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I saw that there were some able to do and give some codes to fix the MDEF Bug. I was wondering i think no one have ever fix the selling ribbon and water ring glitches. Hope some one can help me with it. thanks guys.

I have 99 ribbons and have 8 of them equipped but when i look at the sell menu screen it says that i equipped none

I also have 99 Water Rings and look 8 was equipped (I guess it was my equipped ribbons, i wonder how it got here?)

And I found out that it has the same problem as the english version and others for the PlayStation.

i don't know why but i only new here and got this code from a friend... i notice that when i look at the item inventory in my shop while i choose to sell items i found out that my 99 ribbons has a glitch. i did make all the item can be duplicated by w-item to maximum, when i achieved in making my ribbon in 99 and equipped it to all of my 8 characters i notice that when i went to a shop and try to sell some items i found out that my ribbon are still equiped 0 instead of 8 since i equipped it with all of my characters... so please bear with my english cause i don't very well speak in english fluently.

it should be like this

and not like this

Hoping to have a nice feedbacks

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