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Completely Unrelated / Friday, Oh Friday...
« on: 2011-06-29 08:30:24 »
Friday, oh Friday...

I already have an ASUS Crosshair V Formula but Friday I will be receiving:

2X G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2133 (PC3 17000)

4X Sapphire HD 6970's

Corsair Professional Series Gold High-Performance 1200-Watt Power Supply

RAZER DeathAdder RZ01-00152500-R3M1

Saitek Cyborg V5 Black USB Wired Gaming Keyboard

Blu-Ray Burner

2X 1.5 Terabyte HDD

Intel 320 80GB SSD

Cooler Master Haf-X

Plus a few aesthetic extras(I.E. Matching colered fans. Etc

Is my rig becoming impressive yet?

I will post a build log on overclock, so when I do Ill correspond in this thread as well.

mods are and here is the resulting discussion.

I post on page 3 and 6, if any of you are mad that I posted pictures(SL) then please let me know, I didnt take credit, nor did I give it, I figured the credit mentioned here would be enough.

I just want to get teach the ff7 community about the wonderful things we do here, and maybe,just maybe, get  us more contributing members.

Please join our discussion at overclock to inform the ff7 community.

P.S. Am I in any sort of trouble for this? Let me know and I will correct it if so.

Hey man me and the wife got an M-Audio Keyrig 49.

Do you Have any suggestions to start us of down the wonderful road of pianism?

Completely Unrelated / Ghetto PC A/C Cooling.
« on: 2011-06-24 02:45:18 »
Ok so I changed the inside of my case from this:

To this:

Afterwards I redid the duct tape connections on my ghetto A/C rig:

My idle temps went from 38c on regular air to 26-28c with A/C
My load temps went from 56c on regular air to 42c on A/C (after 20 minutes of Prime95)

If this options available to you, its a good option, as results dont lie.(This is also with bad TIM)

Lemme know what ya think.

Well guys, I have a unique problem.

I have the new Crosshair V Formula 990FX and am planning on purchasing the daughter pci board, the ROG Xpander.

Problem is, I can not find a case that will accommodate this setup, as the pci daughter board mounts "on top" of the motherboard, effectively increasing the dimensions of the board from just height and width, to height width and depth.

Since I know of no cases that can handle a motherboard with depth, I suppose I will have to custom build a case myself.

The first option that comes to mind is wood. But herein lies the problem. I dont want a wood pc case. Im not trying to feel "vintage" with this at all.

I want this pc to SCREAM performance.. Im putting tri fire 7990's in it when they release with the best Bulldozer 8-core at release,both OC'ed to the max with 2 h100's in a single loop to the cpu, and a single loop to the three GPU's and 4 radiators, so I mean come on...wood? This things gonna be the most beastly pc that will be built this generation if I have anything to do with it, I mean come on Im getting the ROG XPANDER... I bet you cant even find 1 person with one lol.(And they had one for the rampage 3 back in the day...)

What other options could be available to me? I have no way to do metal work, but completely DO NOT MIND to find a place to do it for me.

Ive never been a hardware modder but I have done similar things in my life.
I would definately need the communitys help with design, as I am horrible with design, I couldnt be an architect or an engineer

I cant really think of anything else to say, any info you guys need from me so that you may be able to properly brainstorm with me?

Here is what the board will look like set up.


And got it for 5$!, Problem is, I have a 42" hd monitor and its highest res is 1280x960... I wish I could force it into 16:9... this is disappoint...

In the near future(next 6 months) I will acquire a restaurant. The premises is 1300$ a month, well located, and not only that, 4200 sq ft!
I know, its huge, but this is going to be a small family oriented restaurant.

So I've decided Id put the rest of the space to much better usage.
There is an area on the right side of the building, about 20x20, that would be perfect for a small pc store. I also plan on having a WIFI lounge between the pc shop and the restaurant.

The community here is largely ignorant of technology. I suspect 95% of the home computer userbase knows little more than how to surf the web.(I take this from 23 years of experience living here, and come on, Its rural ALABAMA lol.)

I would feel a great sense of pride if I could change the community of this county(or at least the town the restaurant and shop are located in) Into a more knowledgeable userbase.Problem is, the local college only offers CAD, and thats not REALLY a computer class, more so it teaches you how to put mathematical figures onto a template to carve a design.

I would like to build a curriculum, starting with the VERY BASICS, and working into the EXTREME, and teach classes regularly out of the shop, as my wife and mother will run the restaurant.

The problem lies withing the fact that as a very experienced user, I cannot remember the basics, or properly set up a curriculum that does not confuse...

I would love to hear your suggestions on the subject, and any ideas that may benefit the restaurant, shop,or the community in general.

Completely Unrelated / Playstation Network back online.
« on: 2011-05-15 06:30:44 »
To all of my fellow ps3 and psp owners out there, I was just going to let you know that PSN is back up in most states, not sure about anything outside the U.S.

