fix I give to the game.

The error message it gives is "Failed to load custom driver."
It doesn't crash, it just doesn't initialize the game
Note that I tried even without mods, it always gives the same error.
As you can see I deleted the popup thingy so I don't know what to do now.

If you think there is an obvious derp of an error in my part, please tell me what it is.
If the problem still persists, I will post the problem in the troubleshoot board along with my system specs, mods, and everything I did to make the game work.

I tried every possible fix, search through the entire forum, spoke with people, still same error.

That error message means the loader for FF8 wasn't able to load the "ff7_opengl.fgd" file. That should never happen if you've installed it correctly. Make sure virtual store/UAC/antivirus/whatever isn't screwing you over and try again.

Again to Aali:

I just noticed that your last two registry keys may be wrong.
There is for me no key [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\VirtualStore\...]
With me                       [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Classes\VirtualStore\...] is correct.

Thanks, it seems you are correct, I couldn't test it myself since I don't use the utter piece of garbage that is VirtualStore :roll:

To be fair, it is not included in the Steam version.

I don't support the steam version out of the box anyway, it would have to be included in the converter.

This is exactly my problem.
With the original FF7Config 1998 you can not set Aalis driver. With the FF7Config of Aali I get this message (paraphrased): The specified procedure could not be found

That is working as intended. You are supposed to use the original FF7Config to set your other settings, then apply the .reg file to install the driver.

Dear Aali,

You have the file "FF7Config.exe" omitted from your driver 0.8 and instead inserted a .reg file.
Unfortunately, I do not know any other way to determine the value for the registrykeys "DD_GUID" (seems to be 00...) and "Sound_GUID".
With your old (0.7.11) "FF7Config.exe" the self-test does not work anymore.
Do you know a way to determine the values without "FF7Config.exe" or can you create a new "FF7Config.exe"?

What. FF7Config.exe is included in a normal install of FF7.. (I did forget to re-add that step to the install instructions though, that's taken care of now)

I have a HD 6870 with 1GB RAM.
I have also installed FeliX Leonhart's World-map Enhancement (
With the "use_pbo = off" and "compress_textures = on", the game requires at first start about 27 seconds before a picture appears.
On the second start, it is about 15 seconds.
With "compress_textures = off" are required only 5 seconds.
Under what circumstances it makes sense to use the option "compress_textures = on"?

Define "start", worldmap textures aren't loaded until you are actually on the worldmap. If texture compression is indeed slower for you just leave it off, it should be faster in theory and it is a lot faster on my setup but in the end it depends on your graphics driver being able to handle compressed textures efficiently.

Unfortunately due to the way it works right now you probably cannot even delay the issue by making your cache bigger. The specifics of exactly where the cache resides is technically up to your OpenGL implementation but it's safe to assume that it does count towards the 32-bit address space limit. (Which is why setting it any higher than 1GB is regardless a terrible idea)

I haven't tried bigger yet, but changing the cache to 0 seems to disable it. After about 15 minutes of random battles the battle menu didn't glitch and the game didn't crash. It'll probably still have the same problem .7.11b had where it'll eventually crash, the app log is certainly throwing up some errors, but it seems like it'll work until an update is released.

Pretty much, it will crash a lot sooner though since now the entire texture cache mechanic is broken and every time FF7 wants to load a texture it will be duplicated ::)

The fmv that plays when Dyne falls seems to be out of sync. Here is some video capture:

Can you confirm that this doesn't happen with the Direct3D driver?

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Re: FF8 Script OpCodes
« on: 2014-01-15 23:19:35 »
Good work, I hope someone will take the time to add this information to the wiki! (Or just give you access to do it yourself)

Great work! Thanks a lot Aali!

Nonetheless, I think that the 'disable_popup' option was quite usefull.

For instance, when using Omzy's FFVII Field pack, we will often get a 'GLITCH: missed palette write to external texture' popup message and now have no way to prevent it anymore.

I understand that removing this option enable a better debugging but when one want to play through the game, it really is distracting.

Can we expect it back someday?

Then again, thanks a lot for your hard work. The native ogg support is juste amazing and change it all!^^

It will only tell you that once each time you run the game and it is a valid error message, you are missing out on a palette effect that doesn't work with your new texture (it'll make your field screens look as dull as they do with the old direct3d driver). I believe there is already a tool out there that will automatically remove the offending textures.

Troubleshooting / Re: Battle Menu Glitch
« on: 2014-01-13 16:16:02 »
It's not related to the compressed texture disk cache, it's the limited RAM cache in 0.8b and newer which is causing trouble. (0.7.11b had an unlimited RAM cache which caused the game to crash instead)

Troubleshooting / Re: Battle Menu Glitch
« on: 2014-01-13 15:37:41 »
It's an issue with the texture cache I bet, I assume you were using 0.8.1b? Apparently I didn't catch every case where it could unload textures which are still in use..

