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If you are having issues playing the Steam re-release with Reunion, try this. It's what I run; with exception to the odd hiccup here or there it's been pretty painless. I started a new game tonight (on a fresh install) and played until the first save after getting Aerith, here's just a couple notes DLPB. FYI, I'm using the Steam converted to 1998, with only Reunion installed at the moment (so everything is directly related to Reunion).

Obvious (but minor) issues:
-There is a text issue when the screen turns red before setting the bomb in the reactor. The text scrolls up but half of the line is still visible.
-There is no sound (BGM or SFX) when the reactor explodes until meeting Aerith for the first time.
-There is no sound (BGM or SFX) on the train until the "passenger car".

Unknown issues (Unsure if it's correct or not):
-Although the field models are converted (models are being imported to the char.lgp), only Cloud's battle model is converted. I checked the DLPB-Mods folder during install and it looks as though there should updated models for at least the rest of the party and the Soldier classes. Barett's field model is actually better than his battle model. I think this is an installer issue. It would be dandy if there was a link to the model pack to manually install just in case.

-The menu is fantastic! It definitely feels retro yet is an incredible difference over vanilla. No more RPG Maker windows! (;
-The retranslation is really enjoyable to play. No more "[email protected]#$%ing pizza" lines, everything flows nicely. Some dialogue which never actually made sense contributes to the story now!

Overall, you've done a stellar job. I can't wait to play this bug free! I've got to ask though, why didn't you include Anxious Heart with this package? You could make it unavailable if a Steam install is chosen and made it optional if not. I guess anyone that wants it can just download it, probably cuts down on bandwidth too.

I've been waiting all day for this, haha! Everything looks pretty good so far, thanks again for all the hardwork! I'll let you know if I find anything. (:

The textures I've been working on are not included in this. You also say you're working on Timber? Once you get to the area with the Pub, let me know if that battle field is giving you any trouble or not. That's one of the few I can't seem to figure out.  :P

For sure, I didn't think Timber was going to be as bad as Dollet to be honest but I haven't got that far yet. I have the textures ripped and hashed, I'm just working on the train car textures first. Would you mind either PMing me with a link to your textures or simply posting a list here of what you've done? I want to avoid doing stuff twice... Dollet took me hours to recreate all the houses and it sucks that I didn't need to. I might try PMing Mcindus as well and get the ones he's working on so we can all be on the same page.

Cool, I've been waiting for this all day buddy. I'll check into what's been done and I'll pool my resources with yours. I've gotten the "Magic Lamp" textures complete, some of the Dollet textures complete (City Square, I'll compare yours and mine), and I'm currently working on Timber and the Gerogero battle textures. You mentioned Fated Courage is working on this as well, are his/her textures included as well?


For future reference, this is a UV mapping issue... not an issue with Mcindus' work. Luckily there is a fix here!

Anywho, I'm having an issue with the railroad tracks by Balamb (haven't checked the other continents yet). It seems the "straight" pieces of track still have the old texture. It's strange because the "junction" piece works perfect... even the "straight" peices that connect the "junction" to the "train station" in Balamb are the new texture. Is this a hashing issue? I know the texture is there, I even double checked the tile sheet (wm_texpg2_13). I've tried even resetting my computer if this was just a fluke.

You have to create your own filenames.  In textures, create a 'master folder' with the first two letters of your new file names.  I used "wm" for worldmap textures for horizonpack.  Then, you name the files xxxxxx_13.png and place them in that folder - pretty sure you should always start with the number 13 and then numerically sequence them from there.  What I do is change all of my bitmap file names -before- i hash in berry mapper, that way berry mapper plots the right hash codes to the right textures and i can just drop the new hash file in.  There's also some more info on the original Tonberrry v1.5 thread that Omzy posted if you need more help.

I am working on my own battle backgrounds along with FatedCourage - but my time is spread far too thin to really finish this project.  I would love to get everyone together who is working on it currently and split up the tasks so that we aren't all making the same backgrounds.  Eff it... I guess I'll just release my progress thus far.

