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As per my issue above (more details provided), I have now tested the game with The Reunion on another TV via HDMI and the problem of no sound in-game (but sound during cutscenes) persists on that TV as well.
Does everything else work as expected when connected to HDMI? Windows sounds, video playback, other games?  I'm connected via HDMI audio to my external receiver and everything (including FF7) works as expected for me.

when climbing the pagoda, after the battle gorky says "but you handled yourself pretty good." should be "handled yourself pretty well."

this one is really nothing, some missing commas in vincent's line on the highwind: "Ancients... One day we may too be referred to in the same manner." should have commas before AND after the word too (at least in american english)
I'd actually argue for "Ancients... One day we too may be referred to in the same manner."

American English uses both 'sorry' and 'eh', but the stereotypical Canadian uses both words much more often, especially 'eh' to indicate indifference.

There's a commonly-used word that I've heard a lot of Americans say we pronounce funny, but which word it is is escaping me right at this moment.

edit: Ah yes, 'Aboot' [About]. Particularly the Eastern Seaboard dialect, I expect, though I've had Americans comment on my pronunciation of it before.

if you raise it as American v English and covarr agrees then it gets added to American option. 
In that case I'm going to, again, respectfully raise "What a nerve!". To my Canadian sensibilities, "What nerve!" is borderline archaic but sensible, while "What a nerve!" is a phrase I've literally never heard before in my life.

With a few spelling exceptions [Hi Color/Colour], I expect Canadian English and American English are probably mostly the same.

If "people from coming in their droves" and "people from coming in droves" are both acceptable UK English, but us North Americaners think the "their" is really awkward, then I would argue it should be removed. This logic I think also applies to the "What a nerve!" debate from a page or two ago.

There seems to be a fair amount of minor translation issues that sound "awkward" to certain people.  Might it make sense to add a new tab to the spreadsheet for "translation English dialect differences"? I think these deserve discussion and documentation, but perhaps should not be clogging up this thread.

From Kuraudo's APP.LOG

[00003940] TRACE: open q_kets03.TEX (LGP:magic)
[00003940] TRACE: open titama.S (LGP:magic)
[00003940] TRACE: open q_kets01.TEX (LGP:magic)
[00003940] TRACE: open hit1.S (LGP:magic)
[00004088] TRACE: open BLAVER00.TEX (LGP:magic)
[00004088] TRACE: PERSONAL TEXTURE - C:\Games\Final Fantasy VII Steam Edition IT\The_Reunion/GLOBAL/Texture/magic/BLAVER00_00.png
[00004088] TRACE: open BLAVER.S (LGP:magic)
[00004088] TRACE: open BLAVER01.TEX (LGP:magic)
[00004088] TRACE: PERSONAL TEXTURE - C:\Games\Final Fantasy VII Steam Edition IT\The_Reunion/GLOBAL/Texture/magic/BLAVER01_00.png
[00004088] TRACE: open SHINING.S (LGP:magic)
[00004133] TRACE: open LIMIT/BLAVER.A00 (LGP:magic)
[00004143] TRACE: PERSONAL TEXTURE - C:\Games\Final Fantasy VII Steam Edition IT\The_Reunion/GLOBAL/Texture/magic/BLAVER01_01.png
[00004151] TRACE: PERSONAL TEXTURE - C:\Games\Final Fantasy VII Steam Edition IT\The_Reunion/GLOBAL/Texture/magic/BLAVER01_02.png
[00004353] TRACE: PERSONAL TEXTURE - C:\Games\Final Fantasy VII Steam Edition IT\The_Reunion/GLOBAL/Texture/menu/btl_win_b_l_06.png
[00004362] TRACE: PERSONAL TEXTURE - C:\Games\Final Fantasy VII Steam Edition IT\The_Reunion/GLOBAL/Texture/battle/seffect3_21.png
[00004442] TRACE: PERSONAL TEXTURE - C:\Games\Final Fantasy VII Steam Edition IT\The_Reunion/GLOBAL/Texture/battle/seffect3_24.png
[00004507] TRACE: PERSONAL TEXTURE - C:\Games\Final Fantasy VII Steam Edition IT\The_Reunion/GLOBAL/Texture/menu/btl_win_b_l_11.png
[00004530] [BATTLE] End of current battle
[00004530] [BATTLE] Begin end battle stuff
[00004598] [BATTLE] Entering FRAME_QUIT
[00004598] [BATTLE] endof battle.

