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Send me an E-mail to Undernet01(at)Shaw(dot)ca and let's talk about Audio Editing. Thanks for your interest.

Aaron Busch

Talk to Psychlonic and have him explain to you how it's done Marcis.

FF7Voice / Re: Discussion of FF7Voice
« on: 2008-07-21 03:40:14 »
Godo will also be speaking Japanese, so unless you have knowledge of the japanese language, you might have to record for someone else.

FF7Voice / Re: Discussion of FF7Voice
« on: 2008-07-08 02:34:10 »
We're looking for people who can fill one-liners. We also need someone for Shera, as well as someoone who can speak Japanese for Godo.

I have a thought.. Once this is all done, rather than the user replacing one LGP File with another, we should have Marcis or Ficedula create an installer that will do everything for the user automatically... BUT, the crucial thing I would like to suggest is that the Installer scans the Final Fantasy VII Directory to verify that the user is indeed playing a legitimate copy of Final Fantasy VII and not a pirated copy. It's one thing to say that a user cannot use FF7Voice without a legitimate copy of the game, but it's another to prevent the user from completing the installation without a legitimate copy of the game :)

FF7Voice / Re: Discussion of FF7Voice
« on: 2008-06-22 18:41:56 »
Bumping to 1st Page :D

Sephiroth is taken, wouldn't mind hearing your VIncent though if you can jump on Vent. The vent info is in the Pre-Release Discussion Thread.

Marcis suggested that they be done in .WAV, rather than .MP3

I'd like to use Aerith as it's the official North American name, so my vote goes for Aerith.

Ficedula, how will voice-overs be programmed into some of the battle sequences? Be it at the beginning or during the victory fanfare. Some of the battles will need to have voice-overs, and if we're throwing voice-overs into the battle, I'm thinking we could implement voice-overs at the beginning of specific battles, or when a Boss begins to cast a specifc, powerful spell, or randomly in occasional battles during specific victory fanfares.

you gonna join the casting call ff7heart?

Even if you're not a voice actor Jordie, you can still come to show your support, as the attendance we receive will determine whether or not this project moves forward. (Same statement goes for your friend too)

If you don't want to be a voice-actor, everyone will be filling out comment cards as each person auditions to help determine the cast of voice-actors.

The versions of FF7 I've played here in North America are pronouncing her name as Aeris as well.

Thanks for the feedback Ficedula.

I've been trying to understand how the game dialog works to see if my theory was correct on how to go at it (which is proving kind of hard since I have no programming skills ... at all) and reading Gears, I see you contributed some info to the Dialog and Event Field Format.  Would you have any suggestion as to how this could be handled ?

I have one or two ideas about how it could work. I expect there's probably a number of approaches you could take to hook into the game and intercept the text display, but really technical investigation would be required to see how plausible any possible approach would be. The two that come to mind immediately are modifying the field files to try and play the sounds in-game, or writing an external utility (like FF7Music) that hooked events but did all the sound processing in a separate application. My personal feeling is that the second would be easier.

I'm willing to take a look at how possible something like this would be, but first I'll have to get FF7 working on my current computer!

I hope Ficedula gets involved as a Voice Over :)

I'd be happy to contribute my smoooooth British accent if the project got off the ground, but I don't know I'd be suitable for a main character. If nothing else, the time involved in recording a large amount of dialogue is probably more than I could commit to at the moment.

Just to clear this up, I realize it's hard to fit a british accent into the Game, but Reeve would be a good choice for a british accent. If you want to voice one of the main characters, you would have to learn more of a north american dialect :P

So you guys are SURE you can make this work?

I have a lot of knowledge in the area of Voice-Over work. Enough of it that I have no problems with being the Voice-Over Director for this project, presuming nobody else objects. Programmers on the Qhimm Forums need to see commitment, and if we can find a talented bunch of Voice-Overs, that will be a good start. People are welcome to submit their Audition via E-mail between 11:59 tonight, up until mid-June -- Though I URGE anybody Auditioning to connect to the Ventrilo Server on June 7th / June 8th. This will play a large, deciding factor on whether or not we have the commitment to proceed. So refer your Facebook Friends, MySpace Friends, MSN Friends, Real Life Friends, Family, Relatives, Etc. Anyone you feel would have the voice that actually fits a Character in FF7.

Information in regards to this may be found in the Casting Call thread.

I hope Ficedula gets involved as a Voice Over :)

FF7Voice / Re: [Request] Voice-Over Project
« on: 2008-05-26 21:39:41 »
Tsetra, send me an E-mail with your proposition. My E-mail Address can be found in the Casting Call thread.

Hi all

I remember seeing a snes game, that got Voice-Over mod that was a RPG
I would be willing to do some Voice-Over's

the in-game movies can be done right now

But before we all start saying, i want this part or that part.
That we try and get a Voice in-game

If it truly can be done

You would need
Some people to get the game to take the Voice's
Some girls to Voice-Over
Some deep Voice people
I think that deep Voice's are good for Cid and Barret
I feel that Sephiroth would sound mad when speaking normally then sound crazy later on
some-thing like Jack Nicholson in the The Shining or batman as the joker

Don't forget Cait Sith's Accent... I still think that was the wrong choice for Square to make...

