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Archive / Crash in mako reactor (not the first fight)
« on: 2005-02-14 11:06:21 »
Quote from: Chesso
The microsoft site mentions no change in any real core components core being process's that absolutely have to run in order for windows to function properly. It only list's IE fixes and some useless firewall crap.

"First, core Windows components have been recompiled with the most recent version of our compiler technology, which provides added protection against buffer overruns" taken from
in regards to added memory protection

Changes have been made which have caused crashes in some applications. That is why microsoft delayed the automatic updates for corporate users, because IBM in particular suffered numerous problems.

regardless sp2 has no effect on ff7

Archive / Crash in mako reactor (not the first fight)
« on: 2005-02-13 12:03:08 »
sp2 might be more buggy because they made some changes to the memory system. They rewrote many core system processes in order to make them secure. Therefore a poorly programmed game like FF7 which has been known to handle memory slightly erratically may encounter certain bugs.

Having said that most people have had no problems with sp2

General discussion / advent children release date
« on: 2005-02-10 16:27:11 »
According to the release date of advent children is gonna be the 14th of March (to coincide with psp US release). But as always Square-Enix haven't confirmed this so we'll just have to wait and see.

Archive / FF7 1.01 and 1.02 patches.
« on: 2005-01-26 11:40:34 »
world map can often be fixed by setting windows 98 compatibility mode

Archive / The FF7 systems database!
« on: 2005-01-26 11:39:00 »
DirectX 9.0c
sorry guys

Archive / The FF7 systems database!
« on: 2005-01-25 23:14:08 »
Operating System: Windows XP Professional SP2. (DirectX 9.0c)
Motherboard: Abit NF7-M.
CPU: AMD Athlon XP +2200.
RAM: 512mb Corsair XMS DDR333.
Video Card: ATI Radeon 9800pro AIW (Catalyst 4.9)
Audio Card: Onboard system.
HD: IBM and model unkown.
Benq DVD-+RW DL  DW1600

FF7 Run's fine. Compatibility mode required (for world map)

Installed DirectShow and Chocobo Patch and official 1.02 patch
I use the Yamaha XG softsynthesiser
Above applies to original FF7 version full install.

I can run FF7 is software mode fine.
I normally use the 1.02 patch and force Direct3d rendering. (Riva 128 mode).
Works fine with very rare small graphics glitches.

Archive / FF7 problem
« on: 2004-11-26 17:17:33 »
I get this problem but only when I set windows 98 compatibility mode

Archive / XP world map crashing
« on: 2004-11-07 20:31:29 »
yeah switch to windows 98 compatibility mode it fixes several world map problems

sounds like u might have a scratched disk, or a corrupt installation. Why don't u install the game on another PC then save it at your first chance and transfer the saved game.

Troubleshooting / FF7 PC video crashes
« on: 2004-10-16 14:57:38 »
What are your system specifications? Try downloading the upside-down movie patch

post your system specs

Archive / FFVII Movies not playing off CDs
« on: 2004-10-05 14:11:13 »
Can i ask what setting ur using to achieve a good standard of FSAA. Are you encountering much corruption?

I think there would be a problem running the game in virtual pc because I think it uses a standard non-adapter specific video driver which may have problems running the game using direct 3d even with the 1.02 patch.  Software mode might work though

Archive / How Can I Get The Best Performance In FF7
« on: 2004-08-12 20:41:40 »
Downloading the 1.02 patch will allow you to run the game in hardware video mode on an ati card. As of yet I think that FSAA is only possible on nvidia cards, as it produces grid lines on ati cards.

Running the game using soundfonts or the Yamaha XG midi software emulator also gives the game better quality music.

Archive / codecs w/ upside down patch
« on: 2004-07-12 15:26:01 »
I sometimes used to have this problem back in the day when playing on my voodoo 1. I think I fixed it by changing graphics drivers or direct x versions but doubt that will be of any help with modern hardware & drivers

Archive / Videos crashing
« on: 2004-05-17 19:10:06 »
Have you tried using the updated Duck True Motion video codec. It fixes the upside down video but might also contain other minor relevant fixes.

Forcing on Anti-Aliasing is now permitted. This will permit users to use Anti-Aliasing on games such as Madden 2004 (which users are requesting). (ATI catalyst 4.5 release notes)

Would it be possible to force Anti-Aliasing for Final Fantasy VII with ATI catalyst 4.5 drivers?

Archive / Somoene wanna look over this?
« on: 2004-04-17 18:07:24 »
Worked for me but a spell check could be a good idea

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