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Team Avalanche / Re: [REL] High-Resolution World Maps
« on: 2009-11-13 10:34:50 »
Sorry SL for taking so long to get back to you, college has been kicking my ass lmao
im not fully happy with what i have so far but ill release what i got so far so people can use it if they want, im gonna try and make the bangle and shuriken look better as soon as i get some free time

Releases / Re: Diamond Weapon retextured by Grimmy
« on: 2009-11-02 23:15:50 »
nice job dude and you didnt think it was gonna come out as good as that lol. it looks fantastic dude, def have to give you props :)

thats what i love about you starting this project dude, different people can have very different looking games if they want to.
ill post a pic and the texures when im finished dude, prob like tomorrow.
keep up the good work :mrgreen:

im changing the item icons for myself and if some people want them ill upload when im finished
keep in mind there still WIPs and the screen shots arent that great but watever

looking very good dude, thanks for your effort :)

ya it doesnt look bad except for that one spot. its crazy that theres no ryme or reason for that one tile to be flipped. imagine how much of a nightmare it must have been for the game developers to make textures from scratch to fit the engine. Just keep thinking man, how awesome you will make the world map when your finished though...all that hard work will pay off dude


any one else like the mountains like this ^^. i like them that color

Hermoor the color is a little off but thats prob because the brightness of the whole head has to brought down just a little. I took 2 pics of the original battle model and the color isnt that far off.

That is a good mixture between orange and yellow. And damn you are good at textures.
EDIT: Maybe you could lower the saturion a much colour...ahhh my eyes :wink:

He's a strong character - he gets strong colored hair!
Timu the hair color is perfect, unless you wanna change id leave like that  :-D
and i also like the color of the collar too. not to purple and not black, a nice happy medium  :-)

ya i like it the way Timu has it, i just posted that cuz thats as yellow as i think it should go but id rather in my game to have it the way Timu has it with more orangey hair

hermoor i think that was a little to much yellow, i think this is about right

id like to see it somewhere between to orange and yellow. just a little bit of orange in there and it would look sweet. Timu this is looking awesome and the face does look very close to his original look. Hope the body comes out as great.
keep up the good work

im not gonna lie, APZ's cloud is amazing but its not anime style. not to take away from APZ's cloud at all. but if your cloud comes out anywhere near as good as barret in this anime style theres gonna be a serious problem with people having to pic just one lol
i myself am a fan of the anime style :) keep up the good work bud :-D

Team Avalanche / Re: [REL] Team Avalanche's 2D Overhaul
« on: 2009-09-15 10:34:40 »
just a little to bright but good job dude

Releases / Re: [REL] High Quality 24-bit avatars
« on: 2009-09-13 20:41:47 »
you know wat i mean lol
original style is a better way to put it :)

Releases / Re: [REL] High Quality 24-bit avatars
« on: 2009-09-13 19:19:05 »
im gonna leave the more stock looking avatars to timu sumisu cuz hes doing a hell of a job with his.

Releases / Re: [REL] High Quality 24-bit avatars
« on: 2009-09-13 19:02:58 »
v2 Updated Flashback Cloud, Updated Cait Sith and added Chocobo
Version 2 -

Releases / Re: [REL] High Quality 24-bit avatars
« on: 2009-09-13 18:11:40 »
ok, thanks for the input. ill try and find a good advent pic

Releases / Re: [REL] High Quality 24-bit avatars
« on: 2009-09-13 18:05:01 »
i have 2 i could use so ill let the people make the decision




Releases / Re: [REL] High Quality 24-bit avatars
« on: 2009-09-13 17:36:13 »
im looking for a better pic to use for him, cait bugs me but i think its ok for a first release

These are 24-bit, high quality, CG avatars. I know some people do not like CG avatars and i know some do.I like the CG kind and this mod is for the ones that like them. They look ok in the screenshots but i think they look better in game so give em a try and gimme some feedback :)
Version 1 -
Version 2 -

Using LGP tools replace all .tex files in the Menu_us.lgp
with these new CG ones and enjoy.

Archive / Re: Menu Help
« on: 2009-09-12 17:07:01 »
were yout talking about one of these vids
it would be awesome to have a mod like this but i dont think that its real

Archive / Re: Menu Help
« on: 2009-09-12 16:54:46 »
im not sure how to make it fullscreen, everytime i tried it all the words and the little finger dissapeared. i used that image because its great remake of the orignal one

Archive / Re: Menu Help
« on: 2009-09-12 16:27:39 »
tools you'll need are
1. LGP tools to extract and replace tex files -
2. Biturn to convert tex files to a workable format -
3. Image2tex to convert 24-bit pics to tex files -
4. a photo editing program to get the pic to like how you want them to

ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR FILES (never fun to have to re-install cuz of a stupid mistake)
- using LGP tools open and extract the file you want to edit (this one is buster.tex)
- then use biturn to convert and save the .tex file as a jpeg or any other file type you like to work with
- use your photo program to edit the pic or replace it with a new one
- using photo program decrease the color depth of your pic to 24-bit and save
- then use Image2tex to convert your new pic to a .tex file and rename it to name of the file your replacing (buster.tex)
- using LGP tools right click on the file you want to replace and click replace and point it to your new .tex file

if done correctly your new pic should be in game, i know when i first came to this site and started modding in May it was so confusing to me but the more you play with it the more you start to understand...Good Luck dude

Archive / Re: Menu Help
« on: 2009-09-12 15:30:49 »
got it to work with img2tex, i was using biturn before which could to 24-bit and other things. the whole image is at 1024x1024 at 24-bit and its sweet.
No its not official but i am trying to get it touch with the creator to ask for permsission to release this mod here for you all.

first pic is the new menu with GUI beta 8 and the second pic is just the stock menu with the custom graphic driver

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