Troubleshooting / Re: FMV Brightness
« on: 2014-01-13 15:29:06 »
Thanks Rumbah, that does seem to be the problem! Your change will break full range codecs though so try this shader instead:

Code: [Select]
#version 110

uniform sampler2D y_tex;
uniform sampler2D u_tex;
uniform sampler2D v_tex;

uniform bool full_range;

const mat3 mpeg_rgb_transform = mat3(
1.164,  1.164,  1.164,
0.0,   -0.392,  2.017,
1.596, -0.813,  0.0

const mat3 jpeg_rgb_transform = mat3(
1.0,  1.0,   1.0,
0.0, -0.343, 1.765,
1.4, -0.711, 0.0

void main()
float y = texture2D(y_tex, gl_TexCoord[0].st).x;
float u = texture2D(u_tex, gl_TexCoord[0].st).x - 0.5;
float v = texture2D(v_tex, gl_TexCoord[0].st).x - 0.5;
vec3 yuv_color = vec3(y, u, v);
vec4 rgba_color;

if(full_range) rgba_color = vec4(jpeg_rgb_transform * yuv_color, 1.0);
yuv_color.x = yuv_color.x - (1.0 / 16.0);
rgba_color = vec4(mpeg_rgb_transform * yuv_color, 1.0);

gl_FragColor = rgba_color;

If it works fine it will be in the next version.


1. Extract the archive into your ff7 or ff8 folder
2a. Run FF7Config.exe to configure sound settings (the graphics configuration you can do at this point is irrelevant)
3a. Apply the registry information in ff7_opengl.reg
4a. Change your settings in ff7_opengl.cfg
2b. Make sure EAX is properly installed (run EAXUnified.exe to install it if unsure)
3b. Change your settings in ff8_opengl.cfg
5. Play!


  • Fixed erroneous shader version that caused the shaders to require OpenGL 2.1 for no good reason
  • Hopefully fixed transparency issues where some objects would turn opaque
  • Changed default FPS for snowboard and coaster minigames to 60 and incorporated DLPB's fix for the coaster aimer
  • Fixed derp that could make FF8 crash on startup
  • Possible fix for the "couldn't lock sound buffer" error
  • Fixed missing fade-outs when using the vgmstream plugin
  • Popups are less obnoxious and should generally never repeat the same message twice
  • Removed the "zero count" message, it was quite possibly the least helpful error message of all time
  • Fixed z-sort issues in battle when using DLPB's menu overhaul (KOTR should work fine now)
  • Fixed texture cache issue that could cause menu and dialog textures to be unloaded

If you find any issues, please post screenshots, relevant information from app.log and if possible, a savegame.
If you get a crash, provide a copy of crash.dmp and app.log (preferably in a zip archive, this will make it 10x smaller)

I don't have anything yet, could you post your ff7_opengl.cfg file, an app.log where this happens and a dxdiag?

Quote from: Kaldarasha
Is it possible to add a fake fullscreen mode? In window mode the vsync works perfectly with my nvidia card. I find a program which removes the borders of the window.

With OpenGL there isn't really such a thing as a fake fullscreen mode or even a real fullscreen mode for that matter, your only option is a borderless window. If you leave window_size_x/y at 0 it won't touch your display settings at all, there's no reason why vsync would work in window mode and not in this configuration.

Quote from: Kaldarasha
But I got a problem when using Knigths of the round:
Code: [Select]
deffered draw queue overflowThe summon is a bit glitched after this.

Known problem and already fixed.

Geez Dan, I told you I don't know why there's garbage in the model, way to bag on the modelers :roll:

That sound buffer error doesn't look too good, do you still hear the music and FMV audio? Any pattern to when it happens?

That little bit of Z fighting is unavoidable for now and to be honest is probably never going to be fixed. Its just a side-effect of the crappy port.

I guess GLSL 1.20 is technically OpenGL 2.1. I wonder if I can get rid of that, don't remember why I needed GLSL 1.20 in the first place.

EDIT: Nope, can't find any good reason for that, just change it to #version 110, that should let you load them.

Sorry, you need shaders for 0.8b, supporting opengl 1.4 just isn't worth it anymore. You can try updating your graphics drivers, opengl 2.0 is almost 10 years old at this point so anything newer than that should technically be able to support it.

The vgmstream plugin will almost definitely crash with 0.7.11b.

Thanks for the new version of your driver Aali. Just got around to testing it and it seems to be working (after updating to the latest Nvidia beta driver from 327.23 which doesn't work right with your latest driver, on the old version all i got is a white screen when loading FF7). only problem i am having with FF8 so far is my controller doesn't work (works fine without the driver and with old version), i am using a official 360 Controller, i tried official driver and the XBCD driver, both have the same problem and just don't seem to work in-game when using this latest driver.

I changed it to not accept input if the window doesn't have focus, that might be causing issues with the controller support, I will look into it.


I've noticed myself that the battle swirl looks weird in 640x480 and that the texture cache can get a little confused sometimes and unload some textures which are still in use, leading to trashed text or dialogs.

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