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Q-Gears / Re: So where do i get started?
« on: 2006-08-14 12:11:47 »
well, problem still stands, some backgrounds assume color 0 is transparent, others assume its a real color and there doesnt seem to be any kind of flag to tell you what they want

let me get you some screenshots..

first method, ignoring color 0 in layer 2 only:

second method, ignoring color 0 in both layer 1 and 2:

fixing one produces artifacts in the other and vice versa..
i dont know why they would have two different standards for this in the first place, but it seems kind-of weird

Q-Gears / Re: So where do i get started?
« on: 2006-08-14 00:33:02 »
so yeah, i had a look at the code, and to put it simply, i was expecting to see alot more *working* opcodes
i see now why you're focusing on that

but, i have the PS1 data, emulators and everything so i should be able to help you with that
just need to read up on how the PS1 works, and how to make my emulator spew out all the nitty gritty details  :-P

oh, and, i was toying around with the PC field background data, i managed to get nearly all of them to look perfect (minus special effects, since "we", the wiki and i, have no idea how that works)
there's one thing thats bugging me though, some (most, but not all) of them expect black (0x0000, after palette filtering) to be replaced with color 0 in the palette, and there doesn't seem to be any sort of flag or anything to indicate if this behavior is required

following that rule makes some backgrounds look good, but draws non-black pixels that should be black in others, not doing it breaks the ones that expect this but make the others look fine

i think i'll leave it at that and wait 'til some smart kid figures it all out  :-P

Q-Gears / Re: So where do i get started?
« on: 2006-08-10 21:24:06 »
well yeah, of course, there are some 'traps' you dont want to fall into
i'm not saying you should just hack up whatever to make it work (kind-of), you still have to make sane decisions
what i really meant is that no single part should have to wait because something else isn't perfect implementation-wise

too bad i'm not familiar with delphi, but yeah, i'll look into that, shouldn't be too hard to figure it out
is that just the pc version though or do they use the same format? i guess it should be similar either way
background animations, will do  :wink:

Q-Gears / So where do i get started?
« on: 2006-08-10 20:47:30 »
after reading through pretty much everything in this forum, i've decided to take a shot at helping this project

from what i've gathered, attention is focused on the script system at the moment, and since thats whats calling all the other modules of the game, its probably a good place to start

i have not looked at the code yet, but i assume its still not anywhere close to a useable engine, capable of actually doing anything 'useful'

basically what i want to know is what you have in mind for the different parts of the engine, and more importantly, what we need to get going to make the thing somewhat playable (its easier to improve on something you already have, than to aim for perfection at the very beginning)

as for me, i have prior experience with cross-platform game development in c/c++, i own both pc and ps versions of ff7 (english)
i have been poking around in the data files and main .exe of the pc version, but thats as far as my ff7-hacking goes

_if_ this hasn't been done already, i would love to get working on decoding (and rendering) the field background images

oh, wow, i would never have expected microsoft to be sane like that
too bad you dont get any pointers to that if you dont have it installed

sounds like you need msvcr80.dll and/or the .manifest file for it
let me just add those to the .zip file and reupload.. (this issue seems to be quite common with VC++ apps)

i was unaware of that fix, and well, it seems alot of others were, too
but hey, if it works, its somewhat cleaner (no need to touch system settings)
what it all comes down to though is that ficedula needs to fix LGPtools :-P

Archive / Re: The Idiots Guide To FF7Music (JK xD)
« on: 2006-07-25 13:46:16 »
you know, you could just use the minipsf's for the songs "missing" from the OST
i, for one, can't tell the difference between them

dont expect out_ds to work at all
and there's really no reason not to use out_wave

also, you said you experience choppiness? that indicates a more serious (hardware?) problem, this patch will only fix delays before the music kicks in, it will not help the overall performance of ff7music

i use mp3's and minipsf's with the out_wave plugin, haven't had any issues except for these delays

the two locations i used to test it was a save in wall market, dressed up as a girl, where i would get enough of the "video memory" messages to induce a 2-3 second delay
the other is the boss after the highway chase where i got loads of "set volume" for 10-15 seconds

i'm sure there are a lot of other places like that though, thats just the two i knew i could reproduce easily

if you can (and want to) make a YAMP patch out of it, that would be nice
there's definatly way too many patching environments out there, i had a hard time to come up with a (semi-)unique name for the backup file  :-P

yeah, its a good habit, but since this app will be running in a known environment, who cares? not me, quite obviously  :-P

about the strlen calls, thats very true
i didn't want to do that originally, it just happened to be the easiest way (code-wise)

either way, its a one-time thing, its not like you need to patch your ff7.exe's in realtime  :-P

good point though, i might just update it once i get back on my main pc

dziugo, i dont think free is really neccesary in this case
there's nothing in there of substantial length that doesn't need the memory, freeing it before the program terminates is just a waste of cpu

except for the config buffer, possibly, but thats not even close to 1kb (unless you are insane) and wont make any difference anyways

i'm not sure what you mean by the "calculate the length of the strings..." though
if you mean the actual ff7.exe strings, i dont see why thats really neccesary   :|
i dont have the code in front of me right now, i'm on my laptop which may be the reason why i'm not following you there

