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ReShadeFF8 Config v1.3 by MCINDUS

This mod will guide you through the process of enabling ReShade to work with FF8. ReShade is a Post-Processing effects suite, and I have created several different configurations that modders can choose from to enhance the game.

If you follow this guide, ReShade will be compatible with Tonberry, RaW, and GeDoSaTo!

CRT SCANLINES (My own version of the old SweetFX setup)

*If using FF8_GeDoSaTo_v2.3 with ReShade, DO NOT USE ReShade's SMAA or FXAA while using GeDo's AA

(Lunatic Pandora Mods Featured in Screenshots)

All Configurations have the standard Color Fixes, De-Noise, and Magic Bloom applied!



Before/After (Ultra Bloom):


After (ULTRA):

After (MEGA+CRT):


1.  Unpack the Download in your FINAL FANTASY VIII/ parent folder.
2.  Go to and download the newest version of ReShade!
3.  Run the installer and click the button to choose your FF8_EN.exe (or other language)
5.  Download the following github shaders when prompted by the installer:
   AdaptiveSharpen, Bloom, ColorMatrix, Colourfulness, Curves, CRT, Denoise, FXAA, Levels, LumaSharpen, MagicBloom, SMAA, Technicolor, Technicolor2, Tonemap, Vibrance, Vignette
   (You can download them all if you want, but ReShade loads slower the more shaders you have)
6.  Click "Edit ReShade Setup" on the new button
7.  For the Config, select one of the "ReShadeFF8_MCINDUS_" files from FINAL FANTASY VIII/ReShadeFF8/
*** For more information about LOW, MED, HIGH, ULTRA, and MEGA settings, see BELOW ***
8.  For screenshots, select FINAL FANTASY VIII/ReShadeFF8/screenshots/
9.  Check the boxes for 'Performance Mode' and 'Skip Tutorial' *[IF USING CRT SCANLINES, CHOOSE CONFIGURATION MODE!]*
10.  Close the ReShade Window
11. MOVE the "Textures" folder from /FINAL FANTASY VIII/ReShadeFF8/ into your /reshade-shaders folder and merge/replace!
    *The Lens Flares, Chap Flares, and Godrays looks like crap unless you do this!



If you want to use the Godrays, Chap Flares, Animated Flares or Lens Flares of the other settings, open the ReShade UI and scroll to 'Bloom and Lens Flares' and enable the checkboxes for them.

Hello out there!  I know that FFX/X-2 have similar file types to SoM, but the Steam SoM seems to actually use the PS4/3/Vita .phyre engine files.  They released the game with Vita limitations, and it would be nice to be able to add some customization to the world/npcs/characters.

I'm looking at the textures currently (using TextureFinder 2); but am unsure if I can re-pack new textures into the game using it.  It would also be lovely if we could unpack/repack the .dae.phyre Collada files.

I'm posting this here because Secret of Mana is part of the Final Fantasy 'multiverse' and was created as Final Fantasy's 'action/rpg' with more focus on live combat and turn-based spellcasting - and was to be the first release on the Nintendo CD - which never materialized.  It also seems to share similar file types with other FF titles.

If only they would remake Seiken Densetsu 3.  Best snes/famicom rpg ever made.

Hey everyone!  I'd like to start out by saying that I love this forum and it and the people that I've met here over the years have literally changed my life.
Due to the mods that I created for FF8, I now have a job in the gaming industry as a 3d environment artist.  Thank you.  Everyone.

As a Mod creator, I understand the passion that drives a lot of us to do what we do.  We love FF mid-gen games so much, we're willing to be unpaid creators in order to share our talents with the world at large - instead of just harboring them for ourselves.  This is one of the best forms of true 'philanthropy' that we have in the modern world - let's keep it alive and breathing.

This takes a huge commitment to very little 'payout' ratio.  Our payout is seeing hundreds, if not thousands of people all across the world using something that we birthed into the world that helps everyone enjoy an amazing piece of historical gaming nostalgia with new life and playability.  One of the drawbacks? - hours and hours of troubleshooting and 'helping' people with their technical difficulties.  Most of these bugs end up being very legitimate issues - which all help the mod improve - but more than 1/2 of the issues are caused by the average 'user' not reading the installation instructions, the posts, or the threads containing the issues that have already been addressed.  This is by far, the most frustrating thing as a mod creator - but it's something that with a well constructed mod and a good instruction manual (or post), that modders should be able to overcome easily.

