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I just thought it was worth to showcase what was the result after that change, i'm going through them one by one. As for Lykon I just sent him a msg with a link here.

PS: i couldn't spot the difference in Dali Windmill and Iifa Tree/Roots 1, even though for the second i think i got what should happen: It's about the background below the elevator platform during the zoom in?

Before/After Iifa Tree fix for reference (once again, amazing job)

Will edit post later with other comparisons once i test them ingame

Didn't we just get ff9 through xbox gamepass? IIRC that version had the battle UI resized as well, which is what has been patched with today's steam update. Other than that i completely understand the frustration though.

Out of curiosity, what tools are outdated? Memoria? HW?

Announcements and site development / Re: An apology
« on: 2020-06-16 13:03:26 »
My 2 cents about the matter.

I won't be discussing what lead to his ban cause i simply don't know everything that happened but the most recent discussion between DLPB and QP. The one thing i can discuss is the method: it doesn't matter how long something is overdue or not, but "ignore for years" -> "ban" -> "apology" is most definitively not the right way to do things.

I should have been throwing out warnings like candy.

For those that believe you should just ignore the offending person: That is not a solution, as they are still free to slander you publicly, as was clearly a huge motivating factor in all this drama. That behavior must be moderated.

But what's done is done so how should someone "catch up" after a long absence in moderation? IMHO it's "apology" -> "zero tolerance enforced" -> "warnings like candy/ban". Basically the opposite of what happened this time.

Again, i'm not and i won't be discussing wheter the decision is right or wrong. End result might have been the same with only a few days/weeks of delay? Probably. We'll never know though.

Can confirm issues with the checkbox in the installer: Disabled everything, got everything. GarnetFont must be turned to 0 manually from the ini, same as widescreen.
There's also a MovieFPS = 15 line in the ini, but it's probably harmless. Movie FPS are determined for each fmv dynamically.

Also I'm afraid to say that your field fixes are missing, Snouz: I checked both Desert Palace (the doors) and Crystal World.

PSA: For the time being, grab resources.assets p0data7 from Snouz's beta 5 to fix the fields.

Great to see such fast fixes, thanks for your work!

But I'm pretty sure that oglop is there in Steam version (or at least in previous Moguri builds), because I never played in PSX, but do remember oglop in Blank's hands.

maybe the oglop you remember is the one jumping around later in Alexandria's Castle, when they're dressing up as soldiers? Vanilla steam doesn't have it either.

The bug with FMVs also appearing in title screen video - each subsequent time it is more and more slower. And it seems to me that FMVs a little bit faster then before, but maybe I am wrong with that.

Also there is no oglop in Blank's hands at the start of the game:

Video issue has already been fixed in latest memoria. The oglop has never been there since PSX so must be added and coded from scratch, which might be tricky

You should ask any AF related questions on AF's thread here:

Actually, anyone with a google account can clone the file to their own Google Drive and download that clone, bypassing that restriction

First make a shortcut of snouz's file to your drive then go into your drive, find the shortcut there and click "make a copy".


Since you already got that far, there's only one step left if you wanna do it yourself. AssetBundleExtractor can dump and import textures in PNG format. All you need is a very basic image editor, paste the PS Buttons on Snouz's edited icon_atlas and screen_button_atlas and import those images back.

Usage of AssetBundleExtractor is described in more detail in the Tweaked menu portraits thread, here.

Yep, it was my fault, sorry for that.

What happens is that the first stable on the right copies the sex of the last seen chocobo (either catched or from another stable) due to a leftover in the code from a past failed experiment of mine.

I have restored the original portion of the code and updated my pack, thank you both sguancho and Khrone for the extremely detailed reports, they've been very useful!

Delle due l'una, hai perfettamente ragione. Sarà nel prossimo update, al quale sto già lavorando mentre scrivo questo post. Per quando lo leggerai sarà probabilmente già online. Grazie di nuovo a te per l'occhio vigile e per le segnalazioni.

