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hey kula wende can you help me here
i went to this modding class and downloaded Squeeble's document. It is written for 3DS Max so its hard to follow because im using blender. I came to this part where he said chop up the model and export to 3ds

The thing is, blender doesn't have a proper export script for 3ds so it won't export the UVs, nor can it create a .uvw file either. So im stuck right here now  :-(. Does pcreator read .obj file?

so you are proud of making a jacket? 90% of that model is from kh2 so its only 10% of your effort. If you are good then try creating a new aerith like the guy here who creates cloud from scratch.

my aerith from kh1

can you explain to me how you convert the model to ff7?

Its kingdom hearts model, you just edited it so don't say its your own. The elena model is edited from the Cissnei model in crisis core.

« on: 2009-06-06 23:48:25 »
like a snail? lol just joking  :-D

Archive / Re: Blender 3D Tutorial?
« on: 2009-06-03 03:08:11 »
FF7 uses it's own format, it does support textures and you're supposedly able to convert 3ds files to FF7s format. I have never done it myself so I don't know what you should use.

I've been thinking about writing a blender plugin that can export FF7-compatible models directly though, should be simple enough.

Thank you for letting me know. So how do I convert the model into ff7? Is there an export plugin or something that can convert from .obj into ff7 model format? If not can you write one for blender? I think that would be great. I have some ripped models from ffx and some half life models that I want to put into the game. It is good to hear that the game support textures. Anyway can you tell me what image format, for example .tga format or .jpeg format? And lastly is it possible for the game to display in 800x600 resolution? In ff7config it only shows 640x480 as maximum resolution. Im kinda new to ff7 pc so I would appreciate any help.

Thanks again

Edit: This is the model I want to put into FF7. The model is aya chanbara from the movie chanbara beauty. I got it from filefront. Total # polygons are 7000+. Is it possible that ff7 can render this model in-game?

3D view in Blender

Render view in Blender


Archive / Blender 3D Tutorial?
« on: 2009-06-03 02:48:27 »
I want to know is there a tutorial on how to port models to FF7 using Blender 3D?I found one but it is for 3D Max but I need a tutorial using Blender. Also some questions, does ff7 engine have a special model file format, or they render directly from .3ds or .obj format? Does it support skins and textures? I know the game is pretty old. I have good skills in Blender so if someone can help me out then I will be able to take part in the projects here.

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