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FF7 Tools / Loveless - a FF7 text editor [v.1 - 2.5]
« on: 2007-01-10 18:42:21 »
Huuu ? Loveless can use longer text ? What is the problem ? :)

If the original text uses 20 chars, you can replace it by a longer text without any problem.

Ooopssss... actually i didn't tried that :P. I'm really really sorry

FF7 Tools / Loveless - a FF7 text editor [v.1 - 2.5]
« on: 2007-01-09 19:58:57 »
Hey Squall78,

i have a big big feature that could sign the 3.0 milestone for your program. Pointer recalculation for the expansion of the text in the rooms. We did that by figuring out all the pointers used in rooms and recalculate them based on the new inserted text. It's a very useful feature when the translated text occupies more space than the English one. If you are interested in adding this feature send me an email so i can explain you what the program needs to do.

Take care

The low res version of the files should work but i'm not sure. I'm going to look at it as soon as i find my PSX copy :P i can't remember where i left it :P

Q-Gears / Re: field specs...
« on: 2006-12-31 21:53:53 »
Cyberman, i share your thoughts. When i was working on the FF7 translation with my team mates we had a lot of problems due to incomplete documentation and broken software which led to almost dropping the project. That slowed us down to the point that we had to restart the project from scratch. While that happened, on our page we already had published infos on the project an people started (excuse me French) BITCHIN' about it not being released or that it was taking forever.
All that hype generated a flood of angry people and frustrated us A LOT but we went on because we wanted to finish the project for ourselves.

After the first patch was released everything went back to normal and that thought us that we don't need to publicize our projects until we are 100% sure that we won't have problems with the translation (that's why the Xenogears translation went smooth).

All that just to show that no matter how far people can go with their senseless questions we still go on. Unfortunately not everybody is born with a fully functional brain and that's why we have to use it for those that don't have it. (Figure speech, don't kill me for that :-D).

halkun, you are not special... you just have a different way of thinking (Better way for what i see)

I hope that snailrush reads this and understands. People like him should search for people like us, willing to go forward with what we like and ignore all the stupid people that don't even think what they are doing or writing.

Q-Gears / Re: Hello! I am G ;)
« on: 2006-12-31 20:16:11 »
Yes, dynamics are simulated with animation and btw, most of the models, world maps (by You) and font, graphics and other text related stuff (by SadNES) is already decoded in Xeno, so it shouldn't be that much work to "adapt" it. That's all ;)

Q-Gears / Re: field specs...
« on: 2006-12-31 20:11:08 »
Oh, ok. I didn't knew but if i recall correctly it even opens special file formats from certain games, but that's something else.

FF7 Tools / Loveless - a FF7 text editor [v.1 - 2.5]
« on: 2006-12-31 19:44:38 »
Whoops! My bad, i quickly checked the DLL on google and came up like it was from BCB.

Well... then just check your email Squall78 ;)

I used Textool by Ficedula... They are nothing more than TIM files (PSX Format) with a slightly different header.

Btw, taken from Fice's website:

Textool 1.00

TexTool is a small utility to help with editing the TEX (texture/graphics) files from FF7. (You can do this with LGP Tools, but that doesn't work well with transparent graphics. TexTool correctly deals with all TEX files, so far as I know).

Q-Gears / Re: field specs...
« on: 2006-12-31 19:28:39 »
Here is a link to it and maybe you can get something out of it


and for those who like FF8


Those are the latest versions before the page disappeard.

Akari, take a look at them... you are going to like 'em

Oh, btw, he had a program called PSound wich opened the music/sound effects format of many games including FF7 and Xenogears

Q-Gears / Re: field specs...
« on: 2006-12-31 07:42:30 »
Hey Akari! Yep, yep, loooong time no see :P

I think that Snailrush figured that out. On 7mimic you even where able to see the animations on the backgrounds as well as the light sources that affected the models while walking near some parts of a bg. I PMed the email address of Snailrush to Cyberman. I hope he can get some informations out of him. Take care

I didn't where to post this... i hope it's the right section :P

A while back, when me and my teammates worked on the FF7 Italian translation i was in charge of the graphics. Since we translated the PC version i created a Photoshop file for each image i had to modifiy and it's all quite organized so i was wondering if somebody is interested in it. I can publish a "standard" version of the PSDs that could be used for other tranlations.

Here is a little example of the results:
I didn't where to post this... i hope it's the right section :P

A while back, when me and my teammates worked on the FF7 Italian translation i was in charge of the graphics. Since we translated the PC version i created a Photoshop file for each image i had to modifiy and it's all quite organized so i was wondering if somebody is interested in it. I can publish a "standard" version of the PSDs that could be used for other tranlations.

Here is a little example of the results:

Click Here for a larger image

I think this is a way i can contribute to the community.

