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Completely Unrelated / Re: America's Got Talent
« on: 2011-08-12 19:58:24 »
That was crazy.

Much better than the usual signing acts they have on these shows.

Archive / Re: Music Forum?
« on: 2011-08-12 02:11:46 »
I agree however a project that's just starting out is still a WIP and some projects are never officially released by the autors.

I don't see any way other than a case by case approach where a mod is deemed complete enough to see release or not.

Archive / Re: Music Forum?
« on: 2011-08-11 23:07:43 »
Good question, thoughts anyone?

Once the project reaches beta quality ?

Archive / Re: Music Forum?
« on: 2011-08-10 03:39:09 »
Wait, so the projects forum is staying? I thought everything was eventually going to be moved.

So did I.  However, looking at the amount of mods left in projects after being cleaned up, I think Projects should become Misc Mods and be moved under the Final Fantasy Mods Category as its clear some mods don't fit in elsewhere (translation patches, etc).

I think keeping it as is is a bit confusing though.

You guys sure like to give yourself some work though.  Hadn't realized you'd move every single past project in there but definitely going to be easier to find stuff in the future! :P

Completely Unrelated / Re: America's Got Talent
« on: 2011-08-10 03:34:34 »
Post links accessible from the rest of the world next time!  :cry:

Archive / Re: Music Forum?
« on: 2011-08-09 14:38:10 »
I share Sir Cov of Arr thoughts on this, have the WiP sections as the child boards.

Given a choice, I personally prefer searching through released mods.

When I'm modding my game, I'd like to know what's finished easily rather than browse through Releases and discussions as they'll get jumbled together unless there's a specific release subforum.

But wathever the majority decides is best.

Archive / Re: Music Forum?
« on: 2011-08-08 03:30:58 »
Hmm so maybe like this...

Audio Mods
 -> Releases

Graphical Mods
 -> Releases

Gameplay Mods
 -> Releases


That would be the exact setup I would do since Tools get developped in scripting and engineering most of the time if I'm not mistaken.

My layman's perspective on this is that natural compound could be just as effective as synthetic ones.  After all, we don't "create" synthetic compunds from thin air but we extract them from nautral sources and process them so I don't see why a ntural plant can't be as effective as an extracted compound.  Maybe there's aisde effects associated with some plants and potency issues though but I'm sure some plants are suitable but some ailments.

Ancient medicine used teas and herbs to heal and people don't usually do things like that when they don't work.  They might not be extremely effective but they did have some positive impact which we now have the tools to assess and quantity.

As for the whole conspiracy theories, I just don't buy it.  I agree there would be challenges in getting people to adopt natural compound but a company doing research in those fields, doing the double blind studies and having the marketing funds to advertise and make their research and products known will succeed at doing so.  Maybe it'll be divisons of big pharmas doing that as I'd expect these natural compounds to come in pill form as well.  Pharmas have been complaining that the "easy" molecules have all been looked at and that it's increasingly expensive to do R&D.  Sooner or later, they'll need to take a different approach.

Archive / Re: Music Forum?
« on: 2011-08-07 05:56:04 »
I was thinking of changing the project subforums to:

Musical Mods
Graphical Mods
Gameplay Mods

Great idea.  I'd suggest that if you do get rid the general purpose forum, a WIP forum be created.  Or a release forum which is wat the child boards currently are.

I like the fact that you can keep track of what's in the works vs what's done.

yes the wrong one argument, the problem with that is, for every innocent person who is killed by accident, many more have died because of the criminal(s).  That's the ultimate flaw with the "wrong one" argument.

It assu
Tobacco should be outlawed yes.  Alcohol on other hand, in moderation, is not at all detrimental in comparison.  Tobacco is always detrimental and affects other people directly.  The only people who should be banned from Alcohol are the louts who can't handle it and have to binge drink 24/7.

There is a great power of socialising and a good time with alcohol if it is responsible.  I can't use that argument with Cannabis and Tobacco, since both are detrimental to health, even in small quantities.  Tobacco is also physically addictive.

Alcool is far more damaging to the body than weed.  Even in small quantities.  Someone having 5 drinks a day vs 5 joints a day will be in much worse shape when he's 60 than the one smoking weed.  And that's coming from somebody who drinks every now and then but never smokes anymore.

The death penalty does deter, and at the least it makes sure dealers cant come out and do it again.  That's a fact.  Most dealers come out and carry on.  That's 1 thing the anti death penalty whiners cant argue with.