Also is the texture bug gone with Hotfix 11?
Hotfix 11:
  -  The Midgar area immediately after meeting Aerith is working fine - Both the correct field, and no texture corruption.
  - Overall working much better, but still logging lots of ERROR: texture cache is full and nothing could be evicted!
  - I've had some sessions work fine for hours, covering many different fields and aspects of storyline
  - I also had one instance where the game crashed at the After Battle screen after a single fight
    [I then re-launched the game, loaded the same save, and played for some time without issue]

If not, can anything else be done to make the game work with Reunion on my laptop?

I don't know if Steam's controller mapping works with keys that don't physically exist on the machine's keyboard, but I suspect it would.

Bring a gamepad with your laptop, and configure the Steam controller mapping as shown here:


Do monster-vampire things drink coffee? 'cause he looks like he chugged the whole carafe.

I think the graphical character mod is nice, although I'm not really a fan of Jessie's coloring, especially her hair. It makes her look ginger and really contrasts the remake, and her blue shirt sticks out. I think it'd be really cool if we can make the characters more like the remake. I noticed Biggs has sleeves on his shirt like the remake which I think is really sweet. I'm a big fan of consistency.
Respectfully, our [or at least, my] goal is to improve upon, and maintain consistency with, the original game. This is a mod for Final Fantasy VII, not FF7 Remake. Consistency is one reason I don't use enhanced field models, because some of the cinematics have the doll models baked in, and it's really jarring to suddenly be jumping from one set of models to another.

I'm also a bit sad because I don't know how to use HD models with Reunion. I think it'd be cool if you could include an optional HD model function, or a way to use other models (not really sure how to do that). I know you prefer some consistency, although an option for graphic whores like me would be great. I've seen these online and think they look amazing (not sure who made them, it's really hard to track down since it feels like there's a hundred models and versions out there these days).

That does look amazing, I'll absolutely give you that. And given that Battlescape doesn't interact with the cinematics, that should be an absolute winner. I've no idea what or where those models are, or if they can be integrated with Reunion.

One final thing I noticed is Vincent's running away animation in 60 FPS mode 2. It's really funny and sticks out like a sore thumb.
I don't know if it can be fixed tho.
For stuff like this, providing captures showing both mode0 and mode2 can be very helpful. See my posts over the last few pages regarding Yuffie's cast/summon animation. I haven't gotten to Vincent in my game yet, but I'll take some captures of it when I do.

I've confirmed the troubles with the start of the game. Mine's even worse than already pictured!

Nothing's touching flevel - I'm just running Satsuki's textures and movies, plus some custom musics rolled by myself.

Full debug assets requested - use Save 2, and follow the story until the screen after you bump into Aerith.

Edit: Also, I set Mod_ID to None, and confirmed this still happens, though the incorrect level isn't scrambled like it is in my screenshot.

I'm not seeing the issue there :P?
Torn down is fine. 'What a nerve!' is not. 'What nerve!' would work. Here's hoping this doesn't degenerate into another "Spare me the speeches" debate.

[Personally, I would argue that 'Spare me the speech' or 'Spare me the lecture' sound much more correct, but I'm not going to poke that bear]

skyhawk, DLPB said the game ignores the Steam settings with Reunion. I wasn't able to map my X-input controllers through it with Reunion activated.
The game ignores Steam Achievements with Reunion. The controller mapping is not done via Steam API hooks, and works perfectly. I was playing it an hour ago with my XBox controller, as mapped via Steam.

@DLPB - In relation to the texture crash/messages, can I ask for a bit of elaboration on a few options?

I'd like to know a bit more about what these options do and how they interact:

texture_cache_size - sounds straightforward enough, but the setting seems to make no difference. Is this measured in KiB or MiB?
save_textures - Creates a disk cache, but ignore textures in Mod_ID

@Kuraudo - I'm using the 1998 disc version of the game, and I launch it through Steam, which has wonderful controller mapping support.