Awesome, thanks for the reply Mcindus! I was actually just going to message you on YouTube to see if you could do a Berrymapper tutorial. I appreciate you clearing that up for me, I wasn't sure where these file names were coming from. I'll check the Tonberry 1.5 thread as well if I am unsure of things... chances are it's probably been answered already. Check your inbox Mcindus, you should have a new PM.  :)

It turns out I had the process already down, just my file naming was WAY off!  :-P If there is interest I might throw together a quick tutorial! It's not as daunting as it seems, there just isn't much info on using Berrymapper and actually hashing things. I'm pretty confident even novice modders could get the hang of it quickly if there was a guide. People are always much more willing to try things when there is something to hold their hands, I know I am.

Anyway, proof of concept. This is the stage you battle Diablos in completely upscaled! It actually looks great, the only thing that throws it off now are the pixelated particle effects during attacks. Maybe that's another project?

Thanks for the reply! I'll do that later for sure, I'm just checking this thread from my phone. PM sent with a link to my .zip of the patched FF8_EN.exe and some more stuff that might help figure out whats happening. I couldn't figure out how to send it through PM so I uploaded it to Google Drive.

I was looking at the tutorial Mcindus posted for addon .ddls. I have some idea as to how to setup the HextLaunch version in conjunction with RaW (which is essentially HextLaunch with a preinstalled .dll). I assume that you save MaKiPL's Hext instructions from the Pastebin link as FF8_EN.txt and place that inside RaW's prexisting Hext_in folder. Next you'd obviously change the LoadHext value from 0 to 1 in the settings.txt. I'll update my post once I figure it out later.


I'm trying to get HextLaunch (RaW) to load the UV fix from the Hext_in folder. According to the output from HextLaunch.txt it "sees" the file but doesn't actually edit the memory in game (ie. it loads 9/12 FF8_EN.txt Hext instructions... it doesn't fix the UV mapping issues but it doesn't crash either)! I used the Hext instructions from the MaKiPL's Pastebin link. Is it not possible to load Hext instructions for FF8 Steam? I'd love to get this working with just HextLaunch.


After messing around with trying to inject the changes to virtual memory with HextLaunch, I finally got my FF8_EN.exe patched manually using DLPB's HexEdit program! Everything is looking pretty!  8) I'll post a quick tutorial for anyone having similar issues. This worked 100% for me but I'm not responsible if something goes wrong on your end...


 1. Backup the FF8_EN.exe file from your Final Fantasy VIII Steam directory (steamapps/common/FINAL FANTASY VIII/) just in case. I just copy mine to the desktop for the time being.

 2. Go here and click the 'Here' link to download DLPB's Tools 2.0.

 3. Unzip the file anywhere on your PC.

 4. Open the "HextEdit" folder and move your FF8_EN.exe file from your Steam directory to the HexEdit root folder. The root folder contains another folder named HE_in, the HexEdit.exe, a Readme.rtf, and a test.file (which you should delete).

 5. Open the HE_in folder and delete the example Hext instructions.

 6. Create a new Notepad text document in the HE_in folder, name it "FF8_EN" and paste:
Code: [Select]
153CC0 = 00
153CCA = 00
153CD8 = 00
153CE2 = 00
153CF2 = 00
153CFC = 00
153D0C = 00
153D16 = 00
153D26 = 00
153D30 = 00
153D38 = 00
153D42 = 00

 7. Save your FF8_EN.txt.

 8. Go back to the HextEdit root and run the HextEdit.exe application, press enter when prompted.

 9. Once HextEdit finishes it will create a HextEdit.txt. Open this file and insure it reads...
Code: [Select]
FF8_EN.txt (FF8_EN.exe)

Changed: 12
Replaced: 0

No errors.


10. If newly created HextEdit.txt has the same output, it was patched successfully.

11. Move your FF8_EN.exe from the HextEdit root back to your Steam directory. Overwrite if need be.

12. Run game and enjoy your newly patched FF8 world map!

Feel more than free to update the first post with my tutorial.

