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7thHeaven / Re: Catalog v2.3x Report / Mod Requests
« on: 2017-03-22 20:50:30 »
wow thanks, didn't know that. What a poor choice though...

What about the satsuki difficulty mod ? Can someone include it ? Actually what I don't like about difficulties mods is that they increase way too much the game difficulty... beside they create new enemies and change the items and materias to fit an increased game challenge. For me, it just changes the game way too much it's like it denatures it.

7thHeaven / Re: Catalog v2.3x Report / Mod Requests
« on: 2017-03-22 18:00:57 »
Hi !

Any chance of having Mexico hard mod or/and satstuki progresive mod + reunion included ?

Would be great to be able to configure the reunion mod as DLPB installer allow several customizations.

Would be awesome to be able to active thing independently. Menu overhault, dlpb translation, mexico mod. etc.


For now, I can't make it to work the reunion mod with mexico mod. When I turn on Reunion, the mexico mod automatically turns disabled.

If anyone has a solution, please enlight me ;)

see ya

Hi !

How do I install this patch with 7th Heaven ?

I like this patch because it increase enemies difficulty without editing the items and it add the 3xgrowth weapon to each char !!!

Thanks !

thanks !

Then, if I convert, how do I aplly the reunion patch on the converted version with 7 heaven ? (that way I have also the waifu)

Hi folks, I was able to launch the game with 7th heaven but when I installed the reunion patch then all the menus and text are misaligned.

I was wondering if the reunion is gonna be in 7th heaven (the lastest one) and if not how to manually put it in order to work.

Also, I haven't seen the mexico hard mod patch (which is truely great btw) and the hd menu by team avalanche.

Finally, could be great to find a way to make the game easier to configure the button mapping.

thanks for everything. see ya

PS: steam updated the music files to match the psx version, why then download again the files in 7th heaven if you have the steam version ?!?

thanks ! I played the game with an early release of the reunion and the menu overhaul was included.

Is it worth it to play with other mods ? I mean, what mods would you add to your game ? NPC models? Boss models? etc ?

Also, the steam version included better music, is it still worth it installing the anxious heart ?

Can I install the Waifu background along the reunion and without the game converter ?

thanks !

I'm playing with steam 1.09 but I can't make your menu overhaul to work. It just doesn't show up. (using r05).

Do I have to install Aali drivers ?

PS: I installed aali after and ran the reg file but it didn't work.
PS2: the 60 fps patch makes my game slow when animation (like magic) run.
PS3: I did not use the game converter, do I have to ?

thanks and keep doing the good work !

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