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FF7Voice / Re: Back on Hiatus
« on: 2011-10-31 22:59:57 »
As I said, I'll give this another shot once I finish up my FF9 Dub.

FF7Voice / Back on Hiatus
« on: 2011-10-30 23:11:44 »
This project is back on hiatus. Trying to cast Barret had held us back for such a large amount of time, that everyone had already gone on to do different things. By the time we found Barret, he just never committed to the role. We recasted Barret, we received lines from the new Voice Actor, revisions were requested and nothing came of it. By this time, I had figured we'd just send out the script for Episode 1.2, forget Barret, figure him out later. We submitted the script, the deadline had passed, only received lines from one character. Everyone else had given up.

I'm not going to chase after a lost cause. I'm going to finish working on my successful Final Fantasy IX Dub ( I'm already chasing after a large number of people for Final Fantasy IX, as well as in the works of starting a Dub for Final Fantasy VIII. Once I finish my Final Fantasy IX Dub, I'll see about re-casting for Final Fantasy VII. Marc has also said that he will jump back on-board when I have another cast list together, but I'm not holding anyone's hand through this. It was their responsibility to commit and they let us down.

I'll try this again once I finish my Final Fantasy IX Dub. Until then, you are all more than welcome to help me put a cast together. If anyone out there is willing to help get this project back together, I'd be greatful, I'm just way too busy with other projects right now to clean up a mess that nobody has any interest in.

FF7Voice / Re: FF7 Voice Audition Thread - Recasting Biggs
« on: 2011-09-24 03:37:25 »
If you need a good Mic, I'd check out Samson Condensor Mics if you want USB.

If you want a USB Pre-Amp, you could practically get anything at your local music store.

Team Avalanche / Re: New Project: Bombing Mission!
« on: 2011-07-04 04:31:08 »
Not really a fan of Barret's Gatling Gun. Everything else looks stunning, but his Gatling Gun looks so... Amateur...

FF7Voice / Missing a Barret, Ready to start the Project
« on: 2011-06-29 03:44:34 »
Just a heads up, all this project needs to get started is a voice actor for Barret. Contacted several people who I am waiting to hear back from, but the role is still open. If anyone is interested in the role, send your demo to [email protected]

Here's my next problem:

The aspect is too small that it's cutting things off, and I'm getting some really weird graphical problems.

Where are people getting these awesome field/battle NPCs and playable characters? They look nothing like the models from the NPC Reconstruction Project.

Hmm... Now I'm seeing the FMVs, but no sound until AVALANCHE starts jumping off the train.

Yeah I have the NVIDIA 560 Ti

Updating the video card drivers didn't work.

But that shaders thing did :)

I've loaded Patch 1.02 and Aali's Driver, changed the config options as outlined below, but now when I start the game, all I get is a white screen. I hear all the sounds, but it just appears white. I also get some error stating a failure to open an FF7input.cfg, or something like that. It disappears too quickly to be able to read it.

# ff7_opengl-0.7.10b config file

## If you just want to play the game, these are the only options you'll want to change.

# set the window size (or fullscreen resolution) of FF7
# 0 means use original resolution (whatever ff7.exe provides)
# preserve_aspect adds black borders as needed to preserve a 4:3 aspect ratio
window_size_x = 1920
window_size_y = 1080
preserve_aspect = yes
fullscreen = yes

# mod directory
# subdirectroy of mods/ where textures will be loaded from
# does not affect the old external textures feature, those should still go in textures/
mod_path = none

# check your driver settings if this option doesn't seem to work
enable_vsync = yes

# limit snowboard, coaster and highway minigames to refresh rate / 2, i.e. 30fps for a 60hz display mode
# vsync must be enabled and working for this to have any effect
minigame_framelimiter = on

# same thing, but for the battle swirl
battleswirl_framelimiter = off

# allow FF7 to use linear filtering for its textures
# some things look slightly better with this option on, but alot of textures just lose their detail
linear_filter = off