This brings me to my final point:  We are all a team.  Without profit motivation, the only arguments that arise between the Modders ourselves should be differences in method, execution, content, etc.  As arguments, these all tend to improve the mods themselves - so they are all constructive.  Being de-constructive or overly critical of the mods or outright disrespectful and/or just plain mean to the Creators is childish, unprofessional, and has completely no room in this community.  Misunderstandings are bound to happen - personal opinions are bound to be VASTLY different - egoes will be bruised - but nothing we do here is actual about anyone 'personally'.  This is about creation, creativity, and the love of FF.  In the end, that's really just what we all want - what's BEST for Final Fantasy and it's fans.

We do it for the love of the game.  We all share that in common.  Let us not forget what brings us here - together.

As a Mod Creator, I witnessed two of my own fellow creators come to such a personal barricade between one another, that the saddest thing I've ever seen on this community happened.  We lost out on two of the best, most thorough mods I've ever seen - and for a game that's only been re-released for a VERY short time.  Everyone loses in these situations.  I almost feel like I need to pour out a 40 for a dead best friend.  Or two.

Please try to remember that this isn't about competition, it's about teamwork.  There is no real prize for first place... just more downloads and hours of noob troubleshooting. ;)

Love you guys.  I hope those mods aren't dead.

P.S.  Please keep this thread positive :)

Completely unrelated / My Current Gaming Project
« on: 2017-01-14 20:19:56 »
Hey everyone!

I figured I would share this with my beloved community since everyone here loves games.

I've been currently employed as an Environment Artist and World Builder for an MMORPG that will have an Alpha re-release in the first quarter of this year.

Read about the project here.

Tonberry Mods Master List

This is a post devoted to the current progress of completely modding FF8's graphics with Tonberry Mods!
This is what's currently out there, what we're currently working on, and what needs to get done.

We hope this inspires other modders to get involved in FF8!
For a very thorough guide on how to make your own FF8 mods using Tonberry, FOLLOW THIS LINK!

For those that need it: Here's Tonberry: Enhanced

Special Thanks:
Omzy, Shunsq, JeMaCheHi, Mavirick, sl1982, FatedCourage, Mortael, Devina, Yagami Light, Zeeber, Crestian, Maki, DLPB, Rufoos, and Qualcuno.

Many of these mods are included in the:
Lunatic Pandora Mod Installer

(for a small donation to the modding community)

Current Completed Mods

SeeD Reborn by MCINDUS
Title Screen, Game Menus, Character/GF Avatars, Text, Icons, Magazines, Controller Buttons
To be done:
Intro Sequence*, Minor Tutorial Screens - "Theme Packs"

Controller Buttons by MCINDUS (SeeD Reborn Dependent)
Replaces the B1, B2, B3, etc. In-Game Controller buttons with PSX/Xbox360 buttons.

HorizonPack by MCINDUS and FatedCourage
World Terrain, World Maps, Towns/Cities, Roads, Sky, World Effects, World Objects,
Lunatic Pandora, Vehicles, Ragnarok Replacement (Crestian)

To be done:
Fixes to the seamless textures once the new UV patch is out.
Cities/Towns would look great if someone did some custom re-creations...

Project Eden by Omzy
Field Backgrounds
To be done:
Fixes to certain textures that produce "black bars" and some tranparencies.  Also needs some hash fixes. [Project AngelWing's hashmap is better]

Project Angelwing by FatedCourage
Waifu Upscaled Field Backgrounds - has more 'smoothing' and less noise than Eden.  Choose one or the other, but not both. 
I suggest using AngelWing's hashmap and a mix of both mods files for optimal viewing.
Anyone who wants to try their hand at making custom backgrounds should contact myself or FatedCourage

BattleField Pack 1/3 Upscaled by MCINDUS, 2/3 Waifu2x'd by FatedCourage
Battlefield Backgrounds (Complete)
Full Replacements include - Balamb Plains, Green Forest (MCINDUS) Training Center (Zeeber), Comm Tower 2F (Shunsq)
To be done:
The Waifu upscales are great for many areas, but for outdoors areas, the 'lines' it creates are bad.  We need some help making these better.
Some animations don't currently work.
Also, we need help with the full replacements!  If you are an artist, please contribute!