And are much more likely to get numerous other diseases like Emphysema.  This idea that Cannabis smoking is good for you is as ridiculous as when they said same thing about Cigarette Smoking.  Not to mention most people will smoke cannabis WITH tobacco, and will develop habits FROM cannabis smoking because of it.  2 people in my family got their additions through this.

I can't fathom why anyone has this idea that putting large amounts of hot air mixed with thousands of chemicals into your lungs can be anything other than outrageously stupid and detrimental.  AS for that lung cancer claim, I am sure that research will find the opposite in years to come.  Cancer is caued by the damage of cells which eventually leads to mutation (more damage = more chance).  Cannabis smoking, logically, WILL raise cancer rates.  It does damage the lungs, this is a fact.

The only people I ever see defending cannabis use and legalisation, are the people who have deluded themselves into believing that Cannabis is good for them, and are themselves, the end user.

The sheer delusion on this matter is approaching psychotic. Hopefully that isn't from the over indulgence on their favourite drug.  :-D

As I said, it does raise throat cancer by huge amounts as well as cause scyzophrenia and paranoia if you're a heavy long time user so I'm not saying its good for you.  I actually quit years ago because it raises your heart rate like crazy, saps your energy and isn't great for concentration.  Will never touch the stuff again in my life.  However, I believe cigarettes are much worse than cannabis as I've never seen anyone some two packs a days worth ... *has flashback of camping trips*  actually scratch that, nobody somking two packs a day's worth on a daily basis.  Point is, THC has a protective effect on lungs by binding to some receptors in the lungs that would otherwise bind to chemical agents that could cause cancer or somesuch.  Look it up, it's pretty well documented.

And as for death penalty, I'm too lazy to dig out statistics but there were multiple statistical studies that proved violent crime rates weren't affected by the death penalty.  Some of the most violent states in the US carry the death penalty.  Not an effective detterent when people don't think they'll be caught.  The punishment must be severe enough to deter for a detterent to be effective but life in prison seems to have as bad an effect as death penalty.  And multiple studies have shown that unless you significantly increase the risk of people being caught (law enforcement, sting operations, double agents, etc in this case) than even stricter punishement makes no difference.

Drinking and driving is actually a great example.  When fines and jail time increases, it actually doesn't reduce the amount of offenders drinking and driving significantly because people have no fear of getting caught because there's not enough controls (except maybe during the Holidays).  A sanction is only effective if you get caught.

Releases / Re: [REL] Menu Overhaul Project
« on: 2011-07-29 02:17:27 »
I use win 7 64 without any issues myself.  FF7 is installed on a different drive though.  Virtual folders have always been modding ff7 a PITA so I put it elsewhere.

I actually agree with Kudistos on most of his points.  It's been statiscally proven that harsher sentences (in this case, death penalty) doesn't deter criminals.  Crime statistics don't go down with or without death penalty.

As for driving stoned, there are a few detectors that detect cannabis use based on saliva tests.  Don't know how accurate they are as I haven't heard them being used by law enforcement anywhere yet but there's no need for such a tech now in most of the world.  Legalize weed and you have instant demand from a bunch of police corps.

Also, it's not as if people aren't already driving stoned.  The amount of people who have smoked weed in their lives vs the amount of people who haven't around me is maybe 50 to 1.  And that's in all my social circles (family, friends, job, fellow school students when I was still in school).  The society here is definitely more accepting of weed than in the US but having it illegal is just stupid at this point and feeding money to organised crime.  Not that I believe this should be the main reason for it to be legalized though.  Taxes and freeing up law enforcement to actually pursue real crimes would be far more beneficial if you ask me.

I'm also not too sure health would be badly affected by legalization of weed.  It's actually been proven by medical research that weed has a protective agent where weed smokers actually have less incidence of lung cancer than most non smokers.  Protective compunds within THC is said to cause this.  There's far more throat cancer and schizofrenic incidence for long term users though so it's definitely not good for you but the amounts required would be like for alcoolics and liver syrosis here so it affects a minute % of the population as you'd need to be stoned 24/7 to start seeing those effects.  And since you need money to buy weed and you usually aren't great at your job when stoned out your mind ...

Best way to get stoned is by eating it though.  Did that once.  Oh god that was unpleasant.  And long.

Releases / Re: [REL] Menu Overhaul Project
« on: 2011-07-28 23:39:00 »
^ I just formatted my hard drive like a week or two ago. Not sure how there could be a PC problem that quick. But yeah it completes the installation but when I check the installation folder, there are no changes to any of the files. And there are no files or folders added. Everything is exactly the same.

out of curisoity, have you tried installing ff7 in a non-default location (ie, not in program files folder).  maybe it's a virtual folder issue.