There's also a random crash bug at end of battle caused by a slight tweak to aali's original code. Please backup your aali.dll and then try this one as a test

but it should fix the "eviction" message
A very quick playtest is still logging lots of ERROR: texture cache is full and nothing could be evicted! messages. It hasn't crashed yet, but I haven't played it enough to give it a chance to crash yet, so that means nothing.

I think you missed an open mouth.

One of the tents in North Corel - see screenshot.

Other Modding / Re: [FF7PC] Post bug reports here
« on: 2020-03-02 00:58:54 »
I've found an issue with the Bomb enemies from the Corel area. My copy of ff7 does not function with The Reunion disabled, so I can't test vanilla, but I think this does happen there.

When a Bomb detonates, it turns the entire battle arena black. This condition persists until the end of the battle, which I somehow doubt was the intended behavior.

Video example

Hi unab0mb,

Enrico's musics are wonderful, and I'm wondering if I might be allowed to create and distribute [Free of charge, of course] a music pack for The Reunion, which is not compatible with Seventh Heaven and uses different music file names.

I'm interested in using the Those Who Fight music from the FF7 Remake, plus pretty much every piece that Enrico has made that can be made to loop. I would not publish such a thing without some kind of acknowledgement from Enrico though. Copyright lawyers can be scary!

Do you know how he can be contacted?

Other Modding / Re: [FF7PC] Post bug reports here
« on: 2020-03-01 22:49:34 »
Minor field script error, I think:

While in Junon for the first time, dressed up as a Shinra goon:

In the Barracks off Junon (Left):
There is a soldier who says
"Oi. You're still on duty!", "Then again, I'm hardly qualified to grill people.", followed by
"Whatever you do, don't turn into a slouch like me."

The hitbox for the dialog is very off. I can use the (heater?) in the next room over, or the couch on the other side of the room, and still get this line of dialog.

Minor field issue, no idea if present in vanilla or not:

In the Barracks off Junon (Left):
There is a soldier who says
"Oi. You're still on duty!", "Then again, I'm hardly qualified to grill people.", followed by
"Whatever you do, don't turn into a slouch like me."
He'll keep repeating the second line every time you try to talk to him.

The hitbox for the dialog is very off. I can talk to the (heater?) in the next room over, or the couch on the other side of the room, and still get this line of dialog.

edit: I should add this is during the initial visit to Junon, when Cloud is alone and dressed up like a Shin-ra goon.

Speed up is Select + Square [switch]. 

My help file is wrong.  I was blaming you for a sec.
And speedup works just fine, now that I'm actually using the correct input for it. Doesn't change the fact I haven't been using it, and I have not encountered this music bug.

I've actually found the speed-up mechanism doesn't seem to work for me

It doesn't come on screen that it's increased?  Are you trying from keyboard only?
There's no perceptible change in speed, and no reaction on screen either. I've been using controller input for it, which I thought was correct?

Like I said, I tried it real quick, it didn't work, I kinda just shrugged and moved on.

Just tried it right now, Select+Cancel, right? Tried both [minus]+[keypad0], as well as Select+X on my gamepad. This combination DOES work for skipping cutscenes, but there's no reaction when standing around in the field.

for what its worth, this music bug hasnt happened to me at all, i keep 60fps battles turned off
Also for what its worth, I use both 60fps and Remako/Satsuki texture packs, and while I've had a bunch of random crashes that I can't reproduce, I've never had issues with the music.

I seriously doubt it, but maybe this has something to do with the CPU in question? I'm on an i5-6700k with Hyperthreading off.

does the music bug ever happen at normal game speed?  when not sped up?
I've actually found the speed-up mechanism doesn't seem to work for me. I haven't taken the time to dig any further on that. Using the soft-reset function usually ends very badly as well.

Random feature request!

Could we get an install-time option for XBox Controller buttons, rather than the Playstation buttons?

Triangle would be Yellow Y
Square would be Blue X
Circle would be Red B
Cross would be Green A

I bring it up because the surrounding cast/summon animation only takes it's expected 3 seconds. So every time Yuffie casts anything, there's an entire second of her standing there looking stupid with me thinking "Well, come on, get on with it then...."

I agree not a huge issue, and I can certainly see it not being a code problem, but having it fixed would be nice. What's involved with these camera/animation tweaks for 60fps? I'd like to help, if I'm able. Is there a forum thread I should review?

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