For a look at what states have service, take a look at this map that is constantly updated.

Also what games do you guys have to play? I have Gran Turismo 5(Love it!) and Red Dead Redemtion, but I rent games a lot.
Does anyone actively play online? I would love to play sometime, just let me know your username. Mine is the same as here on the forums.
Anyways just thought I'd let you guys know.

Completely Unrelated / Help with japanese/photoshop.
« on: 2011-05-14 10:37:09 »
Hi guys. I have a family friend that is techno-illiterate. I am trying to sell a couple of ivory figurines for her and am in the process of trying to upload the details to ebay, but I've run into a problem.

My wife went over and took the pictures....lets just say she cant focus a camera.

I have tried all night to sharpen these images to some sort of quality, where you can tell the amount of work that went into these figurines, but nothing I can do helps...

I finally decided to just draw over the symbols etched in the bottom to bring them out more, but I just dont think I got them right... take a look.

#1 Before:

#1 After:

#2 Before:

#2 After:

Any of you Japanese savvy people may be able to recognize these, or they may be Chinese or something... Im not sure.

Also if any of the more skilled photoshop artists would like to take these few files and clean them up for me, I would GREATLY appreciate it as youd be doing not only me, but our family friend, a big favor.(These things are supposed to be worth 1-2k at least)

Here's a link for the photos.

Once again any help at all is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

Completely Unrelated / The worst day EVER!
« on: 2011-05-10 19:18:03 »
I have been working on a project to fix up the house since last week. My deadline was today. All through the week, I had MANY stressful troubles trying to get it all done. Guess what happens...

Well I stayed up to 3:30 AM last night to finish painting the bedroom and thusly be done.(Paint was DARK grey with white trim...what do you think? I love it.)I awake this morning and since Im sleeping in another room while the room was being painted,I head to the closet to get some pants and move furniture back in. I manage to knock my white paint can off the ladder without the lid being secure and the result was white paint all over my grey wall and about a gallon on the carpet.

Now I have to repaint AND recarpet.....Doh!

I started gaming at 18 months old. My older sister had messed around with me and the NES long enough to teach me how to play it.We have home videos of just before I was 2 mashing mario bros to death.

Anyways, as the years have drug on, I have replayed titles that I played from the ages 2-14 Id say, and the things I CLEARLY remember doing seem impossible for me now.

Some examples are:

Sonic 2, I could get Super Sonic before the first boss as a child of 6 or so. Now I cant even beat the third chaos medal level...

Iron Sword 2: I can clearly remember MASTERING this game, would rarely ever get hit, now I can rarely make it to the 4th level.

I could think of 100 more instances if I tried hard ennough or played enough old games and rememberes. What I want to know is have any of you had this same experience?

General Discussion / FF7 and Unity
« on: 2011-04-26 22:08:00 »
A few months ago I began messing around with unity. One day I decided to import some of FF7's assets into unity,and while getting everything in and put together correctly took a moment, I finally got the cloud model in. I had him on a blank plane,and programmed some simple movement commands.

Now I know nothing about the animations or how they function or even where they are located, so Cloud winds up gliding everywhere in the most rigid of fashions.
Now I know this isnt much but I was pleased with what I had accomplished.

 I amon my ps3 right now but when my PC  is back up ill be able to post more info.

What I want to know is will anyone be interested in participating in this with me. It would be beyond heavenly to get the entire amount of provided ff7 data running inside of unity, but right now I want tosee if its plausable to get t a working demo up to the Gaurd Scorpion fight...

Completely Unrelated / I wrote a song.
« on: 2011-03-23 16:00:18 »
Dontcha fuckin love it when you hear that sound?
Tonight Rock n Roll is gonna fill this town.
I find it kind of hard to not get carried away,
When it comes the time to rock you know Im down to play.

I love to rock,,,,,,, yeah yeah
I wanna rock,,,,,,,, hell yeah
I need to rock,,,,,,,, say it with me now
I love to rock

Just give me a guitar and you get on those drums
Jimmy on the bass and then its time for fun.
Now push it to eleven, Play with all your might.
We'll burn this city down with rock n' roll tonight.

I love to rock,,,,,,, yeah yeah
I wanna rock,,,,,,,, hell yeah
I need to rock,,,,,,,, say it with me now
I love to rock

I love to rock and dont wanna know why
Ill stand here and rock till the day that I die,
And when my spirit is released out into the sky,
I rock there for eternity.


First song I ever wrote, What do you think?(If you cant tell, I like to rock)
It probably wont sound like I have it sounding in my head to you, but I figured Id throw this out here.