# plugin used to play music, the FF7Music plugin MUST be enabled for FF7Music to work.
# If no music plugin is loaded the game will play MIDI as usual but FF7Music will NOT work.
#music_plugin = plugins/ff7music.fgp

## All the little extras that weren't part of the original game, default options include only trivial bug fixes.

# make all dialog boxes transparent, same effect as the transparent dialog boxes YAMP patch
transparent_dialogs = on

# allow max hp/mp to go over 9999, same effect as the YAMP patch by dziugo
break_9999limit = yes

# include armor in magic defense calculation
mdef_fix = yes

# expand battle viewport to cover entire screen and make the battle menu transparent
new_battle_interface = yes

# post-processing shader, used to apply fullscreen effects
post_source = shaders/
enable_postprocessing = no

## Don't fiddle with these unless you know what you're doing.

# use shaders, if available and supported
# turn shaders off to use the OpenGL 1.1 backend
use_shaders = yes

# prevent glitches due to rounding errors by rendering in the nearest (larger, if supported)
# multiple of the original resolution and up/down-scaling
prevent_rounding_errors = yes

# enable alpha blending for textures without an existing blending effect
fancy_transparency = on

# display frames per second counter in upper right corner
show_fps = no

# display some real-time debug information
show_stats = no

# store external textures in a compressed cache for increased performance
# compression is not lossless, some artifacts may appear when this option is in use
# texture cache does NOT update automatically if the source image changes, however, deleting anything from the cache
# will cause that file to be recreated from the source
compress_textures = yes

# use pixel buffer objects to speed up texture loading
# will probably crash horribly on ATI cards but should work for NVIDIA users
use_pbo = no

# replace FF7's default framelimiter timer source
use_new_timer = yes

# use a more stable (but less accurate) timer to control FF7's framelimiter
# this option has no effect unless the use_new_timer option is on
use_stable_timer = no

# plugin used to play movies, FFMpeg is the only choice for now
movie_plugin = plugins/ffmpeg_movies.fgp

## These options are mostly useful to modders and should not be enabled during normal play.

# read files directly instead of using LGP archives
# for example; if FF7 is looking for aaab.rsd in char.lgp, this option will make it open direct/char/aaab.rsd first,
# if this file doesn't exist it will look for the original in the LGP archive
direct_mode = off

# show every failed attempt at loading a .png texture
show_missing_textures = no

FF7Voice / Re: FF7 Voice Audition Thread - Bombing Mission
« on: 2011-05-01 00:54:35 »
If you've sent an Audition, please send it again. Marc noted the wrong E-mail address. The E-mail is [email protected], not Your auditions were not received.

Whoooops! Apparently I had something marked to keep E-mail messages on the web server so that was full and so I couldn't receive any E-mails. If you tried to send me a demo, you should be able to send one now.

Final Fantasy IX FanDub HD

Final Fantasy IX takes place primarily on the four continents of a world named Gaia (homonymous with Final Fantasy VII's Gaia, but not the same world). Most of Gaia's population reside on the Mist Continent, named so because the entire continent is blanketed in thick Mist. Lands outside the Mist Continent—the Outer, Lost and Forgotten continents—are uncharted territories not explored until midway through the game. Several locations on the parallel world of Terra and the dream land of Memoria round out the game's areas.

The Mist Continent features four factions: Alexandria, Lindblum, Burmecia, and Cleyra. Each country is separated by mountain ranges; the isolated Cleyran civilization, nestled in a giant tree in the desert, is protected by a sandstorm summoned by the village elders.

If you wish to watch additional Episodes, simply click on the Video URL to be taken directly to YouTube. Follow-up Episodes have been posted as a Video Response. Remember to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to keep informed on the latest in our Final Fantasy IX FanDub! :)

We are also accepting applications from individuals who wish to lend their voice to this FanDub. We will send out E-mails each time there is an unclaimed role for the Episode at hand. (We are no longer sending out E-mails when an Episode is released. If you want to be informed of the Episode being released, please subscribe to the YouTube Channel.)

