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Team Avalanche / Re: [REL] sl1982's & Satoh's GUI Mod
« on: 2009-08-18 23:43:10 »
i hope im not stepping on anyones toes but here goes. to me the materia thats in the current release that i have the looked like theose painted metal chistmas ornament balls. In advent children they look more like colored glass to me so i deceided to have a go at making some materia. I came up with 2 different versions that are very similar. i like version 2 the best.

here is version 1

here is version 2

let me know what you think

Team Avalanche / Re: [REL] sl1982's & Satoh's GUI Mod
« on: 2009-08-18 23:34:05 »
darn it lol

Archive / Re: character model files
« on: 2009-07-22 02:53:40 »
thanks alot Borde. long story short, i got a mod that changed every main characters battle and field models. i liked them all except for clouds and barrets. now i got apz's cloud and the original barret in for the battle and im gonna finish and put the field models in tommorow. thanks to your short and to the point explanation i was able to go in there and know what files i was looking for :)
Mod can lock this now if they want seeing i got all the help i needed...and thanks again guys

Archive / character model files
« on: 2009-07-21 13:57:19 »
ok so i have FF7 installed in 2 different directories. i one has a mod installed that replaces a bunch of models and other things. i was wondering if there is a text file that someone has made so i can tell what files are what in the battle.lgp and the field.lgp
what i want to do is use this mod with the exception of Cloud and Barret, so if i knew which files belonged to them for the field and battle i could just swap them out. and which file is the RAGNORAK cuz id like to change just that weapon.
thanks for the help

Graphical Modding / Millenia's custom models
« on: 2009-07-20 18:50:49 »
these are amazing, any idea on a time frame of when we can download the game ready files???
you sir are the best texturer i have ever seen :) keep it up dude

Archive / Re: (RELEASED) 'New' Spell Name Patch v2
« on: 2009-07-07 23:45:56 »

Sleep (why the heck was this EVER Sleepel?!)
Confuse (same here)
Drain (Used to be Escape which I never used)
Aspil (Used to be Remove which I also never used)

how did you turn exit into drain, im trying to do it with wallmarket but it keeps crashing after i cast it. and if its not to much trouble could you tell me which animation you set it to use. i want to make to spells for the exit materia  Drain HP- which i want to have the monster [8 Eye] from the temple of the ancients attack [life drain].
the second spell is Drain HP/MP which i cant think of a better animation so id like to make it the same as Drain HP

Archive / Re: Red XIII WIP
« on: 2009-07-05 15:21:06 »
i also agree hes done, nice job
the mods should make a release thread for each of all these new character models and sticky them so it will be easy to find

wow those look very nice slayer, i especially like the last one with that water fountain thing it it :)
keep up the good work

Archive / Re: New Cerberus gun :)
« on: 2009-07-03 20:08:51 »
i def like the one on the right better :)
i like how modders are trying to work on different things than other modders, making things go much faster in my opinion.

Graphical Modding / Millenia's custom models
« on: 2009-06-29 17:41:27 »
i like barrets gun without the disc only because the original didnt have it, great work and vincents quicksilver looks very nice so far. keep up the good work

Archive / Re: World map?
« on: 2009-06-18 19:37:39 »
i fell the same way seifer, i look at it as a proof of concept thing, but i assume if they can do that for rocket town they should be able to do it for every town right? and i dont know about changing the actual model for the whole map cuz for one it would be a gigantic model i assume but maybe they whole thing can be retextured

Archive / Re: World map?
« on: 2009-06-18 18:44:56 »
Someone should look into how to mod the world map. I think I saw somewhere someone that had replaced the rocket town with a better model. Maybe someone has already figured it out.  :-P

its from the Ultima espio and neocloudstrife Crisis core model project

Archive / Re: World map?
« on: 2009-06-18 18:37:59 »
i also saw the new rocket for the world map of rocket town, i believe the model was from crisis core...ill try and find it and post a link

Excuse me. I wanna ask some thing:
1. Which file contain Cloud's weapon models? How to extrack and view those models?
2. How to edit the kernel.bin and kernel2.bin file? I want to replace all sword with the model of Ulima sword. i have a patch which can replace all sword with buster sword.
you can use [ wallmarket ] -->
to edit most of that stuff, you can even edit the kernel so that the ultima sword is your initial equip at the beginning of the game. you can also edit weapon or armor attributes and such, i edited the buster sword to have as many materia slots as the ultima weapon and to be as powerful cuz i love using the buster sword.

First, the screenshots dont do these models justice. They look amazing ingame - great job slayer, looking forward to more weapons if you plan on doing them.

Second, Thanks to Kudistos Megistos for the little instruction. After installing Slayers Weapon patch and the buster sword i had being over written, i re-downloaded the Apz Buster Sword and only using the RTCK file updated my battle.lgp.

I tested it and all seems good. i have all of Slayers models except the buster sword is Apz's buster sword :)

can i install this patch and put in all the swords except the buster sword,
im using this model for the buster sword, and im not using the cloud model

for me it still doesnt work, just takes me to
this one works for a sword --->;11205189;/fileinfo.html
but the one for the 1.0 patch doesnt --->;13157392;/fileinfo.html/
if i go here --->
i dont even see the modpatch in the list of files you have on there???
maybe you can put it on megaupload, or rapidshare cause i really want these weapons. one question though, when i get the patch can i patch all the weapons in the patch except the buster sword, im using the buster sword from crisis core and id like to keep that one but use all the rest

are the links down for the mod patch down, every time i click it, it goes straight to filefront main page

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