I've been trying to mess around with battle scene textures and can't figure out how to properly hash them to appear in game using Tonberry 2.04. I turn on debug mode, find the textures in the noreplace folder but all the textures have a numerical sequence (ex. 1026, 1027, 1028...) as opposed to the scheme I see in released mods (ex. sql_13). I attempted to run these through Berrymapper after moving them to the input folder (and editing them with an X in Paint as a test) but they are obviously not working in game. I moved the new textures to the textures folder under a new "10" folder and then named the folders inside (1026, 1027 ect.) I also named the hashmap "test" and moved it to the hashmap folder. Obviously this isn't right.

Is there a guide to using Berrymapper/Tonberry debug? How do I get the correct file name for the texture and what is the proper file hierarchy once you are going to add them to the textures folder? Are there limitations on texture size? Let me know guys, I'd love to start a new project sprucing up battle textures similar to what others have posted.

Don't hate, I figured this thread is still active enough to post here! I recently tried this patch out to supplement Mcindus' Horizon Pack but unfortunately I cannot get it to work... It's disappointing as the UV mapping is a real eye soar! :\

I'm using the English Steam version and the latest version of Tonberry (2.04). The game has all available mods for Tonberry and all are working great except for the odd graphical hiccup. I patched the FF8_EN.exe before starting my game and as soon as I leave Balamb Garden for the Fire Cavern the game freezes instead of loading the world map. I had considered that it may have been an issue with Tonberry initially (I've read about some scene transition bugs using Project Eden), but the game ran smoothly throughout the many areas of Balamb Garden when I was collecting cards. Eventually, I disabled all the Tonberry mods and tried it "vanilla" and it still froze. I deleted the patched .exe and ran the backup (with mods on and off) with no issues at all.

Is there something I'm missing? It seems like the patcher is foolproof (just click patch, haha). Is anyone else having this problem, it looked like it was versions other than English that were initially being trouble. Trying HextLaunch version next.

It's looking really good Mcindus! For the first time ever those amorphous blobs actually resemble trees! The cliff textures are superb as well.

I worked on this for a couple minutes tonight after work. I'll try a little harder over the holidays. For now if anyone else wants to try, I sharpened the texture and put a few quick fixes in. You can at least test with this texture, as the "Halo" will be noticeably fixed. Side by side with the original, you'll notice a lot of the noise has been taken care of. I think this is a texture that needs/deserves to be drawn by hand.

Just a quick update:

I'm going to be working on world map models and battle textures, if anybody is kind enough to lend me a save game which is the end of Disc 3, just before the Lunatic Pandora, I would be most grateful!

For 0.2 of project lionheart:

-Squall should have most all of his textures (including his world map), and all of his weapons and hashed most of the areas (Fated is working on getting these codes currently)
-Complete the hash codes for Selphie/Zell if possible
-Quistis textures released, ready to be hashed
-Balamb Garden model retextured
-Ragnarok Model retextured
-Battle textures begun

I want to take my time with each of the characters, fortunately Zell and Selphie are already done- I'll at some point work on their uniforms too.. Unless somebody else wants to do this for me, which I can't refuse any offers of

I went from playing Final Fantasy Tactics to making a Seifer sprite for it... to playing Final Fantasy 8... to now playing with FF8...

Anyway, I would like to help out this project if I could! I'm starting a new play through relatively soon and was wondering exactly how you are generating the hash codes. I am willing to help with the uniform hashcodes, I just need to know exactly what you need from my play through. I downloaded and used Berrymapper on my texture folder tonight and got a fair amount of hashes (256kb worth), not sure if they'd be useful but I can post if need be. I currently have SeeD Reborn, Tripod, a couple character textures and Project Eden installed. Is it simply that? A new objmap generated between from hashmap of Berrymapper and the input folder? Am I missing something obvious here?

Also, having just recently done some work with Square's PS1 era sprites/pixelart/formatting... can someone post some textures that need some love? I'd love to get my hands on the world map town textures especially. I'm not really familiar yet with FF8's file structure and honestly wouldn't know where to look. Sorry if this is was a stupid post, it's been a while since I've been on Qhimm. Looks like its an exciting time to be getting back into FF8. :)

PitBrat, check your messages. I think you'll find one from me that will make you very happy. ;) Wasn't sure if you wanted a PM first or post here so I did the safe bet.

