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Graphical Modding / (FF9) Field character replacement?
« on: 2012-01-28 22:03:13 »

I was wondering if there were any mods out there in which you can control other characters on the field besides zidane? or if there was some sort of gameshark code to make that possible?

I wasnt sure if there was any other post like this. if there is feel free to link me to that =)

Archive / Feild Character Model Replacing Mods....
« on: 2007-10-10 02:17:56 »
The program to do this with is kimera and i would like some assistance with or replacing aeris with tifa.

So what i am asking for if anyone has any already made patches or guides that help me identify all the P files so that i can replace them.

If anyone has any other things that they can help me with please feel free!

Troubleshooting / I cant get to disk 2!!!
« on: 2007-10-10 01:24:51 »
Hey guys i'm having a problem, right after aeris' *sniff* *sniff* dies the game asks me to save and i reply yes and then when i change disks, the the window goes away to ask if i want to use the disk with like windows media player(i guess to watch movies or music or something) but once i click back on it the screen stays black and i cant do anything.
 then when i go back to play it the save isnt there! so it seems like im screwed can i have some help please!????

Archive / aeris pathces!!!!
« on: 2007-10-08 17:52:29 »
hey yall im new here and basically im glad to be aboard the qhimm forums team and try to help people with my knowledge as well as get help from the many other ppl here and i know its going to be awesome!

so anyways i have uploaded a lot of the new pathces for ff7 like the avatars, npc rc, the new spells, yamp, chocobo, the list goes on!
but now i have been trying to new to spice the game up and replace aeris with tifa  (i noticed its kinda common) but anways aeris is my favorite character she has exellent magic and the best limit breaks nad putting her in disk to would be just the best! i noticed people have done or started these pathces but they are old and i cant find anything recent. so basically im trying to use kimera to switch them but i messed up a little and basically i want some help from the ff7 modding veterans

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