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Chapeau! That's a massive work and I hope this will help you finding a good proof checker. "In bocca al lupo" Caledor and thank you to keep updating us. Happy to see that FFVII will get his final justice also in Italian. It deserves it. I cannot wait too see more on Barret dialogues, Reno and Nanaki.


Good job CaptRobau, thanks for delivering this to the whole FFVII community.

She's afraid all the way through the game until Midhir - because she's seen him lose his mind whenever his fake self is questioned.  This is made a lot clearer in the relocalization.
Thanks to clarify! Glad and excited for the updates, what’s left on the R06 to-do-list?

Quick question: Why Tifa doesn't say anything to Cloud while in Kalm explaining about Nibelheim?

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Hey! Thanks for the brilliant work, this will change a lot the whole game experience. Is there any progress for the 1.0?

Team Avalanche / Re: Project Edge (Jusete's field scenes)
« on: 2019-05-13 14:54:00 »
Bravo Jusete, crazy work.

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With this MOVED topic in section... for a moment I though was out. Baby Jesus Christ.

A quick one (kuro_8):

Shouldn't Sephiroth laugh be different looking at the Japanese? Not "Ha Ha Ha" but: "Heh Heh Heh"
Also because only Sephiroth and Cloud are sharing this particular laugh ("クックックッ"; and Hojo I Believe)


However, we all agreed that it is a misleading variant. :p

The problem is there's no way to know the spelling the original writers intended...  All 3 spellings are valid - though Lucrecia leads people to pronounce the name wrong.  But it's still a valid spelling of the kana and of the name.  It's going to be tough to amend that given we also have all current media using Lucrecia for FF7.

What we'd need here is something that conclusively tells us the writer's intention of the spelling - if they even had one.

Well in this case I would follow the Zax case and stick to Lucretia to don't mislead the people from pronouncing it in a wrong way even though Lucrecia it's made canon nowadays. As Caledor suggests below:

Wanted to point out that the change from Lucretia to Lucrezia is just a sign of time passing. With the fall of the Roman Empire, Latin evolved into "Volgare", and the "Lucretia"s became "Lucrezia"s.

Lucrecia is the spanish equivalent for that name, but in japanese it's usually rendered as ルクレシア, Rukureshia.

ルクレッツィア (Rukurettsu~ia) - but who better then Luksy can tell us!


Team Avalanche / Re: Project Edge (Jusete's field scenes)
« on: 2019-04-08 18:47:11 »
Just glad to help somehow and to stay loyal to our FFVII! Also you can translate japanese dragging screenshot into this website

Awaiting for your new masterpieces! Thanks to don't stop the dream!

Team Avalanche / Re: Project Edge (Jusete's field scenes)
« on: 2019-04-08 16:43:29 »
Wonderful job Jusete!! If you don't mind have a look at my post above.

Party (FFIX docet) or Array. However, boring topic. I agree with DLPB. :)

Btw quick questions for DLPB:

▝ After reading first page regarding Model Overhaul (which is already a good improvement staying loyal to FFVII) was wondering if is there anything planned in future for Reunion to give a graphic boost such as Remako HD backgrounds?

▝ Are there any chances to see changed some of FFVII oddities (such as an empty box) or the politic is to keep it as per original? Just curiosity.

▝ Another example of oddities, what do you think about Test 0 fight: this random battle appears in the early Japanese version of the game, as well as a hidden red figure seems to be present in the layers of Corel Prison with again an empty box.

Don't get me wrong, I'm mentioning these things just due to the passion for the game that most of us share.
Just for the sake of it and of seeing an unfinished work/side quest comes to reality where possible without forcing in something weird/not loyal.

Team Avalanche / Re: Project Edge (Jusete's field scenes)
« on: 2019-04-02 17:06:19 »
Great Jusete!!

I was wondering if you take into consideration ffvii 4th disc items pictures into your project as easter eggs ( attached images )

Anxious for the milestone to come.

Will be there a glorious trailer/sneak peek of the whole thing?

Thanks for don't stop this DLPB.

Team Avalanche / Re: Mako reactor bridge scenes
« on: 2019-03-14 07:54:18 »
Oh my gosh, that's ridiculously unbelievable!!

That's the best modified fmv ever seen

Team Avalanche / Re: Jusete´s field scenes
« on: 2018-11-01 21:39:38 »
Speechless Jusete, so nice details.

Team Avalanche / Re: Jmp's Field Scenes
« on: 2018-10-31 10:57:35 »
Congratulations :)

Team Avalanche / Re: Mako reactor bridge scenes
« on: 2018-10-18 10:44:17 »
I'm afraid to say... it's happening!!

That's absolutely fantastic!!

Spectacular, great job indeed!

Team Avalanche / Re: Jusete´s field scenes
« on: 2018-10-10 00:07:20 »
The guys are on fire, give them some time.

Team Avalanche / Re: Jusete´s field scenes
« on: 2018-09-26 11:54:20 »
This is 'Waoh'.

Team Avalanche / Re: [HD Remake] jmp434 Junon remaster.
« on: 2018-09-23 15:25:47 »
Hi jmp, always keep up the good work, is fantastic what are you doing. Take your time and look only at the good feedbacks because you are doing already great!

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