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Yea id love it as long as there isnt characters that are horribly imbalanced like the way orlandu was.

loved that first tactics game, havent played any of the others

General Discussion / Re: FFXIII for PC says
« on: 2008-07-29 17:28:59 »
just curious, why dont you like them?  i havent bought a ps3 because of the price (and lack of good games). hopefully by december itll be a bit cheaper.

Completely Unrelated / Re: Leaked FFXIII trailer
« on: 2008-07-28 08:48:48 »
  it has been announced thats its coming to pc as well

im pretty sure square recently, officially stated that it WONT be coming to pc

FF7 Tools / Re: Yet Another Multi-Patcher
« on: 2008-07-28 08:44:30 »
i dont know very much about this kinda stuff but i can tell you that you will have more problems and adding mods/patches will be more difficult for the downloaded illegal ultima version rather than going out and buying the game legitimately.

i had ultima for 3 days and after seeing all the mods/patches on this site i went and grabbed my phonebook and called about 25 different stores till i eventually found a perfect condition copy of the pc version of ff7,  cost me 50 bucks tho!

trust me its worth it to go and get your own legit copy.  i did and then installed the phoenix rejuvanation patch along with the high res patch and hays reaonable difficulty patch.  its like a remake its so much different than vanilla ff7!

Releases / Re: FF7 - Reasonable difficulty mod[1.1]
« on: 2008-07-27 21:54:59 »
can anyone whos played hays reasonable difficulty  mod tell me when it starts to get challenging? im not trying to be a jerk or anything but ive played up to junon and the difficulty seems to be almost the same as vanilla ff7.

The first time i faced him i used w magic and quadra magic along with ultima and i think i used shadow flare and hades (to paralyze him) as well.

not sure if this has been mentioned but im not reading all 6 pages.  when your in clouds past and tifa attacks sephiroth with his sword for a few seconds the model of tifa is the old vanilla ff7 model AND for some reason shes using the buster sword.  but after 2 seconds everything goes to how it should be (battle model tifa with sephiroths sword in hand)

General Discussion / Re: STICKY: FF7 Customising
« on: 2008-07-25 16:03:13 »
I just bought the pc version (a whopping 50 $ at games exchange) and i got some questions/concerns.

I'd like to have the

-high res patch, 

-npcs remodeled patch, 

-make it so my party characters are the battle versions on the field and wherever, 

-id like to get better sound if possible... the midis or whatever sound like crap, any way to make it sound like the playstation version?     

- that patch that fixes those stupid block hands

thats all i can think of, i have looked around ff7 universe and the wiki of patches and this site but i might be forgetting a few.

Any other patches or mods or whatever anyone wanna recommend me?

also does anyone know if all the patches i just mentioned will work together?  and im using windows vista and have my resolution set to 1280x960 if that matters.

I don't expect you guys to do all the work looking around for patches or finding all my info for me, if you guys cant/wont help me ill just go look around the internet in general and this site and ff7 universe a bit more (altho ive already spent hours the past week or so looking around)

EDIT:  I got saints high resolution patch AND the phoenix rejuvenation patch working together as well as hays reasonable mod too!   Only thing left to do is install the 9999 limit breaking patch then maybe get an editor so i can lower all my stats to make the game NOT mind numbingly easy.

If anyone has any other suggestions for patches/mod let me know.

Archive / Re: FF7 MIDI sound/music Fix
« on: 2008-07-25 15:50:18 »

Releases / Re: [Release] Slayersnext's Customized Models
« on: 2008-07-25 15:26:29 »
I never understood why the nail bat has the pointy ends of the nails INSIDE the bat, lol when making a nail bat in real life you'd wanna take some 9 inch nails and nail them all the way through so that the pointy sharp ends are sticking out right?  Makes sense to me at least, it would do more damage.

Releases / gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod
« on: 2008-07-23 04:42:17 »
gjoerulv your mod would probably go well with saints high resolution patch and the phoenix rejuvenation patch.

Right now I'm playing with "Hay's reasonable mod" and it's not hard enough. (Currently have to lower stats with an editor to make it a challenge) I'd rather play yours instead.

Releases / gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod
« on: 2008-07-22 04:14:43 »
I'll be crossing my fingers.

Releases / gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod
« on: 2008-07-21 01:28:01 »
"wow man! Thanks for the interest. I'll try to answer you as good as I can. Actually I started to work on this today after ca 2-3 months of no work. The mod is nearly done. By that I mean ca 90%. But those 10% remaining are quite a bit for 1 person."

I was really curious about this because I will have way, way more free time than usual from july 25th to august 8th.  I guess version 2.0 won't be out in time for that.  Too bad for me I guess lol.

