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Archive / Dual shock in FF7?
« on: 2004-09-14 21:12:22 »
I've googled all over the place and the only thing I've found was a radioshack driver but all I get in the driver package are two dlls without the inf file so I can't install them.

Archive / Dual shock in FF7?
« on: 2004-09-13 15:36:40 »
does it work if the driver doesn't support force feedback.  My psx adapter (Super PSJoy) uses the windows driver for xp which doesn't support rumbling.  Using the driver that shipped with it (which crashes on xP) I  can use rumble under win98/2000.

I guess it wouldn't but has anyone tried it ?

Archive / FF7 with Windows XP and Radeon 9800
« on: 2004-08-26 20:27:52 »
has anyone tried temporal AA ?  maybe it doesn't do grid lines ... I can't try because I play on win98.

Archive / FFVII FSAA Problems
« on: 2004-07-13 03:06:14 »
Quote from: Goku7
Quote from: teh readme

      TNT/TNT2: FFVIII PC requires that texture coordinates begin at the top, left corner of a texture map. If you notice the texture mapping and fonts are misaligned please check the TNT/TNT2 texel alignment setting.  Ensure that it is set to the upper-left corner.  If your current drivers do not support this feature, you may need to use nVidia's reference drivers.

At the very least, it should be possible to pull off the same thing with Radeon drivers......

I know it was possible back when I had a geforce2 because I had tiling and toying with that fixed my issue.

However looking at radeon drivers and even using radeontweaker doesn't seem to have any option like that.

I was reading this thread and I was thinking about the state of psx emulation right now.

Since you guys seem to be saying that the psx and pc games are pretty much the same except with some minor file conversions, shouldn't it be, in theory at least, possible to use the sound and graphic plugins as a basis for the engine ?

I mean most of the problems of the pc version are solved with these plugins such as 32 bit support, higher resolution, better movies rendering, better sound, etc.  If you also factor in that there are opengl pluigns available it could also simplify croos-paltform compatibility no ?

Although this might be totally impossible.  I have no programming knowledge whatsoever.  It's just a thought.

Archive / FF7 Improving Movies
« on: 2004-07-06 00:59:06 »
That's a shame.

I'm used to the grainy movies after the number of times I've played the game through.

To me there are only actually 3 minor problems with the version of ff7 for pc, the grainy movies, the midi sound (even though ither soundfont or ffmusic really improves the basic music 10 fold) and the lack of aa for radeon card.

Apart from that and with the patches you guys have released (hi-res cloud, hand patch, etc.) the game is as good as it ever was.

Archive / FF7 Improving Movies
« on: 2004-07-05 23:03:57 »
Quote from: Aaron
As for the movies looking better in ePSXe, that's because FF7 doesn't show them good in 16-bit mode as I said before, and it doesn't do any decent scaling/filtering to make them fill the whole screen, so they turn out blocky.

Couldn't a patch fix that somehow ?

Or would a patch to use the epsxe plugins to render only the videos be possible ?

Archive / FF7 Improving Movies
« on: 2004-07-05 21:19:49 »
I've been playing the psx version lately and I was wondering about something.

Why do the psx version movies look so much better in a psx emu like epsxe than in ff7 pc ?  I mean if the movies are both the same resolution, how can they be rendered much better through pete's ogl2 plugin (or anyother plugin I've tried for that matter) ?  And if they can be rendered so well through a psx plugin, couldn't they theorically be rendred with equal quality from within ff7 ?

Archive / Hand Patch
« on: 2004-06-27 15:28:56 »
Actually you just made a mistake with your link.  It's actually

I figured it out looking at the first file name.

Thanks though.

Archive / Hand Patch
« on: 2004-06-26 22:05:55 »
Prohosting isn't letting me download the latest file (v1.5).  Could anyone upload it somewhere else ?

Archive / How to run the bike chase scene at normal speeds
« on: 2004-03-30 03:39:57 »
I was playing the game through (yet again) and I remembered something about an older game.  Back when I used to have a p200, I wanted to play Ultima 7 but my system was too fast so I had to use an utility to slow down my system.  So I thought it could be used to slow down the bike chase scene in ff7.  So after looking around I found a neat little app called CPU Killer located at which is shareware.  It can be used for free for 20 minutes (which is more than enough to play out the bike chase scene) and it works great.  Just wnated to let you guys know since I know that part of the game is one of the major bugs left in the pc version.

Archive / FF7 Soundfont - Which one is the best ?
« on: 2004-03-24 18:24:16 »
As I said earlier I already have ffmusic with mp3/psf setup (I have both) and it's a great program.  I was just looking at midi alternatives.