Tripod by MCINDUS
Triple Triad Card Game - Cards, Game Text, Icons, Game Board, Backgrounds, Sprite Animations
To be done:
Fix for 'You Lose' transparency, Implement better borders, Finish foreign versions

Rebirth Flame by FatedCourage, Magochocobo, Devina, Mortael, Yagami Light, Crestian
Player Characters - Mago or Devina replacements with Weapons, SeeD Uniforms, Low/High Poly, Alternate Versions, etc.
To be done:
Minor character fixes

Project Hellfire by MCINDUS
GF Summons (Complete) - Replacements and Upscales
Replacements Include - Ifrit, Shiva, Quezacotl, Brothers, Siren, Leviathan, Carbuncle, Cactuar
To be done:
Some Waifu2x upscaled lines look better than the current mods, so the plan is to combine some parts of future Waifu upscales with the current ones.

Apocalypse by FatedCourage
All Bosses given a meticulous Waifu2x treatment
To be done:
Full Boss -replacement- textures would be nice!!!  If every artist out there did one each, we would have a pack in no time!

Lunar Cry by MCINDUS
All Enemies Upscaled (Complete)
To be done:
Hashing fixes and custom enemy textures!  Anyone want to try their hand?


Non-Tonberry dependent, but work incredibly well along with it! Some mods were created with these in mind.

FF8 UV Fix Patcher by Maki (Easy Patch by MCINDUS)
This mod fixes the bad UV's in the main overworld (WORKS BEST WITH HORIZONPACK)

FF8 GeDoSaTo Config by MCINDUS
Ultra Resolutions (forced downsampling), Anti-Aliasing, AO, DoF, and Post Processing injection!  It even has a version of SweetFX you can use with Tonberry!
If you enable GeDoSaTo, you no longer have to turn off the Steam Overlay!

Current Mods in Progress:

Magic Upscale (Waifu2x) by MCINDUS and FatedCourage
Attack, Heal/Buff, Status Effect Magics; Magic effects
To be done:
Upscaling and hashing/hash fixes underway.

NPC Upscale by MCINDUS, FatedCourage, and ?
NPC Upscales
To be done:
NPCs mostly upscaled.  This is proving to be a hashing beast.  Also missing a few NPCs currently.  Any help would be lovely!

GF Animations by MCINDUS
TBD - This is a HUGE project - and may have issues with animations.
Only two or three test animation sets have been worked on.

Mods We Need!!

Limit Breaks
TBD - Need someone to find textures, create hashes and upscale
Nothing currently completed.

Battle Effects
TBD - This is a HUGE project (All enemy and Player damage effects)
Nothing currently completed.

All Current Hashmaps

If you see anything up there that you'd like to help out with, please comment below!
Also - feel free to make your own versions of the current mods!  The mods that exist can share hashmaps, so you just need to replace the textures!!

Project Hellfire v1.2 by MCINDUS
With huge help from FatedCourage

NEW Official Release! UPDATED - Fixed Diablos glitch!

I'm proud to announce the long anticipated release of Project Hellfire.
This is a full GF Upscale and Replacement texture pack for FF8

***This mod requires the latest version of Tonberry: Enhanced (2.04)***

(Has some sort of custom texture added)
Ifrit, Shiva, Siren, Brothers, Leviathan, Quezacotl, Carbuncle, Cactuar

Custom Upscales
(Upscaled, Color/light/exposure Treatment)
Diablos, Bahamut, Alexander, Tonberry, Odin, Gilgamesh, Cerberus, Phoenix, Pandemona, Eden, Doomtrain, Choco, MiniMog, Moomba, and Angelo

Download Link:
Project Hellfire v1.2

Donate HERE if you like this mod!

Before/After Comparisons:

If you look at Odin, you can see a sneak peek of SeeDReborn v4.0 - TBA


This mod has been completed!
Find it here:

Hey everyone - I figured I'd post a teaser to show off some of my work on the GF's in FF8

Here's my current progress:

Overhauled (Has some sort of custom texture added)
Ifrit, Shiva, Siren, Brothers, Leviathan, Quezacotl, Carbuncle, Cactuar
Custom Upscales (Upscaled, Color/light/exposure Treatment)
Diablos, Bahamut, Alexander, Tonberry, Odin, Gilgamesh, Cerberus, Phoenix, Pandemona

Needs More Work: (Progress Updated)
Phoenix, Odin, Gilgamesh, Cerberus, Pandemona, Cactuar, Carbuncle, Eden, Doomtrain, Fat Chocobo, MiniMog, Moomba, and Angelo

Here's some sample screenshots - Enjoy!

Hello out there, programmers!  Is there any way we might be able to mod FF8 into letting us mash boost faster?  On psx, we can mash considerably faster than in the PC version, which is a fun pasttime I'd like to recreate :)

Tonberry Mod Creation Guide by MCINDUS

I realize that there are probably more people out there who want to create Tonberry Mods, but get lost in the process.  This should help.

