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I would just love to say a big thank you for crediting me in this project and I would very much love to continue to be a part of it. Let's keep up the good work!

SO first things first, figuring out how to remove card mod from the game, if I can find the correct line of code via hex edit... And perhaps adding an item with a MUCH MUCH later boss that allows for card mod (or give it to Cactuar, that would perhaps make a lot more sense), possibly a boss in disc 3. I have already started modifying the attack patterns of bosses, Ifrit now uses Beserk instead of fire, he has more hitpoints, but his weakness to ice is increased. This is to encourage more magic-based tactics, as attacking him with physical attacks will not be enough. During the battle, I found it pretty tense, because if he beserks both of your characters, you're pretty much done for, as I've raised his strength so he inflicts around 250 damage with his special attack, so don't think you can beat him with limit breaks too easily ;) I've removed cure as a drawable spell, by this point you wouldn't be stupid enough to go in without cures, but I have however added Esuna. Unfortunately for the player, it will be unlikely that you'll be able to draw 100 of them without getting beserked and then killed, so you can perhaps draw a couple in moderation.

On an additional note, I am intending to have Diablos be insanely difficult to make it much more of a challenge to get Lionheart on Disc 1 Even to the point he'll always be level 100. (He's the devil) I am thinking of replacing gravija with Maelstrom, having Ultima instead of that stupid random Curaga he casts and instead of Demi, he would use meteor. (Or maybe some of other spell that isn't too OP, as this would make for one hell of a fight) Also... He'll be immune to blind ;)

Also... Changed the Fastitocalon-F AP to 1

I will be making certain changes to monsters with high AP drops, but to balance this out, I will be giving bosses much more AP gain, defeating Ifrit now yields 50AP, to help prevent hours of grinding, whilst keeping the game challenging, I'll try and play the game through the perspective of the average player, whilst making optional bosses (like Diablos) near impossible early game.

Hey gang! So I've decided to come back and work some more on FF8, this time making bosses more difficult, yet yielding greater rewards. I feel this will get some of you replaying the game again and hopefully finding it very difficult in the process :) I don't know about you, but I get really bored and tired of spamming my limit breaks all the time and beating bosses with 1 hit, whilst having 255 vit and str before I even leave Balamb in Disc 1! I am not only going to create a mod where this level of grinding is now NECESSARY, but I'm going to make the battles long and endearing. I've played this game hundreds of times, but I am still welcome to ideas and suggestions for certain bosses.

Very good work, I've been away for a while, but I'm back to try and inspire more people to mod this game even further! So, how do you go about upscaling all these models, would you like another pair of hands? :D

Great work, really well done! ^.^

Feel free to add this to the pack:

Audio Modding / Re: FF8 'The Salt Flats' Revamp/Semi-Remix
« on: 2015-02-20 10:38:18 »
Ok then, Force your way ! One of the first music of final fantasy VIII that make me smile because of his epicness ! :D
I want to hear an another version who can make me feel the same way i did back then !

And if i had to name another :
The landing
The man with the machine gun

And, one from ff9, a wonderful song :
Loss Of Me, Beatrix theme ^^

Loss of Me? Is that also called Rose of May? It's a really beautiful piece of music that, I would feel like I'm tampering what is already a masterpiece haha xD I have done Force Your Way before, but I might re-attempt a better version of it :)

Audio Modding / Re: FF8 'The Salt Flats' Revamp/Semi-Remix
« on: 2015-02-19 17:16:11 »
Well, i'm not an expert, but, i like it ! :) My ears are pleased ^^ (i don't know if i it's correct to say that in english, but in french, we say it so ^^)
Do you planning of making more remix/rearranged version ?

Most definitely. Name an FF8 track and I'll try to revamp it ^^

Audio Modding / Re: FF8 'The Salt Flats' Revamp/Semi-Remix
« on: 2015-02-17 10:55:39 »
Originally, I had a 'glitchy' sound in the bass-line, because of the 'secret' leading to Esthar, making it another clue how to get there :P But, I removed it, because I felt like it distracted too much; yeah, it's been a while since I've done anything like this, so I'm a little rusty and I'm not sure if the mix/balance is the best I could have done it :) But thanks!