"Magic attacks becomes overpowered early in the game. Few people know that weapons actually increase the character's magic power quite a lot. The stronger the weapon the more power too. If we remove this, not only does it help on the power level, but we might make more unique weapons as well. In my mod I've also weakened KOTR. But KOTR may also make the enemies peerless. To use it against regular enemies is a gamble, but works normally on the WEAPONs (they're immune to peerless). Master summon, magic and command are replaced with other spells. I currently don't know what to replace master summon with, but magic and command are replaced by remove and flash. Remove is removed (lol) from the Exit materia and flash is also removed from Slash-all materia. Big guard targets only one and costs more MP. White wind costs more MP as well, and only removes poison and darkness. Angel whisper doesn't remove any status. All summons can only be used once pr battle and some are modified as well."

That is really weird, I knew items like wizard bangle make your magic stat higher but I didn't know weapons had any affect on magic damage. Can you tell me what you mean by "peerless"? I have never heard that term used when talking about final fantasy 7 or any video game for that matter. You made it so all summons can only be used once per battle!?! Thats an awesome idea, i'm glad you included that. About replacing master summon... only idea i can think of is, replace master summon with a enemy skill materia THAT COMES WITH a few of the best enemy skills on it. doesnt really have anything to do with summoning, but its all i could think of.

"Trust me. Toward the end all enemies are badass! And imo to fight many hard fights can get tedious. Specially if you're leveling. I've increased exp and ap a bit. But decreased gil somewhat."

That's great to hear, but I hope that when you say towards the end game you arent talking about only the last 20% of the game. one thing i hate about vanilla ff7 is how there is no difficulty at all really UNTIL you get to the snow fields , gaea cliffs and all that. But from what i've gathered in your mod its all a challenge even in the start of disc 1, just the challenge really picks up a lot more once you get to disc 2 and beyond.

"Haven't thought of that. I may find a place on the continent for him."

I think many people would love that, like most people when they play through ff7 they only face one or maybe two battles with iron man involved, its a great enemy in my opinion and should be placed somewhere in the game where you can fight him multiple times if ya want... also that crazy undead dragon that uses pandoras box i think would be great to place in another extra area too but thats just my opinion.

"Sorry to disappoint you but the only thing I can do is to switch what kind of effect the materia makes in general. It's only decided by 1 byte in the kernel, and that byte gives all the effects. 13 different kinds I believe."

I know absolutely nothing about modding so I just suggest things and have no idea if they will work, just voicing my thoughts thats all.

"It's possible, but I don't think I'll go int that at this release. I've thought about adding some save points though. One before Aps and one in the ancient forest."

I don't think adding little random items and stuff around the game is a big deal, just a little suggestion.  About the save points though, I was thinking maybe a good place to add one would be somewhere in the GI CAVE, maybe right before you start encountering stingers, or maybe right after. What do you think?

"This is possible. Well, I don't remember if it is possible to subtract stats, but plenty of things are possible."

That whole thing i typed about changing armor and weapons and having negative stats and all that... in my opinion thats definitely one of the biggest, best, most interesting things you could do to make your mod better, and to stand out among other mods.

"I can make patches that goes along with others. I might even make a patch that has multiple patches in one. If the creators don't mind. But 1st I'll release my patch, and perhaps others can upload patches that works with mine. The files I work with are: scene.bin, kernel.bin, battle lgp and field.lgp. Only patches that alters one or more of these files will get a problem with mine. Some patches only alters the ff7.exe, and my mod will have no problems with those."

I think it would be a good idea, it would really be refreshing and add a little spark to the game if the character models werent all ugly and blocky and no handed etc etc.

"Good thing you mentioned the 9999 limit breaker patch. Use it with mine for best result. In my mod you need to lose twice as much HP as normal. You'll feel lucky each time you get a lvl 4 limit. Some of 'em are weakened (like omnislash) but the early ones stay untouched."

Wow i never thought of that, thats a great idea making it so that charging limit breaks needs twice as much hp as normal. sounds good!

Question for you!  have you done anything about enemy speed compared to players speed? seems to me like players always get more turns than monsters. Sorry if this has been answered before.

Releases / gjoerulv's "Hardcore" mod
« on: 2008-07-20 18:44:37 »
Hey gjoerulv, sounds like you have really made something special. My main reason for the long post is, I want you to read it and think about what I have said compared to the changes you have made and haven't made in your mod. I am hoping my opinion and suggestions could help inspire you to make your awesome mod even better. Everything I say here is my opinion and suggestions for vanilla ff7, it's to give you things to think about, on whether or not your mod is different enough in certain respects. Obviously I respect all your decisions and I know your mod is mainly made for you and your enjoyment BUT I wanted to share my thoughts and hopefully help you to make your mod even better, I don't expect you to listen to everything I have to say, just think about it and compare what I have said about vanilla ff7 to how your mod is in it's current form.

I'd also like to hear what ARMS/SD666 has to say about my comments.

