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Graphical Modding / keep icons transparent in menus
« on: 2019-07-22 09:42:40 »
How are people doing this?  thanks

I downloaded GIMP to edit the images, and it says its keep the background transparent, but when I load in game, I get black boxes round the icons.

For files like btl_win_b_l_01.png

Thanks for filling my feature request so quickly Sega Chief :)

I cannot put the names of the buffs there as there isnt enough room, other summons do have the names of the buffs, but KOTR applies too many to fit.  It would be Applies [Shield/Haste/Resist/Crits] to targets (it used to also have peerless as well in the version you got).  It may fit now with the new UI possibly, I will try it, but I think it wont.  But it was like that because I was trying to make it fit on the old UI.  That isnt part of the UI mod tho remember that, its a separate change for my balance mod.  I can work on that later, I did try the change just now and it does not fit, I would have to remove "extreme summoned monsters".

Summons Knights, Often Grants [Shield/Haste/Resist/Crits] to target, almost fits, it loses the last 3 letters, this is why punctuation isnt a priority, so I can remove the apostrophe, and the 2 brackets and that would just fit.  But only on enhanced stock and menu overhaul.  The stock game it wouldnt fit.

If you are already fixing things on menu overhaul I am not sure the point of me carrying on, especially as you prefer the new barrier icons, I will leave the barrier alone and just see if I can get the support information visible again, if I cannot then I think I have done all I can on it.  So by support information I mean all 5x, or quad cast 3x, that type of information which is currently missing.  Hopefully you keep my sadness/fury changes as they are useful in battle.  The version I posted earlier had a little issue with an extra hp text showing, the version I sent you now on discord that is fixed.

Also I will put enhanced stock in a separate mod but are you ok with me packaging your enhanced icons with it, like you did with menu overhaul?  Shiny materia, and coloured inventory.  I will send you the package and it can be added to catalog 3.0.  As I think enhanced stock is ready now.  I fixed all my big issues with it.  It only has very minor issues left.

The one issue with enhanced stock is missing independent and command materia icons as can see in equip screen.

This is enhanced stock.

This is proving difficult.

I dont think I will be able to do all my wanted improvements to the menu overhaul but there is good news.

I have made an "enhanced stock".  Using a few of the hext mod's from the menu overhaul and font changes.
The enhanced stock UI has the following changes.
1 - Battle background full screen extending to behind UI.
2 - Font from the menu overhaul, making menu look stil a lot sleaker, and also allows more text to fit in battle menu.
3 - Enhanced icons same as menu overhaul. (not all added yet).

Menu overhaul I am making some fixes, I have found which hex edits manipulate the support materia text on spells and summons (these of course work on the enhanced stock, but working on getting it working on menu overhaul UI), but they look like they will be difficult to fix with my skill level, its still a work in progress.

After I rebooted PC I tried it again and the range error vanished.

Functionally after that is done it looks good, the only issue I see left is that if the txt file is already created and you hit txt again, it will ask if you want to overwrite but wont actually, I get a box saying test -> delete.  But if I manually delete the old file it makes a new one ok. 

My request is if a file can also be generated using hext addresses not hex edit, so memory based addresses instead of exe.

I can supply the starting addresses for each 16 byte's.

So instead of

Code: [Select]

For the hext patch file use these addresses (same order)

Code: [Select]

Sure, that's fine. Nothing stopping you from downloading the 3 options from Catalog 2.0 and archiving them yourself.

There will be 3 choices in Catalog 3.0 using AI enhanced texture packs, so there isn't a change in choices. Their quality is superior to older methods, so it's not worth keeping around options no one will use.

Thats good to hear you adding all the new packs.

R06 wont be compatible with 7thheaven tho, DLPB said as much :( and this 60fps option on the animation mod works fine for me, I used it for an almost complete playthru with 102 hours on it.  So it might not be perfect, but I think it is "good enough".

Yeah dont worry I can tell you the wheels are 60fps and smooth :)

I did when testing the mod, but wasnt using it for day to day gaming.  Since I got sick of swapping the exe round, I may even forget to swap it as well and I want to migrate all my patches to hext, I have now made it so its permanently that exe. 

Just tried this out as seems an awesome idea.

I have no stats outside of -127 to 128 range, they not even outside of suggested range so only 2 digits.

But I get a prompt saying this when trying to create txt file for patch.

"Error: Please check values entered are between -127 > 128"

Screenshot below of values


I get the same error if I load it up and press txt whilst its on default values as well.