If you wish to lend your voice to this FanDub, send your Demo to [email protected], including your First and Last Name, your Stage Name, as well as possible characters you may be interested in. Your First and Last Name will be used when the video credits appear at the beginning of the Episode, while your Stage Name will appear in the video description.

Deadline: October 25th, 2010

Record 3 Takes per Line of Dialogue in 44100Hz.
Save as MP3 Format
E-mail your Recordings to [email protected]
(Include your Stage Name, First/Last Name, and Character(s) interested in.)
Indicate whether you want to be left on the Mailing List to be informed of upcoming or available FanDub roles.

This Guard is introduced when the Princess and her companions first arrive in Lindblum.

Line 1: That's a really old airship... (Monotonous, but Comical)
Line 2: You must be kidding! No member of the royal family, let alone a princess, would EVER ride in such a shabby airship. And look at the company you're keeping!
Line 3: This pendant... Is it a Falcon Claw!? No... The shape is a little different.

(British Accent) -- Minister Artania speaks on behalf of Regent Cid. He is an older-aged adult with a royal tone. North American accents will be considered, but a British Accent is preferred.

Line 1: What is going on? ...Hmm..? You are dismissed! I'll take care of this.
Line 2: Lindblum Castle has three levels, all connected by this lift. From the Base Level, which lies below the Mist, you can take a trolley to the harbor and the back gate. Ships hardly arrive at the harbor anymore since travel by air has become so popular. The Mist poses great danger, so we've sealed off everything.
Line 3: Please, settle down! You ARE before the regent!
Line 4: Allow me to explain. About six months ago, someone snuck into the castle and attacked the regent in his sleep. Unfortunately, we were too late. The regent had been transformed into an oglop, and his wife, Lady Hilda, was abducted.

Regent Cid is the ruler of Lindblum. He is a senior-aged individual who has been transformed into an oglop. He must sound comical and knowledgeable. Note, do not pronounce the "Gwok" lines as they appear. This is where you need to make some sort of sound effect with your voice which sounds similar. (Looking for an Orvus-style voice from Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time)

Line 1: I may be a bug, but I am still the ruler of Lindblum.
Line 2: The play was the perfect cover to enter Alexandria and get you out. No one would suspect Lindblum was behind it. We were <gwok> forced to take action, because we knew Alexandria would never seek our help. I'm relieved we were able to get you here.
Line 3: We won't let that happen. Even if she were to command an army of black mages, she won't make a move as long as we have our airship fleet. Don't worry <gwok-gwok>. Everything will be fine.

Bobo is a mid-aged adult who shares a professional friendship with Zidane.

Line 1: Take it outside!
Line 2: Have a seat. Your soup'll be ready in a minute.

Lilian is a young, seductive, and attractive maid at the Bar.

Line 1: Do you mind? You're standing in everyone's way.
Line 2: Yeah? Do you want a drink?

Moggy is a Moogle and Mogster's little brother. They commonly appear to teach Tutorials throughout the Game.

Line 1: Hey, Bro. What are you gonna teach me today?
Line 2: Gosh, Bro. You sure know a lot!

Mogster is a Moogle and Moggy's big brother. They commonly appear to teach Tutorials throughout the Game.

Line 1: Today, I'm gonna talk about the Synthesis Shop.
Line 2: In addition to regular shops where you can buy and sell items, there are synthesis shops, where you can synthesize items to create new items. All you need are two items to server as the base and a few Gil to cover labor. The items you need and the amount of money you pay vary for each synthesized item.

Moodon is a Save Point Moogle.

Line 1: Can I help you, kupo?
Line 2: There's a letter for Zidane!
Line 3: Your friend is starting a mini-theater? Sounds like fun, kupo!
Line 4: Bye!

This young woman bumps into Steiner in the Lindblum Market. She should sound somewhat southern, like some of the characters from King of the Hill.