Syncing issue with 30 or 60 FPS videos:
Increasing the frame rate of videos makes the field models start moving earlier, as one can easily see for themselves with the Alexandria videos uploaded here.

What prompts the actual field models to start moving is a check within the field script. For example, with the Alexandria video, field is "Alexandria/Main Street"

Function Vivi_Loop, we can see the following:

        if ( VAR_GlobBool_146 == 0 ) {
            Wait( 1 )
        } else {
            while ( ( GetCinematicFrame < 100) && ( ( SyncCinematic & 127 ) != 1 ) ) {
                Wait( 1 )

That GetCinematicFrame is the threshold. Double it for 30 FPS videos or x4 with 60 FPS video.


I have the double character name issue you describing in your first post.
Also in certain scenes when characters speak with eachother some letters are missing.

It's actually one issue and it's related to coming back from the moguri mod and the memoria engine to "stock" ff9, so maybe it's about the assembly c-sharp file if you copypasted v4 carelessly. try using the one from the moguri mod.

For me, editing character names throught the memoria save editor didn't work at all, but using the name changer at daguerreo fixed both issues at once.

Amazing work as always!

About the sound fix, does it require coding changes to resources.assets or the assembly? asking cause i haven't seen p0data61-63, which is where audio files are stored

During my last FF9 run i saved in a different slot every time i had the chance. Do you think it'd be useful to you for testing purposes? if so i can upload it.

I'll leave this here since there are a lot of "useful information" links on the first post.

This is about altering Fenril and Carbuncle's name and description accordingly, when one of the effect-altering add-ons is equipped on Eiko, both in battle and outside of battle:

Code: ("BattleHUD.cs") [Select]
int num2 = this.PatchAbility(num);                                                    // Added line of code
itemListDetailHUD.NameLabel.text = FF9TextTool.ActionAbilityName(num2);               // Change num to num2
int mp = this.GetMp(aaData);
bool flag2 = mp != 0;
if (flag2)
itemListDetailHUD.NumberLabel.text = mp.ToString();
itemListDetailHUD.NumberLabel.text = string.Empty;
bool flag3 = abilityState == BattleHUD.AbilityStatus.ABILSTAT_DISABLE;
if (flag3)
itemListDetailHUD.NameLabel.color = FF9TextTool.Gray;
itemListDetailHUD.NumberLabel.color = FF9TextTool.Gray;
ButtonGroupState.SetButtonAnimation(itemListDetailHUD.Self, false);
itemListDetailHUD.NameLabel.color = FF9TextTool.White;
itemListDetailHUD.NumberLabel.color = FF9TextTool.White;
ButtonGroupState.SetButtonAnimation(itemListDetailHUD.Self, true);
itemListDetailHUD.Button.Help.TextKey = string.Empty;
itemListDetailHUD.Button.Help.Text = FF9TextTool.ActionAbilityHelpDescription(num2);           // Change num to num2

Code: ("AbilityUI.cs") [Select]
private void DisplayAADetail(Transform item, ListDataTypeBase data, int index, bool isInit)
int mp = this.GetMp(FF9StateSystem.Battle.FF9Battle.aa_data[abilityListData.Id]);
int num2 = this.PatchAbility(abilityListData.Id); // Add this line
itemListDetailHUD.NameLabel.text = FF9TextTool.ActionAbilityName(num2); // Change abilityListData.Id to num2
itemListDetailHUD.NumberLabel.text = ((mp != 0) ? mp.ToString() : string.Empty);
if (abilityListData.Type == AbilityUI.AbilityType.CantSpell)
itemListDetailHUD.NameLabel.color = FF9TextTool.Gray;
itemListDetailHUD.NumberLabel.color = FF9TextTool.Gray;
else if (abilityListData.Type == AbilityUI.AbilityType.Enable)
itemListDetailHUD.NameLabel.color = FF9TextTool.White;
itemListDetailHUD.NumberLabel.color = FF9TextTool.White;
itemListDetailHUD.Button.Help.Enable = true;
itemListDetailHUD.Button.Help.Text = FF9TextTool.ActionAbilityHelpDescription(num2);     // Change abilityListData.Id to num2