To use this guide to create new textures for Final Fantasy VIII, you must first have Tonberry Enhanced: v2 or higher installed.

NOTE:  If you wish to make your own version of a current mod, all you have to do is replace the .png's within the different mods folders in /textures.  For example, to make your own text, replace the files for SeeDReborn located in the 'sysfld00' and 'sysfld01' folders within 'sy' in /textures.  The existing hashmap files will work automatically with any texture replacements as long as they're the same size and in the same format.

The full process includes these main steps:
1.  Enable the Tonberry debug process.
2.  Dump the textures by playing the part of the game that has the textures you want.  The only way Tonberry will pull textures is by first seeing them in VRAM.
3.  Rename the texture dumps (bitmaps) for use with BerryMapper.
4.  Run the textures through 'BerryMapper' to generate the proper hashcodes.
5.  Create upscaled textures or your own art - then name them with the same naming conventions as the bitmaps (match them)
6.  Create the proper folder hierarchy in '/textures' and place your new textures there.

All NEW textures should be 1024x1024

(This is 4x the original 256x256 texture size - some are 128x256, but with the method below, we will be assuming all original textures are 256x256 - it is the 'safer' replacement)

Full Instructions:

1. Enable Tonberry Debug Mode: (Guaranteed to work)
     a.  Open prefs.txt located in the /tonberry folder and change 'debug_mode=no' to 'debug_mode=yes'
     b.  In the /tonberry folder, change the 'debug0' folder name to 'debug' (this will dump the textures into the '/nomatch' folder within '/debug')
     c.  make sure that the 'nomatch' folder within the /debug folder is NOT named 'nomatch0' - if so, delete the 0 from the file name
     [i believe you can also just enable debug mode within the prefs.txt file without renaming the debug folder, but not 100% sure]

2.  Dump the Textures
     a.  Play the portion of the game that contains the textures you wish to replace. (Game will run slow during this process)
     b.  Exit the game (or alt-tab)
     c.  Rename the debug folder back to debug0 (to make sure you're not dumping textures anymore)
     d.  Re-open 'prefs.txt' and change the debug mode back to 'debug_mode=no'

3. Renaming the Bitmaps
     a.  Find the bitmaps for the images in tonberry/debug0/nomatch
     b.  Delete all 'duplicates' -- this is very tricky, as some of the textures are nearly identical, and you must compare them for slight variances.
          (Most textures in the game have up to 16 different 'palettes', so you will find many of the same textures with different colors, etc.  You will need them all.)
     c.  Rename the bitmaps using the following directions.  This will determine your folder hierarchy in the /textures folder
          [This step will group the images using file naming conventions. Let's use my BattleField Upscale Mod as an example:]

Code: [Select]
When I dumped the battlefield textures, I named the files according to how they were used. 
Every image in the mod is given the prefix 'battlef_' to designate the mod itself. 
Then, the second part of the name is the name of each specific group of textures dealing with those battlefields - such as 'doltown' for the battles in Dollet. 
The dollet bitmap files are then named to be battlef_doltown_13, battlef_doltown_14, battlef_doltown_15, etc. - whereas the battlefield images for the open world forest are 'battlef_greenforest_13, _14, _15, etc.

This enabled me to keep all of the BattleField textures in a single 'ba' folder in /textures, with different sub-folders for each battlefield 'scene'
('battlef_doltown', 'battlef_greenforest', 'battlef_trainingcenter' etc.)

4.  Use BerryMapper to Generate the hashcodes
     d.  Download 'BerryMapper' from shunsq here:
     e.  Put your dumped, renamed bitmaps in the /INPUT folder and run Berrymapper.exe
     f.  Open the /OUTPUT folder and rename the hashmap.csv file to something that represents your mod, adding the '_hm' suffix to the name. (BattleFieldPack_hm.csv for example)
     g.  place this new hashmap folder in 'tonberry/hashmap' - this will enable your replacements

5.  Applying your own Upscales or Textures
     a.  Create your own Textures, matching the layout of the original Bitmaps
     b.  All replacements must be 1024x1024, RGB Color, and .png files.
     c.  Name the images the same names as your bitmaps from before, but as png's. (Follow Step 3c)

6.  Create the Folder Hierarchy
     a.  In /textures, create a folder with the first two letters of your texture names (For BattleFieldPack, I used 'ba' since my images all started with 'battlef_')
     b.  Within the new two-letter folder, create different sub-folders for the different image groups.  (Mine are 'battlef_doltown', 'battlef_greenforest', 'battlef_trainingcenter' etc.)
     c.  Place the textures that match the folder names within the different sub-folders.