I assume you already tried disabling UAC ?

Sorry but I'm from Canada.  When I used to smoke weed, the quality was a 1000 times better than the shit we found in the US when on trips.  BC and Quebec are famous for their great quality weed and with good reason from what I could tell.

As for cigarette smoking going down if weed was legalized, I'd actually state the opposite.  Most people who smoke weed will cut it with tobacco to make it last longer and make it easier on the throat.  Plus have an "after-roach" cigarette as it supposedly deepens the buzz (it does according to my past experiences).

I know plenty of non-smokers who only smoked cigarettes when smoking weed, it's the same as alcool since both mixed together have a coumpoud effect.  Alcool sales could be impacted in some way as you usually drink less when stoned but I also found people were more likely to drink a few beers with a joint than without so it probably balances out.

It's all very anecdotal but still.

As for hemp, I've heard the stories too.  I wouldn't think any major industry in the US would be affected by it at this point though.  Clothing is pretty much made in third world countries now and I don't believe you could make hemp lumber could you ?  It was always pretty much about hemp paper and the paper industry in North America isn't doing so hot either last I checked ...  they're all closing down in my province anyway and moving god knows where.  Probably countries where there's less strict environement regulations.

I don't think there's any justifiable economic reason not to legalize weed anymore thinking about it.

Socially and health-wise is a whole other debate though but I think it should be.

Of course, there are far too many vested interests in the US for cannabis to ever be legalised.

Please explain what you mean by vested interest.

I always saw this as an issue with little political gain to change while having major political damage with the conservative base of the country (for no good reason I might add.  Having this thing legalizzed and taxed to hell would bring in sizeable revenue).


However as for scenes, this is a single field file where the number is just generated isn't it ?  There's not something like 60 "elevator" field file if I recall ...

General Discussion / Re: Day and night mode FFVII.
« on: 2011-07-27 12:35:06 »
I would guess you'd need to recode the game engine to use alternate scenes and world map based on the game clock then redo all outside scenes for each of your scenario.  Not trivial at all and possibly months upon months of work just touching up the field backgrounds and world map.

So probably not worth it but if you have lots of spare time, learn to code the game and edit the field than more power to you!

Completely Unrelated / Re: I'm in love with this man
« on: 2011-07-26 12:55:12 »
F**k yeah. Saw them live this summer.

Also <- My fav song of all time. It's so awesome.  :P

No, seriously
Opeth, Extol, Pantera, Metallica, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Zeppelin ++
The Black Mages kicks ass.
All above is real, music it's reals I tells you!
Emo music.... I couldn't care less. I wonder why girls tend to fall for emo, girly-looking guys. What about masculinity? Why not just date other emo girls lol?

Girls just aren't into chest hair anymore.  Har-har.

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2
« on: 2011-07-21 02:14:36 »
I didn't even unpacked my copy of FFXIII >_< Was too busy with Tales of Vesperia then

I found Tales of Vesperia profoundly boring.  I liked Legendia better ...  Eternia is the best one in the series I've played with Abyss a close second.

FF7 Tools / Re: [WIP] Keystone v1.1
« on: 2011-07-21 02:12:29 »
Does it? I've got the full version  ::), but I thought their full image-editing software suite has the watermark and perfect resize alone is a fully-featured trial.

The only answer I could find was ona mac trial download page saying it "may" add a watermark.  Not very clear.

Guess I'll have to try it when this is released and let everyone know.  Photoshop definitely has a trial version which I'll also use but I know that one isn't limited except for time (or it wasn't last I tried it).  Too bad perfect resize doesn't work with gimp.

FF7 Tools / Re: [WIP] Keystone v1.1
« on: 2011-07-20 13:26:37 »
I'd personally think both alternatives would work great.  A script for those that want to do it themselves and a finished pack for those that don't.

Does perfect fractals have a demo version per chance ?  If so, any limitations or is it time based ?

FF7Voice / Re: FF7 Voice Audition Thread - Recasting Cloud
« on: 2011-07-19 11:48:55 »
Voice type ideas are provided in the VAA thread as well as the proper lines.

Edit : also recasting Biggs.  We did receive most of the other lines for scene 1 though so we should have a video up within a few weeks!

Update : Cloud recast.  Still looking for Biggs.

FF7Voice / Re: FF7 Voice Audition Thread - Recasting Cloud
« on: 2011-07-19 03:02:58 »
I didn't make that call, the director did so I don't know the exact reason.  I assume he didn't submit his lines in a timely fashion after being reminded a few times.  Since this is scene 1, it's the right time to make these kind of adjustements.

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