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initializing sound...
ERROR: could not open file C:\Program Files (x86)\Square Soft, Inc.\Final Fantasy VII\Data\music\music.idx
creating dsound primary buffer
reading audio file
ERROR: could not open file C:\Program Files (x86)\Square Soft, Inc.\Final Fantasy VII\Data\sound\audio.fmt

Thats all I get from the app log, I installed The new ff7 to a different folder before installing the current one, but it still looks to the old folder for the files.I would just copy thos files to my destination, but my current installs music folder is empty.

How do I fix this problem?



I need to modify the exe to run at 39 fps on the field and 18-19 fps in battle. I have my fraps recording well noe, but I believe everything would come out a LOT better if I could modify the EXE's frame-rates.

Anyone that could give me some helpful info would be greatly appreciated.

I was just browsing youtube and found the most AWESOME and relative 8-bit game for this forum.
Check it out! Tell me what you think.

Graphical / [WIP] Battle-scene Enhancement
« on: 2010-06-29 02:06:36 »
This thread will be used to post updates/info/problems, etc related to the Battle-scene Enhancement Project.

Currently the project members are as follows:  Pyrozen

We need all the help we can get, so anyone interested in helping retexture any battle-scene in Final Fantasy VII please PM me and we can get you started!

Currently, we are working on the OP,OQ, and OR series of textures. There has been much work done on each one of the series, but we finally have a finished texture.

Here is the OPAC original.

Here is an extreme rough draft of OPAC-REMASTERED by sithlord48, after I applied some sharpening and despeckling and lighting.

And here is close to the final version, It was gonna be final, but I just noticed where my wife effed withh my shading, so I have to fix that and itll be released.

Please leave any suggestions so we can make this look good!

EDIT: I have completed OPAC, and can be made available to anyone interested, or just save the pic and insert it, either way.
Here is a video of the texture used in battle, I LOVE IT! Do you?
Once again watch the video in 720 p so you can see some definition, gotta get fraps to working again...

General Discussion / How to remake the save crystal...
« on: 2010-06-24 18:41:15 »
I saw the work nikfrozty did on his savepoints and they look really good. I would like to practice some 3d modeling by making an actual "Save Crystal" instead of a half square on a crystal looking like a ? mark. After doing so I may even make an FF7 crystal or something...I just want something better than a ? mark ya know?

What file is the savepoint? What program should I use to edit it? I would search but it is down....again....
Any resources you could point me to would be of great help.

Completely Unrelated / Most metal game music cover.
« on: 2010-06-17 23:49:53 »
Post the vid you think is the most metal game music cover.

I vote for Metal Bowsers Castle :)

As you are all aware. I have been messing with the battle-scenes. Since retexturing my first scene, Ive shifted my work into learning exactly how they work and into cataloging the associations for textures with scenes and also converting every texture to psd.

In doing all this research, I cant help but to wonder...Is the 3d hemisphere that the game lays the sky background on a 3d model? It seems it may be so from how it looks when new tex's are applied...
The reason Im wondering is because if we can not create a higher poly'd hemisphere, any texture changes are only going to look so good. I swear that hemisphere looks to have only 2 polys on screen at a time..

Again, I could be wrong, But to me it looks like 2 off-triangles hooked together lol,(keep in mind thats all I can see at once w/o the camera moving, so its higher poly'd than 2 if it IS  a model..) If it isnt a 3d model is there any way we can make it more complex so that it looks much more realistic during movement of the camera?

Completely Unrelated / Does anyone here use marijuanna?
« on: 2010-06-14 20:58:15 »
I most certainly do! Daily! And I dont care who knows it!

I used to have a lot of pot leaf memorabelia that I wore A LOT in public. One day I went in pizza hut with a giant leaf shirt and hat.
There were 5 state troopers eating at the table by the restroom, and I had to go, so I stroll by them, tipping my pot leaf hat at them as I go.

Btw I live in alabama, and its VERY illegal here, even medically.

General Discussion / The coolest glitch EVVARRR!
« on: 2010-06-13 22:14:23 »
Ok I hate kalm flashback, so I used speedhack at x20 to play through it. I was unaware you could control sephiroth in the hardcore mod(unless that too was a glitch) and we both got killed and I got a game over(during the flashback

So I load and head to kalm to redo it, and run into a battle. The battle ends(keep in mind I LOADED, and I am instantly back outside the battle that game overed me previously. I walk forward to the mako reactor and, Tifa steps out of my party when young tifa is still there!

I can video it from this point, or else try to recreate it if need be.

General Discussion / Idea for skipping the kalm flashback.
« on: 2010-06-12 20:59:49 »
This has always bugged me. If I've seen this scene 4 times before, I dont wanna see it again. Yet every play-through I'm forced to what seems like an hour of hitting the OK button.

How would I edit that scene to have an option of Cloud either telling the story, or just going to bed?

The only possible trigger you can miss is for the elemental materia from Tifa's piano.

That pic looks suspiciously like the mods here!

I've translated the page, and looked further into it, and it seems inconclusive to me ATM, maybe, maybe not....

Completely Unrelated / We need a guy like this!
« on: 2010-06-11 22:54:47 »

I was searching around and found this guy.... he's quite good at modeling and texturing.

Team Avalanche / Im redoing Battle background OQAC
« on: 2010-06-11 22:38:28 »
Need help with battle background oqac, specifically, I need someone to redo the emblem on the center floor and send it to me. I can do it myself, but the end result will be barely better than the original.
If anyone thinks they cn help, please do so, I may complete this today!