Currently, the hashing algorithm can't determine the differences between some animations and some textures that are nearly identical - this issue may be fixed in the next version of Tonberry: Enhanced - once it gets a new hashing algorithm, but for now - many animations don't work. (eyes blinking, etc.)

This should be a huge help to Modders!  There are many things you may run into - just ask some questions below and i'll answer when I have time

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / [FF8] Texture Hunting
« on: 2016-11-09 17:20:04 »
Hello!  I was wondering if someone could help me find the location of the GF texture files (TIMs) within the game??
I've found nearly everything else, and it's causing me to have to go back and overhaul some of my mods.

The reason I'm looking is that the TIM files have transparency information that the Tonberry dumps are missing.

I would LOVE to find them. :)

I can't afford to keep my domain and it's expired... sorry about the missing FF8 mod links, guys.  I need a new place to upload them -- do any of you have any suggestions??

Can someone tell me what this means?

Does this mean that the world map is always scrolling 6 frames of animation for certain objects? (roads, ocean, etc)

Hey everyone!

I'm also in the business of making the vehicles look better, but in the process, figured I'd give people some options and a sneak peek.  Here are a few fun shots:
Original Color:

Some of the new options:


BattleFieldPack v2.0 for FF8 Steam version


***Updated: 11/7/16***

With the combined efforts of myself and FatedCourage, we bring you the NEW BattleFieldPack v2.0
Most BattleFields in the game have been either Upscaled, Re-created, or given completely new Artwork!

DONATE HERE to help me make these beautiful mods :)

Make sure you have the latest tonberry installed and follow the directions in the InstallGuide provided in the download!

UPDATE:  This release requires that you delete any old versions of this mod!
To do so:
1.  Delete the 'ba' folder from /FINAL FANTASY VIII/textures/
2.  Delete the hashmap file 'battlefieldpackv1.1_hm.csv' from /FINAL FANTASY VIII/tonberry/hashmap

Get it here:
Download BattleFieldPack v2.0

ALL Artists/Modders:  Please contact me if you are interested in contributing on the project.  We need as many people on this as possible!

Some Screenshots:

Let me know if there are any glitches!

Hello everyone - I've been looking into other aspects of FF8 and have found a recurring theme!  On the PC version and Steam version, the UV's seem to be off by a fraction of a percent on ALL GF's, Enemies, Vehicle models, Roads, and everything else on the World Map (bad seams compared to PSX).  From what I see, this most likely translates to the entire game by the same ratio.

Any thoughts from you guys?  Would there be a way to effect UV's on a 'global' scale?

Hey guys - I figured I would share this here because I really consider this community a part of my 'home'. 
So - I'd like to present my Band "13 to Midnight" and our EP "11:47" available to stream in it's entirety at 320kbps on YouTube for free  :mrgreen:
We are probably what you would call Alternative Rock, but we try to be Genre-neutral. ;)
I co-sing lead, play guitar, keyboards, and write for this group.  I hope you enjoy!

Let me know which is your favorite track!

This EP was entirely recorded/produced/mixed by myself at my home.

If you want the tracks for your own, you can always show your support by downloading them on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, etc.!

Thanks everyone,

FF8 GeDoSaTo Config v2.3
Update: 9/04/2018


These Configuration Profile enable the use of GeDoSaTo in Conjunction with ReShade, Tonberry, and the Steam Overlay!  If you are using GeDo AND ReShade, make sure you use v2.3(r).  For the 'normal' GeDo standalone version, use version v2.3(g).

These configurations are for the PC 2013 and STEAM 2013 releases only

- Downsampling 2x (4k, etc.) for beautifully smooth polygons and text!
- Use in conjunction with ReShade for maximum effect!
- Set Anti-Aliasing type and quality (If using GeDo's AA, do NOT use ReShade's)
- Enable Depth-of-Field and AO settings! [BROKEN!! TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK!]
- The ability to use Tonberry in conjunction with ReShade, Anti-Aliasing, and Downsampling!
- Enable Durante(SweetFX) or Asmodean Postprocessing effects
- Enable Steam Overlay along-side Tonberry without crashes!

*  Added more common resolutions to the FF8_Launcher profile that aren't included in GeDoSaTo by default.  Check there to enable them!
**  If you have an uncommon Refresh Rate (not 60Hz), you must list it in the FF8_Launcher profile!

