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Beta PCreator v0.85b

Well here is a beta version, I spent the past couple weeks adding a few thing I thought were necessary...

PCreator is able to create 3d models for Final Fantasy® VII PC from 3d Studio (.3ds) files. PCreator supports both battle and field models, up to four separate meshes grouped as one file, and can be textured. Now it also can write the texture format used in FFVII (.tex) using 256 color bitmaps.

A few but useful 3d editing functions are included as well. It can scale, move and rotate (90°) each individual mesh or all groups at once.

I also quickly put together a website to help explain how PCreator works along with some simple tutorials like grouping and other concepts, anybody who wishes to write there own tutorial I will add it to the site.

PCreator is full of bugs and still needs a lot of work, please email or pm me with any bugs or suggestions that you may have.

Thanks and Enjoy, Reunion

Archive / And now wearing glass armor..
« on: 2006-07-04 22:02:55 »
Hello everyone!

The past couple weeks I have been working with the .nif model format from TES4: Oblivion. I started to make a viewer program and got bored with that until I realized that they were textured by the amount of vertices, which means that they can be converted into .p models with their texture!

I am currently working on a project that converts 3d studio models into .p files for FF7. It is going well for how little I know about programming... Here's a picture of my prog viewing the Daedric Cuirass model. I have not really done anything with adding groups to each model groups yet but that shouldn't be to hard. As of now the prog can write .p files with or without lighting or a texture. It can also transform, scale, and rotate the model. However I am having a little trouble with the rotating functions it seems to eat the model while rotating...

I replaced cloud with the Daedric armor from TES4 just to see what it would look like. I am going to assume it's the largest model the FF7 engine has ever encountered with 25,545 vertices and 24,978 polygons! I had to bend a few things to get it to fit clouds skeleton so some textures are a little screwed up.

Anyway here are some pictures, I made him huge so you can see him better...

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Field Sections 3 and 8
« on: 2005-07-15 04:49:48 »
I spent some time working with sections 3 and 8 of the pc field files but in section 8 I could use some help with the camera range matrix and the exit positions matrix. The camera range matrix seems to set the range of motion by the camera on a x,y axis. The exit positions matrix sets the position of an exit in a level map on a x,y axis. I just don't understand the how the matrices are set up.

Field Section Summary:
Section 1 Field Script & Dialog
Section 2 Camera Matrix
Section 3 HRC Loader
Section 4 Palette
Section 5 Walkmesh
Section 6 Unknown
Section 7 Encounter
Section 8 Camera Ranges & Exit Positions/Level Linking
Section 9 Background

Note- please forgive a non-programmers ugly descriptions...

Section 3: HRC Loader
Code: [Select]
Section length: long

short: blank
short: num_HRC //number of hierarchys
short: (512),(1024)… //hierarchy type

len(short): char_str //length of character string
char_str: (level_map)(char_name).char //#example# md1stinmain_n_cloud.char
short: blank
HRC_str: (HRC_file_name).(HRC),(512),(1024)…+ blank byte //#example# AAAA.HRC512
short: num_animations //number of animations

HRC_light_map: 30 bytes //all animations render under hierarchy’s light map
#example of HRC_light_map #
64,64,64 // RGB level

len(short): aki_str //length of animation string
aki_str: (animation_file_name).(aki),(yos),(ani),(tor).. //#example# ACFE.aki
short: 1

Section 8: Camera Ranges & Exit Positions/Level Linking
Code: [Select]
Section length: long
(level_map_str) + blank byte //level map string
short: blank
byte: main_char control axis //for inverting controls
#examples#(128:up = y right = x) (64:up = x right = -y)

10 bytes: camera range matrix + 1 blank byte //sets some camera ranges...
#example (not arranged properly) #

long: blank
Short: 4 unknown
short: 4 unknown
short: 4 unknown
byte : 4 unknown
24 blank bytes

14 bytes: exit position matrix //sets the positions for the level map exits…
#example (not arranged properly) #

long: next_map_pos //sets the linked level maps main_char starting position
short: exit_link //sets level map that exit is linked to
1-64 world map locations
65 - Debug room
66 - 786? Field locations
long: unknown

well the rest of section 8 I just don't get at all so...
and if someone could explain how  the matrices work further…

Anyway I hope someone can make use of this information.


-- Battle model Converter & Viewer -- v0.2 by Reunion

- BmCview - Is only for Final Fantasy VII for pc battle models. This little tool converts Final Fantasy VII battle models into field models that are acceptable to the field engine.


- Open file - Only opens Final Fantasy VII battle models.

- File info - Once a battle model is open it will display the number of vertices, number of normals (which will always be zero in a battle model), and the number of polygons.
- Save as - The desired field model you want to replace.

Resize - Resizes the vertices by dividing the by the divisor in the text box. (This is set at 22 by default. It is the number that I use.)

- Lighting Options --WARNING VERY BUGGY--

- No lighting - Leave the Vertex and polygonal options off to get no lighting. I recommend you use this option for now. This will set all normals just to zero.
(The model will be dark but will look alright)

- Vertex - It “tries” to calculate normals for the amount of Vertices. (It does this incorrectly. I need help to debug…)

- Polygonal - It “tries” to calculate normals for the amount of Polygons. (It does this incorrectly. I need help to debug…)


- Export to AutoDesk 3DS format - Must have Save as file selected. This will save as the same file name but with a “.3ds” extension. (This is just to get the correct normals from 3ds max later.)

- Viewer - Just for fun!
Left click - Sends the open model in odd directions.
Right click - For zooming the model in and out.

Thank you all on the Qhimm Forum for your support.
Thanks to alhexx for his .p-preview Source and Ultima 0.31 Source. (Especially for the openGL stuff)
Thanks to everyone else!

-- Reunion --


---The Reunion Patch---

The total battle models converted is 53!

This patch will change 47 field models in Char.lgp.

Aeris: earithf_sk, n_earith_sk
Barret: pballet_sk, sd_ballet_sk, yballet_sk
Cait Sith: sd_ketcy_sk
Cid: pcid_sk
Cloud:cloud_sk, chair_sk, clouds_sk, hei1_sk, hei2_sk, hei4_sk, n_cloud_sk, pcloud_sk, reifuku_sk, sd_hei_sk
Dyne: daing_st, dainy_st
Elena: sd_eriana_sk
Hoyo: sd_hojyo_sk
Palmer: sd_palmer_sk
RedXIII: c_red_sk, P_red_sk, sd_red_sk
Reno: sd_leno_sk, sd_leno_sk(notex), sd_leno_sk(red)
Rude: sd_rudo_sk
Rufas: sd_lufas_sk
Sephiroth: n_sefiros_s(bkhd.hrc), n_sefiros_s(erha.hrc), readc_sk, sefiro3_sk, swordc_sk
Tifa: n_tifa_sk, ptifa_sk, tifas_sk
Vincent: sd_vincent_sk
Yuffie: pyufi_sk, r_yufi_sk, sd_yufi_sk
Zack: lzacks_sk, szacks_sk, zacks_sk

Jenova: jenova_sk

This patch will also change 6 world map models in world_us.lgp.

Diamond Weapon - diaweap_sk
Emerald Weapon - e_weap_sk
Cid - sd_cid_sk
Cloud - sd_cloud_sk
Tifa - sd_tifa_sk
Tinybronco - tinybronco_sk

-edit- Notice: All field models in this patch will clip below the forground.

Some random screen shots...

Please read the instructions.txt for information on how to install.
The newbie's tutorial for The Reunion Patch

-edit- make sure you have the latest version of lgptools
Download The Reunion Patch

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