Guys, the people in the Programming Forums brought up a good point. We would need to decide on the Cast BEFORE the Programming were to take place. To do that, we would need to Audition, choose our Voice-Over Actors, and present them to the Forums. Once we have a solid idea of who our Voice-Over Actors would be, it would be a LOT easier for a Programmer to say, "Alright, I'll be a part of this." With everything up in the air like this, it would be next to impossible for a Programmer to commit himself/herself to a huge project.

There are a lot of Programmers on these Forums who are just waiting to become involved with something like this, so it can happen if the willingness to proceed is strong enough from both sides.

Therefore, I'm throwing out a Casting Call to the Qhimm Community. This is to find Talents who are able to *voluntarily* commit themselves to voice-over a character role. Once we KNOW we have the Talents, I'm nearly certain a Programmer would step forward to implement this idea into the Game. I will make a new thread in regards to this, and post the instructions in there.

FF7Voice / [Request] Voice-Over Project
« on: 2008-05-26 00:28:06 »
There a large request in the Game Tweaking Forums for a Voice-Over Mod. There's plenty of talents who would opt for a Voice-Over role, but a dedicated individual, or group of Programmers would be needed to finish it. The thread can be found here for anyone wishing to discuss it:

JOIN THE CASTING CALL! Now Available at:

There's plenty of good voice talent who'd probably be willing to work on a project like this. The problem is actually inserting them into the game. You could probably look to other communities for help on voice acting, so you'd get the best results. pixietricks from OCRemix came to mind immediately as someone who could probably voice a female character well, and be willing to do such a project. But like all projects, you need to show you can pull it off and have some charisma to bring in the talent.

There's plenty of good Voice Over talent, Yes. The problem is you can't get a Voice-Over Actor who is Union-based, and most talents would want money for a project this big. You'd need to find people who'd be willing to do it independently. If someone would like to program this, I have sources for individuals who would love to Voice-Over for a project like this, and I definitely have experience as a Voice-Over to be a Voice Over Director to make this a success. (Just throwing ideas out there.)

Well, I definitely support this idea and would love to be involved as a Voice Actor.


Nice idea.

I'd also be able to volunteer to voice given a timetable to work with.  My voice is not a deep one either and I'm by no means professional but I could gladly do NPC's and such or whatever you guys would see fit.

Warning though, I speak English perfectly but I do have an accent as I'm not a native English speaker.

But before getting into all of this, I think we should ask ourselves this question : would an amateur speech patch (even if some professionals are on board, not everyone would be) actually improve the game or make it worse ?  As for myself, wrong deliveries, wrong emotions in a given scene and wrong casting totally takes me out of a game.  The first Grandia and Tales of Eternia are good examples of this.  I'm asking myself if these two games would have been better off without voice overs as an example.

As for the technical side of it, in order to reduce the size, MP3's would be a logical choice and ff7music could most likely be used to handle the playback if Ficedula agrees with it as, from what I understand, it already can intercept the calls the game makes and start its own sound engine on cue so I think it would be the easiest way to make this work.  It would need some modifying obviously though.

Going on a limb here as I'm no programmer but I would think that the game engine should make a call referencing to a certain part of the game script in order to pull the right text (in scene.bin if I'm not mistaken) so it would be likely that these calls could be intercepted to start the right sound bite through whatever program would be used for playback without modifying ff7.exe at all (à la ff7music).  The trick is going to be to find out what are the actual calls the program makes for text and interpret them to actual events (so in other words, find out how the game ID's event to show the right text so the speech player could intercept those and start the proper MP3).  A mapping of the text might already exist though since I know people have been playing with the dialog before for various patches.  There might also be info somewhere as to how the game fetches text.

As such, using ff7music could be beneficial to use as it already starts ff7 in a way to intercept its calls, already has a list system to associate sound files to events in the game and already has a sound output system.  Obviously, this is Ficedula's program so he would have to agree (and most likely lend a hand to the programmers understanding his code) so it might not be possible to use his program but that would be the #1 solution in my book (or a similar program if not possible ff7music).

Another issue would be that the text is hardcoded into the FMV's so for these it would actually be necessary to code the calls for the speech into the game.  That's the only part I see that actually requires modifying of the game.  Unless, again, the calls made by the game to start a fmv can be intercepted to determine what fmv it is starting and put in a timer to play the required speech file.  That implementation could easily be off-cue though so that might not be the best way to go at it.

Overall, I'm thinking the big parts could just be to add a layer on top so it should not be impossible.  Obviously, I'm no programmer and I could be totally in left field on this as this is just educated guesses from what I've read over the years, so if someone more informed reads this, feel free to correct me.

It would be up to a Director to get it correct.

General discussion / What is Meteor?
« on: 2008-05-25 04:16:58 »
I keep hearing about this program called Meteor. What is it and where can I find it? I just wanna look at it and see what its all about..

I'm a Voice Actor and will voice some of the Characters for free if anybody wishes to attempt this.

I can be contacted either by E-mail (Undernet01(at)Shaw(dot)ca) or by MSN (Mesden84(at)Hotmail(dot)com).

My voice wouldn't be a fit for Sephiroth, Barret, Cid, Vincent, Cait Sith, Tseng, Etc... Their voices are either too deep or too aged... But I'd be able to ace Cloud, Zack, Reno, and Rufus. Send me a shout if anyone wishes to get this started.

Archive / Re: Guide to Installing FF7Music
« on: 2008-05-15 03:31:08 »
As the previous poster said before me, you don't need ficedula.dll or ficeconsole.dll

They're actually known for causing problems with the 1.51 version of ff7music (latest).

Really? Mine won't work without them  :|

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