Just so everyone knows, it's looking real good.

Completely unrelated / Re: Vinyl Fantasy 7
« on: 2010-12-11 21:43:53 »
Lol, since this is on the the Completely Unrelated Board I will post this as my response. :)

This isnt part of it, but it's relevant  :P


Enjoy, because it sounds like you totally love that boy soldier.  :wink:

But, if you want to listen to a sickk metal version of a rap song listen to

Troubleshooting / Re: Storyline Revamp Concept
« on: 2010-12-11 21:35:32 »
Now that I'm thinking about it, without editing animations and whatnot it would be near IMPOSSIBLE to change any scene dramatically. That's a very good point. Well, I guess that answers that. Thanks guys!

Troubleshooting / Re: Storyline Revamp Concept
« on: 2010-12-10 15:18:54 »
changing the storyline is so much work and so strongly subject to OMGWHATRUDOINGWTF comments that I doubt anyone will ever publicly release such a thing. I am at 40% of my own story mod that turns this into a love story between Tifa and Aerith, and it's a crapton of work.
And from what it sounds like, you want some kinda story changes over the whole game. I have NFI how much work that'd be. probably enough to last a modder a lifetime.

I would download a copy of the game script (God, I love Fanboys), throw it on my lappy and work on rewording the awkward sentences and whatnot at my leisure. Then copy and pasting your work and compiling your info in-game. I'd imagine the hardest part would be figuring out exactly what actions are taking place during each text box. I've never done it personally, so you'd be the authority here.

PS: That is the best text mod I've heard of for FF7.. Lol, it's like anyone who has ever played 7's fantasy. :P

Completely unrelated / Vinyl Fantasy 7
« on: 2010-12-10 15:00:32 »

I realize that this is old hat, but I can't help myself! (Besides the other thread was from a year ago, and I ain't no necroposter)  :evil:

Apparently, the general consensus from was that Vinyl Fantasy 7, the Final Fantasy 7 rap remix was "garbage".. I've listened to this album for a year now, and I like it? :|  Now, I'll admit... Stoopid is as the name implies and (I'm sorry to any fans) Spacious Thoughts with Tom Waits makes me want to jump out a window.

Now, with that being said, there are several songs that I personally feel are EPIC.
When I had the subs in my car, I used to crank:

1.Kool Keith + Tom Waits – Spacious Thoughts (The Prelude) 04:07
2.Jay-Z – Lucifer (Mako Reactor) 03:17
3.M.O.P. – Ante Up (Battle!) 03:42
4.MF DOOM – Air (Barrett’s Theme) 02:35
5.Outkast + Raekwon – Royal Flush (Sailing from Junon) 03:34
6.Skyzoo + Wale – Lyrically Inclined (Jenova) 03:18
7.Gucci Mane – Stoopid (Costa Del Sol) 04:10
8.Clipse – Fast Life (Sephiroth’s Reunion) 03:52
9.Dorrough – Ice Cream Paintjob (Gold Saucer) 04:07
10.Murs – Me and this Jawn (Mideel) 03:02
11.Slum Village – Get Dis Money (One-Winged Angel) 03:11
12.Ghostface Killah – Save Me Dear (City of the Ancients) 02:34

Icecream Paintjob took a little while to get into.. now I can't listen to the song without singing the whole damn thing.

Try this, listen to the original version of the song, then listen to the Vinyl Fantasy 7 Remix of that song.
Quite. A. Difference. It gives you a real appreciation for Nobuo Uematsu.


Troubleshooting / Re: Storyline Revamp Concept
« on: 2010-12-10 14:32:49 »
Haha, thanks Timber! It was just an idea floating around that I technically "hadn't seen". I appreciate and fully understand why TA would NOT do such a thing as well too, keeping with the original concepts. But, like what you said there are tons of opportunities to increase the players awareness level while still avoiding the very painful "infodumps"; for example when Sephiroth 'explains' Cloud's existence at the North Crater and explains what really happened in Niebleheim.

