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timu sumisu
If u will some one made some other models? mb u'll look this thread: _
There are good artwork  :wink:

Are these Concept Art from the official artists? Or just Fan made?

 :-o :? 8-) :lol:

Fun made...

Nice pics there dude! *thumbs up!*

I thought they were already the tall ones..hehe.. So you reconstructed the chibi ones and made them thinner...

But I think this is great!!..Aside from the chibi reconstruction.. I think its kinda like "Breath Of Fire" Chars but only using FFVII chars...

This is so cool!!!!..Hope you release this (and no one argues with it?...I hope..  :wink:)

Actually they ARE tall:

(There are no textures troubles ingame)
I just recolored them and resized them.used original skeleton without general deformation.And made them closer to original artwork.


Wedge with shoulder pad now:

2 Harruzame
Okay!I'll try to modify them  :wink: But don't forget that this is Chibi Nomura's design.And we need tall one  :-)

You know Squallff8, that picture of Jesse has inspired me. I think I'll try and see how close can I get to that design.

Have a try :wink: I think she already looks good.Here some ingame screens:

I'll change wrist colors to original today.BTW i forgot about shoulder pad too  :-D

Can you make the gloves the same as the pic? It looks more dynamic and it fits the theme of the game..kinda way.. :wink:

What do you mean?I used colors based on pics.Or you mean size?

first thing that comes to mind is are you using aali's driver, because i think u need to to use 1024/1024 textures, of which the body is one.

OH! right!

Here what i mean(I don't have anything against Black People :-P):

I did the same operations like with APZ Cloud.As you can see his Gun arm is OK.Something wrong with Body texture.

Hi people!
Maybe i missed something,but why model is black? :?
something wrong with textures??

I'll try, but i think Jesse Model one of best looking models in PRP.It looks almost the same as original design  :-)

I'll try change color later.

Had experiment with Biggs today:

Team Avalanche / Re: Help Identify World Map Textures!
« on: 2009-09-12 15:52:33 »
MAN!This looks awesome!
Really GREAT work!

Archive / Re: HI RES Bike & Other Transport MOD?
« on: 2009-09-10 16:34:00 »
Did you get the models or just the textures? If you got the textures it should be possible to get the others i think my epsxe is set up wrong i cant get textures or moddels from 2d ripper dx

I've got all files that 3d ripper DX can capture:3dr frames,textures,shaders.
I used "Next 3d" video plugin


Looks funny! :lol:

Question about Cloud field model!
I was experementing with Cloud hair today:

What, you people, think about it?

I don't know if this is PRP's fault or the OpenGL drivers fault, but Hojo in my game does some pretty weird stuff. As seen in the screenshot below Hojo keeps bending over 180 degrees.

It doesn't really bother me that much since I don't get to see Hojo that much anyway, but it's a bit unnerving. Does anyone know how to fix it? Sometimes he's standing up straight (I think it's when he's moving), but when he is standing still he's bent over like that, but in the conference room at Shinra Building he spun around while folded in two.

I'm pretty sure that's Kimera's fault. You might think I would have tested if field animations written by Kimera actually worked fine in game right? Well, guess what, I didn't. I didn't do so because I just need the thing working on a custom game engine I wrote 3 years ago, and it worked. Soooo... well, sorry. For some reason I never heard it wasn't working. I'll fix the bug soon.
Meanwhile you can use the original animation file.

Yeah.I just tried to replace Hojo standing animation to old one(from old char.lgp) and it helped.Looks like i copied new animation when worked with Sephiroth.(For some reason Kimera using Hojo's standing animation for Sephiroth by default :? )

Archive / Re: HI RES Bike & Other Transport MOD?
« on: 2009-09-09 10:59:06 »
2 Harruzame

It have it!Just look closer!
sorry can't make better screenshot :|

Archive / Re: HI RES Bike & Other Transport MOD?
« on: 2009-09-08 13:18:15 »
it looks like they were going with a cartoony look
I think it because something happend with color...
As they look in original you can see on those screens in first post.

As for me,i think those models perfectly keeps original game design.Even with this textures.
Fenrir looks good,but not in original story i think :wink:
I want to keep originality

Only thing that i think can be changed is the color of enemy bike,like Turks had:

Just my opinion :|

Archive / Re: Bike & Other Transport MOD?(Is it possible?)
« on: 2009-09-07 21:26:24 »

Hi!Sorry for such big delay with answer!