Archive / FF7 Soundfont - Which one is the best ?
« on: 2004-03-19 16:28:27 »
I actually already have FF7music installed on my version of ff7 and i've got the mp3's and the psf (or whatever they're called).  It's just that it makes ff7 a bit more unstable than usual and it crashes a bit more often with it (still a great program though.  Plus I got a new sb live card and I know some people like it better with the right soundfont than with the mp3's so I wanted to try it out.  But I jus don't know what the "right" soundfont is (apart from the ones shipped with ff7 I mean).

Archive / FF7 Soundfont - Which one is the best ?
« on: 2004-03-18 20:42:23 »
I did a little browsing through the posts and I couldn't find a definite answer for this.  I did find a link to 2 soundfonts :

but before installing them I just wanted to know which one worked best for most people : the one bundled with the game (ff7.sf2 and the choir one for the last song), the one from the first site, the one from the second site or another one I missed ?

I know this is a pretty subjective question but which one do you guys like the most ?

Also is there one with the orchetsrated version of Aerith's theme and Main World Theme that sounds good all throughout the game or not ?  I was just wondering.  I'm using win98se btw if that makes any difference since I read there seems to be some problems with ff7 soundfont and xp and I have a sb live! 5.1.

Archive / FF7 Pc and Radeon 9600 Pro d3d issues
« on: 2003-11-03 03:24:12 »
Actually I didn't use it with the music plugin.  I looped my files so I have for example a 20 minute long mp3 instead of a 5 minutes one.  I recorded the loops that's all.  Couldn't do that with the normal winmap options.

Archive / FF7 Pc and Radeon 9600 Pro d3d issues
« on: 2003-11-03 01:17:40 »
I got it this page :

You have to set the loop control a about 2-3 seconds before the end of the song because the system response time is slower when you're writting a file but it'll take pretty much all of it.  You could probably also use soundforge if you wanted to.

by the way I also made into mp3s from the in game midis the second overworld theme and the bells from from the sephitroth theme.  It sounds pretty good.  I can send them to you if you give me your e-mails here.  I have both a looping and a non-looping version.  The looping version is at least 5 megs though.

I also made a bombing mission without the intro, a mako canon is fired without the intro (for si.mid) and a nointro which is basically those chosen by the planet with the intro cut off and a faster tempo.  I cna also send them over if you want but keep in mind I made those pretty fast so they're not perfect.  But they're much better than the in-game midis if you ask me!

Archive / FF7 Pc and Radeon 9600 Pro d3d issues
« on: 2003-10-26 19:59:40 »
then is there a prog that can record the loops of an mp3 being played (as an example, playing a file in winamp 5 times in a row and outputting those 5 times total to a new mp3) ?

I tried in winamp and it stops record after the first time

edit : actually I just found a way to do it whithin winamp with the use of an independant loop plugin.

So thanks for all the help.  I can finally play this old classic exactly the way I want to. ;)

Archive / FF7 Pc and Radeon 9600 Pro d3d issues
« on: 2003-10-26 15:07:42 »
That did it.

Rolling back to cat 3.6 drivers and choosing the TNT option over the Riva one fixed it (since the Riva option still had some tiling).

I'm going to write ATI to tell them what their new drivers did if they even care at all.  So thanks a bunch man.

On an unrelated subject, I installed ff7music from ficedula and it works fine when I mute the midi, the only little problem is the MP3's don't auto-loop, is that normal ?  I'd rather use MP3 instead of minipsf since I have some orchetrated version I'd rather use instead of the real thing but it's no big deal either.

Archive / FF7 Pc and Radeon 9600 Pro d3d issues
« on: 2003-10-25 21:25:18 »
The chocobo did in fact do nothing.

I might try under winxp as I'm dual booting see if the tiling problem is still there since everything else seems to be the way it should be.

edit : unfortunately, it didn't change squat.

Archive / FF7 Pc and Radeon 9600 Pro d3d issues
« on: 2003-10-25 16:58:56 »
I have tried both of them and the Riva 128 works best (it's just tiled opposed to having some missing texture).

Maybe I sould try tp apply the chocobo patch to see if it'd fix it ?

Archive / FF7 Pc and Radeon 9600 Pro d3d issues
« on: 2003-10-24 06:16:49 »
I've looked through the forum and I know this has been discussed alot but I still couldn't find anything helpfull.  Some people seem to have gotten it working so I'm figuring it must work so anyway here's my problem :

I've installed the Nvidia patch from the Eidos homepage to enable d3d and bypass the failed 8 bit paletized test and it works fine up to that point.  I can start the game and enter a new game and the vidoes run fine too.  But when the train intro finishes and it switches to the game background instead of the video one, the screen is tiled and there are green lines in between the tiles and on the train texture.  I've disabled d3d aa and aniso in my ati 3,8 detonators cp but it still doesn't fix the problem.  I had already seen the tile issue back on my geforce2 and the eidos guys told me to center my texture in the nividia cp but I don't see that option anywhere in my ati cp so I'm out of ideas.

Any ideas to what more I could do ?  I'm using win98se btw.


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