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Completely unrelated / Logic Games - Win a Trip to Space
« on: 2007-01-09 19:42:59 »
Some of these are crazy hard...

I saw this site on the news.

Good Luck!

If you decide to sign up feel free to use my email as referal: oglsmmATgmailDOTcom.  :-D

Announcements and site development / Signatures
« on: 2004-11-02 18:27:06 »

Just having a thought I know that you had decided not to have signatures way back here but given the number of repeat questions that come up I was thinking that if you allowed text signatures only then people could "Sticky" some of the more common complaint solutions in there signatures.

Maybe make it a bit easier to find an answer to common questions. I know there is a search but for some reason some people don't seem to know what that word means...

Just a thought I had, I know it works well in other places.


Announcements and site development / Nice banner
« on: 2004-05-20 18:13:27 »
I like the banner ^^


General discussion / Final fantasy XI Online, Offline?
« on: 2003-12-10 13:09:49 »
Does anyone know if it would be possible to make a server end program for the ffxi world so that people could connect to your machine for free instead of paying to connect to squares.

I know that the # of people etc would be very limited but still it would be neat.

IIRC didn't people do this with Ultima and NWN?


General discussion / Al-Bhed Language
« on: 2003-08-12 23:30:14 »
E vuiht drec naymmo hayd ceda dryd femm luhjand Ahkmecr du Ym-Prat yht Jela-Jancy. Caasc mega y mud uv fung druikr vun cusadrehk imdesydamo bnaddo icamacc.

Check it out at:

For instance what I said was:

I found this really neat site that will convert English to Al-Bhed and Vice-Versa. Seems like a lot of work though for something ultimately pretty useless.

It even gives the proper pronunciation too.


General discussion / Final Fantasy XI Trailer
« on: 2003-08-04 15:15:27 »
I dunno it looks neat... but is it going to be $15-20USD/month good...

I dunno if I will play this.  Anyhow the file download is about 18Mb.

Get it here:


General discussion / FFX Weapon/Armour Customizing
« on: 2003-06-01 14:33:51 »
What items do I need to make a weapon/armour have the No enemies encounter ability. I'm in the Zanarkand Ruins right now. I've read you can do it, but not how.


General discussion / FFX and ability spheres
« on: 2003-05-12 23:13:50 »
Where do I get some ability spheres quickly? I get most of the other ones from battles, but not the ability spheres. I'm at the road thingy past Lucca. (I just beat the big Chocobo Eater guy)

PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE ANY SPOLIERS - This is my first time playing!



Scripting and Reverse Engineering / ATI Raedeon 8500
« on: 2002-03-07 11:46:00 »
Does anyone here have and ATI Radeon 8500? Looking for some feedback on it, as I'm considering getting one.

How does it work with FF7 and FF8 PC?

Please don't give me any useless info like about how much ATI's drivers suck.... I know they suck but when apparently the 8500 gives equal or better performance to the GeforceTI500 card at less then 1/2 the price, I think I can live with crappy drivers.


General discussion / Number of Posts
« on: 2002-02-26 01:41:00 »
Not really FF related but related to this forum...... (should this be in Spam???)

I was just browsing the Member List, and I noticed that there are some people who have a negitive number of posts. How exactly do you post -9 messages?

Although I really don't understand how some of you have 500+ messages either, but at least that is mathmatically possible.

I know negitive numbers are very important to the math, but I just don't understand how I could post a negitive count message..........

Ah well, the mysteries of life continue.................



General discussion / Memory Lane and Qhimm's Site
« on: 2001-12-30 05:44:00 »
I've been coming to Qhimm's site since sometime before FF8 was realesed if i remember correctly. I've also been checking the forum regularly even though I (very) rarely post.

I was just think how many changes these forums have gone through.  Remember when this was just the "home-made" version that Qhimm made until people started posting hundreds of junk messages.

When you think about it this site has had many regulars for several years.... and thats a LONG time in internet years.

Anyhow......... I just felt like metioning that.


Archive / FF8 Funny Graphics
« on: 2001-12-02 19:15:00 »
Ok, i read previous posts and they have not helped. I'm running WinXP Pro, with a Geforce 2 MX 400. I just installed FF8 and the 1.2 Patch. When I try to play the graphics are all distorted. I think you can see screenshots here:

Anyway I tried dis-abling FSAA -> no luck.
Also in the FF8 Config it lists 8-bit-P.T. as passed, it never used to do that with my old TNT2 Ultra :grin:

Does anyone know how to fix this???



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