Line 1: You're dressed awful funny.
Line 2: Ha ha ha! That's a new one! Nice try, but I don't date bums. You should really scrape that rust off. It's disgusting!

This woman talks to Steiner after he is rejected by the Female Red Mage.

Line 1: Do you always strike out that badly? I think you need a new line. A little shine wouldn't hurt either.
Line 2: Oh my. Even the locals don't eat them in one bite.

Alice is a young Shopkeeper who convinces Vivi to join the Festival of the Hunt.

Line 1: Oh, are you friends with the Moogles?
Line 2: That item is called a Kupo Nut. Kupo Nuts are Moogles' favorite good.
Line 3: I think that's the last one. Go ahead, honey. It's on me.
Line 4: Well, we let a bunch of animals loose, and..
Line 5: What's so fun about fighting savage beasts. Wait a minute! Did I say 'animals' again!?

This elderly man bumps into Steiner near the Airship Dock in Lindblum.

Line 1: What, you're lost? Gee... You're a soldier for crying out loud. This is the bridge that connects the castle and the airship docks. That big building in front of us houses the docks.
Line 2: What cave did you just crawl out of!? This is the age of steam power!

This Guard is a bit more intrusive with people on a personal level in comparison to Elite Guard #1.

Line 1: Is there anything you need, Your Highness?
Line 2: I'm sorry, Your Highness, but we cannot grant this request. Right now, there are many people coming to Lindblum for the Festival of the Hunt. Therefore, things are quite chaotic in town, making security rather difficult. Also, very few people know of your presence here. It's for your own safety. Please understand.

A Junior Member, or young boy from Tantalus.

Line 1: There he is! Why didn't you tell us that you were back? We're in Tantalus too, you know.

A Junior Member, or young girl from Tantalus.

Line 1: Uncle Baku said if we find some treasure, we can be in Tantalus too!

Obssessed Fan of Lindblum Actor Lowell. She goes koo-koo over seeing him in-person.

Line 1: Go away! Stop bothering us!
Line 2: LOWELL! I love you! Kiss me! Hold my hand!

Obssessed Fan of Lindblum Actor Lowell. She goes koo-koo over seeing him in-person.

Line 1: Where's Lowell!?
Line 2: LOWELL! I love you! Kiss me! Hold my hand!

Obssessed Fan of Lindblum Actor Lowell. She goes koo-koo over seeing him in-person.

Line 1: How much longer do we have to wait!?
Line 2: LOWELL! I love you! Kiss me! Hold my hand!

A man who has the pleasure of being bombarded by angry Lowell fans.

Line 1: Please! He'll be here in a minute.

Famous Actor in Lindblum who dresses up as a Moogle to clear the crowd.

Line 1: Hi, everyone. I love you guys! See you all again!
Line 2: You were at the theater! Oh, please! Don't tell anyone about this! Please! I'll give you this!
Line 3: Thanks as always, Michael.
Line 4: Come on. Forget about the painting. Let's work together. You can express your artistic talents on-stage too.

Aspiring Artist annoyed by Lowell's constant pressure against him.

Line 1: Geez. I can't finish my painting with you bothering me everyday!
Line 2: Don't ever compare your acting with my art! If you're done with your business, get out of here.

Blocks the way into the restricted area where Dagger is.

Line 1: Sorry. Only authorized personnel can use the lift.

A lazy Soldier who gets beat up by Zidane when Zidane needs a disguise.

Line 1: (Just waking up...) Huh!? Wh-What!? Where!!
Line 2: Alright you bastard! Show yourself! Hey, what are you doing!?

This Guard would be the supervisor of Elite Guards. He needs to be able to stand out.

Line 1: You! What do you think your doing!!!? (In the sense that he just spotted Zidane in the restricted area...)
Line 2: Wake up! How dare you sleep on duty!?

(Upper-British) Bumps into Steiner in the Armor Store.

Line 1: Who knows when that Brahne will start another war...
Line 2: Who the hell are you?
Line 3: Oh, well in that case, can you recommend some good armor?

