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Archive / I just can't win...
« on: 2004-02-28 05:32:40 »
Can't you create a new windows profile which will use different graphic settings?  Or do all accounts on a comp have to share the same video drivers?

Aeris revival shots, eh?

What about "Zack revival" shots? =P (i actually made some like that, but they're obviously fake cuz of the font, hehhe)

I mean, if this were a PATCH, with redone FMV scenes and extra character speech and story info, this would kick ass, an i'm sure someone might be suckered into buying that...

And this isn't even a code.  The screenshots describe a totaly fake and infamous process of going through the game and doing certain other things, and leveling up LIFE past its nonexistant level 5... I forget the rest though.

This IS crap.  Those are screen shots from a website thats like 3 years old!

I'd report it, but i think i'd have to sign up on e-bay first.. pain in the ass.

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Sephiroth HP
« on: 2004-02-03 22:32:26 »

No, this seems quite accurate.  All one needs to know is that having your characters @ level 99 pumps Sephys HPs way up.. i think lvls 95-98 also do this, but not as much.

I think the WEAPONs hps go like this a bit, too.

Isn't he the guy who wrote the Date Mechanics FAQ?  Sweet ^_^

Anyway, he probably used game hack, and patients.  The only other way woulda been for him to do a hard hack of the mosnters AI, and i dunno how possible that is o_o

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / FF7 Wrappers?
« on: 2004-01-25 02:30:19 »
Actually, it comes with 5.1... I've heard the platinum re-release (which i think is just nothing more than a shiney box) used Dx6 though.

Archive / Immortal - Sephiroth Patch
« on: 2004-01-23 06:52:02 »
Well, the sephy patch isnt meant to work with other patches, and i think there may be conflicting data or something.. ::shrugs::

obviously, the movies wont be replaced, but in battle you should see a change, too.. wierd.

Archive / FF7 Display problem
« on: 2004-01-22 00:40:01 »
If you dunno what these guys are talking about, there should be buttons on your monitor you can play with.  Some are more complicated than others, so you'll just have to mess with it.

And don't worry, playing with the settings while in ff7 won't affect your desktop or other programs (which is what you'll have to do, turn on ff7 and adjust the screen properties there)

Archive / FF8 refusing to work
« on: 2004-01-21 01:00:07 »
I had him reinstall it.  when i brought up "Put it int eh drive you installed it in", he gave me a look and was like "...oh, i shoulda thoughta that".  I think it's working now tho, thanks for your feedback, everyone!

OH OH!!!


If i do this (the regedit movies thing) so it reads movies off the HD, can i substitute them for other movies w/ the same name?  Because a friend of mine ripped the movies straight from the PSX discs and they're MUCH better than the crappily compressed .avis that come with teh game; I'd like to know if it looks for the exact same vidoe, or just one w/ the same name.

Archive / FF8 refusing to work
« on: 2004-01-20 06:16:34 »

A friend of mine has been trying to play ff8, but whenever he'd start up, it'd tell him to "Insert disc 1", but it was already in there, or he'd put it in and nothing would happen.  It would just hang.

Now hes an even bigger comp geek than I am, and we're both stumped.  He's got Dx9 and has all his codecs and drivers updated...

Here's his specs:

 / MSI KT4V / AMD XP [email protected] / 512DDR pc2700 & pc2100 / Tyan Tachyon G9000 Pro 64mb ( ATI Radeon 9000) / AC97 /  40 & 60GB HDD's / 52x cd-rw/DVD /

So... what's preventing him from playing?

Archive / Battle Crash
« on: 2004-01-20 06:05:13 »
Oh, got something!

Try changing the SOUND in the config.

I got the same thing today, and i went back to using normal midi mode after having changed it to yamaha synth before.  Works fine now.

Archive / ARGH FF7 Crashes, searched forum first :(
« on: 2004-01-19 18:20:57 »
Sounds like a video card or directX problem.

If your other games are working fine though, I dunno what else it could be =.

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / ff7psf
« on: 2004-01-19 09:50:57 »
Check your windows audio settings.  Sometimes winblows likes to be a buttercup and turn down the MIDI volume just to piss ya off.

Also, in your setup pic, on the waayy lower left, the volume is set all the way on "LOW".  Try cranking that back up.

I didn't know directX could be degraded ?_?  I mean, you can add components from directx5 (which ff7 requires), but 9 will already have those, and short of reinstalling windows, i thought it was near impossible to get rid of directx?


Mara, you didn't happen to install the ff7 soundfont, and forget to install the movieplayer, did ya?  I know some sound corruption can happen with ff7's default SF and most audio cards made after 2001 (I had a conflict error between the SF and my SB Live, which made my comp take 10 minutes to load windows.  Sound wasn't much better, either.)

Is ff7 config recognizing your 3d hardware?  It sounds like your system is too good for ff7 and doesnt like it =P

Alternatly, you could run diaxdiag and see if theres any problems there.  Especially if some of your other game might not be performing as well as they should.

General discussion / "yet-to-be announced" project
« on: 2004-01-19 09:26:19 »
I'm actually betting that Square is lying about AC, and that it's going to be a game, not a movie.

They lied about anything in the works like this for years (It had to take a LONG time to create those models and skins!)  Who's to say theyre being honest about it being just a movie?

ANyway, that "Other project" could be an animation thing.. He was an executive producer on FF: Legend of the crystals, and as i recall, he worked on FF Unlimited as well (And i could have sword his name was in teh credits of TSW also).

General discussion / Hunting for "Story" people
« on: 2004-01-19 09:18:30 »

Be on the lookout for an E-mail from [email protected] , because this is the kind of thing i definatly would like to help with!

I've already done a rather in depth summary into the entirity of the ff7 timeline ( SO i can help out in whatever areas you need me to =)

Archive / Battle Crash
« on: 2004-01-19 05:27:39 »

I know ff7 isn't the most intensive game when it comes to memory usage, but try switching off trillian and other resource hogs while you play.

You implied that this doesn't happen at EVERY battle, and just at random when going into one?

I remember i had much the same problem once and couldn't fix it... i simply reinstalled it.  And while I'm sure you applied the patch correctly, there may be other things wrong (like old/outdated video drivers or a directX conflict).

I'll let the techier people take it from here o_o

Archive / Immortal - Sephiroth Patch
« on: 2004-01-18 07:58:59 »
WOAAHHH nelly.

Lucky i stumbled across this.

I did NOT, i repeat, did NOT make that patch!  I simply found it and distributed it.  I never meant to imply that I made it!

Sorry for reviving an old thread, but i wanted to clear that up =o_o=

Oh, and hi, I'm new here ^_^

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