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General discussion / FF9 and all of its complaints
« on: 2001-02-14 13:32:00 »
For The SaiNt, if you want to do your exam just go" TARGET=_blank>here  with RM40 to revise. And, thanks, Sir Canelot. BTW, I don't have a PSX  :D

General discussion / FF9 and all of its complaints
« on: 2001-02-13 11:47:00 »
Well, what I mean was that it has the auction house from FF6, Soundtrack from FF4, Magic system from FFT(Partly) and edilions from FF6. Well, Qhimm is the only one who can tolerate my ignorance. And since that there is a bug in FF9, I assumed that the code for FF9 was cut and pasted from older versions of FFs.    

General discussion / FF9 and all of its complaints
« on: 2001-02-12 12:12:00 »
Here are some of my complaints about FF9....and post some of yours too.

1)It contains snippets of code from almost all FFs, even from SNES(which is also C++)
which caused the bug where you can't play in a usual emu like bleem! and in some older vers of PSX.

2)It is VERY diffucult to level up or gain AP.

That's all for now.

General discussion / FFIX PC petion
« on: 2001-01-30 09:51:00 »
Well, 255 petitions now!

General discussion / WEIRD FF8 ENDING?
« on: 2001-05-03 08:08:00 »
Writing isn't my cup of tea.

Well, my bet is on Xbox coz it has amazing rendering capbilities compared with PS2. It is also compatible with older television screens while PS2 requires a more 'mordern' television to work properly, according to a mag that I read. Well, Xbox does have DirectX 8/9, and Microsoft claims that it can emulate 3DFX cards, according to what my friend from Square told me and FF9PC is waiting for that. Well, I think that's why FF9 isn't out yet. Another thing that ponders me is that when will someone make an emulator for PS2 and Xbox. Well, I shouldn't blabber too much in case that someone gets mad with me and thinks that I'm talking crap........... :roll:

Well. I said X Box was better. By the way, how did ya know the stuff?

What? It is also done on C++? Guess he's lying again. I think I'll belive cHiBiMaRoKo instead. One more thing about this PS2 is that it is not cost wise and that it will shrink your bank account unless you are really rich like my friend who works at Square. (Here's something very funny, while the guys were testing FFX on PS2, the game's bug made it do something like a virus which thrashed up 2 date, 3 PS2s!. The screenshots were made just before the game crashed!!!) Another secret about GameShark that I found: A code can make PSX to write on a CD ROM. My friend entered the wrong code and the PSX asked him weather he wants format his CD ROM. He says he forgot the code.) Bye!!!!!  

Ummm....PS2, again. The code for programming games for PS2 is called SonyPS2x. It is a VERY tough programming language that I think not even Qhimm can master. Even the person in Square who knows the most about it is STILL debugging the game. As for X-Box, It supports most programming languages including XGame++(XBox Game languange), C++, Delphi, Visual Basic?! SonyPsx(PSX Programming Language) SaturnV(Sega saturn) Dream128(Dreamcast) and Cube128(Nintendo's Cube) I'm not sure about this but one of my collegues at Square received this news. FFX will be on X-Box and on PS2.

Speaking of emus, Do you guys know where to download a PSX BIOS or can you just send me one at [email protected]

Umm....I think that Connectix Video game station is quite good for systems without sound and graphics card.

General discussion / Final Fantasy X Media Released!
« on: 2001-03-10 07:24:00 »

General discussion / Final Fantasy X Media Released!
« on: 2001-03-05 05:06:00 »
What did you expect? Ultimecia to kill Seifer and then Edea after using them? (YAHOO! I'M AN INSANE POSTER NOW!!!)

General discussion / Final Fantasy X Media Released!
« on: 2001-02-27 05:30:00 »
Qquestion: Where can I get the FULL version of FF9 soundtrack here in malaysia?

General discussion / Final Fantasy X Media Released!
« on: 2001-02-14 13:45:00 »
HEY!!! FINAL FANTASY 8 IS ONE OF THE BEST GAMES IN EARTH. It dosen't uses mp dosen't mean that it sucks. It is considered as the 'Black Sheep' of all FF games. Yes. The team who made FF8 is out again making FF10.

General discussion / How old is everyone?
« on: 2001-02-19 10:57:00 »
On my opinion, someone who looks like Rinoa/Garnet would be nice which is what me girlfriend looks like.

General discussion / How old is everyone?
« on: 2001-01-23 16:47:00 »
Gaaa! I'm the only one without a website! But anyway, cHiBiMaRoKo, can you make a CVGS patch for FF9 Disc 1? And the version is 1.3.

General discussion / How old is everyone?
« on: 2001-01-10 07:00:00 »
For the best web design tool, I say that it is Dreamweaver 3.0 (I haven't tried 4.0 yet)
The best graphics tool is Paint Shop Pro 5.0 (Haven't tried the latest) as you get to  convert a Pic into many different formats and you even get to dertermine the compression ratio.

General discussion / How old is everyone?
« on: 2001-01-06 02:53:00 »
Wow, you must be really rich!

General discussion / How old is everyone?
« on: 2001-01-03 13:17:00 »
Why? is it because people will think that you are old? I'm 15! Form 3 AAAH! PMR!

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