Audio Modding / FF8 'The Salt Flats' Revamp/Semi-Remix
« on: 2015-02-17 00:46:05 »

I'm hoping that this will be the beginning of a semi/small project on revamping a few of the FF8 tracks, as an alternate track to add instead of the originals using RaW :)

I wonder if there is an artist out there who could paint/draw Trabia Garden as a reconstruction, show us what it could have looked like when it thrived? :D

I just did battle with Diablos, keeping the Break Damage/Break Hitpoint in mind,

I had basic stats, with 255 str, yet 130 vit, 70 spr etc.

Level 100, Diablos has 3mil HP, and uses Meteor instead of Demi <-- This is a mega FU especially after he uses Gravija, if you do not have max Spirit. (This is it to help discourage levelling up early in the game) Instead of the random Curaga he casts, I changed it to Ultima, and I set the ratios so that Diablos is much slower in his lower levels, but progresses really quickly mid-high in terms of speed (255 speed after level 60 ish+)

He has 255 evade.. Why? He is the devil. And this makes it so that you *must* use limit breaks on this guy, or if you saved him Triple on your Hit-J/Squall's Gunblade, but... You either have to risk being in low health, or it will take you many years to kill him. I managed to succeed with only two characters, for the sake of the test - Quistis and Squall.

Drawing magic: Full-Cure (you're going to need it. BUT, it's unreliable, because sometimes it wont heal *all* your health and will put you in your place shortly after) Meltdown, for obvious reasons, Demi and Slow, I removed Diablos being vulnerable to blind.. HE IS THE DEVIL. He is now vulnerable to Holy, but absorbs all other elements.

I have hopefully designed it in a way that if you're too overlevelled, if you try and stock up on magic, you will essentially be killed, Diablos is mega-fast, each turn is crucial! Similar to Penance in FFX, one mistake could ruin you, I hope, especially early Disc 1!

Furthermore, in terms of drop, if you do manage to kill level 100 Diablos, or saved him for last, you get 100 Luck-Ups.

So, I want to try and pull some heads together to do a couple of things, I've started to get to grips with hex-editting and want to see if we can make a solid mod out of this, maybe start small by changing a couple of small things like magic/items etc. and increase monster difficulty etc.

So I did a little hunting for some codes, and came across more magic codes:

01 - Fire
02 - Fira
03 - Firaga
04 - Blizzard
05 - Blizzara
06 - Blizzaga
07 - Thunder
08 - Thundara
09 - Thundaga
0C - BIO
11 - QUAKE
15 - Cure
16 - Cura
17 - Curaga
18 - LIFE
20 - AURA
23 - HASTE
24 - SLOW
25 - STOP
26 - BLIND
28 - SLEEP
32 - SCAN
34 - WALL
38 - THE END
39 through 3f nothing

40 - Quezacotl
41 - Shiva
42 - Ifrit
43 - Siren
44 - Brothers
45 - Diablos
46 - Carbuncle
47 - Leviathan
48 - Pandemona
49 - Cerberus
4a - Alexander
4b - Doomtrain
4c - Bahamut
4d - Cactuar
4e - Tonberry
4f - Eden

A possibility to add GF's to monsters, and also we could add magic like Full-Cure to Marlboros, (being they would require some tactic to safely draw from them) and we could add 'Wall' to Iron Giant.

As for Percent/Catastrophe, we could try and find the hex codes for their animations and work, i.e. we could give the Gravija animation to percent- it could be drawable from one of Ultimecia's servants

Another suggestion:

Adding/Replacing HP-Up/Str-Up/Vit-Up etc. to monsters as a rare drop, such as T-rex for Str, Vit-Up for Adamantoise/Iron Giant and HP-Up from Ruby Dragon. THIS WOULD save a lot of time. Grinding should not take thousands of hours! And there will be no more use for the 99Mil gil exploit...

To combat the more accessibility of these items, we could make these battles much more difficult. I would REALLY love to find some kind of Damage to Vit Ratio/Level ratio to work on making these battles much more difficult.

Another suggestion: We add random boss monsters/replacing monsters after the Lunar Cry incident

Suggestions/thoughts are welcome, if you're a capable hand please offer it!