A sensitive, somewhat speech-impaired kid from the Lindblum Residential District. Bumps into Vivi.

Line 1: GO, Knights of Pluto! YEAH!!! HEY, cut it out! YOU BROKE MY KNIGHT! I'm gonna go tell your mom!!!

A snotty kid from the Lindblum Residential District. Bumps into Vivi.

Line 1: I'm gonna take Cid's airships and destroy them!
Line 2: No, come on!

Works with Cid on the Hilda Garde 2

Line 1: We can't stabilize the engine system. It can't run for more than 10 minutes!

Hey Guys, this is just to let everyone know that I am going to start on Re-Mastering the FFVII Soundtrack for FF7Voice. Each time I complete a track, I will upload it to my Profile on Youtube:

Once the entire soundtrack is done, we'll put up a vote on the Qhimm Forums to see who would like to have the Soundtrack implemented into the Game. If you're interested in voting, I would strongly recommend subscribing to my YouTube Profile, so that you are alerted each time I upload a new Track. If the Vote is passed, Dzuigo will implement what's needed to add those tracks to the Game (As it's likely we will not be using FF7Music.) If the Vote isn't passed... Well, at least I'll have them on my YouTube Profile for the world to see.

If you have Questions or Concerns about how we intend to apply the Voice-Overs to FFVII, There's no need to ask. We will make sure to implement an easy-to-use Executable which will do all the work for you. :)

Any Programmers or Graphic Designers out there?

General discussion / An Original Game, an Original Story?
« on: 2009-03-16 06:09:54 »
While our Team is hard at work bringing FF7Voice to life, being a Director has brought some ideas to mind. The Qhimm Forums has thousands of Members devoted to the Final Fantasy Series... People experienced in Programming, Sound Production, Graphic Design, even Composers from the OCRemix Forums visit here regularly.

With thousands of Members at our fingertips, what if we were to start another Project which isn't based on something already out there. What if we were to start something Original? Using the Members of the Qhimm Forums, we put together a Crew for the Visual Design, a Crew for the Sound Production and Composition, a Crew of Programmers, a Crew for Marketing, and start something Next-Gen. Something based on a Final Fantasy type Story (an RPG), but the result being a Video Game the Developers would be paid for. Like FF7Voice, the Project wouldn't have Financial Gain during Production, but since it's Original, if it could be Marketed, then we would see an Income.

Remember, FF7Voice started as an idea, we're already about 30% through Disk 1 and we intend to finish it, but I'd like to hear others' thoughts on this. So share your thoughts below.

Going to hold more Auditions on the 7th from 2PM - 4PM Pacific for the Brits who couldn't make it on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th.

Happy New Year everyone. Don't forget the Auditions!

Yeah.. I would have at the very least asked you for an ETA of Completion. You're welcome to Audition with us in January if you want to try for Tifa though.

I can't account for what Berri said to you KaySpace, I was a little surprised she said those things without talking to me first.

FF7Voice / Re: Need a Website Developed. Any Takers?
« on: 2008-12-20 22:57:43 »
Alright Guys.

Forums are up. Those who have superior knowledge of Website Design and Programming, please contact me via E-mail. Even if I receive more than one Request, I might stick a couple Developers together. One person running it solo would seem a bit difficult. Anyways, if anyone is interested, remember, you would be doing it voluntarily, please E-mail [email protected]

IMPORTANT: The Audition Dates have been Changed because of a conflict of Schedule. Those who are still interested in Auditioning, please refer to Audition Dates above for the new Schedule.

« on: 2008-12-18 23:43:07 »
Welcome to the FF7Voice Forums!

We are a committed Group of individuals whose aim it is to populate the illustrious Final Fantasy VII with Voice-Overs, and thus breathe new life into a classic tale. Those involved have put an unimaginable amount of work into this Project -- On and off the Microphone. If you wish to become involved in this Project, post an Audition in our Forums at (

Application for Character Role or Technical Role to FF7Voice.