Edit:Got moved from tech related- but didnt feel it deserved its own thread in TA yet...

I hated that movie! What did it even have to do with final fantasy?

Not saying the models suck, but if your just wanting to edit textures lgptools works just fine. Really easy to drop a new file in too.

I've tried to hold this discussion before, but now I have the tools to explain my case better.

Here is the problem:Music sounds okay in ff7, prolly not a big difference to an undiscerning ear, but believe it or not these midi instruments had effects placed on them that are simply missing in-game(as in reverb,sustain,distortion, and really a lot of the goodies. Using the limited midi technology they had to do what they could to spruce up the music.

How I know this: I have extracted all the psf's from my psx copy, and I have the ones from Covarr as well.The sets of files are complete equals, so ff7music's psf's are not the problem.

The way I tested this is to load my psflib into winamp and play my psf's through there. SOUNDS WONDERFUL!!!!!! I see that most of you guys are on laptops, and maybe with a smaller sound system the effects wouldnt be there, but im sure if you put on a good set of headphones you will hear it clearly.

I on the other hand have a crappy rca surround, so I have a bit more volume depth than a laptop user.

When testing this problem I would first have a psf Open in winamp playing. Next, I would open ff7 in a window, so I can set the volumes for it and winamp seperately.

Then, I head to a place with a psf that has lots of effects, such as under the pillar in midgar or many others, (more notes on useful files is in an edit.)
After getting to a place that is suitable, I select the correct song in winamp, and listen to it at high volume,with winamps setting untouched.
I then mute winamp and unmute ff7....
The difference is unbelievable!  Now again I must say this may not be an issue with laptop users, or other users as well, it may only be my pc. But I wish I could fix this problem. I am about to make a video illustrating what I laid out above.
 Edit: This one sucks, watch the other for a better representation(see my post below)   P.S. Im now gonna do a few more to illustrate. The videos will be much better since I learned how to use the program on that run.

General Discussion / Shinra's horrible management...
« on: 2010-06-10 19:11:55 »
Is it just me or is it weird that the ENTIRE staff of a clearly International Mega-Company that acts as its own government and has its own city, would be run by a flock of such foolish people?

I mean, I remember reading a tons of lines of script from ppl related from shinra that had no good reasoning to them at all.

One example: Lets gather all the huge materia and RAM IT into Meteor. Yeah that will work, since our own lives and the lives of everyone else are on the line, I really don't think we should contemplate this plan of action any further!

Im sorry but that was the most horrible plan I have ever heard.
Also why did rufus want to take the tiny bronco from Cid when he had the Highwind?
I have more, but I will let you guys go first.

I await to hear your examples of Shinra's foolishness, and please laugh at their ignorance as well!

Completely Unrelated / A slice of my life.
« on: 2010-06-09 23:52:56 »
If any of you are interested to see what its like in rural Alabama, or just wanna know more about me, check out this vid(shot it in 720p so turn up your resolution if ya can)

Edit I posted this too early, youtupe is taking forever to process even after it said it was available. give it like 15 mins)

I have made many background textures that I do not like. The textures look great, and also look great in game. The problem is that when running the game at high resolutions with all the buffering and 16x anisotropy and 32x SS AA I have forced on any 3d program I run,  the points where textures connect are WELL DEFINED.

I dont care how seamlessly the edges fit together, or how tile-able the texture is, because when the game sticks them together, it leaves highly noticeable lines at every point they stick together..Just look at the floor in the bombing mission non opac battle scene(The one that you fight guard scorpion on) Also in scenes that dont operate like that, as in world map battle scenes, you can totally tell that you pictures are stuck together and copied around a 3d hemisphere over the top of the floor texture.

How can I combat this, I need these textures to work seamlessly together, so that you can't obviously see the way the game is putting these textures together. Its really bugging me.

Like right now... this guy lol.
scmark15      06:41:35     Viewing the board Tech-related.

His user stats are...
Name:     scmark15
Posts:    9 (0.010 per day)
Position:    Cool Newbie
Date Registered:    2007-12-10 09:18:36
Last Active:    Today at 06:40:51
MSN:    [email protected]
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Current Status:    Online Online
Gender:    Male
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Location:    Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Local Time:    2010-06-06 06:44:18

All his 9 posts are related to tim files. Just thought it interesting for someone to be active for so long and have only 9 posts.

Also sometimes I set my refresh for every 5 secs and watch the who's online page. Sometimes I see the guests doing extremely funny things...sometimes It makes me wonder if its square from the topics they will go to back to back, like from q-gears topic to another engine creation topic to a KH model ripping thing, and printing all related pages lol. Maybe Im just paranoid.

I like hulu, but I would really like to find a site with a player that doesnt make me select a new video or minimize every time the old video finishes because it takes me like an hour or more to fall asleep and if I have to get up all the time to fullscreen it or to select a video I cant get sleepy...

I rather liked this one myself...just read the battle text displayed.

Completely Unrelated / Do you know your origins?
« on: 2010-06-06 02:39:09 »
I got to reading a lot of your guys fights with hermore and it was really funny, Especially how much he was all over being 60% Viking.Lol how do you become 60% anyway lol, 50 maybe but 60?

Anyway this got me to wondering where my family was from and was wondering if there was any way to find out without having to go to or somewhere and paying a fee to find out?

If there is a place the people from here meet up, please PM me the info so I can find you guys...

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