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When you say "the correct type for your game" what do you mean, and how do I do that? I tried simply setting the stats as I desired, then clicking save, but it simply takes me to a save window. Where do I save the new file, and what do I call it?
It Depends on the way your playing FF7. If your playing on pc you want to save as a pc save and then place this file into your Save folder. The file should be named ff7save##.ff7 (00-09) the number is the safe file it will show in game as. See where to find pc saves For Emulators you need to save as a VMC and import that to your emulator . For psx you need to save as rawPSX then get that on a memory card.

It sounds like you're looking for something that will start every new game with extra equipment and stats.  Black Chocobo can only modify existing save files to give you the extra stuff you need, which is the easiest approach, but will only affect THAT save file.

If you want it to happen EVERY new game, it's more complicated and you won't find any pre-built tool that does it, but you you'd have to use Makou Reactor and modify the md1stin map, add a new script group in that map, there are codes to increment specific items, materias, and gil.  But like I said, it's both complicated and you won't find anything that does this already, it'd be a completely custom hack.
IIRc you could use walmarket to set the initial data if you wish to have the game start with this data for every new game. i would think that would be faster then using makou reactor.

General discussion / Re: Final Fantasy 7 PC Mod pack
« on: 2019-02-05 01:15:49 »
Your question makes me think you didn't read the site rules, please take a few moments to read them.

For most mods you can use a combination of the "mod path" and "direct mode" options of Aali's driver. Mod path allow the driver to load better hi res pngs for any texture in the game so most things will work with this. And direct mode will let you create a folder 'direct/battle' for example and you can then put any files that should be put into battle.lgp here and they will be loaded in place of the archived version. With these two you can do almost all the visual mods with very little effort.

Hey guys,

I would like to play a new mod, the Superboss Rush Challenge with the 7th heaven modder, however I like to have Sephiroth in my party for a change. I try to replace Vincent with Sephiroth with the Black Chocobo app, but however Sephiroth is in my party, I can't control his actions. Does anyone know what I could do about this? Thanks in advance.
You can not control him that is normal. If you want to control him you need to look for a mod that does it. It is not possible to change this via the savegame.

I'm trying to use the save editor so that I can start the game from scratch (that is, press "New Game" on the title screen) and start with a set of equipment and altered stats that I've chosen.

Is there a way to do this? I've looked through the user guide, and haven't really been able to find anything that points me in the direction of how to do this - if it's at all possible.

When you open Black Chocobo It will start with a game just like you had pressed "New Game" make your changes then save it as the correct type for your game. Be careful with stats not everyone will keep them (Cait / Vincent and Yuffie have stats and levels generated when they join your party) For them you will need to edit the stats after they join. But the rest should be fine DO NOT PLAY WITH SEPHIROTH OR YOUNG CLOUDS AT ALL . Doing so will cause the game to freeze when you do the flashback. Also remember to edit the base HP / MP stat not the current or max HP/ MP those are calculated at run time and will not do what you want.

That is the main issue Its a niche format on the ps3 that is only used for one thing that has nothing todo with ps3 games. Most people working on the PS3 want to learn PS3 related things for making homebrew (the PSV format is of no use here). If you hack your ps3 you can then copy the internal memory card files (vm1s ) to a usb stick and edit and place them back into the memory card folder on the ps3. Psv is just a transport format for ps2 and ps1 virtual memory card to ensure no one messes with the data inside. Honestly be happy we can read the saves and they didn't so some massive crypto bullshit like they do with the ps4 copy.. Honestly we will mosty likey see ps4 save support before psv writing has the keys / seed discovered. Since they copy process takes at least 1 minute per attempt and there a lot of keys.

If I had to guess what keys i would think it would be one of the Ps2 Keys but then you just have to match them with all the seeds .. maybe the Ps2 emulation specific Since those are used to generate ps2 cards this could be wrong since ps2 cards use magic gate and that uses encryption methods and needs seeds and keys to work . So that could just be specific to generating internal ps2 memory card files. Now the next set of seeds are the Syscon ones and it could be one of those too.. Honestly if you are really really into this you could try the ps2 keys with all the seeds. it shouldn't take to long. If you do any section and try all the seeds Let me know we will track it somewhere.

@Trix I The format of your post makes it hard to read.
Hey Sithlord, I've read your previous posts about what's needed to get a .psv back into the ps3 and I get that you can't simply tell us what the key/seed combo is (even if you knew it you'd probably get in trouble for sharing it, so I understand)

If I knew them I wouldn't be asking users to enter them in the application. You have maybe missed the many times I've said here If you discover a working pair let me know so i can embed them.
Known Ps3 Keys:
Known Ps3 Seeds:
Psv files need to be named correctly its <gamename><hex for description> (i know the ps3 wiki says its a time code but that is not correct).
Scrambled keys are keys that are encrypted and need to be decrypted before they can be used.