Avalanche is not doing any updates to the storyline, this is beyond the scope of what we hope to achieve.

Last time I checked, the TA project as a whole is a bit beyond the scope of belief itself. ;D

Troubleshooting / Storyline Revamp Concept
« on: 2010-12-10 05:31:29 »
The Christmas season is officially upon us, you know this because the stores start putting up the Valentine's day decorations about now. I was working on an FF7 related project and remembered getting my non-greatest hits copy of Final Fantasy 7 twelve years ago at Christmas. Twelve years. I'll let you grasp that concept, I'm 19, Final Fantasy 7 has literally been my favorite game for almost three quarters of my whole life. Now what keeps the player interested? The top-notch graphics? "Hey Cities," you say "But, Square put millions of dollars and tons of manpower into the flagship of the Final Fantasy Series. Producing a unique experience by incorporating fully 3D figures into a vivid 2D environment." True. But, they also did the same to several other titles released after Final Fantasy 7 updating 'cutting edge' graphics for there respective time as well.

With that being said, what really keeps these players coming back? It's the underlying themes and the dynamic characters. I realize with each mod that comes out and the easy accessibility to in-game text editors that there are bound to be a vast number of enhanced versions of the often choppy English translation. And besides the few "this mod turnz clooud into a gurl with an achne probelm!!!1!111!LAWLAWL!11!11", I have yet to find an attempt to use the Final Fantasy 7 stage to really get any real form of catharsis from the audience. Finding someone with skill to take creative liberties yet stick to the original concepts and character development rate.

The real point of this post is just me wondering if any of the major revamps of the game including the Team Avalanche graphical overhaul are going to include such a thing. A graphical overhaul and a script update a sort of body and soul complex.

Just an idea, I'm interested to see what other members have to say.

Me but I had to cheat, also it depended on which choices you made sometimes... ended up with different set of levels to play.  It needed a save feature for sure.

Reminds me of the days back in 96' before I had a memory card for PSX, back in those days they cost like $50! I remember Rayman, where they gave you the classic "Password" system, where you spent 10 minutes writing down a 40 character random password which ultimately NEVER FXCKING WORKED. Rage.

The Jetbike level from Battletoads and Double Dragon.. Seriously. Like, head downtown to your seediest pawn shop and pick up a copy of this. Me and my roommate both agree, HARDEST THING EVER LITERALLY. It's like if you had a kidney stone the size of a golfball, ugh. Awful.  :|

Graphical Modding / Re: Vincent Hi Res
« on: 2010-12-09 21:23:33 »
That I do know, as a matter of fact the textures came with the model. The problem I'm encountering is retexturizing the UV AFTER I import the model into blender and convert it from the oddball format.

The only thing I can contribute to the community at this point, due to my apparent lack of 3D modeling skills is texturizing, lol. Rather, creating textures via photoshop. I have the capability and knowledge of/respect for the original characters to make a great texture. :( I'm not putting down the textures that came with the model, they are great for their initial purpose. But, in keeping with the overall feel of the overwhelming majority of other mods on Qhimm, I personally believe a new texture is in order. Blender just mystifies me sometimes and college courses really put a damper on learning new things ironicly. But, hey? When this is all over it will be well worth the aggravation.  :-[

Graphical Modding / Re: Vincent Hi Res
« on: 2010-12-09 17:40:12 »
I'm going to attempt unwrapping the UV and then photoshop the textures.
Oi Vay  :P
Qhimm, you are lucky you are great at what you do.. otherwise I wouldn't start putting in the time. ;)

Oh try Google translate then just send it in their language   ;D

While this IS technically true,  has anyone using a translator actually sent you an e-mail? lol
It sounds like someone with a head injury contacted you.
"I can has model Fantasy Vincentocenas for work time? C'est sharpie?"
"No. I'm seeing someone."

Differences, lawl.  :roll:

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