So I was wondering. Is this possible? I want to include the new magic, maybe giving the Marlboro Full-Cure ;) and Iron Giant 'Wall', I wont include 'The End', but... I was thinking is it possible to make it a castable spell for monsters?

Are the monster files in Battle.fs or scene.out, will I find the Hex for them individually?

In addition to this, I might even add 'UP' items as a rare drop for certain monsters, e.g. Vit-UP for Adamantoise/Iron Giant  HP-UP for Ruby Dragon, Str-UP for T-rex, just because, the method of having to get 99MIL+ Gil is tedious, and it shouldn't have to take millions of hours to max stats... To compensate for this, the monsters WILL be tougher.

I also found the integers that control the max number of hitpoints too <3 Of course, you can only have up to 32,727... Any number that exceeds FFFF will cause glitches. So, I changed it to 30,000 just to demonstrate, that the resulting number effects max hp, for those who are a bit OCD and like well-rounded numbers, here we are:

Now... I have a theory that there must be a conflicting integer that gets read as oppose to this figure here... Or an integer that correlates to having the max hp being read or something.. Idk yet! Although, I've been quite lucky to have the HP break each time I've played the game since I've editted it from 32K.. Could be a fluke, so I may enlist a testing force :D

p.s. there used to be a weird buggy issue with the 32K hp, that would make your character jump up and down when healed at max hp, that is no longer the case at 30K, if that bothered you- furthermore it's pretty fun to see your HP at "0" Yet still in white ;) ...Not sure if there will ever be a way to have more than 5 integers displayed at once as HP near character name.

For a MORE difficult mod, I could change the max HP to 5K or even lower, even 500, this will ensure more frequent 1 hit KOs on your party ;)

I'll have a look at the Hard.dll, definitely, after I've got my head around the damage/hp, what I'm doing so far, is essentially isolating the changed strings, decoding them to decimal, replacing the string by encoding back to hexadecimal, and then trial and error to get the correct outcome - there is a chance, these might in-fact be the original values, or relating to damage as oppose to HP... Again, down to trial and error!

My aim is to make it really vital to break hp limit- so through the use of HP-ups/hp bonus, have all monsters above a certain level break damage limit, so this makes 255 vit less of a joke, when monsters hit you for 50 etc. The battle system as we know it is totally broken, but because we know this we can find a workaround, but it will take time to make the changes... A lot of time.

Highlighted the first couple here:

It seems like changing the world map textures causes a massive memory dump for some reason, I checked in my processes, and FF8 was running at 1.2GB of my memory... Whilst using the Ragnarok textures. Theory: It is likely because FF8 is re-reading the textures over and over and over again, a million times over. The world map is of course the biggest problem because it contains the most textures in one 'map' perhaps... It could be the case of conflicting hash codes..? Maybe, the game becomes confused and tries to duplicate the textures over and over instead of replacing the texture...? We'll have to test some more and find out what the problem is, I am certain it is fixable :) Field/Battle seems to have no problems, but the world map is definitely the issue here.

In other news, I'm going to rework the weapon textures that Crest gave me, feel free to help tweak them some more, worked hard on the revolver texture as it is the most important gunblade texture I feel!

Re-texturing the Punishment:

I am going to see if I can fix the HP.dll so that it *always* breaks the HP limit, I'm sure there is a reason, probably even an intentional one ;)

I might try my hand at experimenting with the physical damage to str stat ratio, so that the maximum of 65k can be hit, but also working with the physical damage to vit stat ratio as well, to avoid over-powering certain monsters


Crest's textures for the Ragnarok, not looking too bad! I've hashed only half so far, will have it fully hashed shortly :)


Thanks!   I originally considered posting this in the berry mapper thread but that thread is now flooded with several projects... so I made one just for the world textures and posted there about this thread.   I agree with you on the point of working together so please contribute whatever you can!  Everyone will get credit where it is due :) 
That brings up a great point.  The towns are going to be my last step in each area, so if any of you would like to contribute,  that would be a great step forward!

I think this post would do nicely as a focused thread that can deal with its own troubleshooting etc as it progresses.  I've already done more than half of the world landscape textures and hashing all on my own in a week so i know a finished 'product' isn't far away.  we just have to figure out how to prevent he game animations from lagging so hard now... and I think I have a fix for the texture swapping.