First Name:

Last Name:


Date of Birth:


City, State, Country:

Phone Number:
Optional, though Required if Accepted.

Terms to Agreement
Once a Scene has begun, Users will be tasked to complete their Recordings by the Deadline indicated in their appropriate Forum Topic. Once Accepted, Users will be asked to Download a Recording Tool known as Audacity. Before you begin Recording, you will need to adjust the Settings of Audacity, as indicated in the "How to Record, Edit, Cut, Name, Number, and Upload Lines" Thread ( You will then be asked to update your Sound Card / Microphone Drivers through the Manufacturer's Website. Finally, you will need to adjust the Settings of your Microphone and Sound Card through the Control Panel. This is vital to keeping your Recordings as Clean as possible. Your Recordings must meet our Standards, as indicated in the "Caution!" Thread (, under the "Information for Voice Actors" Forum. No Exceptions! Once you have Uploaded a Recording to the FTP, it becomes the property of the FF7 Voice-Over Project, at which point your Recordings will be Graded based on Performance and Technicalities, AKA the "Revision System" ( Any Revisions which have been requested must be uploaded to the FTP by the Deadline indicated. Your Revisions will be indicated within your Thread in the appropriate Scene Forum. It is of the utmost importance that your Recordings are completed by the Deadline indicated. Failure to comply could result in a Phone Call from the Director. Consistently running past the Deadline will result in Termination from the Project.

I, (Your Full Name), Agree to the Terms of Agreement indicated above.. I Understand that the Information which is shared is Confidential, and I will respectably uphold these Terms.

Character Role:

Please indicate which Time/Days you are available to work on your Character Role(s):

Expected Length of Time the Project will take to Complete:

Expected Length of Hours you will be placing into the Project each Week:

Online Contact:
Facebook, MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, Etc.

Online Demo:
While a lot of Roles have already been assigned, you are still welcome to Audition for them. You won't receive the Role, but it will provide the Director with a bit of insight as to which Role you may best suit your voice. To get started, simply create a Topic, then click on the "Upload Attachment" Tab.

FF7Voice / Re: Need a Website Developed. Any Takers?
« on: 2008-11-09 21:22:14 »
I have an IX Web Hosting Business Account, which means I can host 3 Domains. I just pay for my current Domain which is And I'm already doing that.

FF7Voice / Need a Website Developed. Any Takers?
« on: 2008-11-09 10:19:20 »
Alright. It seems E-mailing the Voice Actors isn't the way to proceed with this Project. It's unreliable, and I'm just repeating information. Therefore, I'm looking for a volunteer who would like to help in developing a Website. This would be the purpose of the Website:

A basic Login / Registration Tool. (Would require a Captcha for Verification)

Lists each Registered User. The Admin / Moderators would be able to Promote / Demote Users.

Rank A -- Starting Level of a Registered User
Rank B -- Promoted User, Required for using the Upload Tool
Rank C -- Moderator
Rank D -- Website Administrator

There would be a Dropdown Box indicating the Scene Names. Within the Dropdown Box would be the list of Scenes, pre-determined by the Rank C / Rank D Users through the Moderator Control Panel. Rank B/C/D Users would pick one of these options in the Dropdown Box (Example: Scene 3). Once the User has selected the Scene, another Dropdown Box would appear right beneath that, listing the Characters for that specific Scene (Example: Aeris). Below that, the User would then select all the Files he/she wants to Upload for Scene 3. This would upload those Files onto the FTP, in the Scene 3 > Aeris - (Date Uploaded) Directory. The (Date Uploaded) would be replaced by the Date in which the Recording was uploaded (Example: 110908)

Basic Forums such as phpBB will do.

Berri and Tsetra mentioned the idea of putting the Script on the Website, and even having a Graph which shows how far along each person is with their Recordings, and how far along the Project is coming. I'm not sure exactly how this would work but it's a good idea.

Thoughts? Any Webmasters up to the task?

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