FF8 Tools / Re: [PSX/PC] Save editor - Hyne (1.9.3)
« on: 2019-01-17 15:08:12 »
Try using the alternative windows build that seams to work.

FF9 Tools / Re: [PC] Save editor - Memoria (
« on: 2019-01-15 17:47:44 »
Hello! Does this editor work with PS4 save files?
Its highly unlikely this works with PS4 Saves.

Other Modding / Re: Aeris Revival Mod
« on: 2018-12-28 17:05:27 »
Yes those scenes. Its not all of them but some will cause the game to crash.

Suggesting Electron for anything is bad advice.  Want to learn programming Learn some basic computer science and language along with it. I would recommend C++ since its low enough for to learn the concepts and high enough where its not to hard to do anything.

If you want to work on games C++ and C# are what you will find many are made in. (C# more recently since many newer engines use it for scripts.)

Other Modding / Re: Aeris Revival Mod
« on: 2018-12-27 21:55:55 »
you can use Black Chocobo to make it so she can be in the phs after her death. But be warned some story scenes will crash if shes in your party after her death.

I have released a new version of Black Chocobo. (see first page)This Version includes several fixes from 1.9.90. It changes up the release a bit also. There is no longer an windows install for this release, The only linux is a 64-bit appimage or disto packages. More importantly is provides me with a clean break to make a much better 2.0 version.
Any requests for 2.0 features?

Completely unrelated / Re: RIP Diablo
« on: 2018-11-09 13:10:29 »
I feel really sorry for all the journalists who are defending this game and call gamers "entitled brats". Idiots.
They are not wrong. Gamers can be the worst many do act like entitled kids.

Is this the first battle where you see Sephiroth fighting? if so check your Young Cloud or Sephiroth data. Either models or save edits . If Y. Cloud and Sephiroths save data is not correct the game will crash.

Just wondering why not release as FLAC? I don't think that the youtube mp4a codec is using lossless mode.

The W-item bug is now fully fixed as of R06.  Finally vanquished from English game on 1st October 2018.

And there will hopefully be an options for this so i can keep that if i want.

No one knows the keys or seed used to generate the keys.. go try seeds and keys on that page . if you find a working combo let me know.

Please make sure you are using the "Continuous" build
Ive tested and all your files (including the Spryo save) and they open just fine and do not crash the program.

Team Avalanche / Re: JuseteĀ“s field scenes
« on: 2018-09-13 21:37:07 »
Ideally the following would be done:
 - Have a centralized place is used for all source
 - This would include assets used to create scenes.
 - Decide upon 8x or 16x for the scaling and use it for all scenes.
 - Create a todo list as suggested above.

You can use something simple like google drive (like we used to) and then people can access the files, Use the primitive resources to make their scenes quicker, do renders, You know have working flow for the project that will help you attract more help too, Everyone can then work together on the same data set using the same assets so things look consistent thru the game, The artists to focus on art and the people offering to render can also have access this way they can render the scenes marked done.People can also test the fields to be sure the walk meshes are still working correct and weird pockets are discovered or do stuff like this guy is suggesting.

why not just split the parts that have nothing todo with eachother so people can download and install only the part(s) they want?

Really that whole thing can be fixed by providing installers for the different mods that are being shiped, That why players and makers of other mods can pick what they want without overwriting their mod (in parts) as well as only install the parts they want. I guess when R06 is out you will just have to see what options if any are provided at install time.

7thHeaven / Re: FF VII (Original) Controller Problem [DS4]
« on: 2018-08-25 21:18:44 »
No FF7 Only support up to 10 button and two axes. if you have more then that it just ignores them.

In order to make it work you would need to some thing use a joypad to keyboard program  and then you would just map your controller buttons to keyboard buttons..

FF7 Tools / Re: [PC] Trainer and Debug Tool - Ochu (3.4)
« on: 2018-08-24 13:58:52 »
AV softwares are notorious for flagging ANY software that they haven't reviewed personally as a virus.  It's a simplistic approach and annoying for any developer trying to build small homebrew tools like this.
That is not true Av software doesn't flag any software they dont review as a virus. Read Covarr explanation as to why this is often flaged as a virus. Don't Spread FUD.

Also, this version of Anxious Heart has numerous bad looping points.

Bad looping points are still better then the old midis or songs with completely incorrect (or no) looping. I really don't see why you even removed it without a replacement to begin with. Its been forever since you removed it and the replacement you said was coming soon has not been released. I'm glad we have someone who had a copy so its not completely lost without a replacement.

Wow Thanks I was just looking for this for a reinstall! Went looking for it and it was gone :(. It would be also nice to be able to get parts of reunion with out needing to download the whole thing, But I guess that is a topic for another thread.

FF7 Tools / Re: [PC] Trainer and Debug Tool - Ochu (3.4)
« on: 2018-08-06 11:44:10 »
I am sure most Antivirus software would flag this as a possible virus,  its doing memory injection and that is often used by viruses.

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