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I am now working flat out to finalize the installer and get R06 out - even if an update is then needed down the road.  At some point it has to be released and we've waited long enough.

The syncing issue has already been fixed for R06 as well as the bug that leads to Mako being played.  You should make your "shorter" version longer again for R06. Part of the main theme is repeated a few times if you compare to the PSX game itself - so it's not good enough to simply shorten.

I will update R06's version so you can see for yourself.

1. This will only be considered when New Threat and The Reunion are complete - and will require the help of Sega Chief.

2. Model Overhaul is designed to be faithful to the original art style.  The battle models are already high poly enough and as accurate to the game style as they can be, so it's not something I am pursuing.

The game works at 640 * 480 (and some parts 320 * 240).   

I am not sure what 7H does - but all multiples of that are normal.

I use 1280 * 960 in window mode. 


There are two missing dialogues - Only the Wiki one was fixed.  I've done both now.

In other news, Maki has fixed almost all remaining bugs in Aali's dll - and I fixed the Chocobo Races issue.  So I'm looking at closing this installer out finally.

We'll have to go on likelihood.  I'll defer to Luksy and Charlie Beer. If it's tied, I'll leave it as Lucrecia.

This isn't the same as Zax though... Zax is wrong spelling and wrong name, whereas  Lucrecia is a variant of Lucrezia.

The problem is there's no way to know the spelling the original writers intended...  All 3 spellings are valid - though Lucrecia leads people to pronounce the name wrong.  But it's still a valid spelling of the kana and of the name.  It's going to be tough to amend that given we also have all current media using Lucrecia for FF7.

What we'd need here is something that conclusively tells us the writer's intention of the spelling - if they even had one.

I'll let Luksy and Charlie Beer decide that one.  It may not be plain sailing, so I'd like to see

a. If Lucrecia appears in the official Establishment document
b. If there are Japanese sources showing that exact kana spelling for Lucretia

There's Lucrezia as a kana spelling.

I believe this was fixed, yes :)

if not, it will be now.

Not sure what the bug is - though I do remember altering text there and script.

Marine is fine.

lol to the Marlene hahaha  - I'll correct.  Though this will have been picked up in the final play through for R07.

Assuming German grammatical rules are correct, I will amend.

I'll also look at Select tonight when home from work.

Your post has not been a waste of time.

Really cool stuff!

Did you find a stasis field or something haha?

Mine is july 18.   So perhaps it can be done.

I'm on it atm ;)  I'll have something soon.

Again, a formation is a shape.

If you want to be ultra specific then even the Japanese doesn't work - because one person can't be in a formation.  A formation is literally the shape of your army / infantry.  Its arrangement.  The option itself refers to your group as a whole - not one person. 

a group of people or things in a particular arrangement or pattern.
"they sat in orderly ranks in a circular formation"
synonyms:   configuration, arrangement, pattern, array, alignment, positioning, disposition, order, ordering, organization, design, marshalling, grouping, layout, format
"the aircraft were flying in tight formation"

It doesn't apply to one person.

an arrangement of people or things acting as a unit

There is nothing whatsoever wrong with the word Form - and I think most people know it means formation or position of the members in battle. 

Regardless, the alternatives to Form are worse.   

I'm moving on.

A formation is a shape (of your units/men as a group).  It's a form - hence the name.  We're arguing semantics here at this point.  The bottom line is that there is no better word that will fit that box other than Form - unless you want to cheat and use "row" - but I think that's less clear - and Position likely has the same problem as Formation.  Too long.

So we're stuck with Form - which is a word that means exactly what it should. 

It's bizarre that we're still even debating this one word in a menu - esp when you can just change it yourselves.

What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, how infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like a god.

Shakespeare says case closed.  8)

Order can't be used - it's used elsewhere.  And, yes, I am using it as a verb - or as a shortened noun.  You guys can use whatever you want with R06.

No matter what you use it is never going to do the Japanese justice -   Battle Formation

Come on, people.  A whole page dedicated to the word Form? This isn't Sesame Street.

Again, this is moot. You can change text manually in R06.   8)

Also, Form is a word - it is a synonym for formation and for order / arrangement.

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