//Also copy paste the following anywhere within AbilityUI.cs

private int PatchAbility(int id)
if (AbilityUI.AbilCarbuncle == id)
switch ([this.currentPartyIndex].equip[4])
case 227:
id += 3;
case 228:
case 229:
id += 2;
if (AbilityUI.AbilFenril == id)
byte b =[this.currentPartyIndex].equip[4];
id += ((b != 222) ? 0 : 1);
return id;

private static int AbilFenril = 66;

private static int AbilCarbuncle = 68;

Now Carbuncle and Fenril's names and descriptions will match the actual effect when used, which is altered by a few add-ons. Those names and description are already within the game files so no other changes are required. This code simply unlocks these otherwise hidden descriptions.

Thanks snouz! Just tried and it works flawlessly except for one case: when frogcid goes out of the minigame and the party regroups, the doors will appear in front of the leading character when the goes near them. Obviously the issue is fixed by exiting and re-entering the room, but to fix that scene as well:

In Main_Loop near the end, after "ShowTile( 9, 1 )", i added:
        SetTilePositionEx( 2, 0, 0, 500 )
        SetTilePositionEx( 3, 0, 0, 500 )
        SetTilePositionEx( 4, 0, 0, 500 )
        SetTilePositionEx( 5, 0, 0, 500 )
        SetTilePositionEx( 6, 0, 0, 500 )
        SetTilePositionEx( 7, 0, 0, 500 )
        SetTilePositionEx( 8, 0, 0, 500 )
        SetTilePositionEx( 9, 0, 0, 500 )
        SetTilePositionEx( 13, 0, 0, 500 )

Ottima trovata, grazie mille!  :-D

EDIT: E... installer aggiornato.

zePilot submitted the fix in June to Memoria, gave the link in July for the Moguri file with the fix, then Albeoris added the fix to the main Memoria in September. The next update will use the last Memoria build, so it'll be included.

So when the Rework goes out of beta it won't work on stock FF9 like now? It'll require the Memoria engine like the Moguri Mod?

Per quello io ho tenuto Conferma Annulla e compagnia... basta che uno cambia configurazione e si sballa tutto.

Lol quello è intenzionale. Ho cercato di farlo parlare come un bambino piccolo che stenta alcune sillabe... capita anche altre volte con quel bambino o la bambina. Ecco un estratto dei dialoghi di quella mappa:

Code: [Select]
#xy 8 64
“Stiamo badando ai fioii.”
#cy 32
“Siamo bravi?”
{CHOICE}No, per niente!
#xy 88 176
“State facendo un ottimo lavoro.”
#xy 88 176
“È impossibile per dei bambini.”
#xy 48 56
  Che è indossilibe?”
#xy 184 80
#xy 96 80
#xy 40 64
“Sono tanto beii!”
#xy 160 64
“Dopo ci diamo l'acqua…”

Hmm i couldn't really tell the difference (disc 4). Can you also upload some before/after pictures?

I had plans to work on p0data2 again though. How will you combine the two? Take mine and integrate your files, or take yours and integrate my files? Because I plan to reimport some files with RGBA separately because the compression gets visible in some place. But that's an endeavor I'll take after correcting other bugs first.

I can do both. I have the hws file with my changes i could patch on yours or import the upscaled 2D textures with HW's Unity asset viewer

I mixed the two up but yeah I wanted to ask for permission for the files i actually listed.

Those containing both your graphic enhanchments and my changes. Those are p0data2 (high res battle backgrounds and my changes) and resources and sharedassets2 for the UI improvements (again, in addition to my own changes).

Basically for conflicting files, so people don't have to do the mixing on their own and can come here, grab your files and install mine on top without further meddling.

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