I will probably start more work this weekend, I have now my exe as game convertor exe.  Previously there was a few things patched in, now any patches will only be loaded via hext loader so is always standard exe.  This is so I can convert some of my patches to 7thheaven for others to use, and also to make sure when testing menu overhaul my config isnt causing problems.

taken from my notes, seems we both agree on increasing yeah's on higher levels. Check variant 4 :)

Code: [Select]
luckytifa 7thheaven patch - multiple variants
1 - stock all misses changed to hit (same as my current personal patch)
2 - stock all misses changed to yeah
3 - all wheels changed to yeah so all crits (already existing mods for this)
4 - reverse order so first attack hardest last easiest (makes sense as expect bigger advantage for higher level limit breaks)
5 - reverse with misses changed to hit
6 - reverse with misses changed to yeah
7 - reverse and with advantage when level 4 is unlocked all wheels all yeah's for decent gains on level 4 vs 3 (dont think this is possible but will try).

better late than never I can confirm after I changed to single { it works properly.

nice you done it in 3 versions, I will do this for PC version and make it a 7thheaven package.  My own personal edit already does same as your first variant (misses turned to hit).

Also I am going to add a variant which reverses the difficulty so last limit attack is easiest and first is hardest, that makes more sense to me as you would expect bigger advantage for higher level limit break.

I can write some up, but I feel it isnt finished.

I did a playthru up until just after turks boss battle in midgar raid, and was finding bits to rebalance as I played, final dungeon not play tested.

Also 20 mins ago I had ideas to adjust bits of balance as I am motivated again to work on it, but you are welcome to add it as is now and then can update it later, when I have done documentation and made updated changes.

What do you think of my changes to things like consumables and equipment? bare in mind this is supposed to also match my scene file changes with much tougher enemies, on stock enemies this would be overpowered.  Although some summons/enemy skills have notable downsides now, e.g. kotr has 7/8 chance to grant many buffs on target including peerless. Big guard also affects enemies, most bosses wont be ko'd by kotr anymore due to having much more HP so you have to think about the buffs it leaves behind before using it.

Things like chocobracelet got buffed as in normal game they useless noone uses them and that item is so hard to get more than one as its a super rare prize. 

Also you can see I am learning fast, made my first package earlier today :)

I think thats a good candidate for 3.0, I think wolfman wont mind if you ask.  He was very happy I made the package.

FF7 Graphical Releases / Re: New Avatar Pack
« on: 2019-07-18 00:21:41 »
ok, and thanks again for the great work :)

This is the link to the 7thheaven package I made for your avatars.  To anyone who wants to use, just open 7thheaven, goto the library tab, click import and select the file.  Then it will appear at the bottom of the library, and can activate from there, the default avatars are the named avatars as I feel that respect's wolfman's original work the most but can be changed via the configure button. :)

If you previously downloaded, grab again.  I just updated the package, as I forgot to include the alternative Red XIII avatar's as options, and the named Red XIII/Nanaki were mixed up.

fixed version looks like this.

see above I edited my post.

Since you say copyright is ok, if you prefer it, this zip has the full kernel and kernel2 files. (kernel2 also already compressed)

guys any advice on how to make my changes into a patch for distribution?  Is ok I figured it out. :)

for the lro with fixed PHS and coloured sadness/fury.  I am seeing no glitches with the block removed, so I didnt really concentrate on finding the exact line as the PHS screen looks and works fine.

I will work on the kernel patch, the reason its never been shared before is because of copyright.  So I cannot just provide the full file, but let me see if I can get a patch done.
Also for all the text to work you have to use a kernel compressor as well as the game has a small limit.

.wm patch (inside zip). Can apply patch with wallmarket.  I think I made the patch against stock kernel.bin (dated 1998).

For compressing kernel2.

This mod, its listed right at the top. part of the default catalog.

Read this, from step 3 onwards.

FF7 Graphical Releases / Re: New Avatar Pack
« on: 2019-07-17 21:02:05 »
I just made this into a lro file for 7thheaven, With your permission can I post a link to it in this thread?  Also i repackaged it so the link on the library points to this thread and you are labeled as author.

It looks like your normal exe is perhaps not patched properly.

Dare I say it I will be suggesting you get a new exe using the game convertor tool.  as I understand now why that gets suggested since it makes advising people far easier.

Or you can get the stock exe from the english/usa disc version of the game, patch it with 1.02 patch, aali, mdef fix, chocobo race fix and you should be good from that point as well, maybe needing to configure aali config file tho.  game convertor does all this for you tho.

I am working on the menu overhaul to try and address its deficiencies, as the stock Ui does do some things better.  I have already e.g. made it so fury and sadness colours show again in the battle UI on limit bar.

Ok I am using the animations mod from the official 7th heaven library, so download it, install it, activate it.
then make sure its correctly ordered, so its after field models and before battle models.
Select configure, and there is an option for "60 FPS Battles" I have it set to on and its how I am doing it.

The only glitch I am aware off is summon animations get a bit glitchy and thats it.  Its only a minor effect.

Ochu trainer should also work, but obviously thats not a set and forget it method.

I have 60fps battles working with 7th heaven, let me check how I implemented it and I will reply with the info.

Note I own the 1997 disc version.  But you can use that exe with steam version so it will still be doable.

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