One huge thing that made ff7 much less enjoyable than it could have been was the incredible lack of difficulty in 90+ percent of the game. I know in your mod you have increased difficulty quite a bit (especially in version 2) so that's great!

Some problems in vanilla ff7 I think were:

-Many of the players attacks were overpowered, all magic attacks were overpowered for the majority of the game. Some level 3 limit breaks and most level 4 limit breaks were overpowered. KOTR is obviously just ridiculously overpowered. All death,death sentence, etc type attacks should be removed because they are cheap. The game was already too easy even without barrier, mbarrier, wall, big guard, haste, white wind, angel whisper, pretty much all summons and most offensive attack magic. So I hope things are more balanced in your mod.

- Most enemies were a joke even if you played a no materia game, just use attack and limit breaks and have some xpotions and your set. A few bosses and enemies that I think really needed a buff are, diamond weapon, Guard Scorpion, Aps,  reno/rude in gongaga, palmer,  reno and rude in the gelninka but they are glitched I think,  rude when your at rocket town, proud clod, jenova synthesis,  dark dragon in north crater, movers,  ALL wolf/dog type enemies, doorbull, king behemoth, grangalan,  pretty much ALL shinra soldiers including the ones with guns  with one exception 1rst class soldiers, manhole,   Thats all I can think of that were extremely underpowered... although I do almost every enemy in the game should be buffed.

- Magic pots and movers.  I think they should be removed or drastically changed. I hate how these monsters work. No challenge what soever, you just give the pots an elixer and the movers you just attack once and boom! Instant tons of xp and ap. I personally think you have have a tough challenge almost like a boss fight for such high rewards.

Some ideas I have to make ff7 better:

-Iron man.  What would you think about putting these guys somewhere else in the game as well? I love these guys, I think they should be buffed a bit and then added to another area of north crater that you can turn back from, because right now these guys are right before Jenova and you can't go back after fighting any of them... no fun in that.

-One big thing that I really have no idea about, if you, gjoerulv changed in your mod or if any other modders like saintdragon666 have done but would really like to see is bigger stat changes when you equip materia. Maybe  triple all the positive AND negative stat changes on materia like for example most basic green materia takes away some strength but adds some mdefense and magic, maybe increase those values and IF POSSIBLE change all materia that affects mdefense to make it change spirit instead, because as we all know magic defense does nothing.

- Is it possible to add items or chests on the ground? I think it would be neat to add lots of little secrets like how in ff5 or 6 i forget which maybe even both had elixers hidden in clocks. Maybe you could add a few items or weapons or whatever is various places in the game. For example there are a few unused completely useless spots where there is nothing to do like in bugenhagens home, you can climb up to the top and run around, even go hide behind the big metal dome thingy, you could add an item or two up there.

- Make armor have a bit more variety. Maybe change a few more armors to have more special things about them, rather than ONLY changing one thing like it has double ap growth, maybe make it so it has double ap growth but minus 10% hp,  or triple ap growth but minus 90% experience, etc. I think it would be a great idea to change many armors and accessories and weapons so that some of their positive affects might be higher but they also have a negative attribute to them, like the curse ring! I think it would be awesome if their was a little more end game equipment that was all about equal that way not every single character has the same armor or accessory. I think it would make the game much more interesting, all about choices and options, do I want to wear this sword that has plus 89 attack and minus 30 vitality? Or do I want to wear the sword with 60 attack and minus 10 to spirit?, or just a plain old sword with plus 55 to attack but no negative modifiers? You could also make more character class specific items, some are caster specific, some are warrior specific, some are for a jack of all trades character, I'm sure ya know what I mean. If you can't create new items then modify existing ones.

-In your version 2.0 could you make it so that some of the other patches out there are already installed into your mod? Like the ones that get rid of those blocky hands, give better resolution, smoother textures, better character models etc. That kinda thing. I'm sure the people who made those patches would let you if you asked.

- What would you think about weakening multi hit limit breaks like meteorain,omnislash,highwind etc.  They are so powerful that unless you have 4 times cut command materia your normal attack is so damn weak (compared to your limit break) that you might as well just not even bother attacking, just wait until your limit gauge is filled up and use a limit. 
 My problem is that for example omnislash does 15 hits of 9999 if your strength is high, thats about 150000,  thats like 15 freaken turns worth of normal attacks if you dont have double or quad cut. I think that no limit break should do more than 10 times the damage of the normal attack, its just too unbalanced.  I think that if your normal attack does 9999 then omnislash should only do about 100000 rather than the 150000 it does now. that way if you have quad cut and are doing 40000 dmg a turn with it then omnislash is about 2.5 times more powerful than that... which sounds about right in my opinion.  in vanilla ff7 it does around 4 times that much, rather than 2.5 like i suggested.  also meteorain could be nerfed slightly as well. now everything might be quite a bit different in your mod compared to vanilla, especially with that patch that lets you hit over 9999 but I wanted to give you something to think about.

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