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Other Modding / Switching character models
« on: 2016-11-09 22:49:45 »
To start, I wanna thank anyone who reads this for their time, and anyone who tries to help, regardless of whether or not it actually solves my problem.

I've been trying to do a simple mod wherein I switch Aerith and Tifa. So far, I've succeeded in switching their battle models, but their field models are proving difficult. I'm sure I could do it if I could find a list of which of the unpacked lgp files correspond to which character, but I'm having a hard time figuring that out. Now, I did find a list that I tried to use, but I'm having some problems using it. The main problem is that it isn't complete. It has every file listed, it just doesn't say what all of them are, so Idk if I'm skipping files that I need because they aren't listed as such.

Another, slightly smaller, problem is that they are listed in alphabetical order, and not by character. The reason this is a problem, for me, is that I'm having a hard time keeping track of where I am.

So, with that in mind, does anyone have a list of which of the unpacked char.lgp files go with which character, and listed in order of which character they correspond to? Also, as this is the first time I've tried anything like this, I'm unsure of all the specifics. Are the field models what are used during scenes where characters react with NPCs and each other? What about the models on the world map? If not, is there any way to change those? In that scenario, how would one go about switching Tifa's world map model to Aerith?

One other option I may consider is, instead of switching Aerith with Tifa, I could instead switch her with Yuffie, though I'm loathe to do so, as she is my third favorite character; behind Aerith (number 2), and Red XIII (number 1). This would solve the world map problem, as I don't think Yuffie is ever on the world map, but I think it would be a bit outputting to have her speaking Yuffie's lines. With Tifa, that problem isn't so bad, because she and Aerith are fairly similar in personality. To be honest, I'd rather switch her with Vincent, because Aerith with a gun just sounds like all kinds of fun, but I have no idea how to change pronouns.

Again, I know this is asking a lot, so if it's too much, I understand. I just thought it would be better to ask and have nobody that can help, than to not ask when the possibility exists. Thanks again, for your time.

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