Final Fantasy VIII has never looked this gorgeous!

Side-by-side comparison: (OLD)
(Look at the edges of objects to get a real idea of what the downsampling and AA are accomplishing)

(Lunatic Pandora Mods Featured)

There is no longer any need to disable the STEAM overlay when using Tonberry with GeDoSaTo.

Thanks to Peter Durante for GeDoSaTo

Special thanks to Kaldarasha and KyubiNemesis for giving me the inspiration to figure this out


Download Link:
FF8 GeDoSaTo Config v2.3 by MCINDUS

If you enjoy this mod and any of my many others for FF8, please... DONATE HERE!


1. Install GeDoSaTo ON YOUR "C:" DISK!!
A. Users must go to the Github of GeDo, download the master fork as '' here:
B. Manually create a NEW C:/GeDoSaTo/ folder.
C. Move the contents of the /pack folder (not the folder itself)
2. Unpack FF8_GeDoSaTo_v2.3 wherever you like
3. Open your Proper Language "FF8_GDSTConfig_" folder
4. Drag the 'config' folder into your \GeDoSaTo parent folder and merge them. (Mine is C:\GeDoSaTo) This will add FF8_XX and FF8_Launcher folders and 'whitelist_user.txt' to your GeDoSaTo/config/ folder.)
5. Open GeDoSaToTool.exe as Administrator [must do this EVERY TIME you load FF8]
6. Open FF8_Launcher.exe, go to "Settings" and select your new resolution from the Drop Down!
(If you don't see your downsampling resolution, you can add it in GeDoSaTo: See below)

After you hit "PLAY", you will see text in the top left of the screen confirming your downsampling rate if you did everything right

**DO NOT ALT+TAB -- the game does NOT handle swapping resolutions well.  To avoid, use in windowed mode.
**DO NOT USE MULTIPLE MONITORS -- there is currently no way to select which monitor to use via GeDo, you must use a different overlay (AMD, NVIDIA, ETC.) to do so.


- To configure your own settings, click 'Edit Settings' in GeDoSaTo and choose:

'FF8_Launcher/GeDoSaTo.ini' to modify your rendering resolution and frequency.

'FF8_EN/GeDoSaTo.ini' for Graphical settings and to enable DoF and AO!
** [CURRENTLY NOT FUNCTIONING] To enable the DoF/AO "pluginOverride GenericDepthPlugin" command by removing the # before the command in the FF8_EN (or whatever language) profile in order for the DoF and AO settings to work.  Currently GeDo can't find the z-depth buffer information, so there's no way to find the hash for the DoF and AO, so it applies to the whole screen.  This -may- be fixed in the future, if anyone can find the hash value.**

Settings by default for v2.3(g) are:
Resolution = [email protected] (4k)
Scaling Method = lanczos
Anti-Aliasing = FXAA; Med (2)     (OFF in v2.3r)
Postprocessing = On; asmodean  (OFF in v2.3r)

To enable SweetFX and/or change Asmodean options:

Click "edit postprocessing" and choose your SweetFX settings for 'durante' -OR-
Go to GeDoSaTo/assets/post.fx for the 'durante' SweetFX options (open in notepad, etc.)

Click "edit alt. postproc." and choose your settings for 'asmodean' -OR-
Go to GeDoSaTo/assets/post_asmodean.fx for the 'asmodean' Postprocessing options

*Steam Overlay is currently Un-Clickable, but Big Picture Mode seems to work well.
*You -may- need to put the D3DCompiler_47.dll file into the /steamapps/common/FINAL FANTASY VIII/ parent folder to get things to work correctly!
*Some players are having an issue where GeDoSaTo must be located on their C:\

Happy Modding!
As always, leave comments and questions below

Updated: 9-04-2018

Graphical Modding / FF8 Field Background Replacements
« on: 2015-03-05 06:55:17 »
Hey everyone! Does anyone know what happened to this guy and his awesome work on FF8??

I was thinking about adding these two scenes into the game and wanted to find him for permissions, etc. and to see if he had any updates!

Lunar Cry v1.5 by MCINDUS
**NEW UPDATE 8/31/2017**
Update Includes:  Better hashes, colorfixes, and missing textures!

Lunar Cry is a Full Enemy Upscale for Final Fantasy VIII (FF8)
~59/59 enemies completed~

This is for the Steam release of FF8

This mod is dependent on Tonberry v1.61 or higher - Get Tonberry HERE

Lunar Cry v1.5

If you like this mod, please Donate!


(If you have Tonberry installed, move to step 3.)