Take care

FF7 Tools / Loveless - a FF7 text editor [v.1 - 2.5]
« on: 2006-12-31 06:47:07 »
Hey Squall78,

i just wanna ask if you received my email, the one with the de/compression code and the table for the text in the EXE since you didn't reply :P

On a side note... why Borland C Builder? With VC6 you can compile and distribute only the exe without an overweight DLL (actually 2), and if you integrate the compression i sent you, you don't even need qhimm's DLL... that's 3 files down :P

Can't wait to see the windows resizing working :wink:

Take care

Q-Gears / Re: Hello! I am G ;)
« on: 2006-12-31 06:42:06 »
It's great to see the hype buiding up around this project. I'm really looking forward to play (and retranslate maybe) Final Fantasy VII on my PC and why not... Xenogears too (right Akari?  :wink:)

Q-Gears / Re: field specs...
« on: 2006-12-31 06:31:48 »
No problem Halkum,

it'll be nice to see the project go on faster without having to focus on stuff that's already chewed if you know what i mean.  :-D

Q-Gears / field specs...
« on: 2006-12-29 06:37:32 »
Hi Guys,

i really love what you're doing with the engine. Since me and my group translated the game to Italian we are really into it and so i was wondering, by the posts i've seen looks like you guys have some problems fully understanding the field files. Probably you already know but Snailrush, creator of 7mimic (sadly the page disappeared) decoded pretty much all the sections of the field, especially the BG with lights ans so on.

Please kill me if you already knew or even better if you already know everything that there is to know about the bgs.

Else... PM me and I'll give you the email address so you can contact with him but let me tell you that the guy isn't easy. I mailed him once about the same thing and got an unpleasant answer.

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / FF7 .p Format Summary
« on: 2005-09-01 16:56:21 »
Hey Alhexx,

why, instead of a all new editor, you don't write a plugin for an exiting software? Take MilkShape for example ( It comes with an SDK and a pretty good editing enviroment.

This way everybody can work on it. When somebody finds out something he just has to update it.

What do you think?

Me and our grounp translated FF7 PC in italian. The project is done but there are a couple of details that we can't figure out. I'm talking about the text that appears after the submarine battle in the Gold Saucer and the Chocobo's gender that appears in the farm (Male, Female). The only things i know about it are:
1) The submarine text is in the EXE;
2) The submarine text uses a different font from the script and is located in the file 'sub.lgp'. The files are 'text.tex' for the lowres, 'texta.tex' and 'textb.tex' for the hires;
3) The chocobo gender is in the EXE.


FF7 Tools / FF7 models to 3ds Max
« on: 2004-03-17 23:16:20 »
New Ultima on the way with new specs, Bitrun exporting to Max, Leviathan with scene.bin support... what's going on today? :D

You guys are great :wink:

Great news man! I'm checking out the specs right now... seems that you are close to complete the decoding of the .P format. Am i right?

Great job, can't wait to see the new Ultima at work! :wink:

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Leviathan
« on: 2004-03-16 23:04:42 »
i'm a bit late on the reply :P

Awesome job Mirex, nice to see Leviathan updated. :wink:

that's almost what i was talking about. There they are using 2 hex. Normaly whan 2 hex are used the game refears to a special "action". In this case the names of the chars- Search for the others you need, normaly they are 1 hex.

Archive / Final Fantasy 7 [SINGLE CD EDITION]
« on: 2003-12-04 14:31:20 »
I was thinking about making a 1 cd version of the game. With modern technics and the knowledge we have about the game must be easy.

The game can easyly run any DirectShow filter like DivX or XviD so the movies can be all resized. A couple of files can be deleted like the disc_us.lgp (that's the one that the game uses to switch CD) and the field files can be resized by deleting not used text (a lot of it it's duplicated).

What you guys think?


D.T.E. = Double Tile Encoding
M.T.E. = Multiple Tile Encoding

Those 2 technics are used to save space especially on roms. In the first case normaly 2 chars are on the same tile. For example small ones like a double l. In the second case you have a string (a word or a phrase). In both case you print them on the screen just by using one hex.


in this case the word Summon it's composed by 5 hex instead of 6

in this case the word Summon is composed by 3 hex instead of 6 or you can even have that the whole word is A1.

In both cases you have somewhere in the game (normaly in the EXE) the full table of the DTEs/MTEs that you can modify. Normaly they both uses standard pointers.


I hope it's clear  :D

Looking at the dump... seems that DTE are used. Try to find the missing parts in the EXE. Like on (of Summon), ar (of Guardian) and ag (of magic). Using the table you posted of course  :wink:

Seems to me that noone is willing to cooperate... but who cares... it's just a game right? Come on guys! I don't think that the remake could be possible without stuff like the script section. I think that more than one knows but noone is willing to write something.

@Skillster: we are talking about section 1 and not 6

Ficedula (hi :wink:), SaiNt and Sephiroth3D, do you have it ?

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