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Your KH Rip are just Awesome !

I like very much le Sabre Mythril and La Bord Dure and the Bat it's just cool !
Bravo el Spanish ! Jajaja ^^
Pero pienso que la camiseta Negra de Cloud en KH2 puede devenir una cosa muy interressante !

You are strong, continue ! :)

If I move a little bit the Buster Sword to the right, a party of the sword will be Hiding !
I'm so sorry, but it's just my first work and i'm not accustom to this file !
I hope I will find a solution ! :)


===RELEASE 0.60===

The Second version release, i have some difficulty due to something like a BLACK SCREEN on the Left and on the right on the Title MENU.

So this is the LPG "menu_US" to put at  [letter]:/program files/Square Soft,inc/Final Fantasy VII/data/menu

To Download :

Everything are possible  :mrgreen:

I'm just sad, because we have just LOST versus Italia ...  :cry:

In my next POST I Will give you a link for download ! :)

Sorry I will just be a 18 years old man in August and I Live in France !  :lol:

But It's your work ! Congratulation ! :)

Archive / Release NEW TITLE 0.50
« on: 2008-06-17 18:26:34 »
===RELEASE 0.50===

I Have Succeed to put in the game, i'm happy because it's my first work in the world of mod in FINAL FANTASY VII.

So this is the LPG to put at  [letter]:/program files/Square Soft,inc/Final Fantasy VII/data/menu

To Download :

There are  two images like Ice cold informed us of the original size of the picture...
The first one like created By Youngkykun, and the second with more blue flash of light like the original stuff from the SquareSoft's team.

Created by : Yongkykun

I prefer Aeris than Aerith, because I think it's easier to Spell it ^^
I think Aeris is nice !

Well I got the blinking problem solved, I just need to know why it's not shaded.

I made a quick texture of the same solid colors to see how it was shading... No it's not, those are the same colors as the original.

I'm sure somebody knows why!
Whoah ! It's just fantastic ;)
Did you think a think a "Chibi" Sephiroth is envisageable ?

Great work  !  :-D

Just wondering if we can get screens. Not entirely convinced what this patch does is what I want. I could try it out, but I figure it'd be much easier to post a couple of pictures to help everyone else out and get this project off of the ground.

+1 I wanna please the same thing : Screens ! :)
Thank very much  ! :lol:

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