I feel like each main project should have its own release page until more of them are completed, and then we put everything together.  If someone is working diligently on Battle Fields, Summons, or Magics, I feel that there should be a place for them to focus on the project, but they should probably go in the 'graphical mods' section for now.  I posted this in the 'releases' thread because it is just that -- an 'alpha' 1.0 release.

I feel like the Tonberry Mods, once fully realized, should be given an installer platform so that the FF8 fans can pick their mods - and I really feel like we should all be working together towards the goal of having an easy to install, easy to enjoy mod package for all. :)

Sounds good to me! I am looking forward to the day all our packs will be available, and we'll have a fully remastered version of FF8 ;)

I would recommend merging this topic with the berrymapper topic, because, doing this mod on your own would take a HELL of a lot of time, I already merged my topic with it and also- the more people on-board the better :) I feel like more people refer to that topic, and I think releasing packs when we have ALL of the areas/characters textured might be the better option.. Considering we are in the alpha, nearing beta stages!

Good work with the world textures though! Keep it up :) I don't have access to my main PC at the moment so I can't be any help with the textures until I come home again, you should really get in touch with Crestian/Shunsq/Mago and other artists and collab together to work on the project rather than tackle it on your own, as much as you'd get all the credit n' all! It would just be beneficial/save a lot of time in the process :)

General discussion / Re: Kingdom Hearts 1 vs KH2
« on: 2014-12-19 00:27:47 »
When I played KH1, I was challenged to play expert mode on my first blind-run... I lost count of how many times I died, but I succeeded, and I felt very achieved/accomplished, with KH2 however... I felt disappointed with the gameplay a little... I found it to be easier, and also, Sephiroth was more of a pushover than in KH1

However... KH2 had a less tedious grind, KH1 felt like it took forever

Overall though..? KH1. It was challenging, perhaps one of the most difficult games I've ever played, albeit a blind expert play!


Updated Revolver,

With Crestian's help, I asked him to make the revolver look closer to what's seen in the FMV's, I also tweaked the file a little to add more contrast to the metal, to make it a little more realistic.

Found the problem... I had another CODE in identical to it as another 'worldmap' file...

works, but... replaces other textures too.. In need of a hash code, but I think I have a good idea of where to get it :)

Hey guys!  Here are the original textures for the battle scenes for the Balamb/Dollet Field and Mountain areas.  I will be moving on to the shore and forests next.  My upscale is based from these files.


Original Battle Textures

I've renamed them to match the following hashcodes:


Insert these codes into hash1map.csv
Upscale these to 1024x1024 and convert them to .png file format if you want to see them in-game.  I didn't do it to save file space.
Enjoy trying your hand at these textures!

I will be releasing my upscaled textures by the end of the day for this area as a precursor to "Projekt Lokust" my battle texture replacement project.

I'm also compiling the enemy textures for hashing because it's incidental in doing the battle scenes.  Let me know if you are looking for them.

I'll be compiling all of this as well as the worldmap textures over the holidays! Here's how it all starts:

I like how the test ground looks!

You know you love it!

Excellent work, we're onto a major breakthrough here with those world map textures, just another question... I've constantly tried to replace the actual 'map' texture, it comes up as 'noreplace' however... I'm not sure how to get around that.

Also in terms of labelling folders.... For world map, if you have a texture that's based on that, make a 'wm' folder

Battle Field, could go under 'bf'

So when it comes to making textures, we have a standardised format of 'naming' the textures so-to-speak, starting with wm_balamb_13 just as an example. It just allows for convenience with the hash codes later on :)


The code should be: 4294967295

Any chance for some research into why this is not working?

ALSO: here is another Christmas treat, Squall's world map model:

Textured and hashed:

first of all, in your 'sq' folder, make a 'sqworld' folder and place this file in it:

Download it from here

Add this hash code: sqworld_13,2926926198

I opened Mortael's wm png in an image scaler, but it told me "iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile".

Works fine in photoshop, what software are you using?

I just test-downloaded it, works fine in paint/photoshop... What software are you using? And why scale it? It's already at a scale factor of x4

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