Completely Unrelated / Who has played Crimson Echoes?
« on: 2011-02-05 01:30:56 »
Im stuck at the snaking forest, I watched this video and at 0:22 It says "This is our one and only hint on how to navigate the forest.It's meant to tell you to do the code for goleneye 007's golden gun"

I searched for a cheat to it but the only thing I read was you can get it in the Temple level by solving a puzzle, does anyone know how to solve that puzzle?

Ive been playing a lot of flash games on and have been becoming increasingly interested in making my own flash game. I have a notebook full of ideas that should make a GREAT game that will win prizes and be pretty successful if executed correctly. Right now im trying to learn actionscript, which seems pretty hard, but then again, I have never programmed anything, so it will be my first programming language.

If anyone is interested in getting started with me or thinks they want to help or just wants to hear my ideas, please let me know.

If someone DOES help me at some point and we release the game, any prizes/advertising revenue would be split.(Although I might use my part of any money received to hold contests here)

I was reminiscing about all my favorite games(thanks to the world of emulators I have played nearly every game ever created prior to ps2 lol) and was wondering what sort of games you guys would wish to see remade.

As for me, comes a game as timeless as ff7 itself, albeit not nearly as popular.

The game in question is River City Ransom for NES. The game had Double Dragon DESTROYED in the amount of side-scrolling fighting available, You could throw weapons, use weapons, learn new moves, throw your PARTNER, etc etc etc.

It had rpg elements in the form of a large for its time stats system, which you could upgrade at various shops with money collected. You were even able to learn completely new abilities such as acrobatic flips, triple punches, triple kicks, etc.

All in all, even considering the very short story and playthrough, this game still offers me much enjoyment, especially when playing multiplayer.

Now I am aware that there was a japanese sequel that was named something slightly different, but they removed most of the RPG mechanics and moved more to a beat-em up. In my opinion, the sequel was a severe downgrade from the original.

If this game was recreated even with the original 8-bit graphics, and the story and game length was extended...I believe it would land on my list of top 10 games ever.

If you havent played it, get it and give it a shot.

Completely Unrelated / Wow, that was a long break.
« on: 2010-12-31 13:42:33 »
I was unfortunately arrested on October 18th, and was just released today. It was a long time away from my friends here and the Battle Scene Reconstruction, which I see has made leaps and bounds over in the TA forum.

As stated in the BSR thread, I will get back to work as soon as I can sort out my difficulties IRL

It seemed like forever, but dont think I left you guys, I always had you on my mind!

Also everyone have a happy New Years!

In the last month or so I have been much more inactive here than the rest of my stay, reason being I have a new project that demands all of my attention, anyway here it is, hope this isn't against any rules.

[image redacted]

I used to play legend of mir a long time ago, and In my opinion it was what a MMORPG should be, now, I have picked up Legend Of Mir 3 and have been playing it quite abit.

I dont know many ppl in the game, and I like you guys here, and I was wondering if you were interested in playing with me.Through a run of luck I managed to get tons of gold, so I can supply all the best equipment to anyone who want to play with me, and I can also help lvl you up.

Keep in mind this MMO is not like WoW or any mainstream MMO on the market, this removes all the bright colors, and bars all over the place, with some solid great rpg action.

There are FARRRR too many details for me to discuss here.One thing I found is no guides are available on the net, but I know all the pertinent info that any of you would need to know.

Please consider playing with me, the game is free, and is by all means the only MMORPG experience I have ever liked.


I created this thread as a fun way to share what games you are playing. My Idea is to give you guys a vague "Reference" to the game Im playing, and allow you to guess it.

The person who guesses correctly is then free to post their vague "Reference" for the game they are playing as well.

Lets start off with HARD references for now, and move on to easier ones if noone can guess until the game is guessed. Reference could be a name, a quote, an event, or anything.

Game Text Quote "How could you steal lunch from a poor,defenseless old man?"

Now come on guys I expect this to be gotten right off.

Completely Unrelated / Do I have musical talent?
« on: 2010-07-23 09:29:45 »
These 2 videos were made on april 3rd, I had been practicing guitar since Valentines day.

This is megadeath symphony of destruction. If you dont wanna listen to me explain my set-up to my friends, skip halfway through to where I start.

This is my attempt at a finger tapping demonstration.

As an added bonus trivia question. What video game item do you see in these videos?

I have been wondering this for quite some time.The puzzle was rather hard indeed.I honestly had to use a strategy guide for this one, how about you guys?

Also I was wondering how many of you figured out the Huge Materia Rocket code on your own...I did this one by writing down every possible combination of the four buttons, and luckily I started with the right button, and got it quickly,but had a lot of pages of writing I didnt even need lol.

General Discussion / Hardcore Mod Tips/Etc Topic.
« on: 2010-07-04 19:01:26 »
I have some sweet vids up of some monsters and final battles in midgar. N/M the messed up music in the first one.

And here is hojo/jenova

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