I'm pretty sure this has bothered many (if not all) ff7music users, sometimes you get a rather long and annoying delay before the music actually kicks in.

This is because FF7 floods ff7music with useless debug info (ff7music intercepts this and uses it to determine what to play) instead of sending the 'important' stuff.

Originally, I was just going to release a patch that would nuke 2 of the things i saw clogging up ff7music on my system, but i realized that this could be handled in a much neater way. So here it is, ff7_lessdebug, a utility for disabling some of FF7's debug messages. For the "regular" user, i have included a config file that will stop the two most common ff7music hogs, but the possibilites are endless; this could also be used to get only the 'relevant' info to show in APP.LOG.

The actual program consists of two files, the patcher and the config file. When the patcher is run, it will read the config file and try to match every line with one or more debug messages. It doesnt have to be an exact match, for example "MIDI" will match any and all messages starting with "MIDI". Note that the config file should contain the messages you DON'T want to get. Also note that you can NOT patch the same file twice, you have to revert to the backup (saved as ff7.backup before patching) or another "clean" exe before you can patch again.

This patch *should* be compatible with pretty much anything you can throw at it, i know for sure it works with high-res + minigame fps patches.

That said, I can not in any way gaurantee you a safe ride, and i will not take any responsibility for anything that might happen to you, your neighbour, your neighbours dog or anything else.

(If this does not fix your ff7music problems out of the box, play the game up until the point where you get a delay, kill it with ALT-F4 and check the ff7music window, you should see a large number of the same (or similar) messages, copy&paste the lowest common denominator on a new line in lessdebug_cfg.txt, restore the backup and repatch)

Oh, and one more thing, lessdebug_cfg.txt MAY need an extra empty line after the last message, this is a yet-to-be-confirmed bug.

Download Here

FF7 Tools / Re: Yet Another Multi-Patcher
« on: 2006-07-21 17:13:51 »
so how do you create patches for YAMP anyway?  :roll:

i made a small fix for ff7music users that experience delays when it's supposed to switch music in certain locations (the boss after the highway chase comes to mind, where on my box, the boss music wouldn't come on until 10-15 seconds after the battle had started)

and why create another (maybe-not-so-compatible) stand-alone patch, when we have an excellent automated system for applying these kind of things already  :-)

now thats odd, first time i tried it, it would crash at _every single battle_  :|
but after i restored the backup and patched it again, it worked fine

anyways, thats great, thanks alot man

it seems to occur just as it tries to enter a battle (the most common cause), but it has also happened while switching from the battle to the exp/ap screen (happened once, after beating APS)

i dont know for sure but i *think* it has happened in a field-to-field transition as well

using the high res patch and ff7music right now, but it seems to happen on a clean install too
which is kindof odd, because all of the above events cause a music transition (which suggests ff7music is to blame)

it made me very happy, thats for sure

now if i could just fix those random crashes i've been getting, ff7 would be perfect.. again  :roll:

Are you one of the many users who just can't seem to get any of these "char.lgp-repacking" patches to work?
Followed the instructions to the letter and yet it still wont work?

Here's how to fix it, and why it happens:

The dirty, quick fix:
Open the control panel, navigate to regional and language options, set the "Standards and format" setting to "English (United states)", reboot (UPDATE: reboot may or may not be neccesary), create a new char.lgp archive from the patched files

Why this happens:
Some locales sort file names differently from the US "standard", for example, in my case i had my locale set to Swedish, this makes windows treat V and W the same when sorting file names (which is insanely stupid)
Now, i dont know why, but apparently LGP tools does the same thing. Ficedula, if you're reading this, FIX IT  :-P
That, in turn makes the "Error checking" AKA quick lookup table in the .lgp file incorrect, because the entries that contain V and W are all out of order in the TOC.

Oh and while you shouldn't have to, you may have to set your location to United States as well, i just set both and it worked.

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