1.    Download "Tonberry v2.04: Enhanced" HERE
1.5  You also might need Microsoft VC++ Redistributable at this point:
      (x86 version HERE) (x64 version HERE)
2.   Install Tonberry and all of it's components
3.   Unzip/Unpack "Lunar Cry v1.5" and merge the 'tonberry' and 'textures' files with the ones in your parent directory:
steamapps/common/FINAL FANTASY VIII/textures/
steamapps/common/FINAL FANTASY VIII/tonberry/

Special thanks to FatedCourage for finding several textures and helping me with the hash update!
Thanks to Omzy, JeMaCheHi, and Mavirick for Tonberry!



Happy Modding,

This is a demo I've been working on for future use with Roses and Wine - I'm going to re-record the main guitar line as the intro is sloppy (it was originally just the reference line, anyway) and fix an edit or two.  Just wanted to throw my progress out there and see if anyone likes it :)

Completely unrelated / That moment...
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That moment you're working on a string of videos for YouTube and you run out of out of space on your HD....

FF8 Controller Buttons v2.0 - by MCINDUS
For use with the STEAM version of Final Fantasy VIII
**FINALLY! An UPDATE! 9/07/2018**

This mod replaces the horrible "B1, B2, B3, etc." Button Icons with the proper Playstation and Xbox360 Buttons

***To use this mod, you MUST install Tonberry and SeeD Reborn***
*Comes with Xbox360, PS3, PS4, DS4, SPC, and Steam controller files for use with Shunsq's controller mod*

-If using a PSX/PS2 default setup controller, Shunsq's mod, Tonberry 2.04, and Seed Reborn are all you need to get going! This mod is only needed if you want a different button setup, or you aren't using Shunsq's mod!

Get Tonberry HERE
Get SeeD Reborn HERE
Get Shunsq's FF8_Buttons mod HERE

FF8 Controller Buttons v2.0

*HID Buttons are for use ONLY with Mapping interfaces (Xpadder, JoytoKey, AutoHotKey, Pinnacle, etc):
*Using the HID interface buttons is destructive to the Green Text in the game - be warned, but the green text is BARELY used, so it shouldn't interfere with gameplay.

1. Download and Install Tonberry and SeeD Reborn
2. Download the Controller mod above, unpack it and open the folder you need!
3. Move the 'sy' folder (OR 'ic' folder if using Shunsq's mod) into your 'textures' folder in the FINAL FANTASY VIII app folder. (steamapps/common/FINAL FANTASY VIII/textures/)
4. Merge the folders when asked
5. Enjoy!

***Disable the STEAM overlay in 'steam/settings/in-game' to prevent crashes!***
This should work with ALL versions of SeeD Reborn!

Donate to my PAYPAL to help keep these mods alive!

Special thanks to NORWIN and JeMaCheHi!
ALSO, Special thanks to the community for providing the feedback necessary to complete this mod!

Enjoy! Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


The only glitch is the "A" button showing up next to the "R Stick" button (or Triangle next to Start in PSX version) - this is due to the button being identified as "B10", where it pulls 1 and 0 for it's image.  If this can be changed in the future to "button 10" being represented but it being renamed "button 0", the glitch can be fixed -- otherwise, we just have to live with it ;) 
This glitch is not present in the HID version, but it's more destructive to the green text.  give/take.

Completely unrelated / Birthday Blues
« on: 2014-12-30 19:35:39 »
It's my birthday.  I was going to post a before/after horizonpack/worldmap video but I started to do it and it just made me depressed... lol.
Wish I could go out tonight :)

What do you guys do when you -really- want to go out, but you're flat broke?  I'm sick of netflix lol

I started rocking out to my music and it's helping me feel better. :)
**WARNING -- Shameless Plug Below**

Take a listen if you want:
13 to Midnight on iTunes
My Music Website

HorizonPack v3.0  - by MCINDUS
For the Steam release of Final Fantasy VIII

HorizonPack is a full World Texture Upscale for FF8

[NEW UPDATE 12/12/16]

Requires Newest Tonberry Release!
Get Tonberry: Enhanced 2 HERE

Hello again fellow FF8 Lunatics!
This mod upscales the entire "World" (Overworld Map)
Fated Courage has also added vehicles, hashes, and hash fixes! (Thank you!)
Thanks to Crestian for his Ragnarok Texture Replacement!

This is the NEW Complete Release!!!

