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You can set the zip file and its contents to be allowed through your AV software. 7th heaven is currently the only supported method to install mods from qhimm. There are some mods that can be used in steam. Kal's ChaoS models and my AVALANCHE ARISEN battle textures both have steam version compatible installs, but they require you to open your LGP files, replace the old with the new, then repack the LGP. You will lose achievements when you use 7th heaven as it will be required that you convert your game. but the ChaoS modesl and my battle textures can be used with the 100% steam version and still allow achievements.
So can I install Kal's ChaoS models and your AVALANCHE ARISE battle textures manually, that is, without using the 7th heaven method? Btw, I don't understand how can I allow NAV software not to remove the files when I extract them.  Anyhow thank you, and will keep coming back here to see if I can find a way to improve FF7 and not losing achievements.

I'd like to know how to install FF7 modz by using the best method in 2018, a method or procedure which is an easy, straight forward, understandable method which will allow me to keep steam achievements.  Btw, I tried to follow the very long and tedious 7th Heaven mod install, but I ran into issues when extracting files from file.  What happened was that Norton Antivirus blocks a few files from being extracted, and I notice that there was one .exe file blocked and removed from my PC.  Btw, I still have the file on one of my hard drives (I have 5 HDDs).    Sorry for the long rant and thank you.

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