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Completely unrelated / Whatever happened to Questria?
« on: 2006-06-10 06:09:32 »
See topic.

(Questria was an online card game similar to the card game in FFIX)

Archive / Recommendations for Soundtrack Replacement
« on: 2006-06-04 19:41:47 »
Okay, I've got FF7Music working, and I've got the FF7 OST, the AC OST, the Black Mages albums, and different songs from Overclocked Remix. 
What songs do you choose to replace, and with what other songs?  For example, the Advent Children version of "One Winged Angel" is a popular one to do.

Hehe, for a little while, I was using The Ramones' "Blitzkreig Bop" as the battle theme, just for fun.  It was neat to see the characters prepare their limit breaks while the words "Hey!  Ho!  Let's go!" were being shouted in the song.  Now obviously, that's not something you want to keep as a permanent replacement, but it was fun for a few fights.   :-)

So... ideas?  Suggestions?

I did do a search and found nothing. 
Thanks in advance; this shouldn't require more than 25 seconds to answer.   :-)

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