First what i want to say:
WHERE ALL YOU PEOPLE BEEN BEFORE?!?! :evil:Several times i posted screens of progress!And where all your dislikes been?
I posted them not just for fun!I wanted your opinion!Everybody said "Everything is great!When I'll be able to use this new models?"And what am i see NOW?! "We don't like it!"

I making this not for myself!I making this for you,PEOPLE!To make the game BETTER!

Another thing:
Also, in many case, the models aren't even standing on the floor. They are merely floating there, and sometimes they are ankle deep into the ground.

Bring the screens of this!I read enough comments like "This project is bad because all tall models have problems with animation!The game made for CHIBI models."
Thats why all new models that i made was fitted to original skeleton to evade animation problems like this.(Models that were made by old team really had skeleton changes).All models i tested by myself and i not found any glitches with this.Bring the screens if i missed something.

Sorry if i sounds rude!
Back to work...


Here is a list of changes on 31.08.09:


Aeris - Normal (auff)
Barret - Normal (acgd)
Cloud - Normal (aaaa)
Cloud - Parachute (afie)
Cloud - Soldier (ekbf)
Cloud - Soldier Helmet (eihd)
Cloud - Sword (bhff)
Soldier - Gun (dxbd)
Soldier - Normal (bwab)
Soldier - Sword (eseb)
Sephiroth - Book (eoea)
Sephiroth - Normal (bkhd)
Sephiroth - Sword (bbab)
Sephiroth - Sword 2 (bgjc)
Tifa - 15 Years Old (bidb)
Tifa - 7 Years Old (buac)
Tifa - Dress (axja)
Tifa - Normal (aagb)
Tifa - Parachute (aggb)
Tifa - Sword (eqib)
Turks - Rude - Normal (anic)
Turks - Tseng - Normal (dbec)
Zack - Normal (ibad)
Zack - Sword Sheathed (ejdc)
Zack - Sword Wielded (ibgd)
Zangan - Normal (bnaf)


Bouncer - Left (dvbe)
Bouncer - Right (dufa)
Bugenhagen 2 - Normal (gwcc)
Detective - Normal (cige)
Don Corneo - Normal (dvhf)
Fat Man 1 - Normal (dmia)
Fat Woman 1 - Normal (dsbc)
Girl 3 - Normal (ched)
Grandma - Normal (bsfc)
Grandma 1 - Normal (dsgf)
Godo - Normal (hgjd)
Hojo - Young (ekjb)
Lonely Man - Normal (ddha)
Man 11 - Normal (fnef)
Man 1 - Normal (blde)
Man 3 - Normal (deda)
Man 7 - Normal (bqfb)
Man 9 - Normal (cjcc)
Man 16 - Normal (csed)
Merchant - Normal (dfgd)
Tifa's Father - Normal (bvda)
Woman 1 - Normal (braf)
Woman - Normal (eiac)
Woman 7 - Normal (ecbf)
Wrestler 1 - Normal (dnje)
Wrestler 2 - Normal (bpdc)
Wrestler 3 - Normal (dndf)

There only char.LGP in archive.wm will be later

There are still not all rebuilded models in Midgar.I just don't want make empty promises.
I'll just keep working on this project.I hope next release will be faster

I made the same thing with my PRP Cloud today:

NPC reconstruction patch uses battle models as field models.
-and there are custom made npc models to go with it as well-

rejuvenation project is all made by hand

I can't say that this project made by hand :|It's just a new version of PRP with more rebuilded models  :-)

Everybody saw that videos with that models,but only author can use them,because all that models are rips from other games and public download of these models are illegal(Check the new rules thread).
I'll try to convert APZ battle Cloud to field one(if he not against this),but not now.

2 hellbringer616
Yes,i downloaded new kimera!I think now some things would be easier.
What do you mean by better suited animations?

This will be released in the end of this month.

I can't say clearly is all NPC will be rebuilded because there too many of them.And i only one who working on them.

As for APZ Cloud,so he made only Chibi field model.There are no Tall field character from him.

Hi there!First i want to apologise.I still not completed all models that i wanted for release.And instead making them i rebuilded models that was before ...Here some screens of different changes that i made:

Ingame screens:

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