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General Discussion / Final Fantasy X Media Released!
« on: 2001-01-16 09:32:00 »
Actually No .. ur wrong.. I played FF V.. didnt beat that one.. VI VII VIII IX and beat all those.. and i played ff on the OLD Nes cant remember much though  :) oh and Even the old Dragon Warrior with no movement at all basically a text game with movement on the world map and in towns.. yeah ff8 had some problems but think Square has a majority of people (BUYERS) that want graphics and not story. it sucks.. yeah FF VI was a great game.. lots of time on that one.. but They probably were under lotsa pressure to release FF8 and it was crap they had never dealt with b4. technology is moving so fast that they probably have a hard time keeping up with it.. everyone does.. they are looking to make the majority happy too much. i think more so than the people that are diehards for story and plot.. yes FF8 was a little plot dead, but they had alot of loveable characters in it.. you just didnt get that attached.. not like in the others though.. i just enjoyed ff8 it was a decent change and thats why i cant just say it was crappy.. i thought it was good. and i enjoyed playing it and beating the crap out of it.. and i am sure i will do it again.

General Discussion / Final Fantasy X Media Released!
« on: 2001-01-14 12:57:00 »
Thats smooth! And FF8 WASNT A FLOP DAMMIT! LoL i still thought the game was cool... i thought it was great.. you people just dont know!

General Discussion / How old is everyone?
« on: 2001-02-16 10:32:00 »
Its easy to get a GF anyone can do it.. its just you have to put up with the person that you sleep with... then worry about kids and disease.. sheesh Happy VALENTINES DAY THOUGH! LoL sorry my cynicism n e way go for it errrr you never know how much of an ass you can make out of yourself until you go up and talk to one like i did tonight.

General Discussion / How old is everyone?
« on: 2001-02-13 10:46:00 »
Valentines day sucks! I feel all crappy cuz i slept with my friends X-fiancee and she even had a new BF.. Ged I think that rocks man seriously .. Congrats. Other than that i dont really have a valentine right now.. i think i am going to have an internet valentine though  :) i hope.. Ya know we should start like posting pics of ourselves i mean dont over due it or anything just one so every 1 can see what everyone looks like.. although i dont know if the site supports the room or whatever.. I will probably get all high and get depressed on valentines day.

General Discussion / How old is everyone?
« on: 2001-02-05 10:01:00 »
Oh god i cant remember back that far... I was raised on Hippy music Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd.. hella more .. then i moved to New Orleans Moved back to Illinois and uh Graduated H.S. and am currently doing nothing with my life.. i think i may move back down to New Orleans or Cali  :).. um God i guess my life is pretty censored too .. I have lived a good life and am not even 21 I have had many expierences and god all censored.. o well.. Oh and on the name thing
My real name is Travis Miller kinda common  :) i plan on changing it but Travis Means Crossroads and Miller hell i dont know.. My origional name was Travis Stuart.. and i dont know what Stuart means either.

General Discussion / How old is everyone?
« on: 2001-02-02 09:31:00 »
Dag awful wide variety there u into drugs?

General Discussion / How old is everyone?
« on: 2001-02-01 11:53:00 »
Personally i love Nirvana and Rape me is i think one of their best songs.. I havent listened to all of the linkin park album.. my friends got it and i havent burned it yet.. he probably played it though so i probably heard it but i dont recall much.. goood band though.

General Discussion / How old is everyone?
« on: 2001-01-31 10:32:00 »
eerrr music is like my life man.. seriously i love it.. Alternative/metal/whatever i dont get into to much rap though .. in fact i dont really listen to rap... Incubis and silver chair White Zombie Acid Bath Nirvana Static X Kittie god too many 2 name  :)

General Discussion / How old is everyone?
« on: 2001-01-30 11:25:00 »
Whoa i have a sister (20) and a brother (8) and a cat (16) hes old. Linkin Park Rocks! I had step family awhile there.. We were one big disfunctional family.. oh and whats up with May 1982? was it somekinda tech geek month or something?

General Discussion / How old is everyone?
« on: 2001-01-29 08:25:00 »
Qhimm thats crazy man! I wuz born May 13 1982. What day were u born?

General Discussion / How old is everyone?
« on: 2001-01-26 06:51:00 »
Hey all i am at work... heheheheh company time rocks! anyway qhimm sounds like wise when he talks not like some 19 or 18 yr person your younger .. plus he said he can do lots legally drinking age here is 21 what is it everywhere else?

General Discussion / How old is everyone?
« on: 2001-01-24 10:09:00 »
I bet Qhimm is 24

General Discussion / How old is everyone?
« on: 2001-01-19 10:17:00 »
Cool Page man.. although i didnt like how it just went to full screen without me telling it too.. cuz i use a Free ISP and have a crappy banner ad on my screen.. other than that its smooth

General Discussion / How old is everyone?
« on: 2001-01-18 11:17:00 »
I think the only way i could overclock mine would be in the jumper settings... cuz its locked up in my bios (P III 550) Phoenix bios... forget the version # though. but i still got my old p III 450 chip lying around here somewhere.

General Discussion / How old is everyone?
« on: 2001-01-17 09:33:00 »
They are all so bogus doesnt everyone remember all the hype about the MMX but it only really worked when optimized for code.. it sucked cuz not everything was written for it.. but it still cost like hella.

General Discussion / How old is everyone?
« on: 2001-01-16 09:08:00 »
I found it by searching for FF editing programs.. but dont remember where or how i got here.. but i come here all the time now...

General Discussion / How old is everyone?
« on: 2001-01-14 13:32:00 »
Y close it.. We should leave the thread open and lookie its about to reach 100 replies.. so did every one say their age yet?

General Discussion / How old is everyone?
« on: 2001-01-14 13:08:00 »
Cuddles wasnt that post you just made off-topic.. and.. wait what the hell was the topic of this thread?

General Discussion / How old is everyone?
« on: 2001-01-12 10:23:00 »
Ged what the hell are you talking about... and cuddleswing did u miss the thread with ur name on it?

General Discussion / How old is everyone?
« on: 2001-01-11 11:49:00 »
I use Vue Pro.. Easy to crack  :) but i also have Adobe Photoshop 5.5 .. I havent checked out 6.0 yet.

General Discussion / How old is everyone?
« on: 2001-01-05 08:07:00 »
1st computer: Packard Bell :::Shudders:::
Pentium 75 8Mb RaM 1.2 Gig HD 14.4 modem (one of those crappy modem + Sound cards) and 2mb shared video ram...

2nd computer: Custom Built Atx style motherboard Pentium III 450 (now a 550) 64Mb Ram (now 192) 20 GB Hd (7200 RPM) 56k modem. 10/100 Ethernet card. Voodoo 3 3000 AGP 48x Cdrom for a reader, 4x4x32 Acer Cd Writer, 10x4x32 Hp Cd Writer (for DAO) SoundBlaster LIVE! MP3 5.1 um i think thats about it.

3rd computer (bought for mom) 466 mhz Celeron 32mb Ram 10 GB HD 56k.. i am sure shared video but i dont remember how much.. i think thats it for that one too.. i got it through my work.. and i dont personally like E-machines.. but i couldnt turn it down at $125 (Clearence)

General Discussion / How old is everyone?
« on: 2001-01-04 09:29:00 »
Eh 18. 19 in may... the 80's rocked Dont you people remember the sit n' spin? maybe it didnt hit in your countries.. i am in the U.S.  :) Um but uh not really anything notable...

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