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Completely unrelated / Re: Megaman Music Fans?
« on: 2017-04-04 14:24:28 »

I can't watch those.  I take it Youtube is restricting it for UK?
thats unfortunate :(
how did i know this would be next lol

You can look the models up in the file reconstruction project . As for the textures i seam to remember there being an option in aalis driver for this. It was only ever known to Team Avalanche members the option is save_textures = on but BECAREFUL it will write them to your mod_path so be sure to set that to a new folder.

doesnt ff7 work currently in windowed mode? Pretty sure that is how i run it.. (its been a while )

Please check that you have the newest version of black chocobo. Your saves work here correctly and i was able to import the all into one file with out issue. I cna't make you a steam folder you ahve to do that yoru self.

first open black chocobo then use file->import to current slot . and pick your first psv file.
then hit alt + right (move slot #2) and import your next psv
do the same for how ever many psv files your have
Save as PC format. save it whereever
then use file-> create cloud save folder . select your save path . it should pick out your id for you (its the numbers after user_ in your save path) then for file 1 select the pc file you just made.

7thHeaven / Re: No sound for headphones.
« on: 2017-02-23 13:13:57 »
This is a config problem in your OS not with FF7.

7thHeaven / Re: Changing Controls.
« on: 2017-02-22 11:18:32 »
while playing the game go into the menu and options you can change the controls there

This needs to be big and bold. Whether your onboard graphics are Intel crap or an AMD APU or whatever, get the drivers from Intel or AMD. When you upgrade on Friday, get the drivers from the manufacturer's website. Relying on Windows Update for graphics drivers is an easy way to ensure that you will struggle with OpenGL games.

This needs to go in both the basic trouble shooting FAQ as well as the 7th Heaven FAQ.. this is not the 1st time we have had that exact question.

Using an onboard until next friday.
that is not a card model.  Anyway, the microsoft provided drivers DO NOT provide openGL 2.0 . YOU MUST install the venders drivers from their web page.

what video card do you have?
does you card support openGL 2.0?
did u install the video drivers from the manufacturer  NOT from windows update..

you need to be careful using the save anywhere mod since you can easily break a the scripts when you reload your save..

you can use black chocobo to reset your save to a know point . or to get a save closer you can download eslava's ff7 save compilation and compare the nearest save to yours and try to reset / advance the progress that way.
Good luck .

there is quite a bit of that,  switches that are changed by completely unrelated stuff changing them because reasons.

its possible that there is a switch for it.. there are quite a few bits that are nto figured out and most of them are in progression.. if you can find the resposible bit i will test and add but i don't have time for that kind of RE work right now. Im way to busy with other projects

Completely unrelated / Re: WOOHOO ENGAGED
« on: 2017-01-20 11:28:13 »
Lol yeah; you should come join us on Telegram, we've more or less disbanded the IRC channel (not the OTHER one)

one of us... i mean yes come join us

Welcome back !! Thats a really cool shader you have there !

General discussion / Great Dev Interview about making FF7
« on: 2017-01-09 19:26:20 »
found this nice story on polygon .

General discussion / Re: [FF7PC] Tool compilation
« on: 2017-01-09 16:17:15 »
we have all of the parts within the ff7tk and it would make it very easy to make a GUI for lgp, lzs and a few other formats. If anyone takes this up and needs help ask myst6re or I and one of us should be able to help. I just dont have time currently to work on it.

Weird that choosing not to have hibernate still left this file on my comp - and I never even used hibernate once.  New install. 

for this and the page file windows will ignore the gui settings, Unless done from safe mode.

mega all should change your attack to slash all  (attack all)  it adds all to every action.....

@traksor upload it somewhere or email it to my email address.

Quote from: plaguezyz89
the ps3/psp method, is it possible to do the same steps with a vita in place of the psp
I don't see why not the ps3 will allow you to copy the saves to the vita.

It is indeed the newest version. I don't know how do I send you  copy of the save tho ':)

I learned 2 days ago that Steamhad FF VIIin store so I bought it and played a new game from there, I'm now further ahead than my bugged save. If it can help somebody else tho I'Ll be glad to send you that save,

if you file is borked i don't care but if its a bug in BC or ff7tk i would like to fix it .. without your save i will never know.

I recently got FF7 8 and 9 on my vita (legit firmware, no hacks) and Blackchocobo will edit the save for 7 with zero issues, however when I save it says its unsigned. any information ive been finding on this topic is nearly 7 years old and I have yet to see any workarounds or otherwise for Vita

The only way based on my research that I can go around this issue is with a ps2 which I don't have, nor do I have a psp.

That is not a question, and you are correct in that you need to use one of the old methods. This applies to ps3 psp and psvita. There is nothing i can do untill the methods are reversed and the keys discovered . (for instance were fairly sure the ps3 method is correct but the keys used are still not known)

First off be sure your using the newest release of black chocobo. If you are using the newest version and are still having problems please provide me with a copy of the save file you are having problems with and i will see what i can do for you.

That is what we called the file reconstruction project a huge spreadsheet with all the files that make up FF7 PC and FF7 PSX identified and linked between release
below is the thread about it

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