This mod gets best results when used with Maki's UV Texture Patch for FF8 found Here:

If you like this mod, please DONATE

World Texture Upscales *(Improved! Alpha textures 'retouched')*
World Map Replacements *(Improved!)*
World Town/City Upscales
World Sky Replacement
*NEW* World Vehicle Upscales
*NEW* World Roads and Railways Replacements
*NEW* World Object Upscales
*NEW* World FX Upscales
*NEW* Lunatic Pandora Upscale
*NEW Hashes! The game should remain consistent through all 4 discs!

*I removed the old Balamb replacement for consistency.  The 'replacement pack' is currently on hold.

Download Link:
HorizonPack v3.0

(If you have Tonberry installed, move to step 3.)
1.    Download "Tonberry: Enhanced 2" HERE
1.5  You also might need Microsoft VC++ Redistributable at this point:
      (x86 version HERE) (x64 version HERE)
2.   Install Tonberry and all of it's components
3.   Unzip/Unpack "HorizonPack v3.0" and move the "wm" and "ve" folders into "/FINAL FANTASY VIII/textures/"
4.   Place the "HorizonPack_hm.csv" hashmap file into: "/FINAL FANTASY VIII/tonberry/hashmap"
5.   Enjoy! (If you have the old version of the mod, please replace it with this one! Copy/Merge and Replace the old files!)

Check this thread for updates!

As always, turn off the Steam Overlay to prevent crashes!

I highly suggest turning off linear filtering to prevent alpha issues and issues with texture borders.

Screenshots BEFORE and AFTER:

Ragnarock "Gold" Texture Example:

In order to change your ragnarok texture to the 'vanilla' model, or to pick your own custom color, do the following:
1.  Open /FINAL FANTASY VIII/textures/ve/vehicle_rag/
2.  Backup the 'vehicle_rag_13.png' texture by renaming it to whatever you want.
3.  Pick your preferred Ragnarok and rename the file you choose to 'vehicle_rag_13.png'

I used Berrymapper by Shunsq to find the hashcodes for these textures.

Check the changelog.txt file for more details.

This mod took over 1000 hours to complete.  And it's never really done... ;)

Happy Modding!

Thanks again to:
Fated Courage

MCINDUS YouTube Channel

I have created a channel mainly as a demonstration of the capabilities of modern FF modding, and what a hive-mind like Qhimm can accomplish over time.  This channel will be updated with mod tutorials, video demonstrations, let's play videos, walk-through's, and more!

Find it HERE and Subscribe!

I currently only have FF8 Steam videos, but I will be expanding and showcasing FF7 Mods as well over time.  I felt that this forum needed some video tutorials a long time ago, and I think this is how I will facilitate that.

I finished a new video and posted it to YouTube today that showcases ALL of the current Tonberry mods available for Final Fantasy 8 on Steam.  Watch it HERE!

The last video I showcased with Gameplay (Part 1) had some glitches in it and only had half of the actual SeeD Reborn mod in it.  After releasing SeeD Reborn v3.1,  I wanted to show what FF8 could really look like as a whole package.  Also, I figured after I posted the Tonberry Tutorial, I would try my hand at speaking over my videos.

Currently, my channel has 5 videos:

Tonberry Mod Tool Video Tutorial
FF8 Mods Gameplay on Steam [Part 1]   
(Using SeeD Alpha version)
*NEW*FF8 Mods "Let's Play" on Steam [Part 2]*NEW*   
(With FULL SeeD Reborn v3.1 release!)
Tripod DEMO - Triple Triad Overhaul/Remaster
RaW by DLPB - Music Mod DEMO

The Gameplay/Let's Play video series is using the Mods:
Project Eden, RaW, Tripod, and SeeD Reborn

As I continue my "Let's Play" videos, I will be mainly showcasing mods as they are released, but I will also be having fun!

The next 2 tutorials will be on how to use DLPB's mods:
Installing Roses and Wine
Using HextLaunch (from DLPB's Tools 2.0) to add the Difficulty (hard.dll) and other Add-on .dll's to FF8 (from THIS post)


Also, to the community:
What would you consider the absolute BEST visual FF7 mods to be?  I want to do an 'Ultra' version of FF7 for a video series, but I'm not sure what to pick from since it's all so robust.  I will definitely be using cmh's models for this video, considering I want the visuals to be as HQ and consistent as possible - but what else should I use?
On a sidenote, I think I will also be doing a let's play of DLPB's "Reunion" R02 when it comes out, and I know some of you purists want everything as true to the original as possible, so I'm saving the unshaded models, etc for that version... Unless you guys think I should just smash it all together into one series?

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